Why is Junaid Thorne on bail?


Why has Junaid Thorne been granted bail?

It is a good question, but there are no good answers for it.

Less than three months ago, two people died as a result of insane bail laws. You might remember this: it was called the Lindt Café terrorist attack.

However, even though much of the nation was up in arms as a result of the stupidity that aided in that attack, it appears that any lessons learnt have been given the big CTRL+ALT+DEL and dumped into the garbage bin.

Because the same insanity is once again on display. And it is breath-taking.

For a start, we seem to have trouble keeping tabs on Islamic trouble-makers around these parts. The Saudis don’t. They deport them. Here. To Australia.

Junaid Thorne was given the heave-ho to Australia because even the land of the Islam didn’t want him hanging about causing a ruckus.

And since he’s arrived back in Australia, the Saudis must be laughing themselves silly at how stupid we all are.

Junaid Thorne preaches jihad. And he’s doing it all over the place.

Junaid Thorne supports the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Junaid Thorne supports the killing of the kuffar (that’s us) on his Facebook page.

Junaid Thorne is linked to Millatu Ibrahim, an Islamic group banned in Germany because it is so violent.

Junaid Thorne says that the crazed, knife-wielding maniac shot dead by Victorian police as he tried to slice their heads off last year in the wake of anti-terror raids was one of his disciples.

And Junaid Thorne is now on trial for flying around Australia under fake names. Gee, I wonder why he might doing that?

Yet, he was granted bail in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on Friday. And told to surrender his passport.

Yes, the only thing we are not prepared to let Junaid Thorne do is skip the country. I’d have thought, after locking him up, it was probably the next best thing that could happen for Junaid Thorne’s relationship with Australia. But no, he can’t go.

Instead, the rest of us have to put up with him wandering the streets here.

It is a disgrace.

If you want any more proof, just look at the video below released last year. It ends with a warning issued over the sound of a gun being cocked and fired: convert to Islam or die.

The man in this video, Sulayman Khalid, is the face for many of the videos released by Millatu Ibrahim in Australia. He was arrested in December for plotting a terrorist attack in Sydney.

The videos released by Millatu Ibrahim use the same flag and the same logos as the video above. They are produced by Junaid Thorne’s mates. He mixes with them. He preaches to them as well. This is what peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, multicultural Australia is all about.

Are you starting to get an understanding now of why the law enforcement, intelligence and security agencies weren’t paying much attention to good ol’ Man Haron Monis last year, even though they had more than 100,000 pages of reporting on him?

The problem we face is not one of ignorance. Rather, we have more than enough information to build a detailed picture of what we are dealing with. The problem we face is that, even when the puzzle is put together for those in power, they are too afraid to say it as they see it.

As a result, more Australians will die. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. What an idiot this Magistrate is. If this person is charged for using FAKE id’s is it not logical that he would have FAKE Passports?
    Open your eyes.

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  2. I’m looking at Junaid Thorne’s Facebook page right now. He likes to play the victim.

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  3. Oh well, not surprised. This bloke is an Aboriginal. Given the crap they have copped for 200 hundred years, you’d be surprised if none of them went down the Islam path to cause a bit of trouble. Most conquered peoples would have made much more of a fuss before now when invaders took their land. This is a warning call, not about Islam but restoring a sense of respect for the original inhabitants of our land. Aboriginal jail rates, deaths in custody, too high. Life expectancy 20 years below white people.

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    • their life expectancy is much shorter because they are not suited to a European lifestyle,hence get kidney and liver disease…but you can’t say that,because that would mean acknowledging ‘difference’,a thought-crime of the highest order in a socialist utopia…

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    • The trouble with your comment, mate, is that there are now shed loads of Australians who claim to be aboriginal – because their alleged great-great-great grandfather’s illegitimate mother was a member of some name-unknown tribe.

      What that means is that a heck of a lot of persons who classify themselves as aboriginal have connections so slim as to make them, for all intents and purposes, the same as Australians of a European heritage.

      And the number of Australians claiming to be aboriginal is increasing all the time.

      That means, inevitably, that a heck of a lot of those who claim aboriginal ancestry will have exactly the same life expectancy as those Australians who do not claim that basis.

      Not all, mind you – mainly those who live in capital cities such as Melbourne and Adelaide.

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  4. Australian Intel want him out so that they can find out if he is dumb enough to be programmed to do a Sydney Siege in Perth.

    Man Haram Monis was the same.

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  5. We gotta turn the heat up. The powers that be are asleep at the wheel. Or complicit.

    In any case, its dereliction of duty, by those who are sworn to protect us, by those who are obliged to uphold and enforce the law.

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  6. To Bernard, Hello from a Viet Vet. The question you ask, “Why was Thorne bailed? Well it’s got me buggered too, a question I asked on FB Australia against islamisation. Coming right on top of the Lindt Café Tragedy, it makes one question the legal systems thinking. Secondly, who is paying his bail? he certainly doesn’t have two bob to rub together.
    Keep swingin’ Bernie, the more the merrier!

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