Bendigo mosque kerfuffle update

Bendigo mosque

Well, the major media outlets have continued the embargo on the big pro-Elise Chapman petition.

It’s the one in support of the City of Greater Bendigo Councillor who is facing the firing squad for having the courage to express her views on Islam, the Bendigo mega-mosque and female genital mutilation.

If you haven’t signed it, you can find it here.

But the Bendigo Advertiser is fearless where the big boys are not. So it did mention this petition last night, saying that it had over 3,000 supporters. That’s kind of true, in the same way that it’s true that Bendigo has more than 3,000 people. But it doesn’t tell the whole story.

That’s because when the Bendigo Advertiser story broke, the pro-Elise petition had over 4,000 supporters.

Now, I’m sure the Bendigo Advertiser wasn’t trying to downplay the number of people who had shown their support for Councillor Chapman. However, it was very specific about the number of anti-Elise petition supporters last week, telling us at one stage that it had 841 signatures.

I’m also pretty sure that the Bendigo Advertiser isn’t biased in its reporting of this whole issue either.

For instance, it has shown an admirable ability to maintain standards. When its stories focus on the anti-Elise petition, anti-Elise people are interviewed and given a say. And when it mentions the bigger pro-Elise story first, the Bendigo Advertiser sticks to its guns. Hence its decision to only interview anti-Elise people in those articles as well.

In yesterday’s article it was Ken Marchingo’s turn. He’s the CEO of a prominent affordable housing company based in Bendigo that receives some taxpayer funding. It also claims to support “culture and standard of practice that embraces diversity”. I suppose it is as a result of that kind of mantra that he has become a community spokesman on Elise Chapman, if you will.

So yesterday wasn’t the first time he’s had a go at her. Last week he was saying that Councillor Chapman was giving Bendigo a bad rap all over the world. This time he was calling on the Council to represent the views of the Bendigo community while making it clear that he would no longer deal with her.

Fair enough. Considering the pro-Elise petition has far more support than the anti-Elise petition calling for her to be sacked, I hope the Council takes those views into account as well. It might be nice if Mr Marchingo did too.

Mr Marchingo also said that Councillor Chapman’s views were a “hate speech matter, not a free speech matter”.

Now, they’re pretty strong words. But they come from a guy who owns his words.

On his Twitter profile, Mr Marchingo proudly proclaims, “If I said it, I own it.”


Ken Marchingo Twitter

And on Friday last week, he had a few choice words to say about Elise Chapman, the Bendigo mosque and the female genital mutilation on Facebook:

“This is too fun for words… A few knuckle dragging African primitive leftover morons practise the disgusting habit of FGM..& a moron then tags it to a particular religion…& then suddenly a boring planning issue is a statewide nonsense! ….ohhh dear ….that such a thing can invite so many !,!!”

Ken Marchingo facebook

You’ll notice that this post was made by ‘Ken Marchingo’. And you’ll also notice that the little picture next to his name is the same as the little picture on the ‘Ken Marchingo’ Facebook page that’s up today. It’s the one with links to media reports of interviews given by a person named ‘Ken Marchingo’ who is also a CEO of an affordable housing company based in Bendigo.

Anyway, enough of the boring background. Back to the comments.

Strangely enough, these comments have been removed from the Facebook page that they were posted too. I say strangely enough because I actually think ‘knuckle dragging’ is a very apt phrase when it comes to female genital mutilation. Mr Marchingo and I seem to agree on that point. If he still does.

Now, I don’t know if the moderators of that page decided that the comments were way out of line, or if Mr Marchingo simply decided that he was no longer prepared to ‘own’ them. Who knows? Indeed, it’s entirely possible that Mr Marchingo no longer thinks that Africans engaging in female genital mutilation are knuckle dragging primitives.

But, for whatever reason, the comments are gone and that’s all beside the point. So here is the point.

If I had said something like that, I have no doubt that I would be accused of racism. Even if I took them down. And even if I could prove a link between some African cultures and female genital mutilation.

And if Councillor Elise Chapman had said something like that, then she’d be denounced as a racist bigot too.

But maybe it might have been better for her if she had. At least then, Ken Marchingo, one of her most vocal critics, might not have made comments in the Bendigo Advertiser yesterday evening inferring that her views on the Bendigo mosque, Islam and female genital mutilation were Islamophobic hate speech. He could have said instead said that he supports the good councillor and her right to free speech when it comes to Africans and their ‘cultural’ practices.

Of course, Ken Marchingo, like everyone else, is entitled to his view on these issues. He’s entitled to criticise Elise Chapman for expressing her concerns about the link between female genital mutilation and Islam. And he’s also entitled to express his view about the link between Africans and female genital mutilation. And if he wants to be some kind of Bendigo community representative in the anti-Elise Chapman crusade, then he can fill his boots there too.

But if he’s going to do all of this while simultaneously presenting himself as a beacon of tolerance, he should expect his credibility to be questioned. After all, ‘tolerance’ means accepting everyone and he’s referring to primitive, knuckle dragging African leftovers while at the same time going on about hate speech.

Just saying.

I’m also saying that this situation is rather ironic. That’s because it is wrong to say that female genital mutilation is purely an Islamic thing. That’s not true. There are non-Islamic people that practise it on cultural grounds, primarily in Africa. I oppose them as much as I oppose any other group that does it.

But it’s wrong to say that it’s not an Islamic thing either. It is a practise that Mohammad specifically allowed (even if he didn’t promote it in the same way he promoted other things, like beheading). That means Muslims don’t have to support female genital mutilation, nor do they have to practise it to follow Islamic teaching. But it does mean that they cannot condemn the practise and still claim to be a follower of Mohammad.

And here is a link to just one of many Islamic clerics who do promote female genital mutilation.

Unfortunately for Mr Marchingo, his ability to condemn the cultures that practise female genital mutilation has been completely undercut by his vociferous protestations that it’s hate speech to condemn religions that do. He’s a victim of his own illogical censorship.

Anyway, I put some questions to Ken Marchingo’s office this morning asking him to explain his comments.

Unfortunately, Mr Marchingo declined to answer my questions. I wasn’t informed that his account had been hacked. I wasn’t informed that they weren’t his words. And I wasn’t informed that he does not support them. He could have told me any of those things and I would have taken him at his word.

Instead, I was told that Mr Marchingo is always willing to answer questions, as long as they come from a ‘reputable’ media outlet.


Luckily, I presume the Bendigo Advertiser is a ‘reputable’ media outlet, especially as Mr Marchingo’s in there on a regular basis answering questions. About Elise Chapman.

So maybe it’s time for this hard-hitting publication to start asking Mr Marchingo a few tough questions about his own statements and beliefs regarding female genital mutilation and primitive, knuckle dragging African leftovers. After all, the Bendigo Advertiser has given him plenty of space to criticise other people for their views on these issues. And to present himself to the Bendigo community as a leader in the fight against hate speech.

But I won’t be holding my breath for the story.


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Update - 2 Mar

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Study of Mohammed, the selfmade so called “prophet” must become essential reading within our schools and all public institutions. His unholy Koran, when not quoted selectively by supporters and apologists for Islam; is a true account of what a dangerous predicament we find ourselves here in Australia – in fact world wide – the threat of Islam begins in the mosque. We can NOT allow this deceptive evil to flourish. Bendigo Beware !!

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  2. I find what Ken Marchingo said incredibly offensive! Also, why African? A lot of FGM I’m the Middle East so he doesn’t know what he is talking about. That’s the racist bigot right there, not Elise Chapman!

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  3. I regularly do work for Muslims and without exception they are lovely people.
    That does not mean I would want a Mosque built near me.
    Unfortunately not wanting a Mosque near me makes me a racist in the eyes of some despite the fact that I am proud to have coffee and cakes with practicing Muslim friends.
    I have told them what my attitude is to a Mosque near me and they have no issues, a sort of hey no problem coupled with a shrug of their shoulders.
    Not wanting a Mosque along with traffic, noise and a large number of folk does not make someone a racist.

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  4. About a year ago now, I hired a truck in Bendigo, plastered huge signs on it saying, “Stop The Mosque!”, and attached two loud speakers. I then spent the next three days driving around the lovely city of Bendigo broadcasting the Islamic “call to prayer” – that nauseating noise the Moslems plan on broadcasing all over bendigo starting at 5.00 AM every morning. I hope this helped in educating the good Citizens of Bendigo.

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  5. Please do not do it Bendigo,even though most of you deserve what you will get still it will be bad or all residents not just the ones that are arrogant and uneducated on what happens to small towns after the Mosque is built…

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  6. Don’t do it Bendigo.
    Have you been out to the western suburbs of Sydney lately. Big mosque means been big problems for all non believers Islam.
    I personally now of a lot of families that will sell and leave the area,including myself. Come on Australia what is it going to take to realize that if you believe in Islam you believe in hatred for all those who don’t.

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  7. Excellent work, Bernard! Have you noticed how many of the signatories to the anti-Elise Chapman petition have actually made comments in support of Elise Chapman? Take a look, folks, there are more than a few.

    The Bendigo Advertiser has received several letters to the editor in support of Cr Chapman (I know, because I have submitted some of them), but has so far published only those which are hostile to her. What a surprise.

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  8. Wake up folks, we are slowly loosing our aussie way, we will end up an islamic country soon unless we stop it now, reclaim Australia

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  9. Elise has done something very important: ended any status as “bystander.” Many other people in prominent positions are painfully responsible for their own idle silences as they twiddle their thumbs and maintain their status quo whilst Australia is steadily being invaded by a Narcissistic ideology which is bent on destroying all other ideologies.

    Yes, it wears religion as a kind of a beard. No, it is not actually a religion. “Cult” is about as close as it gets.

    If what she is doing is insignificant, it would be provoking no reaction.

    Whoever you are reading this: stand by her. People with this level of courage are rare, not to be disregarded.

    Post a Reply
  10. My wife and I are immigrants from Africa. We do not drag our knuckles or practice FGM. May we accuse mr Maraschino of bigotry and racial prejudice against us?
    Female Genital Mutilation IS regularly practiced by many moslems. Female Genital Mutilation is now only occasionally practiced by other knuckle dragging Africans. If you don’t like the truth Mr Maraschino, please don’t try to twist it to suit your own agenda !

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    • Well said, Jack! I have a friend who is an immigrant from Africa. He doesn’t drag his knuckles or practise FGM either….in fact, he is a Christian, a true gentleman and has an architectural degree. You and Bernard have shown Mr. “Maraschino” to be racist, bigoted, very foolish fellow! I hope he is feeling very, very embarrassed about his idiotic ranting.
      Thanks, Bernard, for showing up the Bendigo Advertiser for their very obvious bias against telling the whole truth.

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  11. Oh the hypocrisy…..

    How these people can honestly look themselves in the mirror each day, is beyond me.

    He who casts the first stone…. pot calling the kettle black…. people in glass houses….
    It is almost laughable. As for the Bengido Advertiser, following the ABC code of ethics perhaps?

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    • all part of the Bendigo Old Boys Club. All part of the same house of cards. Watch for the squealing, buck-passing and finger-pointing when this house of cards collapses. There is no honour among thieves!

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