Stupid is as stupid does: the Australian Defence Force ordered to recruit Muslims

In the movie, Forrest Gump, there is a particularly apt line:

“Stupid is as stupid does.”

We don’t have Forrest Gump in Australia. Instead, we have Stuart Robert, the Assistant Minister for Defence. And he’s doing stoopid, real well.

On Monday, he stood up in the Federal Parliament to inform the country that he’s instructed the Australian Defence Force to recruit more Muslims. Stuart Robert called this ‘capability through diversity’.

Then, about 48 hours later, the Prime Minister stood up in front of the national media to warn about the very real risk of insider attacks against Australian diggers. Oh, the irony. It’s killing me.

This plan is a dud. And you don’t need to be Einstein to see it either. You just need to be on the good side of blind. However, the DEFCON 5 klaxon should have been blaring out loud and clear to give warning even to the sightless after the Assistant Minister for Defence’s speech. That’s because it immediately received the blessing of the Labor Party.

Unfortunately, no one took any notice of that. The Liberal National government and the Labor opposition have locked arms and we now have a bipartisan approach to the destruction of the Australian Defence Force.

I could go on all day about why this plan will fail, will kill capability, will kill morale and may well kill soldiers too. But here are just five reasons why it’s wrong.

1. Muslims have already voted with their feet

The Assistant Minister for Defence might want more sons of the Islamic community to join the Australian Defence Force. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get the memo: the sons of the Islamic community have already voted with their feet.

They’ve signed up and shipped off. There are more Muslims from Australia with combat experience fighting with the Islamic State than there are in the entire Australian Defence Force. This community has been given a pretty stark choice: Rising Sun or Allahu Akbar. And they’ve chosen the latter with remarkable resilience. In the last two years, the Islamic community has suffered a casualty rate more than 20 times higher than that borne by Australians during the whole of the Afghanistan war.

In fact, Stuart Robert told us on Monday that there were 96 Muslims in the military. Meanwhile, little over a week ago the Prime Minister told us that there were at least 90 Muslims fighting with the Islamic State. Another 30 had returned home as veterans and an additional 140 patriotic Australian Muslims were supporting terrorist groups in Australia. Of course, those are the numbers that we know. Considering that 100,000 pages of reporting didn’t tip anyone off to Man Haron Monis, it is entirely possible that there are one or two more.

Tony Abbott’s statements were made at the release of the Review of Australia’s Counter-Terrorism Machinery report. It gives this chilling state of play:

“All of the terrorism-related metrics are worsening: known numbers of foreign fighters, sympathisers and supporters, serious investigations. We are not ‘winning’ on any front.”

We’re not winning on any front. So the Assistant Minister for Defence says we should recruit more Muslims. Yeah, that’ll snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

2. We know what they preach

Stuart Robert also told us on Monday that he wants an imam in uniform. His job will be to advise how the Australian Defence Force can be more ‘Islam-friendly’.

Isn’t that nice. But we know what this advice will be because we already know what the imams have said will make Australia more ‘Islam-friendly’.

About two weeks before Stuart Robert announced the Islamic job vacancy, over 100 Islamic organisations, mosques, mullahs, muftis, sheikhs and ustaadhs condemned the government’s approach to national security and they issued a declaration of their own: leave Hizb ut Tahrir alone. This included the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, and the President of the Australian National Imams Council. This, by the way, is the same mob that claimed laws against the advocation of terrorism infringed their religious freedom.

Just out of interest, Hizb ut Tahrir has called for Muslims to avoid Anzac Day. And they have also told us that the current military efforts to defeat the Islamic State are an ‘unjustified invasion’. No wonder the Prime Minister thinks that they are a security threat.

Do we really want an imam in uniform adding his name to these declarations? Because asking for an imam in khaki to provide advice is giving an imam in khaki a massive soapbox to support Hizb ut Tahrir, criticise Anzac Day and raise ‘concerns’ about the deployment of military forces into the Middle East. And, one day, participation in Anzac Day parades will become an optional extra for Islamic soldiers. So will operational service against our nation’s enemies.

On the bright side, I guess there will finally be someone on the Religious Advisory Committee to the Services with enough backbone to say something about Defence’s illegal involvement in the Mardi Gras. I’m guessing that Muslim soldiers will not be required to provide any support to this event either.

3. Terrorism and the ADF? On its way

Australia has the dubious distinction of being the first nation to train a soldier for the Islamic State. His name was Caner Temel and he did us all a favour by strapping on a suicide vest in Syria in early 2014. Unfortunately, he was AWOL from his unit at the time, which was preparing for operations in the Middle East. That’s not so good.

This entire incident should have woken people up from their slumber. Unfortunately, it hasn’t.

We are now deliberately recruiting more people like Caner Temel. We are recruiting more people like Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 of his fellow American soldiers in the name of Allah in 2009. And we are recruiting more people like Asan Akbar, who blew his comrades up with a grenade in 2003, again the name of Allah.

How long will it be before we have our own stories like these? Or like the French? Up to ten of their soldiers have jumped ship and are now fighting for the Islamic State, including some who have served in elite French units. This should be a real warning: the French are giving us a glimpse into the future because they’ve been recruiting Muslims for a while now.

This plan does nothing but increase the risk of inside assistance next time a plot is hatched to attack a military base here in Australia.

If you saw a child playing with matches and a can of petrol, you’d stop them. Unfortunately, we are watching our own government frolic about with a petrol tanker and a stick of dynamite. Maybe it’s time to run for the hills instead.

4. What vetting?

In the early hours of the morning on 16 December 2014, two Australians died at the conclusion of a terrorist attack conducted by Man Haron Monis. This attack occurred just days after security, intelligence and law enforcement agencies reviewed 18 complaints about Man Haron Monis and decided that everything was sweet.

These agencies just dumped those reports with the 100,000 plus other pages of reporting on this guy and carried on.

Obviously, there is a problem here. Clearly, our intelligence agencies have a hard time distinguishing between a terrorist and the rest of us, even though the rest of us don’t have five metre thick files locked away in the ASIO basement.

I know why. I served as an Intelligence Officer. You can’t say boo about Islam. If you do, you lose your job. I know all about that too.

Vetting of recruits from a compromised minority must be taken seriously. However, now a political imperative to recruit more Muslims has been added to the politically-correct dithering that prevents any real analysis of the threat.

How confident are you that the vetting will be thorough, or even conducted at all?

And how confident are you that our military bases and equipment will remain secure when the government says we need to recruit from a community that has shown more allegiance to the Islamic State than Australia?

5. Integration by separation

There was one sentence in Stuart Robert’s speech that I agreed with:

“After all, culturally and linguistically diverse communities are not homogenous.”

Of course, the Minister for the Bleeding Obvious then proceeded to use this fact to argue that we need a more culturally and linguistically diverse Defence Force. It’s like the opposite of Team Building 101.

Stuart Robert also praised the establishment of a new cadet unit comprised almost entirely of Muslims in western Sydney and the Chief of Navy’s decision to appoint an Islamic cultural advisor. And he subsequently stated that these developments would pave the way for more Islamic recruitment.

But what have these developments entailed?

New uniforms, that’s what. Different uniforms. Separate uniforms.

We now have the uniform of the Navy and the uniform of the Navy for Muslims.

That’s capability enhancement right there, but only if ‘enhancement’ means more complicated logistical requirements and the creation of a culture in which Muslims are encouraged not to integrate with the team.

Now don’t get me wrong. I support a Defence Force that has language capability. I also support one that can understand the culture of the threats we face. I just fail to see how ‘capability through diversity’ will achieve that. After all, it is this type of thinking that led to the termination of my commission. And I had Defence-recognised Arabic language qualifications.

Don’t worry. I’m sure somewhere in Canberra there’s a person in the Department of Defence Tolerance Bureau who can justify this logic.

Islamic navy uniform

So there’s five reasons why the plan to increase capability through diversity will fail.

Of course, while this plan wreaks havoc, ‘mainstream’ Australians who have signed up for this country will be marginalised and told that their courage is not wanted. In fact, that is exactly what a Defence report said last year: courage was overrated and the number of Anglo-Australian males in the military was undesirable.

It was a message echoed in Stuart Robert’s speech. He highlighted that Anglo-Australians were far more willing to serve in the military and deploy on operations over the last 15 years than anyone else in this nation. But instead of being grateful, or questioning why these Australians were more patriotic than those in the Islamic community, he launched an implicit attack on them. According to Stuart Robert’s logic, our military’s capability is diminished because there are too many ‘mainstream’ Australians in it. If only they were less willing to sign up and serve, then perhaps the Australian Defence Force would be able to do a better job.

What a joke.

Australia and the rest of the Western world have played with diversity and inclusion. And the results are in: Western Muslims make up a large bulk of the Islamic State’s army. These policies have not resulted in inclusion and the only capability that’s been increased is our enemy’s.

Anyone who thinks that this policy will play out differently when applied to the military has rocks in their heads.

Or, to put it another way, ‘capability through diversity’ sure as hell ain’t a box of chocolates. And we do know exactly what we’re getting. Even Forrest Gump should be able to work that out.

Stuart Robert Forrest Gump

Australia’s Assistant Defence Minister, Stuart Robert, makes Forrest Gump look smart.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Muslims certainly do not allow kaffirs to speak openly about Islam or the Quran as this German man discovers when he attempts to explain Islam to his fellow Germans.
    Muslim attacks German man for explaining Quran in Munich.

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  2. He should be able to recuit plenty with battle experience once they return from supporting ISIS in Syria and other countries. Because the government will stop them from returning, maybe it could make an exception if they accepted being drafted into the ADF!!!!!!

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  3. Sir,

    As a proud member of the Australian Air Force Cadets, I find your comments here to be disturbing. You are judging the brave men and women of the defense force based on their religion, which, given that their job is to defend your freedom, I find to be questionable.

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  4. It is the same as the British Army in WWII being forced to enlist Nazi in their military forces. You enlist adherents of a genocide construct within your ranks in time and space what do you think will be the result. How many times have we seen empires utilise their initially perceived ‘liberal-moderate’ enemies to guard their gates – what happened? Why do we think the outcome will be different when they have started murdering us in our own streets?

    Smart move. No evidence Muslims within security services around the world have not utilised these positions to compromise security of Other?

    We can rightly act against one ideological form, with extreme prejudice to remove it from the Public Square even gain praised for doing so, yet the other ideology any action, even words against it are determined as an evil act and cause for accusing someone of having a mental illness a phobia, an irrational fear. When completing the excerpt below I want you to again reflect on why and who are being irrational.

    “For weeks two patriots (Nazi) had been lying in wait for me, considering the quickest way of sending me into a better world….they attacked me on a walk in the lonely Habichtswald Germany). One concealed behind a tree with an army revolver in his hand to help his mate with a bullet, in case the prussic acid that the latter was to squirt in my face should fail to take effect…. squirting prussic acid … I lay unconscious on the ground…

    The first telegram congratulating me on my escape was from Rathenau, who a few weeks later fell victim to a better planned attack…..

    There was even a feeble law passed to Protect the Republic, that Imperial judges later on increasingly employed against the Left, …. In many ways the the Republic’s policy was finicking and not understandable. I recollect the concessions already made with regard the Republican flag

    Many years later the two fellows were caught, … At the trial I stated that I did not want a severe sentence as the two miscreants were only victims of the Nationalist (Nazi) Press outcry against me. As a matter of fact, both of them quoted in defence of their attempt the calumnies that appeared in the papers (Nazi) of the Right. ..

    I repeatedly received official warnings of attacks .. intended attempts by private individuals , as, e.g. by a philosophical writer and a Professor of Medicine. In one case a women was deputed to quench my vital spark; in all other cases it was alleged that students and broken-down officers were concerned.”
    Memoirs of a Social Democrat by Philip Scheidemann 1929

    Is there not a resemblance in the tools a culture whose codex contains a genocide construct of Other utilises to impose its inherent cultural codex constructs within the streets, the ‘few’, are not the nature of the ‘few’ familiar, are the ‘many’ Nationalist (Nazi) standing behind the tree, does this excuse them in the culpability of the crime these ‘few’ commit and what Other is in the end to face?

    Do we not see again excused behavior blamed upon ‘hate preachers’ the ‘Nationalist (Nazi) Press’ and ‘brainwashing’ communication via literature – the “papers (Nazi) of the Right” (1920s, 1930s,1940s) – on the ‘internet’ (2015).

    Are we to be impressed the Nazi with only ‘telegrams’, just paper ‘brainwashed’ so many ‘young’ and not so ‘young’ academics, medical doctors, women, students, broken officers so effectively. Is the ‘internet’ really the problem? Take it away what happens? Nothing? What is still left in the Public Square? The cultural codex genocide construct of ……..

    The actual content of this communication derived from the culture as a whole espousing clearly identifiable constructs contained within the cultures codex to justify and authorise adherent behaviour – yet we actually continue to provide resources for such a culture to increasingly inform terror in our own streets and defend their right to continue.

    Ignoring the provable existence of the not-so-gullible and the educated, was the view the ‘young’ and the gullible, uneducated, were just ‘brainwashed’ simply ‘angels’ led astray and should be let off with lighter sentences and a good talking to (de-radicalisation) as clearly happened in Germany 1920s and is the paradigm being pushed now in Australia really worked given the cultural genocide construct of Other was left in the Public Square.

    Determining you can create a ‘new’ narrative when the ‘narrative’ you are trying to replace is a sacred codex construct and has a failsafe mechanism attached to it which determines this is exactly what Other will try and sets the nature of the adherent view and response is an exercise in dangerous futility.

    “sophisticated network”- the mental schema has already been set reflected from the core codex construct of Other – all that is required are the ‘key’ phrases utilised from the beginning as I believe START research has found to trigger the justified and authorised ‘provocation’ Islamic/Muslim construct.

    These can be simply conjured from within the mind of the adherent themselves when responding to expected stimuli which fits codex analogised templates – does not even have to have contact with a ‘hate-preacher’, the internet, etc… just sees something as they walk in the streets. And it is inevitable those phrases will be used, brought to mind, and responded to, as they have been from the seventh century, for the iniquitous codex constructs of Other and women are not going to be accepted by Other willingly. Even silence as we know is no protection.

    We are dealing with a cultural codex genocide construct of Other where the ‘few’ are created and sustained by the ‘many’, accept this truth, identify this genocide construct in the cultural codex which must exist to create the mental schema to inform such behavior, remove it from the Public Square or change nothing.

    Please Explain: Nazi (Hitler-Mein Kampf) & Muslim (Mohammed-Quran) Cultural Codex Construct of Other. Why it is One Is and One Is-Not. Yet both = “I don’t mean participated, I mean observed.”

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  5. As I have pointed out on previous occasions, when we have see Police attempting to recruit Muslim personnel, this is playing directly into the hands of Islam, whose sworn intention and publicly stated ambition is to overthrow the Australian Government and implement Sharia Law.

    The holy Koran DEMANDS that ALL Muslims pursue JIHAD. Does the ADF want an Imam in it’s midst, who is in pursuit of Jihad ?…. Does it want in it’s ranks, living and working alongside its active members in the field, Muslim members, who also are in pursuit of Jihad in one way or another ?

    Alternatively…… does the ADF want an Imam who DOSEN’T follow the teachings and dictates of Islam?……… a Pretend Imam as it were ? An imam who would assist them to recruit other PRETEND Muslims ? If so, just what would that achieve ?

    A key requirement of ALL Muslims is of course the necessity to further the interests of SLAM above ALL other activities. Muslims are encouraged to lie and cheat the Infidel in any way necessary, that furthers the interests and progress of Islam.

    A key ambition of Islam, is to have it’s adherents INFILTRATE all branches of Government and authority. In the expectation that difficulty will be experienced in doing this, Muslims are encouraged to lie and cheat in order to accomplish this objective. INFILTRATION is NOT expected to be easy.

    Instead of guarding our positions of power and authority, ….here we are, rolling out the red carpet to Islam and inviting it to install itself comfortably in our midst and to propagate itself and make all the necessary preparations to act AGAINST US when their numbers have reached sufficient proportion to launch a offensive attack upon our peace loving and free speech society.

    We truly need to STOP this ROT……….before it goes any further.

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  6. Very well spoken to uphold our values & ethics. Your research is qualitative & very factual I hope you can continue on your path. Mr Gaynor please run for PM!

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  7. The quran is psychopathic APD, likely written by a psychopath, in the hands of psychopaths you have motive for murder, until it is banned nothing will change.
    The real issue is illegitimate authority, no moral compass from our civil service employee’s, that is a clear indicator of APD [sociopaths and psychopaths].
    1% of the population have Antisocial Personality Disorder APD [ref DSM5] that is 230,000 psychopaths in Australia alone. Worldwide 70,000,000.
    APD [psychopaths] is why we are always at war, they are genetically flawed, disposing them to be criminally and morally insane. So where are they all, Terrorist States, ISIS, socialist states, civil services? Seems psychopaths gravitate to positions of power it is their nature.
    Please ask the [our] government
    1. Do they employ psychopaths in civil services?
    2. How many psychopaths are employed in or civil services?
    3. Why are they employing psychopaths in civil services?
    4. Have they warned the people they are employing psychopaths in civil services?

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  8. Is this for real? Stuart Robert must be a “Green’ or Muslim in disguise. Islam is incompatible with our democratic way of life underpinned by Judeo-Christian values. Even Muslim leaders say that. Hope our P.M. takes this in hand.

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  9. Diversity defeats Force Protection.

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  10. A muslim who kills another muslim is obliged to take on the resposiblit5y for the welfare of the deceased’s family. Hence the “spray & pray” tactic of holding the weapon above the head & firing randomly. “Who knows if I hit anybody’. A cop out but how can that fit in with Australian Army tactics? Naïve politicians are dragging this country down. We MUST have a strong leader.

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  11. The Federal government and ADF only have themselves to blame Bernard. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. They have made their bed and now are going to have to lie in it.
    They will get their just deserts for attacking and persecuting a defender of the faith such as you.

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  12. And you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t get anywhere near the frontline. Conflicts will stop for prayers. And the last word will come from the Muslim men who will not be at all happy about it.

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    • Actually Shy Ted, the Muslims within Western militaries readily object to fighting and to killing other Muslims. And their objections get catered for. A little like our conscientious objectors from the Vietnam war when being selected for conscription, except of course, that those who would object to fighting one of our enemies are signed up and trained ‘Australian’ military personnel paid specifically to fight Australia’s enemies.

      Such is the stupidity of the Deputy Defence Minister’s decision to subscribe to practises he really is not qualified to be making decisions on.

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  13. “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” seems applicable to Mr Robert but the trouble is he won’t be the only one destroyed.

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  14. Oh for a leader who understands that you don’t give an inch to islam/sharia.

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  15. Is this bloke for real? having served on Naval ships the thing you want the most when you lay your head down on your naval issued pillow is that you can trust the person next to you to do as good a job as you just did and not have any lingering doubts about your safety. Is that person going to harm me, my mates or my ship?
    My son is a serving member in the Australian navy and this causes me some concern.
    This pollie is just typical of the breed of political correct mob that we have become to pander to the minorities in allowing this to happen. He should be ashamed of himself, what a joke this country is coming, lets hope some pollies stand up to this idiot

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  16. Our ADF troops are already having to deal with the rescheduling of operation and meal times to accommodate “prayer time” for these “special” cases.
    We are all Australian, One Australia and there should not be “special” treatment for anyone who does not respect and INTEGRATE into that. If people leave their own country for a better life, they should be taking on that countries way of life, not ramming it down our throats to change what we do and listening to pollies playing soft ass politics.

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  17. I note Belongum’s comment above which I find a little naïve in content. There may be many different ‘faces’ serving within the Defence Forces, but the number of those ‘faces’ in no way reflects their communities numbers per head of population. That is why we recently had a ‘diversity’ shill exercise her government paid voice to promote more ‘diversity’ within the Defence Forces as she considered the Defence Forces were too ‘Anglo’.

    So what she was really hinting at was the fact that the greater majority of the Defence Forces are stocked with red blooded White Australians which she takes an exception to!

    It is one thing to promote ‘diversity’ as a ‘strength’ when most of us would realize that divided we fall, as the old adage goes, but it is another to troll for recruits from various backgrounds because it is considered that there must be more personnel recruited from backgrounds that have an aversion to the Australian way of life, such as Islam. That kind of thinking is sheer stupidity bordering on criminal negligence.

    But as if that is not bad enough, the Australian forces uniforms – uniform as in everyone must look the same – is then changed to lure those who will only accept a position if their particular ‘religion’ is catered for when wearing a military uniform. People of Islamic and Sikh background are permitted to wear non-uniform apparel, that actually by practice places them apart, and not a part of the group they are supposed to form esprit de corps with.

    If you beg to look, behave or dress differently to everyone else, than it is human nature to get treated differently, and that will happen because no amount of fascist legislation put in place to ensure they are treated as equals will be able to counter.

    Even a simpleton could tell you that kind of thinking has no place in a military that requires high morale and esprit de corps to function properly, and is if anything, a clear recipe for disaster.

    Correct title Bernie!

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    • it’s all good fun…until there’s a war…

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  18. I am an Ex Submariner. There is no way I nor any normal Aussie bloke would trust any of them at sea or even in Harbour. There first priority is to Allah, then whatever they choose. A Submariners priority is to his boat and fellow crew members first and foremost. One person can sink a boat and even in normal operations, constant vigilance is required. The added threat, and yes it is a threat is against all the reasons I served as long as I did. I had faith in my shipmates and we were literally all in the same boat.

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    • I have no argument with your comment Gordon except to say how does one know that even the white Australian serving on one of those boats is not a Muslim convert?

      Is the religion of the server still imbedded on their identity discs?

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      • Yes it is

    • hear,hear! this is rank,outright lunacy…

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  19. You see this is the problem ..this is not about an cultural group / uniform / different faiths / serving ect ect it what they stand for …this Stuart is super dumb ..he does not understand Islam … only his very limited political part and that to should please the humanism issue of the so called feeble white puff hands in gov …. in 15 years time’ll see what will happen by allowing these couple of muzzies into your forces … once they grow ( which is clearly their plan ) and become a force in the defense they will just take up their book and apply what is expected from them …. even they cannot turn away from their own demonic masters …. lets see when they murder the first group of aussies ….its around the corner !!!

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  20. This is just plain stupidly. As a 20 year veteran and in the discipline branch this is going to be one heck of a job to administer. He needs to be realistic and consult the powers to be before he makes such idiotic statements

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  21. This IS Australia people. It has a myriad of different people, from all over the globe as members of it’s society and they represent – at their own personal level – an absolute plethora of different faiths beliefs and values, instilled in them from their ‘parent’ society. If a person chooses to take these things to an extreme level, break the law and cause harm to other members of our society – regardless of WHO they are and WHAT they represent, they are simply criminals and should be dealt with as such.

    To take a ‘label’ and use this as a measure of a person’s culpability or want to partake in such acts, is putting the cart before the horse and making enemies of those amongst us, who simply want to be a healthy part of what our ‘Australian’ values are supposedly meant to represent. To mark people in our society in this is a perfect example of your point: ‘stupid as stupid does’ and – at it’s most basic level.

    I too served in an Australian uniform. I served with people who had all manners of different nationalities and beliefs – from all over this globe. None of them sought to denigrate those things we want from this society. None of them dishonoured the uniform they wore, nor betrayed their mates. They served alongside me and kept me safe and had my back – just like the next man/woman.

    What you make points of is our systems for providing for the internal security of our personnel in light of what occurred operationally (and – I agree – could potentially happen on our own soil) and as such, is a failing of those PROCESSES put in place to limit the chances of such things happening. I don’t doubt, that if any person (who might in Today’s climate might present a potential opsec risk of any kind), would – if treated halfway decently – understand the reason for relevant security checks needed to vet such individuals.

    Not trusting these processes however, isn’t a good enough reason to prevent ANY member of this society to step up and take on the responsibility of serving in an Australian ADF uniform and protecting the values of our society. In all of the noise I hear about the threat that Islam poses from within our society, no bugger out there is considering those Muslims in our society, who like US, value this country for what it offers ALL of us: a relatively safe society.

    Whilst I agree, a political push isn’t the way to encourage others to join the ADF and protect our values, it’s not something I’d be denying ANY member of our society either.

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    • Belongum, if Muslims want to serve this nation, then I am all for that. In fact, if they were as willing to serve as mainstream society then this discussion would not be happening.

      The problem is that we have a small segment of society that is the cause of our major internal security threats. They happen to share the same religion as our major external threats as well. Furthermore, no Islamic society has been able to present a coherent Islamic argument as to why the Islamic State and Islamic terrorism is wrong: statements issued have not convinced non-Muslims, nor have they been able to convince violent Muslims that their understanding of Islam is wrong.

      I feel for Muslims who do serve. There are not many of them and I have no doubt that most want to serve well. Unfortunately, the hard facts show that not all of them have served well.

      I wish serving Muslims all the best. The bitter reality is that they are the exceptions. It might make most (not all) exceptional Defence members, but the fact is that as a collective, our society needs to weigh up its options.

      Do we protect the national interest and prevent the growth of Islam and its associated threats? Or do we, in order to accept the exceptions, ignore the growth of Islam and the dangers that come with it?

      My view is that we need to do the former. It brings me no pleasure to say this because I can understand the pain it will bring to 96 serving Muslim members. But there is no benefit to Australia is placing the interests of 96 people over the rest of society.

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      • I would have thought that following a militant faith hostile to our own ought to constitute grounds for wholesale barring,never mind ‘accepting’…what is this madness?!

    • I know many people of non-English speaking backgrounds who have volunteered to serve in the ADF. They have done so without any special enticements (short of the recruiting ads which are universal) and in my view they should not need any. The fact we need to beg a specific group to volunteer and serve, shows me that we have problems. The ADF is always there, you can volunteer to join it, you come to it, it does not come to you.

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  22. Famous (or infamous) words of British PM Neville Chamberlain after the establishment of the Munich Agreement in 1938

    “We will have peace in our time”

    1938. Right. So just as Chamberlain thought it was appropriate to appease Hitler, now we have people like this Stuart Robert trying to appease militant Islam.

    God help us.

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  23. That is not an Australian Naval uniform, that is a mockery of an Australian Naval uniform and a token attempt in trying to assimilate and to integrate those who have no inclination or intention to do so.

    The defence forces would have more success in trying to herd cats.

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  24. You’ve hit the nail squarely on the head! I clicked on this story b/c I could barely believe any nation (at least, other than my own sinking USA) could be so stupid, but you’ve convinced me. This is shocking and appalling, and every freedom-loving person should be sounding the alarm, loud and long, if we hope to avoid total destruction. I’m sharing this to alert others to the dangers facing your country and all of Western civilization, and will be praying for you.

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  25. I am of Eastern European heritage and was also an officer in the Australian Army Reserve as I felt there was a moral duty to serve. However that initiative came more from my upbringing and personality and not because a recruiter spoke to me. When migrants come to this country there seems to be this unholy emphasis on society being seen as non discriminatory, however to be an AUSTRALIAN it is more than being just a resident. No migrant should ever plan or even hope to recreate a mirror immage of the society from which they fled, good aspects of their society will be adopted by fellow Australians from examples that they can respect. For the life of me I cannnot understand why people migrate here if they dislike the culture so much in this country. Perhaps we need to educate potential migrants here with what he Australian way of life is and what they can expect.

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    • They come for the welfare cash and stay for the free(almost) housing and healthcare.

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    • Mate – if people who come from overseas to live here dislike everything about Australian law, lifestyle and custom, and openly express their desire to replace all of that with their values, beliefs, laws and customs – they do so for one reason only: to colonise.

      We are being colonised by people whose arrogant contempt for our way of life is palpable and whose ambitions for Australia’s future are crystal clear.

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  26. Even if 1,000 moderate and australian patriotic muslims join and become good soldiers, all it will take is 1 muslim to do the Afghan thing and shoot up his comrades, and overnight, you will have instant suspicion of all muslims in the army. the last thing you need in a combat situation, is section members spending half their time watching their team mate instead of watching their arcs. This is just plain political correct stupidity.

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  27. I thank you for your clear and well written well-researched posts. I will support your efforts and will yell loud and often should you be shut down. How can any sane person not see that kowtowing to the Muslim interest will create the implosion and death to our way of life? I fear for us, we need a strong leadership now more than ever. We do not need this weak PC drivel. I could not agree more, bringing Islam to our military is stoopid beyond words.

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  28. Shame on Stuart Robert is he stupid ,how can he put petrol next to fire

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    • come on everyone,Bernard has 7 children and he is fighting for us and for free speech…he can’t do this on his own…he is a valuable candidate that we can’t afford to lose…just give what ever you can afford..thank you

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