Anti-discriminating away freedom and democracy

Remember Judge Garry Neilson?

He’s the one who caused a hell of a hullabaloo last year when he stated that incest and paedophilia might no longer be taboo, just like homosexuality.

And Judge Neilson looks like he might be right too.

Incest and paedophilia could be decriminalised, just like sodomy was. For instance, there a ‘scientists’ who write ‘scientific articles’ ‘proving’ that paedophilia is harmless and there’s even a lobby group in the United States that advocates for ‘minor attracted’ persons. And last year a German government ethics committee decided that incest was a fundamental human right. Senator Leyonhjelm also thinks that decriminalising incest is the way to go.

Then there’s just the plain old ‘logic’ of it. Once you start promoting one sort of sexual perversion, it’s a bit illogical and discriminatory not to let all the other forms of perversion come out and play as well.

So it’s entirely possible that incest, paedophilia and a whole bunch of other ‘behaviours’ will be given the green light using the exact same means and processes that were used to ‘normalise’ homosexuality. But I don’t think it’s a good idea and I said so last year when Judge Garry Neilson’s verbal muck hit the fan.

As a result, the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has decided that I should be tried for homosexual vilification. I now face multiple fines of up to $100,000 each – all going straight to the complainant.

Rainbow chains2

The Anti-Discrimination Board made this decision in between holding consultations with the Sydney Beat Project, a group that lobbies on behalf of homosexual men for the decriminalisation of sex in public. These two esteemed organisations meet on a regular basis to plot and plan how they can impose their ‘anti-discriminatory’ beliefs on private schools. And don’t take my word for it: these consultations are proudly detailed in the Anti-Discrimination Board’s annual reports. You can find them in the hansard of the New South Wales parliament. For some strange reason, however, the Anti-Discrimination Board forgot to include anything about the Sydney Beat Project’s aims and objectives in its annual report to parliament. I just can’t think why.

Anyway, unlike me, I don’t think Judge Garry Neilson is facing a $100,000 fine. But I could be wrong. It’s entirely possible that the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has referred his comments linking homosexuality, incest, paedophilia and abortion to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal as well.

Actually, on second thoughts, that’s a ludicrous proposition. Garry Neilson, being a judge of New South Wales, presumably lives in New South Wales. So obviously the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board, being concerned with the activities of people living in Queensland, has not paid the slightest attention to the fact that the good judge waxed lyrical about homosexuality when deciding to hand down the minimum possible sentence to an incestuous child rapist.

In other news, I’m also being held accountable for the words published in the Daily Telegraph about this situation.

Journalist, Miles Godfrey, wrote a scathing article about the judge. It included this sentence:

“NSW Attorney-General Brad Hazzard now faces intense pressure to stand down Judge Neilson after the judge claimed incest was no longer taboo and likened it to homosexuality this week.”

Serial complainant, anti-discrimination activist extraordinaire and the man who likes to publish articles on his webpage describing how ‘Gay Inc’ hates his guts, Garry Burns, highlighted that sentence and sent it off to the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board, along with my Facebook post linking to it. But he didn’t put Miles Godfrey’s name on the complaint. He did mention the Daily Telegraph though. And he basically had another big sooky whinge about me.

All this occurred at about the same time that Garry Burns sent an email encouraging his mates to lodge complaints against me. Interestingly, it seems that Garry Burns thinks this whole anti-discrimination racket can be rather lucrative.


“Mr.Gaynor has an asset, namely his house. So if there’s enough complainant’s and complaints are substantiated we can look at taking his house through bankruptcy.”

Fortunately for Gazza, no one else complained. I don’t know if that’s because he has no mates, or if it’s just because they aren’t up to his greedy standards when it comes to being an ‘Anti-Discrimination Activist’. Anyway, the good news for Burns is that if I go down he’ll get to keep all our prams and nappies for himself. Ripper.

While we’re on the subject of plots to use anti-discrimination laws to seize my assets and send my wife and six and a half children into the streets, I did mention Garry’s emails to the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board. After all, it can reject complaints that are vexatious.

And I would have thought that a serial complainant, hated by homosexuals, who has shown an intent to use the Anti-Discrimination Board to grab assets in Queensland would have been way past the grey area of vexatiousness. Also, there’s the little fact that complainants must be homosexual and Garry Burns thinks that perverts engage in sodomy. No wonder the homosexual community set up a Facebook page with a big, red cross through Garry Burns’ head and let rip.

Garry told me all about his thoughts on sodomy in an unsolicited email he sent me on 10 November 2014.

“How dare Mr.Gaynor publish a statement like that suggesting I have “ANAL SEX “ because I’m a homosexual.

I’m not a pervert Mr.Gaynor !”

Please let the record show that I’ve never suggested Mr Burns has any type of sex. This is the only time Garry Burns’ bedroom antics have ever been mentioned on this website and I’m just repeating what he told me. Hopefully, we won’t ever have to do this again either. But I would like to gleefully point out that I agree with this ‘Anti-Discrimination Activist’: sodomy is perverted.

There’s all kinds of bizarre in this situation though.

Like I said, Burns must be homosexual to lodge a complaint of homosexual vilification. I don’t know where the belief that perverts engage in sodomy fits into that. By the way, Garry also seems to think that I’m gay. He’s told me in many unpleasant ways and has even published his thoughts about this on his own webpage.

For instance, this is what Garry Burns sent me on 24 September 2014:

“You seem obsessed with homosexuality and homosexuals.

Why ?

I’d suspect the best way for a covert homosexual to attack ones own fears is to attack others of the same kind.

It’s a fear of same.

Bernie are you a covert homosexual ?

It’s alright if you are a repressed homosexual.

Because many Catholic’s are.”

So let’s sum this situation up. Garry Burns thinks homosexuals are perverts. He acknowledges that they hate him intensely. He thinks I’m gay and he’s sent vitriolic emails ridiculing me for ‘being gay’. He’s stated publicly that he doesn’t represent the homosexual community. But he’s complaining against me on behalf of the homosexual community, which he thinks I’m part of, even though he’s not into sodomy like other homosexuals who, according to him, are perverts.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, we’ll never know what the Anti-Discrimination Board thinks about all this kookiness. One of its minions sent me an email outlining its refusal to print out any evidence I sent of Burns’ nefarious schemes and beliefs on homosexuality for its ‘detailed’ and tip-top secret investigation. I’m sure after that email was sent they all stood around cackling like Doctor Evil.

Oh well.

Sure as the sun rises, that Board’s time is running out. Its affairs will be scrutinised and things won’t be as cosy as they are now. I just hope it’s before my wife and children are made destitute and I’m locked up in the crazy house with PTSD from this whole experience. Then again, it may not be until long after I’m finished off and the precedents it sets against me are used to destroy any number of other people’s lives. Who knows?

At this point, I should tell you that the Board has also determined that criticising its actions amounts to unlawful ‘victimisation’.

That’s right.

The Anti-Discrimination Board now thinks it’s against the law to state that they do a sucky job because they assist serial complainants rain terror on their enemies. As such, this post has probably raised the alert level to ‘Rainbow Black’ at ADB HQ, with everyone ordered to wear a grimaced expression on their face and a black armband for the next decade.

I’ll give you an example to highlight the absurdity of this situation. The secret Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales with its secret investigative powers thinks that these paragraphs I wrote in October last year are unlawful:

“As you may be aware, I face numerous complaints that I have vilified homosexuals. I am now facing about 13 complaints lodged against me with the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board. I do not know the full number because a new complaint seems to arrive on a weekly basis.

The same homosexual activist has lodged every complaint and he publicly admits that this is his full time job. I face fines of up to $100,000 and, if awarded, these will go straight to the complainant. Most of the complaints do not even refer to my writing, but to fairly bland comments left on my Facebook page. And now the Anti-Discrimination Board is scrutinising every syllable to find offence – which they always do.”

We’ll find out in the next few weeks whether I have to cough up and pay Garry Burns for the above statements as well.

Now that’s a pretty sweet deal for a publicity-seeking serial complainant. Burns has issued at least 23 press releases stating that he’s taking me to the cleaners under anti-vilification laws. But if I say the exact same thing then I’ve ‘victimised’ him and deserve to cop another fine for engaging in ‘hate speech’.

Obviously, however, Burns doesn’t engage in ‘hate speech’ because he’s an ‘Anti-Discrimination Activist’. His statements are all roses and light.

Like this one he sent on 26 October 2014:


Now, I’m no legal expert, but I’m sure the journalists and media empires out there would be a little concerned about the direction this is all headed. Unfortunately, they aren’t. That’s because the Anti-Discrimination Board has decided that their articles should be put on trial without even informing them.

That means it’s possibly only a hearing or two away before hefty fines are handed down for linking to a specific article written by Miles Godfrey and published in the Daily Telegraph. And if homosexual activists are seeing the dollar signs in their eyes when it comes to me, how much more can they squeeze out of a media empire or the journalist that published this stuff in the first place – especially if a ruling has already been handed down that the article itself is vilification, or that it incited vilification in me?

And, in the long run, what does this all mean for journalism and freedom of political communication?

According to the Anti-Discrimination Act (NSW) 1977, it is not vilification to provide a ‘fair report’. And that’s all Miles Godfrey did. He reported what Judge Garry Neilson said. Nor is it vilification to enter into discussion or debate about any matter. And that’s all I’ve ever done.

But the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board is the filter that sets the ‘standards’ on vilification. It now thinks that fair reports and discussion or debates about judge’s comments are unlawful vilification and that they should be put on trial.

In the process, an anti-discrimination legal minefield is being sown around journalists. They will no longer be free to report what judges say about homosexuality, but will be playing Russian roulette with a trigger-happy and eternally and obsessively offended bunch of drama queens encouraged by the Anti-Discrimination Board to lodge complaints. In these circumstances, it would seem quite possible that the legal eagles will opt for safety and simply decide that reporting anything ‘negative’ at all about homosexuality will breach ‘vilification’ laws.

That would be shocking, but it should also be no surprise.

This process has already started. In 2013 these laws were used against a political candidate, Tess Corbett, who expressed her views on proposed changes to ‘anti-discrimination’ legislation. As a result, it is now a dangerous business for anyone to criticise the operation or ramification of any of these laws. They are policed by stooges who think they are above criticism and who, under the ‘laws’ they operate, have the power to help draft the complaints that they then investigate in secret. The end result of this process was that Tess Corbett became the first person in Australia ordered to apologise for her statements opposing the ‘normalisation’ of paedophilia.

She also happened to be the victim of the scariest precedent of all: the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board went after her even though she lives in Victoria.

Right now, I live in Queensland. And one of the ten things the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board has put me on trial for is stating that homosexual men who exposed themselves to children at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade are perverted.

Can anyone see a pattern here?

This whole situation is clearly heading down a dangerous path and the alarm bells should be ringing out loud.

It also has big ramifications for the debate on homosexual marriage. Garry Burns has already linked his complaints against me with the push for ‘marriage equality’ in (yet another unsolicited) email that he sent to Malcolm Turnbull. And I’m on trial because he’s unhappy that I retweeted another person’s pretty blunt view on same-sex marriage.

Obviously those opposed to homosexual marriage believe that homosexual relationships are deficient in some way from heterosexual relationships. The actions of the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board have effectively made it ‘unlawful’ for pro-marriage proponents to explain their position because any explanation will necessary highlight these deficiencies or imply them. Anytime they speak up they will risk a complaint, a biased investigative process, a hefty fine and an order to apologise. How is that freedom of political communication?

Ten years ago, the idea of ‘Thought Police’ dictating the terms of political debate would have been unimaginable. Then Garry Burns hit the scene, became the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board’s favourite customer, and everything’s changed. If political candidates can no longer speak their minds under these laws today as a result of Garry Burns’ ‘work’, what will the rest of us be permitted to say tomorrow if he’s allowed to continue making ‘case law’?

After all, when Clover Moore introduced these laws, she stated:

“The bill will not make it illegal for people to talk about homosexuality. It will not prevent people from stating that they disagree with or disapprove of lesbian or gay lifestyles. The bill will not affect people who state their belief that homosexuality is a sin or who quote from the Bible to support their argument.”

This is a far cry from Garry Burns’ press release issued after his ‘victory’ last year against Victorian Australian Christians’ candidate, Tess Corbett:

“Mr Burns said the ruling would go down in case law and prevent politicians from appealing to the Bible to justify vilification. In a written submission last year, a lawyer for Ms Corbett had attempted to use the Bible as supporting evidence.

“Today’s decision will set a precedent for future cases that not only is vilifying homosexuals illegal, but you can’t use the Bible or religion as a valid legal defence,” said Mr Burns.

By the way, Garry Burns is going after her assets as well. That’s just what Anti-Discrimination Activists do:

“And if Mr.Corbett refuses to pay these filing fees I will have the sheriff seize her assets to the value of those monies.”


The downside about Garry Burns’ well publicised complaints against me is that my entire life is now consumed with the Anti-Discrimination Board, its minions and its decisions.

My life now belongs to the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board. It revolves around its decisions, which appear for all intents and purposes to be nothing more than whim and fancy printed on a piece of paper with a taxpayer-funded logo at the top. When I wake up, it’s the ADB. When I go to bed, it’s the ADB. And everything in between is the ADB.

In fact, it has gotten to the point where my family and my writing are things I try and fit in on the side of dealing with the ADB. If you have donated to keep this website going and not received a response, it’s not because I am ungrateful. I am. I have just had no time to thank you. That’s because the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales has first dibs on me.

For almost a year now, I’ve been run off my feet responding to the Anti-Discrimination Board of New South Wales and dealing with the effects of its decisions and secret investigations, which I am not allowed to see.

I am endeavouring to respond to you all as soon as I can. Thank you.


As you may know, serial litigant and Anti-Free Speech activist Gary Burns is using legal terrorism to shut down this website. He’s lodged a huge volume of complaints with the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board. In each case, I could be fined up to $100,000 and forced to apologise for my beliefs. If I don’t, I could be jailed for contempt.

You can read more about the abusive behaviour of Gary Burns and this entire saga here.

I intend to fight. But it will be expensive to win and a loss will impact every one of us. There will be a new target if this page is forced to shut down.

I would appreciate any financial assistance that you may be able to provide. Details and the progress to date are shown below:

Family Values Action A/c (legal fighting fund)

  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c No: 39 446 4501
  • Goal: $150,000 (22% achieved)

Gaynor Family Support A/c (keeps this website going and feeds my family while I fight)

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  • A/c No: 84 082 9276
  • March Goal: $5,000 (8% achieved)

Payal: Click here.

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Update 18 March

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernie, for what it is worth I have sent off an email to the NSW Attorney-General whose department is responsible for the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board outlining my dissatisfaction with their performance and apparent bias in favor of a serial vexatious complainant. Perhaps other commenters could do the same.

    The NSW Attorney-General
    The Honorable Brad Hazzard
    NSW Parliament House

    Keep it civil but to the point.

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  2. Look after yourself and family Bernard

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  3. Bernard,

    I am so appalled with the way the world is heading, I wish it could be rebooted to get it back on track. Maybe it wont to much longer before this actually happens.
    The is a complete lack of common sense and logical common sense.
    While the UN complains about Australias torture of ‘refugee’s”, the UN turns it’s back of the Syrian NON MOSLEMS, being raped, tortured, sold as sex slaves, crucifies, burned alive and beheaded, while WEST PAPUA indigenous are being exterminated by Indonesian military, and Sharia law continue to threat women’s rights, and Australian culture.

    The world is insane & it is going to become even uglier very soon.

    I hope sanity will resurface and you and your family will be saved from such stupidity.

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    • Hi Bernie. we are all with you and I have personally invited burns to debate with me the evils of homosexuality but to date – silence.

      My view is that homosexuality is a dangerous activity that can kill us all and the HIV/AIDS epidemic marches on. Those who engage in homosexuality scream out – NOT OUR FAULT as diseases strike everyone and not just homosexuals. In this, they are correct with a single caveat: We have bisexuals who bridge to heterosexual from what starts with homosexuals.

      I have also indicated that research should be activated asap to distinguish how the xx – xy chromosome affects the immune system which may explain why sex between opposites and why it is an abomination with same sex. Needless to say, homosexuals do not like the idea and in my view, this argument should be part and parcel in your coming trial as any decision by the Tribunal should at least take this into consideration on any claim of self defense against any act – especially that of homosexuality that can kill us all.

      Yours in a common struggle
      John Abbott

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