Diversity, thy name is Dorian Gray

Did I ever mention that the Australian Defence Force has a lawful general order regarding uniformed attendance at political events?

It starts like this:

MG 1

And it goes on to say:

MG 2

Interestingly, isn’t the whole point of laws prohibiting political discrimination that laws about political activity must be uniformly applied?

Of course, anyone reading the Constitution of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Inc will quickly realise that this organisation does not conduct any activity of a political nature.


MG 3

This complete lack of political activity is confirmed by this little excerpt from the Mardi Gras’ 2014 Annual Report (which, coincidentally, mentioned that this economic powerhouse received about $800,000 from taxpayers via the City of Sydney and Destination NSW and still lost nearly $200,000).

MG 4

I would also like to point out the Mardi Gras parade participants in 2015 were not at all political and that no political parties or lobby groups marched.


MG 5 MG 6 MG 7 MG 8 MG 9 MG 10

Do you ever notice how these non-political lobby groups campaign to get the government out of their relationship by advocating for the government to get involved in their relationship?

Anyway, I suppose because the Mardi Gras is so unpolitical, its major broadcast partner, the taxpayer-funded SBS, decided not to run an advertisement in favour of marriage during this parade. Now there’s acceptance, tolerance and diversity in action for you!

When it comes to non-political lobby groups, you might be particularly interested in the photo below of the Nimbin Ganja Faeries. They want to lift legal restrictions on cannabis.

MG 11

Funnily enough, the Australian Defence Force marched in the same parade as this group, even though it has a two word policy on cannabis: zero tolerance.


MG 12

I think I’m starting to understand. The community has expectations that Defence members will not use illicit drugs. And in order to demonstrate that Defence is willing to protect its reputation in regards to illicit drugs, Defence members will march with groups calling for the use of illicit drugs.

Of note, the New South Wales police were pretty happy with the behaviour at the Mardi Gras this year. Only 30 people were arrested and only 25 people had to be taken to hospital, primarily in relation to drug use.

Obviously, these people didn’t pay much attention to the Mardi Gras articles telling them how to avoid arrest. Or maybe they did. After all, this is what the ACON puts out with your tax dollars.

MG 13

Notice the link in the top right corner. It explains how people interested in using drugs can lodge complaints against police.

So it sounds like the Mardi Gras was a great night. After all, only one person was charged with indecent assault.

And, more importantly, the Australian Defence Force wasn’t marching in a political event. It was all just one big accident that led it to march gaily along Oxford Street directly behind a non-political lobby group calling for homosexual marriage.

The real reason Defence personnel were there was because the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is a cultural event. Plus, marching at the Mardi Gras makes it easy for Defence to issue meaningless statements that contain the words ‘respect’ and ‘diversity’.


MG 14

And what a diverse culture was on display in Sydney at this year’s Mardi Gras:

MG 16 MG 15 MG 17 MG 18 MG 19 MG 20

And when it comes to a diverse culture that is worth celebrating, there’s just nothing like the Sydney Leather Pride Association.

MG 21

This esteemed group used to display ‘educational’ information about how to signal an intent to engage in bestiality and pederasty on its website, both of which are criminal sexual offences. I am proud to say that information was removed after this webpage publicly shamed the Sydney Leather Pride Association last year. But there was no apology issued and the cultural leaders of the LGBT community were quite happy to see the Sydney Leather Pride march again this year.

Now that’s not the kind of diverse and wholesome culture that I’d feel comfortable exposing my children to. Other people had different ideas.

MG 22 MG 23 MG 24 MG 25 MG 26

Just so you know, marching right along behind the ‘Rainbow Babies and Kids’, was the ‘Tokyo Sing Song’ float, pictured below:

MG 27

Here’s another view:

MG 28

Anyway, while we’re on the topic of topless women, did you know that a Digger was jailed for two weeks last year for organising strippers at a soldiers’ function?

Also, did you know that the senior enlisted personnel in the Australian Defence Force marched in the Mardi Gras this year?

MG 29

It’s their job to maintain morale and discipline. And they thought it would be a good way of doing this by marching in the same parade as these people:

MG 30 MG 31 MG 32 MG 33 MG 34 MG 35 MG 36 MG 37

I think you get the picture. Defence personnel might not though. It’s against Defence ICT policy to use the Defence internet to view galleries of the Mardi Gras because of their sexually-explicit nature. Remember, these are the same galleries showing the beaming Regimental Sergeant Major of the Australian Army.

But please don’t get the wrong impression. I’m not stating that the Australian Defence Force has no standards at all when it comes to the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

It does.


MG 38

Luckily for the Australian Defence Force, there weren’t any ‘floats’ at this year’s Mardi Gras vilifying Mohammad. Strangely enough, there weren’t even any floats campaigning against the Sultan of Brunei’s decision to stone homosexuals to death or the Islamic State’s decision to execute gay men in Iraq.

But there were participants who vilified Jesus Christ and Christianity. Just like there are every year.

MG 39 MG 40

I guess it’s lucky for these culturally diverse and tolerant people that a high-ranking Australian Defence Force officer has scribbled the word ‘policy’ next to the paragraph in a Defence report admitting that the Mardi Gras vilifies Jesus Christ.

Of course, participation in the Mardi Gras is not a bad thing for Defence, if you are going to take the Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service’s word.

They reckon it shows that Defence culture has changed for the better.

MG 41

This statement came under the heading, ‘Mardi Gras Strengthens Defence Capability and Community’.

I’m not so sure capability is enhanced though. I don’t think anyone can tell who’s in what army anymore.

MG 42 MG 43 MG 44 MG 45 MG 47 MG 48 MG 49 MG 50 MG 51 MG 52 MG 53 MG 54 MG 56 MG 57 MG 58 MG 59 MG 60 MG 61By the way, how do you think the media would react if an armoured vehicle was brought along to a pro-marriage event?

Regardless, I’m sure there’s not too much to worry about here. After all, Defence is only breaking the same rules as every other government department that tags along to the Mardi Gras.

Oops. Sorry.

I forgot that the other departments aren’t subject to the Defence Act 1903. It’s the law and it says it’s an offence to bring contempt upon the uniform.

Oh well, on the bright side, there’s a recruitment campaign all ready to go.

All the Australian Defence Force has to do is rip off the 2014 Anzac Day posters displayed in prominent gay bars. Now there’s some real respect on display.

MG 62

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Diversity – what’s not to like.

    Here is the mayor of the Tower Hamlets delivering the ‘we support diversity’ schtick to the Muslims .
    the riot that followed and those who have to schlep it (ethnic British of the Tower Hamlets)

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  2. i can’t help you with the islamic invasion,but from what I’ve seen of isil throwing gays from the tallest buildings available,one problem should solve the other.

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  3. I wonder if the government has pondered the potential disaster that could await it with its connivance to an army that has become an activist organisation.

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  4. Apart from the razzamataz, the glitz and glamour front of the homosexual life-style portrayed under the purloined descriptors ‘gay’ and ‘rainbow’ and ‘marriage equality’, most apologists seem blind to the anatomical reality of male homosexual intercourse. For starters, one male’s reproductive apparatus is inserted into that part of another male’s anatomy designed specifically for solid waste elimination. From the point of view of the thousands of sperm in the ejaculate, this, literally, is being up poop creek. No chance of life here!

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    • Behind all the rainbows and razzamatazz is the humble turd. Why no floats elevating this basic, biological reality of sodomy?

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  5. I thought Jesus was Prophet of Islam, so insulting him is insulting Islam?

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    • A common misconception, since Islam was created several hundred years after Christianity. Muhammed basically needed something to make his new religion look not so bloodthirsty.

      So he stole OUR messiah.

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      • Bulldust. Take a bit of time to think about it and you will find that Muslims are our allies on this issue.

  6. Bernard Gaynor – you are a giant among men. Having put
    everything on the line to speak the Truth about Public
    Insanity. Anyone taking part in the Gay Mardi Gras needs to be certified mentally unstable. Including the
    ADF and Police. Anyone spectating such displays of
    insanity should be arrested and ‘de-radicalised!
    Anyone bringing children along to these self-indulgent orgies should be immediately relieved of their parental duties and charged under law of gross negligence and subjecting minors to pornography.
    Anyone keeping silent about this foul abuse of social
    values should leave Australia. Is Bernard’s voice
    the only one? Wake up – people – and act now before
    we are swamped by this black tide of evil masquerading under the guise of “human rights”! This is not equality – it is lunacy.

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  7. I’m amazed at the feckless behaviour of churches and Christian political groups in not bringing huge pressure to bear on the PM for the discrimination that their members face, with Christians subject to deadly persecution by the very group that Defense and therefore the Government endorses! It is their job to act in behalf of ordinary Christians, and, to reflect on the history of military conflict, strong action early averts the need for desperate action later.

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  8. I see that a couple of links didn’t work in my previous email; try:

    RE: 1 in 9 homosexual men in Australia have HIV:
    [and if this link does not work, simply cut and paste the following URL >> http://www.unaids.org/en/dataanalysis/knowyourresponse/countryprogressreports/2012countries and click on “Australia”, then go to page 8 of pdf.]

    RE: anal cancers among homosexual men being 20 times the general population:

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  9. Your article highlight the ADF’s growing disaster under its present officers without any moral compass. The PC boys … and girls, heyy!!!

    The trouble is, and this is a big concern, but not the only one; the ADF nor the homosexuals nor their supporters, particularly the main stream media won’t come clean and tell the public of the incredibly high rates of diseases — especially among male homosexuals. They are too gutless here. Why? Because the cat will be out of the bag. If anybody cares to look into it, it’s a bloody shocking and disturbing mess; more precisely a health epidemic that will only get worse. Check for yourselves. EG, and this is only a sample:

    12% of homosexual men in Australia have HIV

    Global AIDS Country Progress Report 2012 Australia (page 8) states up to 12% of homosexual men in Australia have HIV. That is, 1 in 9 with HIV. Think about it. 1 in 9 have HIV!!!


    Also, there is the higher and rising rate of gonorrhoea throat infections among homosexual men in Australia.

    The study, published in the Medical Journal of Australia highlights this:


    Additionally, 64% of homosexual men in Australia have HPV and … they are a whopping 20 times more likely to have anal cancer.

    Check it out: Cancer Council NSW estimates 64% of homosexual men have Human Papilloma Virus. While anal cancer is relatively rare among the general population, homosexual men are 20 times more likely to contract it. (OR in other words, 2,000 percent higher amongst homosexuals than general heterosexual population.)


    And so we have many of the Australian Defence Force leading officers saying in effect telling their members and the public: “HEY, GAY IS GOOD – LET’S CELEBRATE IT”. What blatantly blind folly!!!

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  10. Bernard, about your surname…
    Just kidding, excellent as always.

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  11. I cannot believe that our defense forces and Police partake in something as debauched and corrupt as the so called Madi Gras. I cannot believe that anyone would want to associate with these mutants who themselves discriminate against each other such as removing I and Q from LGBTIQ as even amongst their own ranks they find Intersex (which may include bestiality) and queer conduct repugnant. After all, which part of homosexuality or the way these creatures behave is not “queer”?
    I cannot believe that anyone with a sensible outlook can consider that this kind of behaviour is acceptable and good for the consumption of little children.
    I cannot believe that we are using tax money to fund these corruptible deeds but then we spend so much money on abortions each year that it would not take long for anyone to prove that we are all accessories to what can only be described as Sodom and Gomorrah.
    Maybe it is about time to change the name of Sydney to Sodom or Gomorrah?

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  12. I am so angry and frustrated at the photos and connection to the ADF members in the article. Well done Bernard, this is absolute filth and in no way should the uniform be used in gatherings of this type. To each their own, but leave the uniform at home. Can there be a social media petition raised to stop this rot in future homosexual celebrations?

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  13. You have putthis together well. Congratulations.

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  14. The leadership of the Australian Army is a disgrace, as are the political leaders who enable them.

    Good article Bernard.

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  15. Well said Bernard.
    Its unbelievable this is happening.
    The Army should have nothing t do with it whatsoever.
    Disgusting they are allowed to mock Jesus.

    Post a Reply
    • They are far to gutless to mock Muhammad!!
      They know full well they would be at risk of revenge by Muslims.

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      • Agree 100% Sunny, excelent presentation by Bernard Gaynor.Sorry to say I’ve seen this creeping up for

      • These morons are not just fools,they are yellow.Vilifying the Catholic church while not saying BOO against Mohammad.I hope the world does not view all Australians as this gutless.

    • Well done Bernard, as a fellow former brother officer (resigned as I was not prepared to stand with the ungodly and their diversity policies) and a Christian I am aghast at the use of ceremonial uniforms for a highly secular and immoral event such as this. The leadership of the ADF should be immediately cashiered, but we know this will not happen as the political leadership is weak. I wonder what the Council of Churches think about this event or the CDP for that matter. Time for a true moral awakening in this land before it is too late.

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    • Below sent to the Defence Minister. Am curious if he will even respond. Probably not. God bless you all, Non Nobis Domine.

      Dear Sir,

      As a former Officer Cadet in the Army, I am disgusted that homosexual members of the ADF marched in the Sydney Mardi Gras in ceremonial uniform. This mode of dress is only reserved for such occasions as ANZAC day, Royal visits, Church Parades, etc. Are you aware that this has taken place? If you are, it is indeed a sad day, as it seems to be suggested that this event is held up in the same standing as those afore mentioned. If not then you need to haul the C of A and the RSM-A and their respective Naval and Air Force counterparts in for an explanation. Not only does this action violate the DFDA (the attendance of political rallies; the attendance and parading by members of the ALP and Greens have made it so), it violates those of us, both former and existing members of the ADF who do not share the opinion that this is a good thing to be involved with. It is a slight on a proud uniform and an institution that has truly represented what Australia once stood for.

      I am no longer a member of the ADF for a variety of reasons, but I can assure you that the highly questionable and immoral policy of diversity as presented by the Defence Ministry and actively promoted by the C of A and RSM-A was a major factor in me not continuing as a member of the ADF. For a tiny minority of members of the ADF to be given preferential treatment as these people have been given, makes a mockery of the DFDA and all of those (like myself) who up held this code and what the ADF truly means to all decent and right minded Australians.

      As the ADF is not and never was set up to be utilised as an expression of sexuality (as if it is important), why has it become so with the support of this event. I hope that this disgrace will never again be allowed to pollute the uniform and name of our proud military.

      Peter Reid

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  1. @navyislamic: what a tangled tale you tell, Chief of Navy - Bernard Gaynor - […] three years now Defence has participated in a blatant protest against extant Commonwealth laws on marriage and […]

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