Our Anzac Day choice

They say that the Great War was a waste.

A waste of lives and limbs. A waste of blood. A waste of treasure for fallen empires, forgotten kingdoms and a trigger-happy Europe only too willing to engage in a colossal civil war.

The fingers are pointed at generals who straddled a period of conflict where old military strategies were mown down with new, industrial strength weaponry; blame is laid at the feet of politicians engaged in a game of Risk with the lives of their citizens.

And all of that may be true.

But, as we remember tomorrow the 100th anniversary of the Anzac landing at Gallipoli, the sad truth is that the real wastage of the sacrifices and pain and heartache of the Australians who fought in the Great War is only just becoming clear. That’s because it’s only happening now.

Consider this.

In 1914, the Anzacs could name their enemy. Today we have lost even the freedom to question our enemy’s ideology.

In 1914, the Anzacs were at war with an Islamic Caliphate. We are again today, but we daren’t call it that.

In 1914, the Anzacs had no qualms in taking decisive action at home against those who may have had an allegiance to a foreign power. Today, we are left watching our leaders do little more than plead for harmony with the enemies brazenly living amongst us.

HUT Anzac Day

A hundred years ago we were prepared to win a Great War. Today we are content to lose the peace. That is why the efforts of the Anzacs are now being wasted and in a way that they never were a century ago.

And there is no starker testimony of our failure to defend the Anzacs’ legacy than this: on the first Anzac Day, Australians battled an enemy on their home soil. Tomorrow, police will stand guard at Anzac Day commemorations in our suburbs.

Worse, no enemy has done this to us. We have done it to ourselves. We concocted a society too afraid to say what it believes in. And then we left the gate open and allowed the wolves in.

The Anzacs and their families might have questioned whether their sacrifices for king and country were really worth it as the guns fell silent in 1918. Perhaps not, some might say. But they would be consoled with the knowledge that their burdens had helped craft an Australian identity and a free nation. They would not be so happy knowing that their grandchildren are letting it slip away.

The Anzacs came from a society that we might consider foolhardy today. But they had courage. And the truth is that history has always been shaped by men of courage.

Because the Anzacs had courage, they did great things. And because they did great things, they are rightly remembered for their central influence on Australia. They shaped Australia. Gallipoli looms large in our psyche because it is the story of Australians with large hearts overseas and Australians with broken hearts toiling on through the pain back at home.

Unfortunately, when their deeds are marked by pomp and ceremony and commemorations and wreaths tomorrow, we will remember their courage while forgetting what it is to be courageous. We will remember their sacrifice for Australia, while forgetting the values of the nation they forged in fire.

We will thank those who fought for freedom, while forgetting our own duty to keep it alive.

And that is why these men of courage and daring deeds would not recognise the Australia today that is going to such great lengths to remember everything superficial and nothing important about what the Anzacs stood for.

Wealthy we might say we are; they’d see a nation fat, dumb and happy.

Secular we might say we are; they’d see a nation bereft of values, vision and morality.

Democratic we might say we are; they’d see a nation where you can’t speak your mind anymore.

Free we might say we are; they’d see a nation with an infinite array of choice when it comes to chicken so long as it is slaughtered in compliance with Sharia law.

Lucky we might say we are; they’d remind us that they improved on the hard work of the pioneers who worked their hands and the lands before them.

The Anzacs were courageous. But who can say the same of us?

Our society is not brave. We are too timid to criticise. We’d rather not offend our enemies.

Our society is not one of action, but inaction. Thirty jihadis have returned to Australia after fighting for the Islamic State and not one has been charged.

Our society has no clear vision, but is clouded by confusion. The end result of a Muslim calling for the Islamic State flag while holding our nation’s largest city hostage is an array of politicians backing the ‘religion of peace’.

And while we might be timid, inactive and confused, there are those living among us who are not. They are only too willing to risk it all, even their lives, to change the world. They already have. And they will continue to do so if we let them.

Australia is at the crossroads. Its future will be shaped by men of daring. History has always been thus. It was on April 25, 1915 and will be so on April 25, 2015.

The question just remains: who will be those men of daring?

That question has not yet been answered by us. But one thing is clear: if it is not us, it will be others. And if it is others, then we have surely wasted the sacrifices of those who fought for Australia, its freedoms and its values.

So tomorrow, let us remember the Anzacs properly. Not just for what they did for Australia a century ago, but for what their example can inspire us to do now. We have a country to protect, values to defend and a future to be won.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Great piece Bern, well done 🙂 God bless

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  2. So am I to understand that any past/current serving ADF/Defence Public Servants who happen to be muslim should not be proud of their service because “ANZAC day is not for muslims” …?

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    • According to Hizb ut Tahrir, an organisation that the Grand Mufti of Australia and over 100 other prominent Muslims leaders and organisations came out to defend earlier this year, yes. They are the ones that put out a press release stating that Muslims should not go to Anzac Day.

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  3. Bernie this narrative struck me hard because it summed up exactly what the situation is……..”they’d see a nation bereft of values, vision and morality”. What have we done in the name of political correctness. The only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history. Sad and disturbing.

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  4. In 1914 we thought of ourselves as British citizens and we were on the other side of the world at the behest of the Empire. We were never fighting for Australian freedom, we were invading someone else’s country. if you wish to draw lessons from history perhaps you should look to the WW2 pacific theatre, when Australian territory actually was under threat.

    Are we facing an existential threat or a few bored and isolated teenagers looking to rebel? If you’re serious about defending Australia then instead of pontificating about failures of politics and will, use your skills and knowledge to support communities and individuals to feel more connected to us and each other. Instead of turning your back on them get to know the issues within these communities and offer direct alternatives.

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    • I have some bad news for you, Max – you’re a complete plonker.
      An absolute waste of space.
      You say: “Are we facing an existential threat or a few bored and isolated teenagers looking to rebel?”
      Mate – are you serious?
      There are tens of thousands of DEVOUT muslims around the world at present who are demonstrably quite prepared to do as the Koran directs them to do, ie kill anyone who is not exactly like them (including, of course, many other muslims who do not share exactly the same interpretation of islam).
      These muslims have killed in the past anyone they can – and will kill in the future anyone they can – by shooting, beheading, crucifixion, burning alive, burying alive, throwing off tall buildings and any of a dozen other methods of ending somebody else’s days.
      As well as enslaving them, torturing them, raping them and regarding them as chattels to be bought, sold, petted or destroyed as per whatever whim of fancy possesses them.
      Included amongst these muslims are hundreds of Australian muslims who fully subscribe to and share these beliefs and values.
      Including Dr Tareq Kamleh who, having been medically trained by the Australian taxpayer, is now joyfully working for ISIS over in Syria.
      So don’t give me your pathetic crap about “… a few bored and isolated teenagers looking to rebel” – these are devout muslims who take their religion seriously.
      They do as their religion commands.
      So when the Koran says “… slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them” – do not be surprised when they do exactly that. But don’t be so ignorant as to mistake their religious fervour for idle teenage rebellion – that simply completes the impression you have made of someone determined to be completely pigheaded in your stupidity.
      Mate – if you seriously believe the way to bring these poor, misguided and misunderstood rebels back into Australia’s multicultural, rainbow inclusive and diverse society is to go and give them all a great, big, warm and fuzzy group hug – go right ahead – try starting that in Iraq or Syria.
      But don’t be surprised when you find that your head, sans body, is being used as simply yet another ISIS organic bowling ball.

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  5. The head of Australias naval missile program is a muslim. Oh and thousands of Muslims fought with Australians in the Indian army as well as in WW2 including the French colonies.

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    • Please quote the name of these hundreds of moslems that fought in any war on the side of the commonwealth nations. I would be very interested to hear the reply as would others who frequent this forum.

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  6. this article is great, but please say ‘men and women’

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  7. Well said. Highlights one of the reasons we are in dire need of a political renewal, we need a new political party which electable and free from the ails of divisive multiculturalism, political correctness and moral relativism. Read the Manifesto of Australian Liberty Alliance and consider supporting this new party launching in October of this year: http://australianlibertyalliance.org/

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  8. Such great words from a lot of people which echo the opinions of most Australian citizens I know.
    We all feel this way but no one knows how to do anything about it. We feel castrated and useless when it comes to making our feelings and opinions heard for a positive result.
    We need a leader non political to lead us. I feel if we have this then everyone will claim ownership and maybe we can stand together and make a difference. Words like this is just not enough.
    We need a peaceful rally and a well written petition to make our give realise the mistakes and that the people do have a voice
    Who will be that leader.

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  9. My Grandfather served in the 1st world war.
    He returned a different person.
    He would just sit in his room all day then come out to lead the family rosary and attend daily Mass. We need the sword and most importantly the prayers.
    Keep up the good fight Bernie.

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    • Phil, your grandfather sounds like a serious man. Also, a Saint.

      We have a shortage of serious men in our society these days; most are given over to frivolities and fairy tales about living ‘the good life’ (before they make a bad death).

      Thanks for sharing enough about your granddad to make me proud of his life this Anzac day.

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  10. Thank you for your comments Bernard. History needs to be told truthfully.
    I do respect our fallen heroes, but I did not attend a Dawn Service, nor any other ANZAC service today. Instead I spent time this morning on my local beach reflecting on the Christians in Iraq and Syria who continue to be slaughtered by ISIS – who no doubt want to reverse the borders in that area back to pre-1914 days (ie reclaim the Caliphate). May God help Australia.
    I have shared your writing on my Facebook page, I hope a few more read it.

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  11. well written and to the point. Thanks for the efforts you make for Australia, Bernard. Cheers!

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  12. Beautifully said.

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  13. I have been saying exactly this for years, publically shouting it out. Most people think I’m overreacting, I think someone needs to wake the West up.

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    • Well said, Bernard. You put it so well; I am sure your words helped many more Australians wake up to the danger we all face now. If we don’t stand up and fight for our freedom now, we will lose it, the enemy is already within our midst. The war continues, it is just on another front. Bernard, thank you for giving us hope and leadership.

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  14. We can no longer look to the politicians or media to guide us on the issue of Islam. It will be us ordinary Aussies who shake off the labels of “islamphobic” or “racist” to stand in the battle to save Australia. We look to Bernard and other men and women who have fought overseas and understand who the enemy is.
    May us ordinary Aussies make our Anzac ancestors proud!!

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  15. This is not news to me, what I would like to see is some positive action in the Government to address the issues that you have mentioned. The cold hard truths need to be told. The political correctness now installed in everything, is nothing more that an excuse so that issues are not able to be addressed. The media have been bias and pathetic in highlighting the reality of what is happening, not only overseas, but here as well. Today ANZAC day, we have found ourselves having to provide protection to the communities in Australia, because of the need to be hospitable to a group that have intentions of destroying the Australian culture. We have been used under the social platform of multicultural acceptation.No other group that have came to Australia, been responsible for continual demand of political and social changes against the Australian people. There is No mandate given by the Australian people to allow the Government the power to force this upon us. Political correctness needs to be reversed, as it is the demise of the Australian people. The people who come to this country need to learn the language and participate in the culture we have now, not force us to provide them with the changes they demand. If they can not assimilate then they need to return to a country that is compatible with their culture. The right to citizenship should be tightened and if allegiance to this country and its norms are not acceptable then it should not be considered. Do something, actions speak louder than words.

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    • Michell Hall, you are absolutely right. There must be better screening of people coming to Australia. If they cannot assimilate and have allegiance to a foreign ideology not compatible to Australian western heritage and values, then they should not be here. We will end up being second-class citizens (dhimmis) in our own country. This is not what our men and women fought for, in two world wars and places like Afghanistan. People, please research and take action. Join like-minded groups, lobby politicians, do not support ‘halal’ and similar.

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  16. Thanks, Bernard. Great encouragement. We will continue to speak up. We can not allow the threat to our freedom to go unchallenged.

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  17. Well written. Thank you Bernard.

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  18. It is only recently that the subject of Turkey losing the Caliphate during WW1 has been talked about. It certainly wasn’t part of my education during school. I was taught about Prussia, England and our defeat at Gallipoli but nothing I recall about Turkey and the part it played.

    I would be appreciative of a brief history given here or links to the silent history of how Turkey played a key role in the beginning of WW1, or if not the cause, the reason they became such a necessary part of WW1.

    With thanks


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    • It is 100 years ago today (24/4) that the major massacres of the beginning of the Armenian Genocide began, according to my Armenian friend, whose father survived by being safe(r) in Russia at that terrible time. Turkey tried to exterminate the Armenians. It is estimated that they killed about 1.5 million or more. They also carried out attempted genocide on the Christian Assyrian nation and on the Greeks. The success of these genocides helped embolden Adolf Hitler in his plan to exterminate the world’s Jews. Told he wouldn’t get away with it, he scoffed, saying “Who now remembers the Armenian massacres?” That was around 20 years later. It is still illegal in Turkey to discuss these genocides.

      Read about the last Caliph, deposed in 1924. The Salafists were planning to revive the Caliphate in 2024 but the Islamic State beat them to it by 10 years. They like anniversaries and 90 years is almost as neat as 100 years.

      The ending of that Ottoman Caliph upset al Bana and Sayyid Qutb, who played major roles in reviving Islam. Qutb wrote influential books such as “Milestones” and al Bana started the Muslim Brotherhood.

      The Ottoman caliphate or empire used to be called “The Sick Man of Europe”. You could say that it was on its last legs, but it revived. Walid Shoebat has some informative videos on this from the perspective of Bible prophecy.

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  19. A really powerful statement Bernard, thank you. I believe we have the groundswell of support, what we desperately need is decent leadership. Our current crop of politicians appear to have no idea how to deliver what voters want. Where is our messiah when we need one?

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    • Our ‘messiahs’ were here. The press and majority of the public scorned them, turned their backs on them. Public cowards were too scared to agree and allowed them to be persecuted by media and government. Reap what you sew. Change your voting habits, care, research, get rid of party politics.

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  20. Thank you Bernard for your words and I am very proud Australian. Im a member of Reclaim Australia and this is why I am against of Islam. I have researched Islam in the western countries and I’m scared. They want to rule the world and its happening here now. They don’t want to live as us Australians they want to make us to live the Islam way. We are told that we are racists but Islam isn’t a race but a lot of Aussies are against us…. Patriots! Anyway thank you Bernard for giving hope.

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  21. I could be wrong, but is that the villers bretonneux war memorial in the picture at the end of your article. I visited that memorial 2013.

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  22. Australian society as a whole even lacks the courage or will to even reproduce itself demographically; perhaps being the ultimate act of SomebodyElseDoItism and SomebodyElsoPayForItism (socialism).

    Australia has bit by bit surrendered so much of the liberty our forefathers enjoyed. Our forefathers would be fined and ostracised from Australian society if they spoke and acted today as they did in their day.

    I think they would seriously consider if the current Australia is a society they should fight for.

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  23. Thoroughly enjoyed this Bernard! Thanks.

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  24. That is such a true statement.

    People need to act now, before it is to late.

    If you do not want to accept our ways, laws, integrate into society and give back something for the country that has given you a home, then go back to where you came from.

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