Reclaim Australia speech

This is the speech I gave at the Gold Coast’s Reclaim Australia rally.

I would like to thank the hundreds of Gold Coast residents who showed great courage and bravery to attend and for the rally organisers for a fantastic family-friendly and peaceful day.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard,
    I commend you on your speech and your service for our country, in the past, now, and in the future.

    My grandfather (army) and my father (air force) both served. For a period I was also in the services, trained as an assault pioneer in the reserves. Nowadays I work in computer aided design and engineering. Many of the companies I contract to bring tens of millions in trade to Australia each year. I will now add that I am gay and have been in a loving relationship with my partner for 12 years. I may have organised a 50 person float in Sydney’s mardi gras for a decade, but I fully support your views on the dangers of PC and appeasing Islamic supremacists.

    Gary Burns disgusts me. A serial activist who contributes nothing to our nation’s advance, using “lawfare” to silence dissent. Please don’t believe he represents all Australian gays. Most of us are skilled professionals working in private industry. The left don’t actually “own” us as they like to believe. The left support Islamic supremacists. Islam may oppress and subjugate women, but it advocates the killing of gays.

    I urge you and ALA to resist that foul political parasite Gary Burns. Please don’t judge all gay Australians by his vile example. But more than this, I beg you to put up more candidates. There are people you never imagined would support ALA who want to see you control the senate.

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  2. The God I worship has Three persons. this video clip demonstrates that any similarity with the one True Christian Religion is properly understood as Counterfeit ,like a counterfeit bank note the council of Nicaea 325 , Mohamed’s religion of peace (sic ) is nothing more than a evil religion of cut throats !!

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  3. Well done
    I applaud you
    I want to do something useful for the cause

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  4. I hope you can publish a transcript of this important speech. This will enable it to reach the wider audience it merits

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  5. I hope we have more and more young men like yourself Bernard who is not afraid to speak out. It’s so hard to believe one homosexual man can do all that he has done to you and your family out of pure spite because no adult you would think would act like that. A spoilt child comes to mind when I think of Gary Burns. A greedy ,selfish, man hell bent on destroying another because his views are different to yours and I might add mine and many others for that matter. I am wondering if he has any views at all none of his makes sence. As for Islam I have done some studies on it and I know for a fact that every Muslin has to obey the Quran. Leaving Islam is simple not an option and can only say praise God to those that have managed to do so for it’s usually death to those that do. I’m ashamed of our government because as a Catholic I believed Tony Abbot would honour his Christian catholic beliefs but instead he has let all Australians down .The defence force should also feel embarrassed and ashamed as to how they have treated one of their own and for all I know many others like yourself . Shame on them. I will continue to pray for you and your family and hope that common sense will prevail once again in our fellow Australians. The many who have died for our country would be turning over in their graves to see our governments and defence forces handing our country over to blood thirsty tyrants who haven’t a clue what the word FREEDOM means. Brain washed from birth to hate and kill everyone including themselves . I hope you continue with your work Bernard because what you are doing is a full time Job and with God’s grace I feel that he has great plans in store for you. Monica a sister in Christ.

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  6. Good on you, Bernard. And very true what you say about absurdity of PC, Equal Opportunity Commission and Islam and its advocates such as the Australian Defence Force. We are certainly in a mess and unless we wake up, it will be the death of our society.

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  7. Bloody well done Bern!

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  8. As your supporter I claim the right to have an Argentine flag in your speeches. Congratulations for your great speech.
    From Argentina

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