From soapbox to spears

Adam Goodes plays football for a living. And he’s not bad at it either, hence the fact that in 2013 it was reported that he earned between $700,000 and $900,000.

I think that’s an obscene amount of money. But good on him for cashing in on our love of the frivolous. Those wages say more about Australian society than they do about footy players.

Unfortunately, Adam Goodes and the AFL are saying other things about our society as well. If you are to believe the 2014 Australian of the Year, this nation is basically filled with racist thugs who cause rich, perpetually adolescent sporting star to endure a living hell. And whether they’re 13 year old girls, booing Hawthorn fans or intimidated women sitting in the Carlton supporters’ section at the Sydney Cricket Ground, the not-so-poor and not-so-oppressed Adam Goodes will smile for the television cameras as they are dragged off by the police after his ‘cultural’ celebrations.

By the way, this consisted of aggressive gestures towards his opposition’s fans while he mimicked holding a spear. Nice.

I’ve written before that Adam Goodes should grow up. But there’s no chance of that when AFL royalty like Eddie McGuire fall over themselves to make fools of themselves. Goodes has the politically-correct class grovelling.

That’s why Goodes won’t grow up. That’s why Goodes will only become more demanding.

If you haven’t already seen his outrageous behaviour, have a look at this video below.

Here’s another take.

Wayne Carey is spot on: Goodes can expect to cop it for the rest of the season. No doubt, the AFL will now embark on a pre-emptive witch hunt against booing fans in an effort to ensure that Goodes is appropriately loved. Cue endless media conferences from football administrators about how they need to educate society.

It all sounds like the putsch for homosexual marriage. I guess that’s why none other than Eddie McGuire has done his best to backflip away from his unpredictably sensible remarks on Friday that none of us want to see Goodes’ war dance again. Now, good old Eddie claims that Adam’s efforts are part of the same struggle for rainbow equality.

I guess I’m not the only one that sees a similarly violent streak. However, the difference between me and Eddie is that I won’t fearfully adore it. I’m not the phobic one.

Of course, a racist rant against the mainstream would not be complete with Waleed Aly whinging about Australia as well.

Sorry Waleed. Goodes is booed, unlike other Aboriginal footy players. And it’s not because of his indigenous heritage. It’s because he’s arrogant, pompous and the racist figure in all of this.

That’s right. Goodes is the one that made this about race. Not the supporters or anyone else.

By the way, I have no problem with Goodes being proud of his heritage. We all should be proud of where we came from. But that cannot be done if we forever play the victim and overlook all the positives to project negatives to a status they never achieved.

If Goodes really wanted to acknowledge his heritage in a positive fashion, he’d also celebrate his father’s ancestry. After all, the English brought civilisation, structures, laws and prosperity to this country: enough even, so that 200 years later Goodes could earn almost a million a year kicking a footy.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. It s my view that the media manipulated the Adam Goodes incident to make racism an issue All one has to do is watch tonight’s Q & A.
    This issue in my view would focus on discrimination and would include discrimination also against homosexuals A very clever ploy indeed
    From the sodomite ABC

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  2. Dear Bernard and readers just two days ago The Project from Ch.10 clarified the events with thirteen year old girl.Adam Goodes just told her off. He never asked police and security to act and prosecute. He confirmed this in an interview after the event saying she was only a child and children are like that.This came to light videos and all two days ago. It seems the sodomite media are masters of manipulation.
    None of these were ever reported prior.They have only come good because the amount of money Goodes can generate. The media just toyed and played every one as usual Thats how they can bring down Govts.

    Domineco Lombardo

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