Australia’s cultural vacuum

I’m usually hyper-critical of

This organisation has the dubious distinction of being able to make the ABC look good. So you can imagine my surprise to read an article written by Jed Smith and published by that actually made sense. It even highlighted that the loss of religion was a cause of Australia’s cultural vacuum. I have no idea how this piece made it past the censors.

Here’s how Jed Smith starts off:

AUSTRALIA is in the middle of an epidemic that is threatening to gut the country from the inside out. It’s a cultural down spiral and if we allow it to continue there might be no hope of reversing it.

It’s not meth, it’s not alcohol and it’s not violence. It’s an epidemic of plain old weakness and we’ve only got ourselves to blame…

And then he describes what he saw while investigating youth gangs in the Tweed Shire, on the New South Wales north coast:

…And yet what I witnessed was every bit as troubling as Mt Druitt. Domestic violence, substance abuse, boredom and youth gangs — the Tweed Shire was suffering. Kids had taken to branding themselves with rings, tattoos, clothing, garage rap songs, postcodes and Facebook pages; house parties had become little more than drunken fight clubs, often involving weapons; football games were ending in brawls, egged on by rival gangs from the sidelines; there were spot riots; dads escorting their families’ home from dinner were being chased and beaten by stick-wielding kids.

He even recounts how a Vietnam veteran shot himself dead out the front of the house where he believed youths who constantly terrorised him lived:

Vietnam War veteran, Martin Grove, returned home one morning following night shift to find his front door and car smeared in excrement. It was the latest in months of similar physical and mental torment. He responded by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun on the lawn of the kids he thought were behind it.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg was interviewed for this article. What he had to say is very true:

The complaints of boredom, poverty and hardship were hard to take seriously amid the sunny reality of life in the Tweed. But they make sense to leading youth psychologist and director of the Government’s Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

“These are all logical outcomes. When the foundations are weak, no one will be surprised when the structures come tumbling down,” he says.

Carr-Gregg blames the loss of ritual and tradition in Australian society for many of the problems. Or what you might also call, the great Australian culture vacuum.

“Ritual and tradition are supposed to be protective factors against delinquency, crime and alienation. [Without them] there is a greater likelihood of being disaffected and disaffiliated, finishing school early, feeling less connected and more likely to engage in anti-social behaviour,” he says.

In the past it was religion; social institutions like scouting and guiding; and participation in sports, art, music, dance and drama that formed the basis of Australian society. Indeed, most cultures around the world. Not any more. “Drugs and alcohol” have replaced these in many of the nation’s outposts along with a side-helping of juvenile gang culture.

Australia’s foundations should not be weak. But they have been completely eroded by political correctness. It is a philosophy that seeks to tolerate all. In the end, all it does is equate truth with error and good with evil. And the end result so come as no surprise: it is absolute chaos and madness.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. For those who grasp the truth of these observations and conclusions, it should be clear why Islam is being promoted and enabled from the Apex of the Australian hierarchy.

    The watchword here is : ordo ab chao. The Owners – this would be the private interests which own the Oz Fed Reserve – want Islam to order and integrate the diversity, multiversities and revolutionary change they have unleashed upon Australian heritage and freedom.

    Islam does not mean ‘peace’. It means subjection. That is why those who are subject must put their face on the floor 7 times a day.

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  2. Any person who runs about supporting Political Correctness is just a derelict.

    Sadly such people lack depth and never do really comprehend much truly in depth, because such people lack direction and leadership, such are just fools, who are only bumbling about in their narrow minded short sighted state.
    Some what like a chook, just looking for approval from another dimwit.

    Political Correctness is the very same key to what the Nazi’s used and the Communist lowlife pushed, to in slave people under their filthy cunning madness.

    Political Correctness is in fact the work of Satan, it’s just a man made work of madness, that the Bible informs us, that such is likened too filthy rags.

    The problem is, Our fantastic Westminster system has been undermined for years, by cunning filthy low life grubs.

    We may of won WW2, but we sadly are loosing the battle.
    That bloke who shot himself may of believed we as a nation had totally lost the battle ?
    I have heard many say they feel the same, that all is lost and they sure as hell did not fight for this derelict PC nonsense that is working to destroy people and their Souls.

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  3. To solve these issues you need a strong President to run the country for 20 years plus and also to bring reforms in, like conscription etc. The Westminster system is too weak to enact necessary changes.

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