History? No, just anti-Catholic bigotry

One of the key problems at the core of the West’s cultural destruction is the fabrication of history. Take, for example, the crusades. These are commonly seen a bigoted, violent attacks on a poor, downtrodden and peaceful Islamic world that is still seeking righteous retribution against centuries of injustice.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The crusades were a morally-justified reaction to centuries of Islamic warfare against the West. And the world would be better off today if the spirit of those original crusades was revived. Unfortunately, that won’t happen while the West remains oblivious to the fact that its cultural spine has been removed.

Another area of historical fabrication is the issue of the Spanish Inquisition. And it is also a matter of blatant hypocrisy. The fictional myth of the Spanish Inquisition has been enshrined in popular culture as a brutal attack on freedom by torturous Catholic ‘Thought Police’. And meanwhile, the secular state is today creating ever more bodies of real ‘Thought Police’ with ever increasing powers to investigate and punish those for supporting what is normal.

Joseph Pearce, writing for Crisis Magazine, captures succinctly the fraud that has replaced the real history of the Spanish Inquisition:

“It is also interesting that the gruesome torture devices associated in the public imagination with the Spanish Inquisition were never used by the Inquisitors. The horrific torture device known as the “Iron Maiden,” for example, was used by secular rulers in Germany and not by the Inquisition in Spain.

As for the infamous dungeons of the Inquisition, they were much more humane than their secular counterparts. There is indeed evidence that prisoners preferred to be tried by the Inquisition because they would be better treated in prison than would be the case if they were convicted by a secular court.

With respect to the number of executions carried out by the Inquisition, it is remarkably low, considering the bloody nature of the times. Throughout the whole of the sixteenth century, at the height of the turmoil spreading throughout Europe because of the Reformation, only 182 people were executed by the Inquisition, fewer than two a year. In contrast, tens of thousands were killed in other parts of Europe, in the so-called “wars of religion,” which in reality were the cankered fruits of secular ambition, in which rich and powerful secular rulers used religious conflict as an excuse and smokescreen to disguise their Machiavellian drive for power.

Let’s now compare the Inquisition’s record of executing fewer than two people a year with the culture of death prevailing elsewhere in Europe. In England, Catholics were executed by being disemboweled. Until as recently as the nineteenth century, people were hanged for such heinous crimes as chopping down a tree or stealing a shilling, i.e. one-twentieth of a pound.”

And he saves his greatest criticism for President Obama, who hypocritically used the Spanish Inquisition to attack Christianity at the National Prayer breakfast recently:

“And speaking of proverbial pots calling the kettle black, Obama was rightly accused of hypocrisy in his efforts to take the moral high ground in his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast. Several astute commentators pointed out that Obama had killed more people in unlawful drone strikes in his six years in power than the Spanish Inquisition had killed in its 300 years of existence. In the same week in which Obama made his pompous and preposterous attacks on historical Christianity, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism published its annual study of deaths from US drone strikes outside the country’s declared war-zones. At least 2,464 people were known to have been killed in such drone strikes since Obama became president, at least 314 of whom were known to be civilians.”


Spanish Inquisition: the popular concept is a fictional myth.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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