Hizb ut Tahrir sympathiser appointed as Defence Force imam

The Federal Liberal government has rocks in its head.

The Assistant Minister for Defence, Stuart Robert, has just announced that Mohamadu Nawaz Saleem has been appointed as the Australian Defence Force’s first imam.

This is how the Minister for Stupidity spun it:

Mr Robert committed to appointing a Muslim representative to the RACS [Religious Advisory Committee to the Services] in a recent speech in Parliament where he spoke on the concept of Capability through Diversity.

“Capability through Diversity is all about enhancing the combat power of the ADF by widening the national recruitment pool and tapping into the tremendous latent resources that a culturally and linguistically diverse workforce brings to Defence,” Mr Robert said.

“Increasing the breadth of the RACS to include the Muslim faith also reflects the ADF’s pastoral care responsibilities for all its members and is entirely consistent with Defence’s commitment to cultural reform.”

Imam Mohamadu Nawaz Saleem will work with the Muslim community and other members of the RACS in providing advice on the religious and spiritual wellbeing of all members of the ADF.

Meanwhile, this is what Imam Saleem put his name to on 19 February this year:

5) We strongly oppose Prime Minster Abbott’s politically convenient threats to ‘tackle’ and ‘crack down’ on Islamic groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir who disavow and have never supported terrorist acts, and whose only ‘crime’ has been to criticise the Abbott Government’s stance towards Muslims domestically and abroad, as they are well within their rights to do. We also oppose the bullying of Sheikh Dr Ibrahim Abu Muhammad by Mr Abbott for his criticism of Mr Abbott’s attempts to silence individuals’ and organisations’ legitimate criticisms of his policies.

You can see that right here:

Sheikh Saleem

Mohamadu Nawas Saleem signed a document supporting Hizb ut Tahrir in February 2015. Hizb ut Tahrir has called for an army in Australia to impose Sharia law and its spokesman, Uthmann Badr, planned to used the Sydney Opera House as the venue for a speech defending honour killings in 2014. Mohammadu Nawas Saleem has now been appointed as the first imam to the Australian Defence Force.

You might remember that Hizb ut Tahrir is famous for demanding an Islamic army to impose Sharia law in Australia. They might just get their wish too.

Hizb ut Tahrir’s meetings were also frequented by Man Haron Monis, the Lindt Cafe terrorist, and its spokesman, Uthman Badar, planned to wax lyrical at the Sydney Opera House defending the concept of honour killings last year. He’s also posted Hizb ut Tahrir propaganda on his Facebook page calling for a nuclear-armed Pakistan to impose itself as the new caliphate.

And to top it all off, this is what Hizb ut Tahrir thinks about Anzac Day:

“In fact, Australia’s role in the Gallipoli campaign finds its broader context in Australia’s, albeit insignificant relative to Britain and France, contribution to the destruction of the Khilafah, manifest in Australia attacking and colonising Muslim lands. In August 1914 Australian troops were sent first to Egypt. After four and a half months of training near Cairo, they departed by ship for the Gallipoli peninsula. In fact it was in Cairo that the ANZAC acronym was devised by Major General William Birdwood’s staff in early 1915.

In the latter part of the war, Australian troops in the Middle East fought a mobile war against the Uthmani Khilafah. In 1916 they partook in the fight for the Suez Canal and the allied conquest of the Sinai Peninsula. In 1917 Australian troops advanced into Palestine, partaking in the capture of Gaza and Jerusalem. By 1918 they had played there part in occupying Lebanon and Syria.

This is the history we are being asked to adopt, nay to celebrate, as our own. This is the history that is being adopted in various Islamic schools, in the post 9/11 world, as students are made to take part in Anzac Day commemorations such as observing one-minute silence and being taught about the great feats of the Anzacs. We need to challenge and resist this. We have a history of our own, linked to the Islamic worldview and the struggles and achievements of our predecessors.”

And our Assistant Defence Minister thinks that appointing a bloke who’s prepared to go on the public record in defence of Hizb ut Tahrir as the military’s first imam will improve capability.

There are words that should be used to describe this situation. All of them are unprintable.

To highlight the absurdity of this situation, it should be noted that there are less than 100 Muslims in the Australian Defence Force. That’s not to say that young Islamic men are not interested in combat. They are. It’s just that the sons of the Australian Islamic community have signed up and shipped off to fight for the Islamic State. The sad reality is that there are more Muslims from Australia fighting against the Australian Defence Force than in it.

And now we are trying to entice them back to defend us by appointing a public advocate for Hizb ut Tahrir into a senior military position. His role will be to provide ‘pastoral care’ and advice to the government and military leadership about widening the national recruiting pool to ‘tap’ into the Islamic community.

By the way, Saleem was appointed on the recommendation of the Australian National Imam’s Council. It may interest you to know that this peak Islamic body wrote to a federal parliamentary inquiry in October 2014 to complain that laws prohibiting the advocation of terrorism infringed their freedom of speech:

“We are therefore concerned that the proposal has serious implications on free speech and will have a chilling effect on legitimate religious and political debate. This provision is of particular concern to preachers who spend a large proportion of their time teaching and advocating on social justice issues.”

This mob has also condemned the government for using the Australian Defence Force to assist Kurdish fighters holding back the Islamic State juggernaut.

Given this, one can’t help but wonder which side the ‘moderate’ imams are on. But we know our own government is backing them. So you should brace for more madness. There’s no point having an imam without a mosque and now it’s only a matter of time before one is built on a military base – with funds that are supposed to be used in the defence this nation.

We’re deliberately doing this to ourselves:

And this:

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I Appauld U• Well done• I have sent to many Folk• B Very Encouraged. Many Australians are Praying•
    ♦Seems to B All out of control• Have sent your Information to Senator Jacqui Lambie• Writing Letters to Pollyd is the better way yo get them to notice & understand•
    ♦Start up petitions on your websites• One is •Change. Com & will B on the Web Later this Afternoon•
    ♣There’s No hatred, racism, anger, hate, malice, slander. Or bictority; In This Email•
    ♦HooRoo Mate•

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  2. “The military was also unhappy that I suggested that there is a link between Islam and violence.”

    Clearly multiculturalist group think has turned the brains of the Australian Military leadership to mush.

    The attached determine Islamic/Muslim culture countries inform significantly more social hostilities than non-majority Islamic/Muslim countries and it should be also noted even in our own once peaceful streets Islamic/Muslim culture derived terror/violence has occurred and even ASIO is admitting it is going to get worse.

    Also attached provide the reasons why Islamic/Muslim culture informs increasing levels of social hostility-violence. Having an a Muslim Imam join our Australian defence force is for me given the attached evidence the same as having a Nazi SS officer joining the Australian Defence force in WWII totally insane.

    If the Defence force elite can disprove the argument and facts contained in the attachments then they may have reason to take the position they have otherwise they are suffering from a clinical case of dangerous delusion particularly as such acts pose in my view and real threat to liberty and equality as it was defined before multiculturalism took control of the politic.

    Evolutionary Psychology Explains Why, Who, What. New York Times – SIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape Claiming the Quran’s support: Claims which can be clearly shown as based upon constructs within the Quran which all Muslims determined as their sacred ethical source.


    Please Explain: Nazi (Hitler-Mein Kampf) & Muslim (Mohammed-Quran) Cultural Codex Construct of Other. Why it is One Is and One Is-Not. Yet both = “I don’t mean participated, I mean observed.”

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  3. Haven’t the minister and Army brass heard of green on blue killings? Everything these days seems predicated on insanity.

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  4. I have been frustrated and increasingly angry at the obstinance of this stupidity, I have had to edit and re-edit my words as I would have spewed forth a massive torrent of foul language showing my utter contempt for this excuse for a member of the leadership of our nation and others who are in on the inexcusable reasoning of bringing a traitor into our defence forces. You who are raping our military and our morale. I am astounded that this CRETIN who is obviously incapable of clear thought is allowing a known enemy of our society to be a religious mentor on our armed forces, He is a known sympathiser of a bloody anti west group, he has been on record with his contempt of what we hold close, this is treason and some day he and others who agreed to this will be held to account. I now officially despise you assistant cretin, you moron. There will come a reckoning and you best learn to backflip as you have obviously been concussed or out of your freaking mind. My words cannot say just how angry I am at this situation. There are thousands of us ex-military and patriots of our Nation who are gobsmacked at the weak as p**s politically correct w*****s we have elected to Govern us. I urge you before this gets out of hand to look seriously at the BS you are bringing to our nation. We are watching. So are the Moslems, they are laughing at you idiots. Why not just hand the keys of our security to them? You are obviously incapable of holding them.

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    • No matter which party is elected they all bow and scrap to please the Muslims. They try and inflict there beliefs on our way of life, they are the minority yet they seem to have more clout than us Aussies

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  5. I can only imagine the military secrets that will be funnelled straight to the Muslim world and inevitably to our enemies. This won’t end well.

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  6. Either somebody in the Defence Force is stupidly naïve, or they are playing a clever game of keeping their enemies close.

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    • No, it’s just the clowns in the top brass of the ADF, kowtowing to a simpering government, who are letting the country down.

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