Rainbows and abortions

Ryan Bomberger has written an excellent article for Lifesite news that details the close link between the homosexual push and abortion ‘rights’.

Here is just a small excerpt:

“The LGBTQ movement decries the “inequality” and the epidemic of “hate violence” that touches the homosexual, bisexual and whatever-you-want-to-be-sexual community…No one deserves to be physically harmed (unless it’s self-defense, of course). Yet, at the same time leading “gay rights” groups cry “discrimination” they actively, and aggressively, promote the most violent form of discrimination: abortion.

Nearly every major LGBTQxyz group…promotes the violence of abortion. Many of them see “gay rights” and “abortion rights” as a united front.”

And he explains why. These groups receive funding from the abortion lobby. And that’s because the abortion lobby finds its roots in the thinking of racist eugenicists who sought to control the world’s population. These people saw the promotion of homosexuality as a means to reducing the birth rate:

Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, often discussed homosexuality. Her organization promoted it as a means to curb population. After her death, Planned Parenthood Vice President, Frederick S. Jaffe, issued what is referred to as the Jaffe Memo, which encouraged “increased homosexuality” as a means to reduce U.S. fertility. The nation’s soon-to-be-leading-national-abortion-chain promoted homosexuality as a means to reduce our population, not to illuminate any kind of equality or worth of an individual.

Here is the Jaffe Memo:

Jaffe Memo Table

The Jaffe Memo, written in 1969, proposed various forms of population control, including the encouragement of homosexuality.

Luckily for LGBT campaigners, there is no genetic link to homosexuality. If there was, the homosexual marriage movement would be floating in a bucket at the local abortion clinic. And it would be left to the Catholic ‘bigots’ to defend a real right: the right to life.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The LGBTQforce is only one of the battalions of Satandom. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) clearly belongs to the same regiment.

    They are all hellbent on making the murder of the innocent by choice the law of all lands. Ergo they must have abortions at all trimesters of pregnancy including birth itself.

    In line with this objective, did jewknow the ACLU is suing the Feds over Catholic hospitals? [ Thanks to our regularly scheduled programming via tv, the mass mind immediately conjures up the image of pedopriests raping the comatose. But no. Even the ACLU must admit that Catholic hospitals provide excellent care ]

    What really gets them in the kischkes over at the ACLU is that Catholic hospitals insist upon extending that excellent care to children in the womb. Abortion on demand is not a pre-natal option following the moral teaching of the Church. This, of course, constitutes an offense against Satandom on earth.

    After serial losses in the federal courts in their efforts to successfully sue Catholic hospitals, the ACLU is now going for fedgov under Freedom of Information.

    They have been digging with FOIA attemptimg to ferret out complaints filed against Catholic hospitals for this crime against Satandom since 2014. Having come up with squat they are now suing fedgov under FOIA.

    This excellent report carefully covers the weasel wording and legalese of the ACLU brief.

    So – “To your tents O Israel”. Or as they would say in the Godfather: “To the mattresses”.

    To those who think the entire horde is not going to have at this again in Oz – they are now petitioning the state of Qld http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting/pregnancy/queensland-mp-pushes-to-decriminalise-abortion/news-story/c51f5ea585765d359f4fc23cbc498afe

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  2. With its support of abortion, the ‘gay’ movement testifies that no-one is born gay.

    Were there any possibility that an unborn Australian could be ‘gay’, it would not be legal to rip off its arms and legs without anaesthetic while it is still alive. This is an accurate description of the ‘dilation and evacuation’ procedure (D&E abortion) which is legal in Tasmania.

    Indeed, when Tasmanian ‘gay’ activists marched into the Hobart police station in 1994, with the media in tow, they were happy to risk 21 years in prison for sodomy. But they will not risk just one year in prison, under Tasmania’s Repoductive Health Act, to try to save the lives of babies whom they claim are born gay!

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