Halal barbeques are already here

Forget the burqa.

We have a bigger threat: now we can’t use our barbeques.

The instructions read:


Shire of Christmas Island


This facility is provided for the use of the general public


Pork or other Pig products
Non-Halal Beef, Chicken, Sausages and other meat products

Please consider other
after use

Halal bbq

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. All the young men who lost there lives for this country would be ashamed of whats happening now. Whats happening to this country, its run by gutless greedy politicans who most are corrupt. Sonia krueger speaks out and is slammed by people living in fairyland. These people come to my country my fathers country and my grandfathers country and tell us what to do like the incident where the burqa clad women got of a speeding fine the police couldnt tell if it was her or not, SERIOUSLY. Come to my country and eat of my barbecue my fathers paid for with there taxes and hard work.

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  2. Is pork available on Christmas Island?

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  3. Gazetted Public Holidays on Christmas Island include three day for Chinese New Year and three days for Islamic holidays including the prophets birthday.

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  4. Well I`m waiting for one to be erected at Burliegh Heads so all the family and mates can all go down there and cook pork sausages and bacon put on a couple of shrimps and clean up the barby with stalle can of full strength beer.Patrick

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  5. I am one of the Australian Public. That looks like the perfect place to have a wine while waiting for the bacon and eggs to cook. By the way, where are kosher bbq’s?
    Amyway, our foods’ probably all hellal already!

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  6. Doesn’t say anywhere you can’t piss on it.

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    • You read my mind. How uncanny!

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    • Islam is a peaceful religion, they will understand if we use it for bacon anyway.

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  7. Gee, I wish I lived there so I could have a pork party. This is an insane attack on freedom in the public sphere.

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    • It’s not insane. The government and law enforcement know exactly what they’re doing: incremental High Treason betrayal to Sharia Law often from wilful ignorance and largely from deliberate evil-enabling mendacity. Follow the money, votes and utter cowardice. It’s why after every beheading, bomb blast, gang rape and terror raid etc, etc ad nauseum, the government, police and media lie as one and say “nothing to do with Islam” which is peaceful and wonderful.

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  8. That barbecue is just begging to have some pork cooked on it. If any start turning up on the mainland that’s exactly what I’ll do.

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    • Hey, so put another shrinking shrimp freedom on the government enforced Sharia Compliant Halal Barbie – and enjoy the final clueless picnic before total idiot dimmitude. God help us all.

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    • Wouah, I suppose a lot of people will cook some pork on them and won’t. it would be a shame to clean it . This is just great. i wish we had some of them here in Belgium.

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    • I’m almost certain it’s had more pork chops cooked on it than anything else

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