Transitioning to stupidity

Well, I’m calling it.

The West has had a full frontal lobotomy and the remains of civilised society should probably move to a nuclear silo in Nevada and start prepping for the end. If that can’t be done, the next best thing for it would be to hijack the spaceship to Mars and simply start over again.

Proof of the insanity that now prevails was blasted across the known universe when Caitlyn Bruce Jenner – a man – ‘graced’ the cover of Vanity Fair as a woman (whatever that word means these days).

Of course, everyone who is anyone jumped on the ‘trans’ bandwagon. But instead of demonstrating that mere willpower can transition a male into a female, they instead simply showed that functioning brains can transition into useless, vestigial organs in a devolutionary blink of an eye.

If you are one of those poor unfortunates who have imbibed from the cup of delusion and think that Bruce Jenner is a woman, let me try to explain the facts of life. Again.

And I’ll do it slowly.

A woman is a woman.

A man is a man.

A man is not a woman.

A woman is not a man.

Anyone who thinks that a man can become a woman is an idiot.

If you don’t understand this, then you, too, are an idiot.

Ditto if you find any of this offensive. As a matter of fact, your distorted feelings are an offensive affront to truth and reality.

If all of that still makes no sense to you, then let me try another way.

Pretending that Bruce Jenner is a woman is insanity: it is the same thing as pretending that I am superman. Or the moon. Or a woman.

And insanity can be dangerous.  For example, did you know that Bruce Jenner and his transgender buddies are merely one form of the ‘trans’ disaster?

There are actually people who claim to be ‘transabled’.

You guessed it. Transabled people are disabled people trapped in an able body. They self-harm to ‘gain’ a disability. Like One Hand Jason from Canada, as reported in the Toronto Sun last week:

When he cut off his right arm with a “very sharp power tool,” a man who now calls himself One Hand Jason let everyone believe it was an accident.

But he had for months tried different means of cutting and crushing the limb that never quite felt like his own, training himself on first aid so he wouldn’t bleed to death, even practicing on animal parts sourced from a butcher.

“My goal was to get the job done with no hope of reconstruction or re-attachment, and I wanted some method that I could actually bring myself to do,” he told the body modification website ModBlog.

Give it a decade or so and we’ll all be bigots for kicking up a stink that transabled people are getting all the good spots out the front of the local shopping centre and a lifetime disability pension at our expense.

‘Chloe’ Jennings White is ‘transabled’ and wants to be a paraplegic, even though ‘her’ legs work perfectly. ‘Chloe’ is also a man.

But let’s move on. I’ve got a riddle for you: how many operations does it take to turn a man into a woman?

The answer is a little tricky and it all depends on whether you want the truth, or the conventional wisdom.

The truth is that no amount of surgery can turn a man into a woman. And the conventional wisdom is basically the same: it doesn’t take any surgery at all to turn a man into a woman.

We know this because Australia’s most famous male woman, Group Captain Cate McGregor, has told us so. It’s a long and complicated story, so bear with me while I explain.

Last week it was reported that the Australian Defence Force has spent over $600,000 in the last two and a half years on ‘gender identity’ ‘treatment’. However, the article’s headline was really quite deceptive because that figure only relates to sex change surgery costs and the fees associated with ensuring that the collective cleavage of our military is larger than it used to be.

The real figure is much higher and includes the cost of hormone treatments, counselling, psychological assessments, leave, gender-acceptance training, policy development, stress leave, indoctrination lessons, studies and, quite probably, free stress balls.

That’s all well and good especially as it’s not like the Australian Defence Force budget is under any strain at the moment. After all, rule 101 of common sense is that a military happy to fritter away the nation’s taxes so that its male soldiers can wear larger bras is likely to be frittering away the nation’s tax dollars on other useless inanities as well.

But back to McGregor. His picture was included in the story, presumably because he’s been the poster boy for transgender soldiers who want to be women who want to be men who want to be soldiers.

This got up McGregor’s nose. He was all upset at the implication that his ‘transition’ had cost the taxpayer. So he tweeted this about Ian McPhedran, the journalist who wrote the article:

And he also dropped the bombshell:

And then the article was re-written to make the point even clearer:

“[McGregor] has not yet had a sex change operation.”

So there you have it. McGregor has not had any surgery. He’s all there, baby.

But in a world where reality is irrelevant, he’s also apparently a woman. As they say, never let the facts get in the way of a good story.

In the big scheme of things, it doesn’t matter whether McGregor has personally had his hormones and psych assessments funded by Defence because, in general, Defence is paying for hormones. And it is paying for breast enhancements. And it is paying for ‘sex change’ surgery. And McGregor has been out and about campaigning for transgender ‘rights’ in Defence – so much so that he’s even admitted that his actions as a military officer have probably thrown a wedge inside the Liberal Party, which just happens to be the party of government today.

So it makes no sense at all for McGregor to be upset about this article. Campaigning for transgender rights and then protesting because you might be seen to be utilising them is like pretending to be half-pregnant. And you look ridiculous in the process.

But, then again, this seems to becoming a habit. In all of last week’s brouhaha, McGregor also managed to find the time to give Bruce Jenner some advice. Here it is:

“I hope [Jenner] learns a little bit more about womanhood and trans-womanhood before she pronounces too much on it.”

The irony. It’s killing me.

Thankfully, the media dropped Jenner to pick up the next trans wonder story. This ensured that McGregor’s advice was relegated to the back pages of Australian news webpages and will hopefully go no further.

I guess we should be thankful for the small mercies. I simply don’t think I could have handled Cate and Caitlyn going at it across the Pacific over what it means to be female.

On the downside, we must now suffer through the farcical claims of self-identifying ‘transracials’ who whine that they have been oppressed because the truth of their heritage and fraudulent past has been flung out of the closet.

If you haven’t been following this story, Rachel Dolezal has been leading the Spokane branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People and has presented herself as African American. Now her parents have revealed that Rachel is actually white. Her response was to give the finger to her mother and father and claim that she is ‘transracial’. That’s just left everyone confused, as demonstrated by this quote from the National Post:

“Jenner is transgender; though Dolezal may be “transracial,” this much less widely accepted term may have no meaning.”

If anything has no meaning, it is that sentence. Whatever idea masquerading as ‘logic’ that one uses to reach the conclusion that Jenner is a woman necessarily entails accepting that Dolezal is also black.

All I can say is that for everyone’s sake it would have been much better if Rachel claimed she was Chinese. Then we could have all been living in a Seinfeld episode:

Now, where’s that Martian spaceship?


The great thing about being sensible is that it gives you a chance to laugh at the ridiculousness of the current situation.

This photo is brilliant!


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog!
    I laughed my head off and my husband thought I had lost it – gave him the address to
    read for himself. Needless to say the endorphins are high in this house!
    I had read previously of some you mentioned and could never understand why one would need to go there!
    I suppose it takes all sorts.
    Keep up the good work Bernard Australia needs people like you!

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  2. Very true. The descent into the maelstrom of social insanity is gaining momemtum, as documented in this vid: 2k15 – A Year of Social Insanity.

    This is the outcome socially enabled and subsidized: ‘Do what ya wanna do! Be what ya wanna be! ya’ – a man who wants to be a woman, a man who wants to be a 5 year old girl, pedophile rights, women who want to be sluts.

    Next year the list will be longer and more extreme. I confidently predict some transitioning person of any one of 7 creative genders discovers that (whatever) it is really is a centaur or a shih tzu or a wookie and the American taxpayer will have to pay for it.

    The ADF seems to be where this social chaos strikes first in Oz.

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  3. I did have such a good laugh about all of this article, especially the ‘black cat’ white dog picture. Just love that.
    These types of trans things seem to be increasing recently, so either people are feeling confused about themselves, or jumping on the bandwagon because it’s trendy to do so.
    Either way, I sincerely believe that some of these people need to be housed in psychiatric care because their thinking is, what used to be called insane. Especially One Hand Jason and ‘Chloe Jennings White’.
    And for pity’s sake what is going on in our Armed Forces. A high-ranking muslim who says muslims are victims and now a high-ranking man who says he’s a woman.
    I was a slim woman who has put on weight, what does that make me and is there a pension for that? Just kidding.

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  4. I identify as transemployed.

    I’m a CEO of a large multinational tech company trapped in a taxi drivers job.

    Noone understands.

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    • You obviously need help. We should set up an inquiry into helping transemployed CEOs get the recognition that they deserve.

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  5. So true what you say, the bible tells us that in the end times good will be called evil and evil good. I can see clearly what it means now. Please watch a you tube video call trans Norway it will show you what is coming once gay marriage is approved. You see they what us to be gender neutral. They believe that even though you are born a man that doesn’t mean you are a man you only choose which gender you want to be later. Sounds confusing I know but this is what the gay community believe. They don’t really want marriage they want to own it then destroy it. You see Satan hates everything God has made and that includes us.
    I can’t believe how foolish people really are if you have no spiritual discernment then you really will believe anything. I feel so sad for the next generation I have a daughter who is 15years I pray that one day she can teach her children Gods foundations because it is going to be a very confusing world and I pray for the Lord to lead and direct her paths as I won’t always be around. Hold onto God’s word for dear life it will be the only sane teaching around. God Bless to you all and don’t be fooled. Amen Linda

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  6. I know that this is probably wrong of me to say this or maybe politically CORRECT people out there would think it wrong or uncharitable of me to say this but this story is the funniest think I have read in a very long time, it’s half an hour later and I’m still laughing. Oh the insanity of it all, never heard of trans abled people before in my life. I can almost feel the pain as he hacked off his arm except I’m laughing too hard. Castellan I can one hundred percent see were you are coming from with the young and their new age God, shame they don’t open a bible now and again. Anyway back to poor old Bruce Jenner who will always be a man said ” I’m the face of the new normal ” I wonder if he knows what a very ugly women he makes, wasn’t really a good looking man for that matter either . Oh shucks that was uncharitable of me wasn’t it . Yes keep up the good work and fight the good fight in the end God always wins.

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    • I agree, Monica. Whenever I see photos of these confused people such a Jenner and McGregor I think what ugly freaks they are. Poor things. Gutless too if they won’t sacrifice their masculinity.

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  7. Thank God for Bernard Gaynor.
    He is one of the few people who has a true comprehension of true Christianity.
    I met Bernard once briefly, he handed me some cards and shot off directly, but I never knew who he was at the time.

    My Mum is a Danish Australian and that makes me half of Danish decent, because I was born hear in Australia, but the fact is I will never be a Danish Australian. that’s just the fact and truth of the matter end of story.

    What is with all this New Age brainwashing rubbish that people just swallow, it’s just plane foolishness that they come out with saying total rubbish like “African American” when the person saying it, is in fact 3rd generation or maybe like up to 9th American of African decent, not to mention what ever else they maybe.
    I mean really a fact is a fact and the truth is the truth and anyone who try’s to reject it, is in fact a fool.

    And this young generation get upset with me pointing out the clear facts.
    Not to mention that they seen a hour and half TV show that points to Christianity as just a load of rubbish and that I am all wrong about that as well.
    I point out the fact that Political Correctness is their New Age god. The work of Satan the Adversary who leads the whole world astray.

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  8. People just do not believe it at all, what Bernard is saying is going on.

    When I have pointed out such things as this, all have just totally rejected such things are taking place as such.

    And as for the NSW Anti-discrimination board, poor Bernard has had to deal with and all, I informed a mate about such going on and he only abused he hell out of me, as he was as so angered saying that if such a thing existed in NSW, they would have not a hells chance of dealing with anyone from QLD at all, and that’s it’s all just total B/S that Bernard is saying.

    I don’t know how NSW could have any power at all over anything outside it’s borders.

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  9. How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. A tail isn’t a leg just because you call it one. – Abraham Lincoln.

    Anyone considering sex reassignment surgery may want to check this website out first –

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  10. If this story is any indication, we’re not transitioning to stupidity; we’re already there.

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  11. Tim said:
    And do you guys acknowledge a difference between sex and gender?

    No, do you?

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    • Well, yes. I know why I acknowledge the distinction, but why do you refuse to?

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      • I found the following, which may help Tim, the incurable semantic, on regarding “gender”

        (in many languages) a set of classes that together include all nouns, membership in a particular class being shown by the form of the noun itself or by the form or choice of words that modify, replace, or otherwise refer to the noun, as, in English, the choice of he to replace the man, of she to replace the woman, of it to replace the table, of it or she to replace the ship. The number of genders in different languages varies from 2 to more than 20; often the classification correlates in part with sex or animateness. The most familiar sets of genders are of three classes (as masculine, feminine, and neuter in Latin and German) or of two (as common and neuter in Dutch, or masculine and feminine in French and Spanish).
        one class of such a set.
        such classes or sets collectively or in general.
        membership of a word or grammatical form, or an inflectional form showing membership, in such a class.

        Broadly that can be summarised as male, female and neuter (or those who possibly should be neutered).

        In the late 1960s there was a very famous psychologist who had someone take a photograph of him swimming around a lake being followed by ducklings. The ducklings identified themselves as famous psychologists on the basis that he was the first being they encountered after hatching. We can learn two things from this. Firstly, if there were a gender called “famous psychologists” Tim would argue that ducks belonged to that gender. Secondly, it paints a compelling argument in favour of marriage being between a man and a woman at least so far as parenting is concerned.

  12. Moreover, have any of you actually checked that you’re XX or XY?

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    • Don’t have to, I know what I am.

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  13. No wonder all the enemies of the West have become so emboldened as of late. They are like a pack of rabid dogs who have sensed weakness. They are now barking and probing aggressively, emboldened by our downward spiral into fanatical nihilism and postmodern pseudo-marxism, the latter espoused by chardonnay socialists and their broods of hipsters and green zealots. The enemies of the West are eagerly awaiting the chance to strike the coup de grâce on what will soon be a rotting carcass. (Unless something cataclysmic happens and the decline is reversed).If i’ am not mistaken the West is where Rome was around the 5th century A.D.

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  14. I became so confused half way through the post I simply gave up.It’s heart breaking that ‘Chloe’chap along with the ‘Kate’ fellow is a walking identity crisis and society just urges them on,society is cruel.

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  15. And do you guys acknowledge a difference between sex and gender?

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    • I certainly do not – that’s the sort of rubbish that has got us where are now with all this foolishness.

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    • Tim,

      So what is the difference between sex and gender and what scientific tests are used to both demonstrate and falsify the thesis that there is a difference?

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    • Sex is an act, gender is a boy or girl.

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  16. I don’t believe a technique for converting Y chromosomes to Xes has been developed yet. A man is a man for all that.

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  17. A man have XY chromosomes. A woman have XX chromosomes.

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  18. Hi Bernard,

    What’s your definition of a man?


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  19. I happen to be profoundly deaf and used to be highly active in the deaf community. Don’t know what things are like now, but it used to be very common for deaf people who needed to wear hearing aids and were able to communicate via speech to give up their hearing aids and rely only on Auslan, as they wanted to be more part of the deaf culture. No, I wasn’t one of them.

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  20. Calling a spade a spade! Love it. The rate at which humanity is sinking is definitely on the increase. We can partly thank the MSM for this, good job guys!

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