Reclaim Australia speech

I was privileged to speak at the Gold Coast Reclaim Australia rally on Sunday, along side some amazing Australians working very hard to protect this great country. I have to praise the organisers for once again arranging a fantastic, family-friendly event with a wonderful atmosphere. It was a great day.

Below is the text of my speech.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is just great to be back here today among friends.

The weather might be a little cool. It might not be the Gold Coast’s usual sunny finest. But that’s ok. There’s a fire in our hearts for this country that will brighten the dampest day.

I once again thank you for having the courage to rally to reclaim Australia.

We won’t be silent. Instead, together, we will stand on the frontline of free speech. And we do this not because our words are on the fringe. We are not some radical revolutionary group pushing the boundaries of decency and acceptability.

No. To think that would be to misunderstand us entirely.

We don’t rally because we demand to question and fray the fringes of civilisation, like some anarchist mob. We are rallying because we are losing the freedom to be civilised itself.

This is not a war about the edge. It’s a war about the centre and who we are.

Reclaim Australia is not about ushering in some new era in Australian history. We are not about promoting some new radical whim or fancy. We are about defending a tried and true idea. And we are about protecting Australia’s heritage and culture and history from those who despise our past and want to usher in a new state guarded by Thought Police: a state where everything is tolerated except that which was great about this nation.

And we are here because we stand for something: our families and values and institutions. These things have been strong because they were built on a strong foundation – our Christian foundation and heritage.

I don’t say this in some feel good way. This is not an emotional, preachy plea to a religion of nice. I say this as a man and in a way that is rooted in masculinity. I support these foundations because they work. They are solid and they preserved the best of the past and they bring out the best of the future. Whether you believe in Christianity or not is one thing, that is a decision of personal choice, but we here today recognise that Australia was great, that it is great and that it will be great because of its foundations.

But we can also see the danger we face. That is why we rally. We are the people who believe this country has a future to protect. That’s why we act.

Now, to win this ideological war, we must know our enemy.

And I say this. Islam is an enemy. No doubt about it. But it is not the main enemy here in Australia and you must understand this.

Islam is only a problem in this great country of ours because we have a bigger enemy. We have traitors who have welcomed this Trojan horse within our borders. They have done so deliberately. They have done so knowingly. And they continue to act against our interests.

These traitors do not understand Islam. Nor do they care for it. All they see is that Islam will work to dissolve and destroy our society. And these traitors are fine with that. They hate our society.

Now this great enemy has a religion. It is called relevatism. On the surface, it is nice and shiny: the belief that all cultures and values are equal. They clothe themselves in feel-good statements about tolerance and diversity. But these statements are just a mirage.

They know, as well as you and I do, that not all cultures are equal.

What they really believe is this: they believe that our culture is not equal, but evil. They want to destroy our society. When you understand this, you understand that we fight an enemy engaged in a brutal war of cultural suicide. That’s who we face. And Islam is one of their main allies.

But we are also here today because we can see the real nature of their ally as well. Islam has been one of the great blights on humanity from its very existence. Australia has been fortunate to have been kept free from this blight until recently.

But we face it today.

Now, I have fought against this enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have the medals to show for it.

But they mean nothing unless we win the war that has come within. That is why I am standing on the front line again. It’s a different front line: a front line of free speech and ideas. And I can truly say this: the battle we are in today is more important than the battle in Iraq and Afghanistan because this one is not a distant threat.

I am glad that you have joined me. We are an army of patriotic Australians.

It is a great army.

But you won’t get any medals from this army. You will, however, get something better: your freedom. And the ability to see your grandchildren benefit from the same great nation that we have.

And if you want to fight this battle, then there are some things you must do.

You must know where we stand today.

You must think about the threats we face tomorrow.

And, based on a proper understanding of things, you must act when you get the chance.

Today, I am going to tell you something so that you can know about the danger. I will tell something so that you can think about how it operates and what it means for the future. And I am going to tell you about an opportunity to act.

Firstly, the knowing the situation today.

Know this about our Australian Defence Force – an institution that I love and that we all love. It has served us well and it is still filled with patriotic Aussie Diggers.

The Australian Defence Force is under attack. It is being weakened from within. Political correctness is seeking to destroy what it was and what it is.

Last year, the Australian Defence Force published a report by a feminist academic. She stated that the number of Anglo-Australian males in the military was undesirable. She criticised the focus on physical courage because it undermined the integration of minority groups.

This is the culture that permeates the senior ranks and is being encouraged by the hierarchy and the politicians. These ideas are dangerous and they swiftly lead to dangerous outcomes.

Recently, the federal government decreed that the Australian Defence Force should have an imam to encourage Islamic recruitment. And so they appointed one just last month. I am telling you now, this means that your tax dollars spent on the defence of this nation will instead be used to build mosques on military bases. And you should know what these mosques will preach.

There is an Islamic organisation called Hizb ut Tahrir. The Lindt Café terrorist, Man Haron Monis, attended Hizb ut Tahrir events. Hizb ut Tahrir has called for an Islamic army in Australia to impose Sharia law. And the Islamic community rallied earlier this year to defend Hizb ut Tahrir. It put out a statement saying, in part:

“We strongly oppose Prime Minster Abbott’s politically convenient threats to ‘tackle’ and ‘crack down’ on Islamic groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir…”

And guess what. The new imam of the Australian Defence Force signed that statement. He has defended Hizb ut Tahrir publicly before and now he has the chance to do it in uniform. This is the kind of idea that is now going to be promoted in mosques in the Australian Defence Force.

And that is not all. The Chief of Navy has appointed an Islamic Advisor. She recently wrote an article that stated the following about al Qaeda:

“In Afghanistan, al-Qaida, a politically driven group/movement having issues with United States foreign policy, was targeted in Afghanistan as it had training camps there. Al-Qaida makes arguments for armed jihad, reasoning that United States foreign policy and activities oppress the innocent.”

According to this advisor, al Qaeda is not a terrorist organisation. It is a political movement. And it is driven by United States oppression. This same advisor has framed the Charlie Hebdo attacks in France as an Islamic response against French hypocrisy. She has said that we need to stop looking at Islamic violence through a ‘Western lens’. And she has used her position in the Navy to demand that our taxes pay for the training of imams. She has demanded that our taxes fund their salaries and their mosques. And she has complained that our government is not spending enough to educate the community – that’s me and you – about respect.

I am telling you that these ideas are going to result in the death of Australian soldiers. Not in Iraq or Afghanistan, but here at home. These ideas are bringing the war to our door.

We have seen the British, Canadian and US soldiers gunned down and decapitated on their streets. Just this week, you may have heard these names:

  • Randall Smith
  • Thomas Sullivan
  • Squire Wells
  • David Wyatt
  • Carson Holmquist

All five of these men were US marines and sailors. All five of them died at the hands of a Muslim. And all five of them died in Tennessee.

Many of the terrorist attacks thwarted in Australia over the last decade have focused on attacking our military bases. The ideas being pushed through the Australian Defence Force make these attacks more likely, especially when you consider this fact: more Muslims from Australia have signed up for the Islamic State than the Australian Defence Force.

These ideas put our uniform on the enemy and patriotic Australian families will suffer as a result. We already know this threat exists: the first Western military soldier to blow himself up as a suicide bomber in Syria was an AWOL Australian soldier.

So this is the thing I am asking you to know today: know that our Australian Defence Force is under siege from the politically correct protection of Islam.

Now, I am going to move onto a different topic. This is something for you to think about and consider for the future. This is to help you understand how the enemy will seek to defeat us and impose itself in total domination.

But let me start by asking a question.

Who here wants Sharia law integrated into Australia’s family law?

Who here wants Sharia law marriage, divorce, estates, adoption and Sharia law rule over women’s rights and roles?

I didn’t think so.

So I am asking you to think now about the future and the likely outcomes we face. Right now, in Australia, we are debating a revolutionary change to our idea of family. We are being asked to support a fundamental shift in our concept of marriage. We are being encouraged to radically rewrite our laws. All this is being done in the name of minority rights.

Such a fundamental shift will not come without unforeseen changes and unintended consequences. Whether you support gay marriage or not, you must be aware that this debate is about asking the majority to concede for a minority. It is a crisis for the status quo and in every crisis there are winners and losers.

If we change our laws on marriage, the winners will be the vocal minority groups and the losers will be the existing order.

It is not just me who recognises this. The Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Tim Wilson, and one of Australia’s most prominent homosexuals recognises this. He wants a radical change and so he has proposed a radical solution. This is what Tim Wilson wrote just last week:

“The proposition is simple: we separate the civil and religious traditions of marriage, but treat them equally in law.

In practice it works along these lines. The Marriage Act would recognise civil marriages. A civil marriage is defined as a union between two people voluntarily entered into for life and can be solemnised by a licensed civil celebrant. The act will also recognise religious marriages in different religious traditions in a different section of the text.”

Tim Wilson wants to the law to recognise a new form of marriage. One that enshrines rights to all religious traditions, including Islamic traditions. And in that paragraph is an idea advocating the legal recognition of Sharia family law.

I am not here today to debate whether gay marriage is right or wrong. My position on that is very clear. But I am here today to ask you to think about the consequences it will have for the future. It will mean a fundamental and radical shift in Australian society and it opens up opportunities for a society that has called for an Islamic army to impose Sharia law in Australia to seize an opportunity to do so.

So this is the thinking that I am asking you to do. I am asking you to contemplate and consider whether changes we make to appease any particular minority group in this country will weaken the fabric of our society or strengthen it. In my view the answers are clear, but this is an issue on which you must make up your own mind. But I do throw this question into the mix:

If 300,000 homosexuals can change marriage laws, how can we be confident that the 550,000 Muslims in this country won’t flex their muscles to change these laws as well?

After all, they want polygamy. And, even worse, the Australian National Imams Council put out a press release recently supporting Lebanon’s marriage laws. Just so you know, in Lebanon a nine year old girl can be legally married.

Given the direction Australia is heading, you do not need to be Einstein to see we are going to have a battle over these concepts of marriage in the future. It is up to Australians to decide whether we are going to fight them from a firm understanding of what marriage is, or whether we are going to entre this battle already weakened.

That is what you need to think about. These are the threats we face in the future. If you to beat them, you need to be ready for them.

So, after telling you something to know about in regards to the Australian Defence Force and giving you something to think about in regards to the family, now I am going to tell you about something that you can do today.

Right now, our senate in inquiring into halal certification. And so it should.

Over 95% of chickens in Australia are slaughtered in an animal sacrifice to Allah. I estimate, based on the available public evidence, that well over half of Australia’s beef and lamb meat comes from animals sacrificed to Allah.

I have recently been informed that the meat in the ration packs for our soldiers may well be from an animal sacrificed to Allah.

And every time this occurs, Australians are also taxed for the benefit of culinary compliance with Sharia law.

There are other issues. Meat workers are employed for one reason: they are Muslim. Normal Australians are labelled bigots if they question any part of this industry. Those that speak up are hit with legal action.

And halal food certification raises tens of millions each year in this country for Islamic mosques, schools and other programs. An unknown quantity of this money finds its way overseas. We know some halal organisations are sending your money to Syria.

If you don’t know about halal certification, I strongly urge you to listen to Kirralie Smith shortly. She is one of Australia’s great women. She is fighting every day for your rights. And she is an expert on the problems of halal certification.

I encourage you to visit her website, Or visit Larry Pickering’s website. He has published a very comprehensive series of articles on halal certification. You will find out all you need to know about what is effectively an Islamic tax on our food.

And take action. Australians have less than two weeks to lodge a submission to the Senate inquiry into halal certification. This is one of those rare moments where Canberra is asking for your opinion. Seize the opportunity.

If you cannot write you own submission, please consider supporting someone else’s. I have just published a comprehensive 87 page report into halal certification. You can find it on my website. It will only take you 30 seconds to fill in the form and add your name to it.

So there we have it.

Know about the threat facing the Australian Defence Force.

Think about the future threat to our family legal system.

Act now on the issue of halal certification.

This is how we will send the message loud and clear that we are no longer the silent majority. This is how we speak up.

We are proud Australians. We are decent Australians. We are patriotic Australians. And we will celebrate that and we also demand that it be recognised, instead of derided.

So let me hear from you. Let me hear from you loud and clear:

Are you patriotic Australians?

Do you want to able to speak freely?

Do you want to be able to live freely?

Do you say that Islam must be confronted and defeated?

And do you say that it’s time to reclaim Australia?


Bernard Gaynor Larry Pickering

Larry Pickering and myself at the Gold Coast’s Reclaim Australia rally. More photos available at the ‘Australia – Love it Leave it’ Facebook page.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I was getting more dismayed the more I read down your article. I was imagining the Saudi’s allowing Christians to build churches, have special food and join their Army (if they have one) or start a Christian one. That would be like surrendering to the Christians and having them take over. I can’t understand why the Aust Govt is allowing Mosques to be built and certainly not muslims in the Armed Forces. Malcolm Turnbull said yesterday Islam isn’t as meek as Christianity, NO, Islam is NOT meek at all.

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  2. Utter disgust of these facts .Finally though some-one who speaks the truth as it really is. I wonder too just how many Australians don’t realise how far this abhorrence has become . These women you mentioned in the Navy & Army are unbelievable . Are they brain washed or just plain stupid . It also points out the weakness of our Governments of all persuasions . To realise how far this has become……..It’s incredible . Thank you for revealing this .I remain completely disgusted & say all power to you Bernaud Gaynor in your fight to reclaim Australia.

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  3. You make a very valid point Bernard, and you show the slippery slope frighteningly well. If 300,000 homosexuals can significantly change laws and definitions in our society, 550,000 muslims are therefore more than capable. Translating this people power to Islamic beliefs and practices, one might well expect the 9 year old girls of our future generations to be legal brides. However, the legal 9 year old bride in an Islamic society should always be considered, at the very least, the victim of a paedophile in our society. It is sobering to think something as apparently benign as halal certificate may pave the way for this appalling ideology. May this never happen in our wonderful country!

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