Halal certification and legal battle update

Halal certification inquiry

I would like to thank the many people across Australia who have taken so many efforts to ensure that the Senate inquiry now considering the issue of food labelling and halal certification is well aware of what Australians think about this issue.

There have been too many people and organisations to name working very hard on this issue, from the readers of this website, through to Facebook and social media groups. Every single one of them has played a part. But I must mention, in particular, the years of hard work put in by Kirralie Smith and Halal Choices. Without her efforts, this inquiry might never even have occurred.

The inquiry’s administrative staff informed me earlier this week that they have received over 1,000 submissions. By contrast, an inquiry into credit card interest rates closing this week has only received one submission. That issue is also very important, but it is clear that Australians are fed up with halal certification and the ongoing Islamisation of this nation. We want the government to take action.

I lodged my comprehensive submission last Friday but have been informed that it will not be published until after the Senate committee has reviewed it. This may take a couple of weeks.

However, my report is also available on my website and it’s already received some feedback from one of Australia’s most prominent halal certifiers:

Mohamed Elmouelhy

Mr Elmouelhy is quick with the insults but I respect his right to an opinion.

This is mine: I’d like to thank the nearly 6,000 people who took the time to sign my submission and its detailed findings and recommendations. The response was so strong that I simply ran out of time and was not able to include another 400 or so signatures that I received late last week. I truly believe that this is the most important action that has been organised through my webpage to date and I will keep you informed as the inquiry progresses.

More importantly, this is just the start of bigger things to come.

We are building an army. It will become more capable and organised. It will begin to influence the Australian government and media. And, over time, it will successfully defend Australia’s culture and heritage from those who seek to destroy everything that has made this nation great.

But in the meantime, there will be battles and we will need to fight. This is a cultural civil war and it won’t be won overnight.

Legal update

As you may be aware, I am facing a number of legal battles. As a result, I am going to be very busy over the next few weeks and will not have much time to write. Key dates are:

  • Anti-free speech and homosexual activist, Gary Burns, has lodged at least 20 anti-discrimination complaints against me in an attempt to shut my webpage down. Consequently, I am facing three fines of up to $100,000 (which will go straight to him) and have been forced to move my family after he bandied my address about with Islamic organisations. You can read about that here and here.
  • The Chief of Defence Force terminated my commission just over 12 months ago for expressing lawful views as a civilian about Islam and the Defence Force’s blatant breach of policy and Service law through uniformed attendance at a political event filled with offensive behaviour: the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. You can read about that here. You will probably not be surprised to find that documentary evidence shows senior military officers believe that it is fine for the ADF to participate in religious vilification of Christianity, but that Islam is to be protected.

These battles are coming to a head and the last few weeks have been very busy arranging submissions and filing numerous documents. There has also been a number of preparatory legal hearings. We have had some success in recent days obtaining access to additional documents from the Australian Defence Force. There are other related matters also underway, but I am now focused on the main battles:

  • Between 17-19 August I will be in the Federal Court fighting to have my commission reinstated and to protect the Constitutional rights that conservative and Christian Australians have to political communication and religious freedom.
  • On 4 September I will be in the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal after we won an appeal overturning an earlier decision that Gary Burns’ complaints against me weren’t vexatious.

Unfortunately, if I lose the latter battle I will end up being forced to apologise for my beliefs. However, I am not the kind of person to buckle under the pressure of the Thought Police. That means, as a consequence, I could face the possibility of being jailed for contempt of the Tribunal.

This is not mere speculation. You may be aware of Tess Corbett, the Victorian political candidate who Gary Burns also complained about in 2013. Tess’ crime was to express her concern that paedophiles may use anti-discrimination laws to gain the same rights and protections as homosexuals. She was ordered to apologise to Gary Burns for ‘vilification’. Previously we attempted to appeal against that decision but the Tribunal refused to allow an appeal.

Now Gary Burns, the man who likes sending me emails asking about my children’s sexuality, and the same man who complained that I ‘vilified’ homosexuals by condemning the men who exposed themselves to children at the Toronto Gay Pride Parade, is taking action to have Tess Corbett punished for contempt. Possible punishments include a criminal conviction and even jail. Just so you know, Australians have been jailed for contempt of anti-discrimination rulings before.

Please help

Tess is a grandmother and cannot afford to defend herself. My legal team has offered to represent her pro-bono, but she still faces court filing costs and other fees. I have offered to cover these costs out of my legal fighting fund: the Family Values Action A/c.

In addition, my legal fees over the next six weeks or so are likely to come close to my entire fees over the last 12 months.

Fighting is expensive and I am prepared to fight. I have only been able to get this far with your generosity and assistance. In addition, my webpage and its work on issues like halal certification is only possible thanks to your support.

However, I am asking for your help again. It is not an easy thing to do when your generosity has already been so great. Unfortunately, I need your support again and so does Tess.
Donations can be made in the following ways:

Family Values Action A/c (legal fighting fund)

  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c No: 39 446 4501

Gaynor Family Support A/c (keeps this website going and feeds my family while I fight)

  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c No: 84 082 9276

Paypal: Click here

Cheque/Money Order: PO Box 766, Park Ridge, Qld 4125

Thank you once again for your prayers, support and interest. Thank you also to all of those who have so generously donated, especially recently. I simply have not had time to thank you all individually and for this I am truly sorry. I find this failed responsibility on my part more stressful than any of the legal challenges I face.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Oh good grief in Heaven it took me a good while after the television program last night to go through my pantry and here I thought I was quite up on halal foods seems I wasn’t, I bought a chicken from Coles last week and asked wether it was halal or not and she laughed seems I wasn.t the only one as they had to bring out a person with a list saying what was halal or not. I did go away thinking I had been lied to however. Sad that one has to do these things so my daughter found a farmer and you can guess were we now buy our meat.

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  2. I am 81 and remember days when people practiced their sexual choices in private and there was little discrimination. I may wish people made wiser choices, but I can’t influence that, unless I adopt the tactics of the gay lobby and purvey half truths, political correctness and mental bullying to achieve a desired goal.

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  3. Bernard I love everything you stand up for you fight with integrity and passion whilst staying civil towards others in what is very much concerning times we live in. Praying for you and your family. God Bless you all.

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  4. If homosexuals who expose their genitals to children aren’t paedophiles, then what are they?

    I fear how much political correctness is in the tribunal. Best of luck.

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  5. I wouls like to wish you the best in this foght against evil, please keep trying to be a voice for many concerned people, mothers fathers, in the fight for their childrens futures GOOD LUCK

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  6. Thanks Bernard for all your efforts. Whilst I don’t agree with everything you say, I do agree with many. Best regards, one of the infidel ‘sheep’

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  7. Now I am all for stopping this halal scam, Islam is a cult and should be exterminated.

    but I do not and will stand up for discrimination against those who are not heterosexual.
    They have there rights to be who they want and there right to marry if they so choose.
    And the other main point to reality in this world is the FACT that there is no god, never has bee nor never will be.

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    • Laurie – I hear what you’re saying about same-sex marriage – but everything you said can also be said in relation to polygamy, too: “They have there rights to be who they want and there right to marry if they so choose.”

      So are you happy for muslims to get what they insist is their legal right and have one bloke with four wives?

      Or are you happy with something even broader than that – say three blokes marrying five women?

      Because as soon as anyone accepts your argument – then you are in no position to argue against polygamy.

      You should understand that.

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    • Small g for God ?
      That stands for gods, their have been gods all through history.
      In fact they are Idols you are talking about and Idolatry is false worship, reverence too foolishness.

      To discriminate is the ability to distinguish a difference and it’s never been a sin, until the Godless Political Correctness Nazi police have started to push their Satanic work of the adversary too God on us, and that is a fact.

      It’s an attack on true family values, that all this foolish gay marriage nonsense becomes. It’s a work of Satan ‘the adversary’ and with Sin comes a price.

      One need little brain power too fall for all this New Age PC mumbo jumbo, just look at how the young people nowadays are so brainwashed with it all.
      Similar deviate filthy type of cunning tactics were pushed in Hitler’s and Stalin day on the young and the simple.

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    • Hi Laurie,
      Great your standing against the Halal scam, but discrimination means choosing between good or bad behaviour. Co-habituating with who ever is not against the law except under 16, and that rarely gets a prosecution! Marriage is Holy[sanctified}between a Man and a Woman.
      I see it is hard to believe in God for God is a Spirit and, should be worshiped in Spirit and in Truth, the bible says “Only a fool in his heart says there is no God. “

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