Halal certification inquiry today

Today I will be appearing as a witness into the Senate inquiry into halal certification, along with Kirralie Smith from Halal Choices.

I would like to thank you for your support and assistance. Without your help and without your signature on my submission to this inquiry, I would not be attending. However, nearly 6,000 Australians did support this submission and, as a result, the Senate inquiry has been forced to take our concerns seriously.

This is a small initial victory and we should celebrate it. But there is still a long way to go before our concerns about halal certification and the imposition of Islamic Sharia law regulations over our daily lives are fully addressed.

I look forward to presenting our concerns to the Senate inquiry this afternoon and I will do my very best to make sure that they are heard loud and clear. However, I do anticipate strong resistance.

This is what the inquiry’s chairman, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari, tweeted about you and me yesterday:

I am grateful that Channel 7 did not just report the views of Senator Dastyari. They also interviewed me about halal certification.

You can see this interview by clicking here.

Senator Dastyari may say that it’s racist to hold concerns about halal certification. But he is wrong.

I say that it’s time to stop labelling ordinary, decent Australians with derogatory slurs. Instead, it’s time to start labelling food.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Thanks, Mr Gaynor. I’m only sorry I didn’t know sooner so that I could sign your petition. I do support ACL and CDP efforts to expose halal.

    I’m disgusted to learn about your decommissioning. May Christ be your shield as you seek and speak truth to our neglected neighbours.

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    • Thank you Paul – I appreciate your support. Hopefully my commission will be reinstated when the Federal Court hands down its judgement on this matter.

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  2. Keep up the good work Bernhard, we are so lucky to have people stand up for us in this fight against halal certification. Apparently there was some recommendation handed down in 1986-87 that wanted all certifiers to be registered so that the govt could keep a tally of all this money and check where it was going but it was never implemented. I would love to find out why. We wouldn’t have all this trouble with allegations of halal money going to terrorist organisations. I was on pickering post and they had a submission regarding sam dastyari regarding his flippant ch 7 post rubbishing the halal inquiry I sent my submission to “economics.sen@aph.gov.au and basically stated that he should be removed as he obviously views this inquiry as a waste of time and the out come is already been decided by him, so much for democracy!

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  3. Thank you Bernard, thank you for standing up for all us Australians here. You don’t know how much it means to all of us, and if I did have funds to support you I honestly would mate. You deserve it more than anyone because you are fighting not just as 1 but as all of us Australians together.

    One thing I ask myself and I honestly do ask myself this, what if the food was labelled in a way that was blessed by a Christian or Catholic Priest?

    I have always believed we have a right to know what we eat, and where its from whether its halal or not.

    Why do they have to fix their religion with our own? And make us purposely eat it for their own gain? As you mentioned the very answer is in the qua’ran.

    I’ll pray for you and I hope were successful, and in every right we should be. We want freedom, and we deserve a right to know where all those billions of dollars are going since they won’t declare their money its pretty easy to assume exactly what is going on. I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you and Halal-choices (A fantastic site and a great person she is) to continue doing as much as you can for us, Please. We are all cheering for you.

    Kindest regards,

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  4. Hello

    I am personally offended by comment made Sam Dastyari labelling anyone who does not wish to follow, nor support, an ideology not of their choosing, a whistling racist dog. In regards to the subject of Halal certification which I have discussed at length with my family and friends. As the funds generated by Halal certification go to Muslim/Islamic charities which are decided by the Islamic Council in Australia, and considering that;

    • I do not wish to support a religion not of my choosing, be it financially or otherwise, via either increased product cost, tax deduction or any other method,
    • I will not be coerced into supporting any religion especially if I don’t have a say in how the funds are being used,
    • the guarantee, not assurance, of the legal use of said funds, either in Australia or abroad, cannot be provided.

    I am sorry to say that myself, my family and theirs, my friends and their families, will no longer be purchasing any halal certified products for consumption. By making a choice in not supporting a religion, or belief, that is not of my choosing makes me neither a racist, nor a bigot nor a whistling racist dog. However the enforcement of a belief, or a religion, upon a person against their will is discriminatory, encroaches upon freedom and civil liberties, and is un-constitutional, I would refer you to item 116 of the constitution.

    I believe that Senator Dastyari has failed in his oath to uphold the constitution and should be stood down forthwith.

    Thank you

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    • Joseph it’s time to stop labelling Australians and to start labelling the food. That’s the very first thing that should be done to ensure we all have freedom.

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  5. Bernard,

    Thank you for being a voice for those of us who oppose Halal certification in this country, and there are..many of us! We non Muslim Australians should not have to pay for a tax, for a religious belief, to a false God I don’t believe in! That…is against my morals, my beliefs and my Australian right! We are behind you all the way, I will pass on this page to as many friends I can and if we all stand together…they will have a resistance so strong, they will crumble and our government will have to stand up and make them accountable.

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  6. I am quite gobsmacked that the chairman of this inquiry can make such a publicly biased statement and still remain in that position??? Surely he has to at least have the appearance of neutrality?

    We see examples of these types of almost oxymoronic instances constantly but this surely has to take the cake. It was bad enough appointing a muslim (I assume?) to chair this committee but this public bias is outrageous.

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  7. i am amazed they did not run the story…on the news today..

    i am a catholic and we are not allowed to eat halal meat…..that is sacrificed and prayed over to a false god…and that is in the bible

    there is 480 000 muslims in australia so why the rest of 20 million aussies have to be forced to eat halal food….or pay extra for the certification

    alot of the companies and supermarkets do not label that the product is halal..

    lets pray….and fight on in the name of Jesus.

    you are doing a great job..

    god bless you and all you come in contact with….wishing all and the decision makers Gods wisdom…and guidance.

    we catholics during easter have a basket of food blessed…i wonder …if a muslim would eat any food blessed by a christian priest…

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  8. Bernard
    I am as concerned as you are. I will attempt to circumnavigate the cook who is pretty tight with funds, even for me. However, one good point is that you may be able to hit this Gary Burns up with being a vexatious litigant. Try.
    If nothing else, send me as much similar material that he is hitting you up for and I will send it direct to him, with as much other material that I am able to muster. I will also put this out on facebook and all my few email comntacts to do the same.
    Lets swamp this Dhimmi kaffir with so much stuff that he will be unable to follow through with his deliberate smear campaign.
    Please inform us all asap about your hearing todday. I have been away for the last fortnight, came home and found out about this hearing yesterday, I would have come down fronmCairns just to be a supportter to buy you a beer.Thousands are backing you, perhaps not financially, no petrodollars here, but vspiritually.

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  9. this is sheer bribery, just like the unions.It’s up to them to make their books available for scrutiny ,so that we can all see where the monies goes. let’s just buy non halal certified products, at least we have a clear conscience and are not funding terrorists. They couldn’t lay straight in bed. Please stop this stupidity.

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