So what if Australia becomes like Saudi Arabia

“So what if all chicken in Australia is halal slaughtered. So what.”

The question was not really a question. It was a statement. And, I must admit, I was a little taken aback by it.

Here I was sitting in a Senate inquiry into halal certification, putting forward the case for freedom. And here was an Australian Senator remarking that he did not see a problem if every single chicken in Australia was sacrificed to Allah in accordance with Sharia law. As such, this Senator was putting forward the case for submission.

So let’s be clear.

Sharia law is Saudi Arabia’s greatest cultural export. And when we adopt Sharia law, whether it be officially or merely just in practice, Australia becomes a little more like Saudi Arabia and a little less like the Western civilisation that made this nation great.

‘So what’, ‘who cares’, ‘don’t you worry about that’ or even just ‘she’ll be right’ is not the way that a democratic society should respond to the imposition of this totalitarian legal system. But that’s what we’re getting.

So here’s the so what.

If all food in Australia is produced in accordance with Sharia law, it would mean that all Australians are forced into culinary Sharia compliance.

It would mean that Islam reigned supreme at the dinner table. And at café on the corner. And at the pie stand at the footy.

And if all food outlets were halal certified, it would mean no more bacon. No more Christmas ham. No more licensed restaurants. The bottle shop would go. And that is exactly what the halal certifiers are trying to achieve. They want a nation where those who believe that Sharia law is God’s law feel right at home – and in our own homes too:

Halal tourism is coming to AustraliaEmiraties, Malaysians, Saudis, Indonesians, Singaporeans, etc., will be coming…

Posted by Mohamed Elmouelhy on Saturday, 15 August 2015


So a halal certified Australia would mean that Australia as we know it ceases to exist. Melbourne might still be called Melbourne, but it would be more like Mecca than the city we know today. South Australia would be a new version of Saudi Arabia. That’s the so what.

Furthermore, if Islam reigned supreme over all the food we eat, then there is no reason to believe that we would be free from Islam anywhere else either. After all, halal is not about food. It’s about imposing a way of life: a complete Islamic system that dictates everything from how one should go to the toilet (thou shalt not quote from the Koran while taking a bath and nor shalt thou turn thy back on Mecca when answering the call of nature outdoors) all the way through to how the imam should pray for rain (his arms should be lifted so that the whiteness of his armpits is visible).

Of course, Sharia doesn’t limit itself to inane rituals and nor is it about the peripheral activities of a fringe minority group in Australia. It regulates every aspect of life, from the minutiae to the major.

As such, this complete system of Sharia has a bit to say about marriage. For instance, women are not to consent to marriage. That’s a job for their guardians because, according Islamic jurisprudence, a woman is ‘partially unable to choose her best-suited husband’.

And this Sharia system has a lot more to say about jihad, or the waging of war for Allah. In fact, waging war to subjugate the unbeliever is the topic that Islamic scripture fixates on more than any other.

This excerpt from Volume 1 of Islamic Jurisprudence by Dr Salih al Fawzan sums up nicely this most prominent of topics:

Islamic Jurisprudence - jihad

Excerpt from Volume 1 of Islamic Jurisprudence by Dr Salih al Fawzan.












You’ll note here the admission in Islamic jurisprudence that Mohammed knew a thing or two about warfare and armies and the tactics he saw fit to intimidate kings while preparing for battle. I’ll let you make your own mind up about whether this may influence his disciples as they strive to create a modern day version of his empire.

But we can say this: at the moment, Australians are being called to Islam at the dinner table. If we say no, Australian Senators may call us racist dog whistlers.


And then, if that still does not change our minds, Sharia law permits jihad against us for our own good.

Senator Dastyari is a Labor politician and he also has an Iranian background. It’s not really surprising that he’s so readily accepted a pro-Islamic position – one that would even see Islam dominant in Australia even though only 2% of the population thinks that Mohammed cut it as a prophet.

Senator Dastyari has put it on the public record that he has no problems with some aspects of Sharia law. It is now up to him to clarify for all Australians whether he has any problems with the other aspects of Sharia law as well. After all, Sharia law is a system. It’s not some multicultural smorgasboard where you can pick and choose and Senator Dastyari has made it pretty clear that when it comes to halal food he’s not really into picking or choosing anyway – he’s happy to scoff the lot.

And if it’s good enough for Senator Dastyari to declare his hand over halal, then it should be good enough for others, too. For instance, the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, that conservative lion of Australian politics, has also made it clear that he is partial to halal certification as well. Except in Barnaby’s case, it’s not the mullahs who have been calling but the money. His position is that we should sell ourselves out for Sharia. There is no principle involved at all.

So Barnaby Joyce should make it clear where he stands as well. Exactly what other parts of Sharia is he prepared to accept in return for the Saudi dollars?

The battle over halal certification is about labelling. It is about choice. It is about tracking the money flows and it is also about animal welfare. It is about all of these things.

But it also about much more. It is about our very culture and the freedom that we base our culture on.

Business reflects culture. At the moment, our businesses are increasingly adopting Sharia law. It says a lot about our society and where it is headed.

Australians might pride themselves on their freedom, but if its price is eternal vigilance, ‘so what’ sends a pretty clear message that most of our politicians are no longer prepared to pay that price.

Fortunately, some politicians have been prepared to stand up. Not many, it’s true. But Senator Cory Bernardi is one. Unless we elect more like him and remove those who are prepared to accept Sharia law, Australia will end up more like Saudi Arabia. When ‘so what’ is used to shrug off evidence that halal certification is already destroying the freedom and culture that Australians enjoy, that is a given.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. LES. I agree with you, should be going for ^No sharia in Australia^. It is easy to dismiss anti-Islam but not so easy to dismiss ^So you do not believe women are the equal of men^. Also the No Sharia movement needs to unite and have single leader, I have some one in mind. As for the dog whistling I just take it for what it is worth. United we stand and divided we stay as we are.

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  2. Dear Bernard,
    I find the Senator’s comments about racism and “dog whistling” offensive in the extreme!
    I am not racist and since when is Islam or Halal a race?
    If you are “dog whistling”, then that makes me (and every other person who agrees with you) a dog!!
    I will not be called a dog by anybody!
    I believe that Senator needs to publicly apologise for such a disgraceful remark!
    In fact on reflection I won’t accept any apology!
    What I do want is that he be charged with racial vilification! His comment was directly aimed at anyone who opposes Halal Certification or any other aspect of Islam.
    We who oppose Islam don’t attack individual Moslems, we attack Islam; which is a philosophy or ideology and is neither a race or an individual!
    What this Senator has done is attack you and me personally!
    And that is an offence!
    How we attack this Senator is the question?
    Mass emails; choking his email account?
    A class action charging him under the racial vilification laws for personal vilification and false claims of racism?
    I don’t know what action can be taken but I am bloodywell incensed by his remark!

    Some weeks ago, I wrote to my local Member (for Moncrieff)Steven Ciobo and expressed my dismay at the elevation of Turnbull to PM, since I witnessed him on Q&A, state that Islam had brought mathematics and science to the West!
    This was also stated by Obama that Islam invented Algebra!
    The Greeks invented all this 1000BC; at least 1500 years before Mohammed was born!
    I expressed my dismay that, with 2 or 3 exceptions, NO Member of any Parliament, NO senior Bureaucrat, NO Local Councillor or any other person in Law Enforcement (or the ADF?) has any knowledge at all of Islam and its’ plans for world domination.
    I told him that everyone should be made to read; “The Story of Mohammed” and “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims”.
    My main point to him was that the biggest threat to Australia was Sharia Law.
    I said that we can’t ban Islam but we can ban Sharia Law.
    I pointed out that Sharia Law is a set of Laws that have not been presented to Parliament, debated in Parliament, passed by Parliament and put into Law, and therefore is undemocratic and illegal.

    I did receive a reply to the effect that he would “keep in mind my concerns on Sharia Law when speaking to his colleagues”. I don’t have any faith in that reply!

    As to the Senators remark about “dog whistling”; please inform me of any ideas you have to tackle this?

    Best Regards,

    Les Howlett

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  3. I am not Muslim and am dead set against these foreigners entering my country doing as they please. They can’t look after their own, why let them in here to destroy us? Sorry, no sharia (definitely no sharia and there is no need for their halal certification either. They are illegal crooks besides not being genuine refugees and if they don’t approve our ways – tough – they can always go back wherever they are from. I will donate as and when I can, sorry the Government bleeding me dry because of their crumby dishonest rich mates and the non-refugees sponging off us for nothing in return – like working for their own living etc…

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  4. I’m allergic to Halal. And I definitely don’t support it. If I see the label on the product, I simply don’t buy it.

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  5. Links! Always have embedded links to MP’s emails, FB, websites!
    Many will write if you give them the easy way.

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  7. We are being taken over by Muslims make no mistake and they are as a population far more than 2%

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  8. If the problem is Islam and Halal accreditation, what is it we want instead?

    If we can’t define the problem and then say what we want instead, we don’t have a problem. We are just whinging.

    Running from something means we can end up anywhere. Running to something gives us direction, a goal, focus.
    The answer lies in focusing on how we want things to be not how we don’t want them.

    Islam is focused, organised, has long/short term goals, and has followers prepared to lie & die for it. It seems to have a network of people of influence and in Australia enjoys a level of privilege as a nation and religion.

    Halal accreditation is just a small part of the war.
    Funds go where?

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    • An astute observation. But don’t we have a clear set of objectives?

      ~ Retain our free, democratic, Christian identity, remembering that Christianuty created democracy and defined our kind and free culture.

      ~ Inform the nation/s leaders, media and populace about the importance of standing for our freedom and erecting defences against Muslim infiltration and domination.

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  9. I know only to well that this Barbaric Invasion has to be stopped. Good luck and I will be trying to support you as often as I am able to.

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  10. The Halal tax is, pardon the crudity, “arse about face”!. How come a 2% MINORITY ETHNIC CULTURE can push a 98% Australian population around like this? Surely the Muslims should be PAYING the manufacturers, to produce 2% of their produce according to Halal requirements??? Wake up Australia … we are the MAJORITY! Inundate your Federal Member with the DEMAND to get rid of this BOGUS tax.

    Like Bernard, I was a member of the Australian Army (only for a two year period) (Conscription) and can’t believe generally speaking, that Australians are so naive! While ever I draw breath I will fight for my country … unlike these Muslim “refugees”! Surely if a country of birth is worth living in, they should be prepared to stay at home and fight for it? But then again … maybe there is an ulterior motive for leaving it???

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    • To answer Darren Nelson’s post.

      It’s Political Correctness that is the number one problem in the world today because it’s a system of idolatry and a vehicle for Satan ( the adversary ) to do it’s brainwashing work, just as PC worked in Nazi Germany and Communist nations to in slave people.

      PC is an open door to every pox known to man.

      Political Correctness is the number one problem because it’s a god (idol) of mans sinful understanding that only leads too slavery.

      PC is a whore, sure it can look appealing at the beginning but the fact is it’s just a whore.

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  11. I am not Muslim and i don’t want halal certification or sharia law

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    • Halal is part of sharia, they are taking small steps, like the frog in a pot coming slowly to the boil, we will never see the small erosions by the UN loving politicians and the Islamic population.

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  12. The Jews Slaughter and pay for their own which is good and so should the Muslim people do

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  13. Bernard my man stay strong to the end. You are our man to lead us out from this evilness.

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    • So, Rob, you like to live under Halal, and for all others to submit?

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      • Well, as my teenage kids used to say – “That was random!”

  14. You missed the most important point. Moslems only have to say ‘Bismillah’ over food to make it halal, with the exemption of alcohol and pork.

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    • So how do they get away with halal certifying alcohol when it’s not even halal? That’s how you know we are being extorted and lied to.

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    • I didn’t come to this country to eat halal or pushed around by the bleeding hearts that call themselves Australians
      Piss off to Saudi Arabia if that’s your choice BUT AUSTRALIA BELONGS TO THE AUSSIES

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    • God bless you and be with you always.

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  15. Sad thing is most people do not know what they have got until it is gone. Even fewer realize that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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    • Yes. Vigilance needs to be taught to every generation, otherwise

      the alternative is too horrible to consider.

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    • Never give in to the facists of the Muslim crowd.

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