Bang for buck: resetting relations with the Islamic community brings immediate results

Question: How do you get a bunch of spineless politicians to heap praise on Islam?

Answer: Have a 15 year old shoot a police officer in the back of the head and then dance about while yelling ‘Allah akbar’.

And that, pretty much, sums up what has happened over the last few days.

It all started on Friday morning. That’s when The Australian trumpeted that new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, was leading us all to the land of milk and honey and a warm and fuzzy relationship with the Islamic community.

The Islamic community is also known as that radical section of society from which the Islamic State recruits more soldiers than the Australian Defence Force. The common characteristic of the proud members of the Islamic community is that they all believe that Mohammed, a ‘prophet’ who ordered the beheading of an entire Jewish tribe, is the world’s greatest man. Greater even than Saint Malcolm.

Anyway, this is what the front page of The Australian looked like last Friday:

Australian 6 Oct

And this is how the leading story of the day began:

Malcolm Turnbull will seek to recast the government’s relationship with Muslims through more co-operative and inclusive policies after warnings from security agencies that relations with the Islamic community have sunk to their lowest ebb.

That’s great.

Our Prime Minister is seeking to cosy up with the mob that have a difficult relationship with Australia’s security agencies. Who could possibly guess why that might be?

Most Australians would be bemused by this: after all, exactly why would you want to appease a minority that views our security agencies as the enemy?

Prime Minister Malcolm “Neville-Chamberlain-was-a-good guy” Turnbull can probably answer that question better than I can.

Anyway, the article went on to say:

The move, which represents a departure from the policies of the Abbott government, will be embraced by the country’s Muslims, according to community leader and GP Jamal Rifi.

“It is definitely needed and definitely welcomed — the larger Muslim community will respond with open arms,” Dr Rifi told The Australian.

He said the Muslim community was “elated” at Mr Turnbull becoming Prime Minister as the relationship with the government under Mr Abbott had become “extremely tense and hurtful”.

So on Friday morning the Islamic community was all open arms. And the next day the Weekend Australian reported how this went down. This is the front page:

Australian 7 Oct

That’s right. We now know that a police worker was shot dead. By an Islamic terrorist. In Parramatta. And on the way to jihad, he stopped in for a visit at the local mosque.

Now there’s an interesting social impact assessment for Bendigo and any other city unfortunate enough to be grappling with a development application for an Islamic ‘place of worship’.

While Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar was at the Parramatta mosque, an alleged bastion of ‘moderate’ Islam, he was also reportedly geed up by Islamic State sympathisers, Hizb ut Tahrir. This peaceful, democratic organisation also happens to have links to Man Haron Monis, of Lindt Café massacre infamy.

You know, not even I could make this stuff up if I tried.

So let’s recap the situation.

On Friday, the Prime Minister reset the pitch with Australia’s Islamic community. The message was sent out from on high and hit the front pages and talk back radio lines. And by the end of the day, Malcolm Turnbull was dealing its effects: a dead New South Wales police worker and Australia’s first terror attack in the age of Islamic tolerance.

As far as policy changes go, it seems that this one had an immediate bang for buck.

As such, it’s probably truthful to describe it as a radical departure from previous policy settings. I’m not so sure, though, that The Australian was best served by the use of the word ’embrace’. However, this newspaper does seem to be spot on describing the elation that the followers of Mohammed have in Malcolm.

The day after the attack, Malcolm Turnbull had this to say:

“It’s also important to understand the critical importance of the collaboration, co-operation with the Muslim community. Efforts to blame or vilify the Muslim community are utterly counterproductive.”

We know that’s what he said because it’s proudly up on his website.

Instead of doing the ring around with Islamic community leaders, Malcolm really should ponder the only fact of critical importance: efforts to collaborate with the Muslim community are what has been utterly counterproductive. Collaboration has seen three terrorist attacks in a year and dozens more arrested.

Just imagine how violent Australia would be if we had good relations with Islam.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. Turnbull is not the only political leader with a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock over Islam.

Julie Bishop reckons that Islamic families are Australia’s front line against ‘radicalisation’. She’s mostly got it right. These families are on the front line and their children are signing up to fight. Unfortunately, Julie Bishop just got the important details wrong: these families aren’t on the same side of the front line as the rest of us and their children are enlisting with the Islamic State.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the new ‘moderate’ Liberal Party from deciding that after this shooting a ‘conciliatory‘ tone is required in order ‘not to inflame tensions with the Muslim community‘. Normally, you’d expect such statements if it had been reported that some peaceful imam had been roughed up by a rampaging horde of white, Aussie males on their way to sprinkle bacon bits across Lakemba. But no. These statements come after a boy, whose only noticeable change over the past year was that he became a more devout Muslim, executed a police civilian in the name of Allah.

So now Malcolm is taking advice from Jamal Rifi, the man who has the nerve to claim that the Islamic State is killing more Australian Muslims than non-Australian Muslims.

I don’t think so sonny. Get on ya bike and take you moderate rubbish with you. We don’t need it.

The Islamic community is shipping its children off to fight for the Islamic State. In the process they are taking the lives of Middle Eastern Christians overseas and real Australians have started dying here at home. There have been no Islamic State terrorist attacks against the Islamic community. There have been three now against the rest of us in 12 months.

And if all of the above isn’t enough evidence to demonstrate that the political class has lost the plot, this tweet will be lost on you. Which is a pity – it simply takes the cake:

Right there, in less than 144 characters, you have everything that’s wrong with our parliamentary representatives and the media. The politicians and the journalists, with very few exceptions, believe that Islam is part of the solution to terrorism. They’re dead wrong. Islam and terrorism go hand in hand. And when it comes to dealing with terrorism, the major parties are hand in hand too.

More and more Australians, regardless of where they stand on the political spectrum, understand this very well:  

So the message is clear: if you want to change this situation, you can no longer afford to think that the Liberals will clean up Labor’s mess. They are both wallowing in the same pool of mud.

That’s why, on the same weekend that Labor Leader, Bill Shorten, extended sympathy to the family of a terrorist, the story broke that the Liberal government may deny a visa to Dutch politician, Geert Wilders. His crime is to oppose Islam and so, under Turnbull and Co, Wilders has been labelled a dangerous extremist. He may be denied entry to Australia, while the Islamic community will get the Prime Minister’s phone number.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Watched your excellent speech video, thanks to you and the Q Society, that is a damning indictment of our Defence chiefs and Military Intelligence.
    My comment: Putin nailed it recently by saying the fighters in Syria are mainly muslim people who have been given a gun and won’t give it back, and now they are just mercenaries who will fight for anyone who pays them. Money speaks all languages.
    Q: What do you think of his analysis – given that his aim is to support muslim Assad against the USA & UK desire to replace him with another unknown?

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    • Bill, the truth is that Putin has made Obama and the Western Coalition look stupid in Syria. There are no good guys in this fight, but at least Assad was able to keep order in Syria. Destabilisation efforts by the West have only assisted the Islamic State, resulting in misery, brutal persecution, the destruction of priceless historical monuments and the massed evacuation of millions.

      After 15 years of failed military strategy, the West has continued with more of the same. Our current politicians and military leaders are making General Haig look like a brilliant tactician. The cheapest, most efficient and most likely course of action in Syria to result in the best possible outcome – stability without an Islamic State – is a course of action that supports Assad.

      I think it’s also worth pondering this: the West has not been invited into the Syrian fight. It has only been given approval to operate in Iraq. Its intervention is legally dubious and history is not likely to judge that this adventurism was successful or lawful.

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  2. Bernard requires funding to help keep him doing this. Please help even a little.

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    • Thank you – this website operates with the assistance of many Australians and I am forever grateful for their generosity. The battles that I have fought have really been team efforts. I could not do this alone.

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  3. It’s the same in America. A world wide plague. Keep fighting them.

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  4. Islam and Australia don’t mix, to try is foolish……I’m glad you see it Bernard……Why don’t the rest of them.

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    • I think that many do but they are too afraid to speak. But it’s not Islam that cowers them – rather it is human respect and political correctness. They fail to act because they don’t want to be called a bigot.

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  5. Spot on Bernie and well done on speaking up even though Australia’s laws try and prevent free speech. That law is wildly at odds with a free democratic nation. Things will only improve when people can express themselves honestly. The government’s job is not to control us its our job to control the government.

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