Launch of the Australian Liberty Alliance

On Tuesday, the Australian Liberty Alliance celebrated its official launch in Western Australia. The party was fortunate to have Dutch parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, as its official guest and keynote speaker.

Wilders is a man of great courage, leadership and vision. His Party for Freedom has endured years of hate-filled derision from the ruling class and the media. But it is now the most popular party in the Netherlands because Wilders has had the foresight to oppose Islam and to protect the Dutch people and Dutch culture.

We need to do the same in Australia: we must stop the appeasement of a minority that has more of its sons fighting for the Islamic State than the Australian Defence Force. It’s time to put Australia first again.

I am greatly honoured to have been selected as the Australian Liberty Alliance’s Senate Candidate for Queensland. You can visit my candidate page on the Australian Liberty Alliance website here.

The transcript of the speech that I gave at the party launch on Tuesday night is below (a video should be available early next week), as well as some of the media coverage from the Australian Liberty Alliance’s press conference with Geert Wilders on Wednesday.

You will notice that there were protesters at the press conference. More than likely, a journalist provided them the location for this event. By and large, I do not expect the media to report the news about the Australian Liberty Alliance. Instead, elements will be actively working to destroy this party, including by disrupting our press conferences. As I say below, bring it on. We will not be deterred.


Australian Liberty Alliance launch – speech

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and a big thank you once again to Geert Wilders, for his courage, leadership and his support.

Last week, Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews stated:

“Australians have to accept that violent extremism is part of a contemporary Australia.”

Here we have a state premier telling us, you and me, that we must accept that Australia is no longer safe.

The safe country we inherited from our parents: gone.

The safe country we should be handing to our children: gone.

That is the message from Premier Andrews.

The sad thing is, Premier Andrews is partly right. Australia is no longer as safe as it was.

There is one big reason for this. Successive Liberal and Labor governments have failed this country.

Whether it be Premier Andrews condemning those who express their concerns about the construction of new mega-mosques in regional cities, or whether it be new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, lecturing Australians about respect after a brutal terrorist attack carried out from the local mosque, the Labor Party and the Liberal Party have turned a blind eye to the danger that they had a duty to protect Australians from.

That danger is Islam.

And instead of confronting this threat, our politically-correct leaders have embraced it. They defend it, protect it and respect it more than they respect the safe Australia that they have so shamefully destroyed.

As a result, all these parties can do now is lament their failure. They still offer no solutions. In fact, even as the violence rises, the Liberals, Labor and the Greens are all in lockstep: they refuse to accept that this violence has any link with Islam.

That is why Premier Andrews is right that Australia is not as safe as it used to be. But he is wrong that Australians have to accept this.

Australians should never have to accept violent extremism.

My message, and the message of the Australian Liberty Alliance, is clear. We will address this violence. We will stop the ideology that promotes it. And we will once again create a safe future for this country.

We will do this together, with the Australian people, who have been ignored for far too long.

Australians are sick of the stories. They are sick of the reports, released by our government that state we are losing the counter-terrorism war on every front. And they are deeply worried that our current political leaders continue to support and fund a community that has more of its sons fighting for the Islamic State than the Australian Defence Force.

This must stop.

I am greatly honoured to be the Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate for Queensland. It is also a great responsibility.

And I make this pledge: I will work night and day stop the growing threat to Australia as part of this new team, this committed team, this organised team, and this team that has the knowledge and fortitude to offer solutions where Premier Andrews, Prime Minister Turnbull and the Liberal and Labor parties can only offer excuses.

And once this threat is addressed, as it can easily be addressed, then the Australian Liberty Alliance will also offer solutions that will reduce debt, support the natural family, increase opportunity and grow a safe Australia into a prosperous Australia. We will have a nation with an efficient medical system; a nation that has an exceptional educational system because it teaches the basics exceptionally well; a nation where every Australian can use their initiative to start and grow their own business.

That is our goal and our vision.

Along the way we will be demonised and viciously attacked by vested political interests and biased elements of the media. We say, do your best. We are ready, we are determined and we are not afraid.

But we are confident in our plan and our vision. We are also confident that we are in touch with everyday Australians because we, too, are everyday Australians. And because we are, you can expect the Australian Liberty Alliance to hold the course.

You can expect us to stand tall and fight hard for Australia. That is what the Australian Liberty Alliance is all about.

Media coverage


The West Australian

Guardian Australia


Channel 7 news

SBS news

Channel 10 news

The Australian


The Australian Liberty Alliance team: Kirralie Smith (Senate candidate for New South Wales), Debbie Robinson (Senate candidate for Western Australia) and myself (Queensland)

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Could you please let me know who is standing in Queesland for the senate and also the Lower house Thank YouAll the best

    Alan Rawnsley

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  2. Mr. Gaynor, congratulation for the evening (8/3/16 ) I must say, the speech that gent. about the water and the Australia future was the most correct in every things. I would like his name and ctc.
    Also Ms. Kirralie speech was very enthusiastic and very sensitive.
    All of you made very clearly what Australia need now before it will be too late.
    Well done.
    Pino Forconi

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  3. Have you fixed a date for a general meeting in NSW in the near future To discuss about Australia problems ?
    Pls inform us ASAP.

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  4. “Avant ils sont les notres” – St Jeanne d’Arc
    Forward they are ours – the battle cry of the Vendee at Cholet
    Loosely translated into Australian:
    “Go for it – they’re ours”

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  5. Do you have a candidate or a person representing ALA in NSW ? Better if in Sydney. I’m on the way to submit my application.Adv also a general email post/address where you or Ms. Kirralie Smith can read and answer our questions.
    Giuseppe Forconi

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  6. Hallelujah! May ALMIGHTY GOD provide and protect.

    We need to teach Australians about the NATIONALIST identity and agenda of Islam. In my policy development work, I refer to mosques as national ’embassies’ and that they should be treated as such. This is unique among the religions of the world.

    I also love how you are making the distinction between race and religion more obvious to our sadly ignorant Aussie neighbours. I’ve been trying to raise this awareness for years.

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  7. Australia needs pipelines of water for droughts. Farmers are suiciding due to government blindness to their homes, properties, livestock loss ___ and pipelines are also needed for fire control. Australia needs an elvis for firefighting and life protection. So much money is wasted on huge numbers of non=urgent government business such as pork barrelling, gifts,accommodation and transport on a one-at-a- time basis instead of multi-hiring for staff ….and so on.

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  8. Congratulations Bernard, great news!

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  9. Yes,I support your stand;but you need other policies,such as…….. reduce refugee benefits to no more than aged pensions. Reduce politicians excessive perks,which they receive after leaving parliament. Above all,make foreign multinationals pay their fair share of tax;and close all the tax loopholes,to catch up with the Packers and Murdochs…
    Also,stop the sale of Government assets[if there any left; and any foreign investment limited to 49% of any new venture Stop the sellout of Australia,and stop the signing of treaties which makes all this possible. and be prepared to give an honest accounting of all income and outgoings to the
    Australian people of the Australian Government.
    Please keep in touch;I will forward on to others your emails and will give you some support financially……….Frank Francis

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  10. Do you have a candidate for South Australia?

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  11. The article above outlining some of the the Australian liberty alliance’s policies and values is the stuff relatively intelligent and real Australian people dream of.The first priority of any government always was and still should,be to protect the people.The sad part is,(due to the corrupt media,mind numbing sport and entertainment industries,devised for this purpose) most Australians do not realize half of the sh@T we are in.

    How many real left wing political parties are out there?….. Only one, The greens

    How many right wing political parties are out there?…. To many (all running their own race) for any of them to be effective.

    If parties that have legitimate values who stand for good,truth and freedom,( but most importantly God’s laws), could consolidate themselves the way the left have done we would be on our way to rebuilding this country.

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  12. WA, NSW & Queensland . Why isn’t there a candidate for the Victorian Senate?!My federal electorate is Melbourne Ports always Labor couldn’t the Nationals or someone stand as a candidate for this seat not everyone in This electorate wants to vote Greens / Labor or for some Bolshy . Could ALA put forward a candidate for this seat even though they wouldn’t win?

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  13. I have read the ALA manifesto and find it to be greatly in accord with traditional Australian and Christian values and a sense of a fair go for all who are hard working and honest and enterprising. It greatly values those who want care and special treatment for Australians who are genuinely disadvantaged or disabled as a priority to those who seek to bludge, sponge off or divide and bring down our nation. ALA also seeks to promote an improvement in freedom of speech and morals in the face of radical minority’s groups seeking to drag us further into the evil mire of drugs, and sexual immorality at the expense of children’s rights to a clean and bright future.

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  14. I support the site and what you are doing but not in money sorry as I’m just a pensioner. I’m also glad that someone is now taking a lead to do something about all of this Islam in our wonderful country and upsetting the Australian way of life, no more Burqa, s sick of them.

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  15. I have tried to share this page but am unable to as Facebook states this “content is no longer available
    The content you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired or you may not have permission to view this page.”
    Obviously I can view the page as I liked it but am unable to share it.

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  16. Sorry Bernard where can i find the full video or transcript of Geert Wilders Perth speech?

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    • Hi El – it should be available next week. I’ll post a link when it’s up.

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      • Awesome! Cannot wait to hear it. Already we have been saturated with propaganda from

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