We are at war and it is time to act

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It is an operation that runs like clockwork.

Peaceful Muslims take in the sights of Paris, visiting restaurants, soccer matches and a concert hall. Accidentally, at the end of this peaceful demonstration of Islamic love, hundreds lie dead.

And even before the sounds of gunfire and the bomb blasts have finished echoing past the Eiffel Tower, the ABC has a counter-terrorism ‘expert’ explain to us that this violence is ‘not consistent’ with Islam.

Instead, the ABC runs a counter-narrative. If you have any LSD handy, take it now. It’s the only way this counter-narrative makes sense. It goes like this:

  • France has been unable to deal with its colonial past.
  • France has been unable to reach out to Islam.
  • France has not done enough to help Muslims integrate.
  • France has made the ‘moderates’ choose the ‘extremists’ over the Republic.
  • This is the reason for violence.

In a nutshell, it is all France’s fault and now ‘hate-speech’ on social media ‘linking’ these attacks with ‘Islam’ will just make everything worse.

There goes the ABC, already blaming us for the next massacre.

It is possible, I suppose, that in some alternative universe the latest Paris attack is not ‘consistent’ with Islam. However, we don’t live in that land of make believe.

We live in the real world.

And two things are blatantly obvious.

Firstly, violence is entirely consistent with Islam and, in fact, Islam is entirely consistent with violence. The two go together like hand and glove, like grenade and pin, like aim and fire, like allahu and akbar.

Secondly, it’s entirely consistent for the ABC and the media generally, as well as the political elites, to deny this. To do this, they bury the head in the sand and raise the backside skywards. It’s almost as if the apologists for Islam are already practicing its mindless rituals.

If this is not obvious to you by now, it never will be. And even if you find yourself in that awkward place with a few fleeting seconds between, ‘Hello, we’re from the Islamic State and we’re here to help’ and a rapidly accelerating suicide vest headed in your direction, you still won’t accept the reality of the war we are in.

I could go on all day quoting from the Koran to explain why Islam is violent. But all of that is unnecessary.

Instead, just do this. Imagine a religion started by a violent warlord who used both warfare and immigration to spread his empire and the spoils gained from his victorious battles as a claim of divine support.

Now, call this religion Islam and you have grasped its central historical facts. All of them. The rest of it, Sharia, halal, child marriage, praying five times a day and minarets on mosques are just the secondary details.

It is a set-in-stone fact of history that Mohammad was a very violent and very successful warlord. Muslims follow his example with a religious fervour. As a result, there is simply no doubt about what kind of religion Islam always has been and always will be.

Unfortunately, the events of Paris are fast becoming a routine in Western life: just another hazard of modern city living. In fact, the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has already told Australians to suck it up and get used to it happening here as well.

They aren’t the words of a leader who is looking after his people. They are the words of a man who is simply out of his depth, as are the words of our Prime Minister, who told us recently that we all need to respect Islam.

There is no doubt that the Western world’s political leaders are floundering like fish out of water at the moment. They simply have no conviction. No strength. And no ideas.

This was exemplified perfectly today by the new Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. He gave the usual hand-wringing press conference pledging solidarity and support, carefully avoiding ‘harmful’ speculation and basically telling the world that he does not know what to do. And when he had finished saying this in French he said it in English, just to emphasise the point.

But being educated does not mean he can lead.

The very first question Trudeau was asked after his address was if the attacks meant he would reconsider his decision to withdraw Canada’s military from the fight against the Islamic State, or his plan to repeal counter-terrorism laws. He did not answer. He could not answer. His silence speaks volumes.

We are at war at the moment.

The time for appeasement has come and gone. The time to dither has passed. Now is the time to act before more people die.

The first thing that must be understood is that there is a war at home against us, and there is an intra-Islamic war raging in the Middle East.

We can win the war at home. And we can keep the war in the Middle East away from us.

The war at home is being waged by committed jihadis housed in a population of ‘moderates’. Wherever there are the latter, you will find the former. They cannot be separated, and if the moderates cannot control the jihadis, we should not pretend that we can either.

To win this war at home, the size of the moderate population cannot be allowed to grow and it must be de-Islamised. Measures must be taken immediately to effectively stop Islamic immigration. The government must also stop the funding of Islamic organisations, stop the approval of new mosques and cut off all the supplies that feed this enemy within, including anti-discrimination laws that limit ordinary people from speaking the plain truth about Islam.

Luckily for Australia, these things can be done today. They will be simple and easy to do. All it takes is willpower and the ability to wear the name calling from the rabid progressives who are intent on taking us down the path of social suicide.

If these things are done, the problem inside Australia will be contained and it will not grow. Then other measures can be taken to address those who would engage in violence in Australia. A good place to start would be to dust off the treason laws and actually start charging those people who support the Islamic State with this criminal provision. Within a very short period of time, Australia’s Islamic community would get the message: join our team and get on with your life, or go and live somewhere else if you don’t want to wind up in jail. It’s that simple.

Paris is calling us to act for the second time this year.

We did nothing after Charlie Hebdo except appease Islam. Today’s message is clear. If you do nothing, it only gets worse.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. There is only one effective remedy to the rising tide of islam on the one hand and the global police state on the flip side of the coin – a Catholic State where Christ is King and His most holy mother reigns as Queen! If we aren’t fighting for the restoration and spread of Christendom, we shouldn’t be fighting at all!

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    • Rory your message is the most accurate so far. This whole saga is the culmination of centuries
      of “anti-Christian warfare”. The Muslims have been & still are being used to kill off the true remnants
      of Chrisianity which has ‘never preached hatred or murder/suicide’ – just the opposite in fact.

      The main question is – exactly who & what organisation is defending – funding – & allowing this current
      invasion to take place in all formerly Christian countries.??? Why has the so-called ISIS movement
      been allowed to grow & spread by the ‘most powerful military forces in the Western world’??? Could it
      just be that those same forces are using this evil to wipe out Christianity??? The UN is Godless with a plan for a “New World Order” (aka George Bush) to be ruled by Man alone. This is why Humanism is now taught in all State schools. Meanwhile the 10 Commandments were ditched back in the 1980s – students
      were told to “always make your own decisions – learn by your ‘experiences'” which explains why our young are self destructing. God will have the last say & it will be a painful learning experience.

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  2. How can we get your message out to the public? This is what all Australians should read. not once, but a few times before it happens here. And it will happen here if our weak politicians continue to do nothing. They do not believe in the old saying, “prevention is better than the cure”. All our ‘leaders’ are doing is trying to look after the cure. When will they start to apply the prevention? Educating the people about the truth of islam is a start.

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  3. This latest mohammedan assault will likely only fuel more Australian government spending in a vain attempt to appease the islamic false religion. Watch out also for even more mosques being approved across Australia.

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    • I read with interest all the postings and see many that say Good Christians, good Muslims perhaps there is among the latter an odd few ,This I ask of any of them DO you Follow the Koran to the letter, do you follow the other writings used in conjunction with the Koran to the letter , should the reply be YES I DO it is commanded of me by the Prophet THEN be worried as that being the case you and yours are in peril at some time in the future .
      Also may I offer Winter be the writer male or female usually the latter with that name ,sit down and read the Koran and its relevant other writings ,then write a comment ,not something you have a naive ideal about , and all is well in a happy fuzzy world because it is NOT sadly you belong to the blind leading the blind as do 98% of Australia’s politicians and bleeding hearts
      for those that have never read the book on the Art of War well worth the read be it that it is over 2000years old by Sun Tzu a high ranking Chinese strategist and Tactician much can be learned and perhaps be of some use some time in the future

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  4. how can someone tell that it has nothing to do with islam when the quaran verses tells the oposite..?? like 9:5 “And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.”… “kill”, “ambush”, “besiege” are these words of peace? someone tells its out of context but the context is these verses appeared when mochamed him self attacked and kicked out the citizens of Medina out of their city.. it was not defensive, it was offensive warfare… and it means mochamed tells to kill everyone who is not accepting relligion of allah.. unless they convert to muslim.. thats exactly what has happened in Parislast night and all the rest terror attacks..

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  5. absolute true… the leftists are unhappy, 🙂

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    Halal chickens coming home to roost, Monsieur Hollande.

    Those of us who have been warning of the inevitable nature of the earlier attack on Charlie Hebdo and of this attack see all of this as not just desperately sad and painful, but as something that was guaranteed to occur given the monumental folly that the left has engaged in over the last 45 years or so, by letting huge numbers of muslims enter the West.

    So now you say France is “at war with ISIS”.

    Well, here’s some news for you, sunshine – radical islam declared war on France 14 years ago, at 911 – when it declared war on the entire West.

    Glad you’ve finally recognised reality, mate – better late than never, I suppose.

    But, now that you have actually grasped the concept that vast numbers of muslims want to see France destroyed and turned into just another part of the overall Islamic Caliphate – what the heck are you going to do about it?
    Because here’s some facts that you can’t ignore:

    As long as there is an Islamic community in France, devout jihadi muslims from that community will attack and kill ordinary French citizens in the name of islam.

    And, mate – there are 6,130,000 muslims in France out of 63,900,000 – that would be 9.6% of the population.
    Most of which you have happily let in since the 1960s.

    And given the fact that one of the killers is known to have entered Europe only six weeks ago through Turkey and Greece – just like hundreds of thousands of other young, single muslim men have done – you’ve got to worry about not just the muslim community in France, but the greater muslim community in all of Europe.

    That would be approx 46 million muslims in all – with another couple of million more expected in the next year or two, thanks to Mama Merkel’s kind invitation for them all to come on in.

    From recent statistics, we know that 75% of those who simply walk on in will be young, single, muslim men.

    So we on the Right – who are right – have been warning about the inevitable catastrophe that was clearly going to come – and which is now here.

    Our warnings have been met with solid walls of derision, sneers and politically-correct outrage from the vast numbers of blind, hooting idiot leftoids who wouldn’t know if a Melbourne tram was up them unless the conductor rang the bell.

    Well, to all you lefties – here it is, loud and clear that you may all know exactly where you are: “DING! DING!”

    Welcome to the future.

    And to the inevitable next attack.

    And the one after that.

    And, Monsieur Hollande, while you scratch your magnificent, patrician-yet-egalitarian noggin over all of that – here’s another cold, hard piece of reality that you are going to find most unpalatable: at the next general election, you will be tossed out on your useless, well-padded leftard derriere like a flaccid, disagreeable lettuce leaf whose use-by date has long since passed, by outraged conservatives who will actually commit to tackling the muslim problem that clowns like you have both deliberately caused and willfully ignored for years.

    The time has come for painful steps to be taken, in order to prevent the even-more-painful-but-otherwise-certain gradual destruction of France that ever-increasing numbers of muslims, combined with ever useless leftard politicians armed with suicidal social policies, will certainly guarantee.

    And Monsieur Hollande is not the man to lead that fight for national survival.

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  7. The simple facts are these:

    As long as there is an islamic community in France, ordinary French citizens will be attacked and killed by muslims from that community, in the name of islam.

    Same for Australia – as long as there is an an islamic community in Australia, ordinary Australians will be attacked and killed by muslims from that community, in the name of islam.

    Those facts are crystal clear.

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  8. I see that Hollande says that France is now at war.

    Well, here’s some news for Monsieur Hollande: islam declared war on the West 14 years ago, at 911.
    And he’s only just noticed.

    Typical Leftard – he wouldn’t know if a Melbourne tram was fair up him unless the conductor rang the bell.
    Better late than never, I suppose.

    But here’s the million dollar question: with over 5 million muslims in his country – what’s he going to do about it?
    He’d better start thinking pretty bloody quickly.

    Because at the next general election – he will be tossed out on his useless, well-padded derriere by a conservative government that will actually commit to tackling the muslim problem that clowns like Hollande have wilfully ignored for years.

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    • Actually, Islam declared war on the west some 1400 years ago. Here is an excellent animation that shows the attempted conquest of Europe indeed the ancient world by Islam compared to the relatively limited response of the crusades.


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  9. Was that the Professor Edward McCleod? I was stunned hearing his position of denial and apology.
    Soon there will be no fence to sit on.

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  10. The Koran, Islam’s holy book, calls for the collection of Jizya from subdued Christians and Jews:

    “Fight those among the People of the Book [Christians and Jews] who do not believe in Allah nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden, and who do not embrace the religion of truth [Islam], until they pay the Jizya with willing submissiveness and feel themselves utterly subdued” (Koran 9:29).

    In other words, Muslims are not copying ISIS; rather, both they and ISIS are obeying the Koran.

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  11. Interesting Read….From what I know, it is not about the person. A person can be a peaceful christian or a peaceful muslim. The fundamental difference is what the muslim has embedded in their belief systems. Historically the muslim religion was born out of a sinful act of adultery. That is biblical. Whether Muhummad was a warlord or not, his pathway was born of all things sinful as a result of this act in the first instance. It has grossly manifested to a ‘religion’ based around all things that God himself would cringe at. I believe wholeheartedly that is is due time all Christians united and took the bull by the horns and put the muslim religion where it belongs. and that is not in Australia or any other God loving democratic country. Lets push it back to where it came from and let the followers of this hate religion take to each other. Stand up Australia. Follow Japan’s lead. Act.

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    • Totally agree Troy…NO place in Australia or any other civilized nation for those followers who live by a religion and culture that supports violence, rape, murder and the assult of children and women. Im sick of hearing that it is our fault that they act the way they do…murder, kill, toture, rape. What do we teach our kids…take responsibility and no matter what happens you also have a choice as to how you respond or act. Well, Aust and the rest of western civilization needs to respond with strength, confidence and belief…the belief that we will protect one another and not be controlled by this society that harbours violence. Show some guts for once and STAND TALL…bring in a politician that will say ” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…your religion stands for MURDER and INEQUALITY & we will NOT stand for it!”….and they have my vote!

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  12. I support you 100% Bernard! Most Muslims are peaceful????????????????? In the Philippines …. the Mindanao Island of the country wants their own government! My Aunt married a Muslim/Moslem and we never saw her again! She was told to cut off ties with the whole family! They don’t want to co-exist with us! What is wrong with us?

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    • My extended family includes muslims and for a long time I wiondered why I seemed to be on the outer with some of them, not all. Then later I found out that they are told by their Koran/hahiths not to make friends with kuffur, me, so it fell into place.
      Witth regard to Winter above he is right and he is wrong, tolerence is not a oneway street, it is two way, I could go on but….

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      • Douglas you have answered your own comment because there is no tolerance in Islam for the infidel or the kuffar. Fundamentlist Muslims do not tolerate the many different sects within Islam itself, so what hope has the poor old kuffar got? And while many Muslims may work and play with us, it is those who self identify as Muslim that will not mix with the natives of the country they may happen to live in because the Qu’ran dictates that they may never be friends with the infidel.

    • Nothing wrong Bebe. Except that we are all TOO marshmallow hearted with PC.
      Let’s stay united. They hate that. It should be common knowledge now. Let’s stop bickering among ourselves and stand together.
      I know there are some very decent Muslims out there, but I believe they feel vulnerable now. Imagine being a peace loving Muslim who could be targeted just for marrying a non Muslim. I know some. Let’s hope it doesn’t go that far in Australia, but anything is possible. So, prevention is better than cure.vWhats that prevention?

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  13. Support you 100 percent in everything you say Bernard.

    Time to act now.

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  14. Hi.

    I have no idea who you are, and likewise, you probably don’t know who I am… but, I know a little bit about both Christianity and Islam. It can be argued that both the Bible and the Koran have violent passages, but it’s what you CHOOSE to believe in the texts that ultimately decides what subdivision of the religion you are, if you have violent beliefs or sincere ones.

    You don’t have to read the bible to believe in God, and similarly, you don’t have to read– or believe anything about– the Koran to be a good person or believe in that same God.

    In fact, most Muslims are peaceful, just like most Christians or anyone from any other religion. But, people who have served in Middle-Eastern terrorist groups DO believe in the violent texts of the book; they DO have twisted ideas planted into their minds. This comes from the leaders of the terrorist groups, not from the religion itself.

    Comparing these violent, terrorist Muslims to the peaceful Muslims that live near you or me– well, it would be wrong to say they’re the same.

    They are just people like you or me, and it is intolerant to disregard someone else’s beliefs based on that of your own. But to condemn a group of people that has done nothing wrong is practically a crime.

    It is pointless ignorance, and only causes more suffering. In order to truly overcome war based on hatred, you have to accept others through tolerance and kindness. You don’t have to agree with the beliefs of Muslims, or anyone else. You only need to accept them.

    Maybe this sounds naive to you, but you cannot deny that what I am saying is the honest truth.

    Truly and sincerely,

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    • You are wrong Winter and it’s this simple. Christians follow Christ. He never had an army. Muslims follow Mohammad. He did have an army and he used it very effectively to kill other people.

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      • Using no argument, because one is not necessary to your half reasoned attempt Winter, just look at the number of terrorist events in the world and the proportion which are Islamic. Well I don’t really expect you to destroy your own falsity but this is more for other normal people out there who are taught what to think by the media but are maybe becoming suspicious of it all.

      • To add to this comment about the majority of islam being good and decent, yes I agree, they probably are – i personally know some fine upstanding Muslims.
        However, the Turks that the ANZACS fought certainly were decent citizens fighting for their beliefs.
        The Average German soldier and Japanese soldier during WW2 also more than likely were decent family men following orders for their leaders.
        What is concerning, is where their true allegiances may lay. Some day down the track we could be fighting against these decent and honorable people because they find that their allegiance with this country is not as strong as their allegiance with their religious beliefs. I hope that is not the case though.

      • Well said Bernard.

      • There is no radical Islam. Islam is Islam. Muslims have been screaming and spitting in our faces for decades now that they will make the entire world either submit or die by their swords. This is not rocket science. They want to destroy the joy, beauty,freedom and sanity of the entire world.

    • So what ? we can’t afford to let the so called moderates grow, and yes they are NOT all innocent, they willingly harbour and protect the evil ones. they do little to help police and other authorities and you can’t tell me that none of these so called innocents know who are the bad guys so unfortunately for your so called innocents they HAVE TO LEAVE, hell we will be happy to pay for their airfares but as the writer said… it’s too late, it is wartime now and action is needed and anyone getting in the way deserves shooting for treason.

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    • Winter, you reckon you know a bit about Christianity and Islam, but if you believe Christians & Muslims worship the same God you’re sadly mistaken. Christ and Mohammed are polar opposites in deeds and words.

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      • So true! Christianity and Islam are nothing alike. The Koran teaches treachery, murder and slaughter, nothing peaceful about it. The Bible teaches love, support, repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. allah is not God our Creator at all and Christians and Muslims don’t worship the same god. Christians worship God the Father our Creator who sent his one and only Son so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish and have everlasting life. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth and the Life – no one can come to the Father except by me”. Muslims have been mislead for hundreds of years and don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God or that he was crucified and died on the cross for mankind to save us from our sins. They don’t believe that Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day either. Yes Jesus was raised from the dead and he lives in every Christians heart and there are billions of us globally. Praise God for that.

    • I know who you are..you are one those people muslims call ‘useful idiots’.

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    • Winter,

      What are the “moderates doing to stop or prevent what is really their problem? That is, a problem in their religion not ours.” Once again you are a person blaming us (the west) for the violence perpetrated against “We infidels”.
      Australia is a country based on immigration and multiculturalism but what is happening now is very, very different. These people are coming into our country (not just Europe) and demanding that society change to accommodate their beliefs. This was not the case with European immigration nor Asian immigration only now with Muslim immigration .
      You say there are violent passages in the bible and the Koran but there is a huge difference between bible passages which are quoting the words of others, not god, to commit violence, and the Koran which claims that god is instructing the Muslim and desires of the Muslim to be violent. And I point out that violence that does occur as a result of any Christian “fervour” is treated in our courts as violence nevertheless and is punished as such. Not so under sharia law.

      I think you need to review your view of the world and realise that those people from these other cultures and religions do not want to assimilate, they don’t believe they should have to.

      Kind Regards

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    • You are very wrong Winter. The Koran teaches Jihad, hatred of Jews, Christians and slaughter of non muslims if they don’t convert. The genocide in the Koran, as is stoning people to death, honor killings and the like. I have Muslim friends and I asked a couple of simple questions – they were not happy. What person in their right mind worships a warlord who slaughtered thousands of people and takes a 6yr old for his wife and rapes her at 9yrs? A sadist thats who. The prophet was a warlord. The Koran is full of hatred, murder and it teaches domestic violence and child abuse is ok and it will never be ok. So called moderate Muslims are just waiting to get numbers and cultural Jihad has already begun in Australia. Wake up. Bernard is right.

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    • Winter this comment you posted sounds so naive and stupid but what’s most concerning is that this mindset of yours about Muslims makes you just as dangerous as any Islamic extremist and almost puts you right in bed with them.I suggest you go and spend six months in the mental asylum that is Saudi Arabia then get back to us.

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    • “It can be argued that both the Bible and the Koran have violent passages, “. They do. However the Koran’s endorsements of violence are open ended and apply to any non-innocent kuffar, its peaceful injunctions apply to Muslims only. The Bible’s violent verses are in the Old Testament and refer to named people of a time and place such as the Amalekites, Caanites (Jesubites in particular, who lived in the area which became Jerusalem). Today we do not have young Methodists or Presbyterians heading off to the Middle East to hunt down and kill Amalekites and Jesubites and it is not, as your point implies, because Methodists and Presbyterians do not believe in the violence of the Bible verses. It is because today there are no Amalekites or Jesubites anywhere, plus the Old Testament was superseded by the New.

      However the Koranic injunctions to violence refer to a very generic opponent, any one who is not a Muslim is fair game once they have declined the invitation to join up. They are no longer innocent once they reject the invitation to Islam.

      “In fact, most Muslims are peaceful, just like most Christians or anyone from any other religion.” Statements starting with “In fact” are always to be treated with caution as it suggests closed minds. Most Muslims do not engage in operational jihad and that is because most Muslims live surrounded by other Muslims and so the Koranic injunctions do not apply. However jihad is such an essential part of Islam that Muslims can’t help but view other Muslims as false Muslims and hence valid targets. In Western society it is still true that most Muslims do not go jihading even with plenty of targets for a number of reasons, their minority of numbers means this does not occur. It is not because it is not in mainstream Islam.

      Where this becomes obvious is where large numbers of Muslims live in close proximity to identifiable non-Muslim communities as in Egypt, Eastern Africa and Pakistan where large numbers of Muslims meet peaceful Christians and treat the latter with extreme prejudice.

      In Australia we do not (yet) face this situation but every single peaceful Muslim has an Achilles heel in that they all, every single one, revere Mohammed and believe that he and his behaviour represent the perfect model of humanity for all time everywhere. When push comes to shove the tiny minority who are active in jihad know that all they have to do is push that button and yesterday’s moderate becomes a jihadist either with enthusiasm or reluctantly knowing that he or she has to go along, otherwise they will lose their head too. Because to refuse means casting aspersions upon Mohammed and the last atrocity in Paris illustrates how Muslims take a very dim view of that.

      One could go on and on but one last piece of evidence that your conclusion is invalid is that almost inevitably when some young extremist kills someone the common factor is (a) they are all Muslim and (b) all their friends attest to the fact how up until then the murderer was just a normal guy who liked cricket, family etc.

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      • To which I might add that at least in one sentence Winter was spot on when he wrote “I know a little bit about both Christianity and Islam.”

    • You are wrong, Winter. Moderate muslims are irrelevant. Individuals may be charming people but wherever there are muslims there is is trouble. Always. Everywhere. No exceptions.

      So the only intelligent response is to stop any more muslim immigrants and insist the ones who are here conform with OUR values and laws and dress for that matter.

      Seeing women shrouded in garbage bags offends me as much as women in bikinis offend muslims. We have to conform in THEIR countries, so they should conform in our country. Remember the old saying? When in Rome …

      Bernard is right. We are at war. That our cretinous political class refuses to see it is THE main obstacle to dealing with it.

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    • It has been said before and I will say it again; I am sure the majority of Muslims are good people, however the silent majority become irrelevant if they allow the violent minority to survive within their society. The majority, it appears, are doing very little to reject the action of the extremist, or to report them to the authority, and in doing so there silence makes them culpable. I agree that the time for action is here and I agree with the author as much as I hate to hear myself say so.

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    • Winter, over 22,000 and growing Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide since 9/11 puts your argument to rest, not to mention that in all of the world trouble spots at this time Islam figures in over 90% of them. You cannot logically equate the teachings of the Qu’ran with the New Testament. The Qu’ran has been largely plagiarized from the works of the Old Testament and Torah. Islam has never had a reformation or enlightenment, unlike Christianity, and what you get with Islam is a seventh century warlord’s interpretation of those times carried over into the 21st Century.

      If you have Muslim friends then ask them what Taqqiya is, what Kitman means and what the Jizya demands of the infidel. And if you can be honest with yourself for just a little while and can keep your mind open long enough to take in what their replies will be then you can begin to understand that Islam is more than a simple religion and is more a complete belief system that does not separate church from state as we do in the West, but is ruled by sharia law from the Mosque and is intent on taking over the whole world.

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    • https://youtu.be/ZmGRshS0PAw

      please watch this site will take a wee while of your time but it is worth it then perhaps you may wish to retract your some of your statement
      It will enlighten you about the peace loving people NOT of the BOOK and then speak of tolerance.
      Tolerance is like a two edged sword it cuts both ways Winter NOT just one
      Watching this video of the peace loving people of which you speak should awaken your Logic about the Fuzzy ideals you have of of these people
      ignorance is Bliss

      Why do I call myself Templer because they fought against the oppression of the Muslims long ago and now perhaps the time has again come to make a stand , as did my fore fathers on my family crest are 3 crescent moons for 3 crusades,
      Our Motto Cresco per Crucem

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    • Pal, you’re a liar or an idiot. Any non-Muslim who has really read the Koran wouldn’t say the stupid things you just said. My guess is that you have NOT read the book from cover to cover. You’re like most atheists who say they’ve read the Bible but a few follow up questions and you see they actually haven’t.

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  15. Well said Bernard. Sick of the abject stupidity of the appeasers.

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    • I have shared your post Bernard because I can say with complete confidence, having studied the rise of Islam and Islamic-terrorism/Islamism at the university level, that you are not wrong.

      Some of my friends realise the truth of Islam, many still do not. They do not want to know, they do not want to be called racists and they are scared they will be harmed, killed or shamed if they do anything. They are already slaves to Islam.

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    • I watched the Professor’s interview and i found his comments downright offensive. Im disgusted that my tax dollars fund this brand of media

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    • Dreadful situation … Our leaders, whilst THINKING it is under control … are sadly mistaken … any muslim who dares to object to the Austraian way of life … SHOULD BE DEPORTED … to the Simpson Desert … or to where they came from.

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    • There is no appeasing this lot. They do not belong in civil society anywhere. As an Australian, I was not consulted to import them into our country. They are invaders with the dogooders backing them on humanitarian issues. They are invaders and set to destroy us within. They aren’t refugees, they are invaders. They are smart though. They force their ways on us and if we complain..we are racists. Who cares. Many races of people came to settle here and accepted the law of the land. Take them all back to Islamic countries. The Governments have no guts and no right to keep them here. We gave them rights to settle here, it’s just easier to take these rights away.

      Let’s see if the French Government has any guts now. They are at war!

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    • Only a few weeks ago i heard on TV, radio and current affairs type programs how the poor islam people are being treated badly by those horrible racist Australians. I wondered at the time just how badly these poor islam people had been treated?

      Were they beheaded?
      were they held hostage?
      were they Massacred?
      Were they executed?
      Did they shout genocide or Jihad to muslims.

      I didnt think so.

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    • Thank you so much for taking this stand for Australians. We are in so much danger.

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