Something we should talk about: can Waleed Aly answer three simple questions

Waleed Aly has gone viral over his plea that we unite with the Islamic community in the wake of the Paris terrorist attack.

I suppose this is something that we should talk about.

But here’s the rub.

He also said that we can’t talk about it. Specifically, Waleed’s video criticised calls for us to look at the teachings of Koran as ‘vilification’. As such, Waleed is asking us to unite with a group defined by their religious ideas. And he doesn’t want us to know what those ideas are.

Unfortunately, unity with Islam in the face of a threat associated with Islam (at least by name) is easier said than done, especially when we all have questions about this belief system and he is telling us that asking for answers is just being mean and nasty.

So if Waleed is seriously interested in uniting society rather than just churning out sentimental, feel good but completely useless calls to action to defeat the Islamic State with nothing more than more love, he owes it to himself and the rest of us to answer some questions.

In fact, just three questions.

Question One:

In your video Waleed, you quoted from an Islamic State publication to make it sound like it was taking advantage of random ‘lone wolf’ terrorist attacks, as if these kind of atrocities have always occurred, and as if the Islamic State plays no part in influencing or inciting locally-based Muslims to take violent actions against us.

What did the sentences before and after the one you quoted say and do you think they change the message that you presented to us?

Question Two:

Jesus Christ never sent an army into battle and he never ordered anyone to be killed. Did Mohammad?

Question Three:

Why does the Islamic State quote from the Islamic texts more often than the Grand Mufti?

The first question goes to Waleed Aly’s credibility. It will determine whether we can trust what he says.

The second question gets to the heart of the problem. It is simple and easily answered. There is no wriggle room to argue that answering this question relies on a careful understanding of the nuances of Arabic language.

The answer will tell us what type of prophet the Islamic community follows and what type of society will be made in his image.

The third question gets to the heart of the solution. If Islamic violence is a result of misguided Muslims misinterpreting peaceful Islamic texts, then let’s see what those peaceful texts are. And if they’re that hard to understand that ‘save a life’ is interpreted as ‘grab your knife’, then maybe, just maybe, the problem still lies with Islam.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for Waleed to acknowledge that as well.

It would probably go a lot more to achieving ‘unity’ than by having a go at people like me.

So Waleed, we’re finished talking here. It’s over and out and back to you. I’ve sent this off to the Project. If you really think this is something we should talk about in more than clichés, you know what to do.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I would be interested in asking Aly his views on Wahhabism. Specifically whether he follows, subscribes, adheres, supports any aspect of Wahhabism.
    He recently mentioned in an article, in response to Tony Abbott’s call for Islam requiring a reformation, that Islam already had it’s reformation in the 18th Century and that was Wahhabism. If you blinked, you might have missed the reference.
    If Aly does not in any way have any leanings towards Wahhabism, then what is he doing to counter it’s rapidly growing influence? And what should other Muslims do?
    Wahhabism is almost solely responsible for the pandemic spread of the burqa and the call for Sharia law.

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  2. Seems to me that a society that allows freedom of belief should not be dominated or overly influenced by organisations representing those beliefs. Anyone of strong belief in this country is a member of a minority organisation, because although many people regard themselves as of a particular faith, most are pretty ambivalent about practicing their belief. Immigrants often come here with strong belief, as did my Irish Catholic ancestors. However religion is often the flag that hard trodden people rally behind and there is not much hardship in this country. Within a generation or two the hardships are forgotten, washed away by a good bodysurf at the nearest beach.
    Let proper implantation of sensible laws deal with any occasional disturbances. Good living standards and welcoming citizens will take the fire out of any local or imported religious nut jobs. If that doesn’t work then send any trouble makers to the beach or similar until they chill out. If you think this sounds trite you have not paid attention to our history. We are a nation of immigrant trouble makers or people fleeing hardship who have learnt to chill out. This is what makes us Australian.

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    • Thanks Kevin. I’m sure we’ll ‘chill out’ our way through the rise of Islam, just as we ‘chill-outed’ our way after the First Fleet. And while this nation was built. And during the First World War. And the Depression. And when our nation was threatened by invasion in World War Two. You think ‘chilling out’ is what made this nation great. I think ‘chilling out’ is only possible due to the hard work of those before us…and if we do it for much longer there won’t be much of Australia left at all.

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  3. An open letter to all females in Australia and the media?
    Remember the fight for the rights of women.?

    some of you will The Virginia trioli’s Fran Kelly Lisa Wilkinson etc.

    Most of you are recipients of the struggle and fight prosecuted by these people, so the life you lead today
    was as a result of their hard won fight to ensure that the voice of women would be heard.

    So I ask “Where is your voice today”

    The shrill castigation of homophobic Australian men demanding the rights for all our sexual preference’s has been heard
    we now go to a plebiscite for their rights. See women the power of your united voice.

    So now I ask “WHERE is your VOICE today”.?

    Never in the history of our country have we and in women particular faced such a threat to your voice.

    We as men KNOW the outcome if you refuse to add your voices to the call.

    WE the men die the young teens die That is a given conclusion

    For you the women the end result is not so clean. If you are past child bearing age You might be killed quickly (I doubt it an example after all is so much more memorable then the words.) We already have mass graves of older women found in isil territories and I would hate to think that as women you ignored the cries of those sisters who witnessed these atrocities.) Your daughters will have a worse time of it.

    And yet your voice has been silenced OH not an important issue like domestic violence please keep up the good work there

    But all we men are asking is speak out against the Burqua speak out about a faith that demands men beat their women speak out against an ideology that will return your daughters back 300 years where NO does not mean NO but means death. Speak up for all the G&L communities who’s plebiscite will be removed. Speak up for the retention of ALL domestic abuse laws.

    all we men are asking is that as we joined OUR voice to yours to allow the voice of women to be heard please women of the media

    ADD YOUR VOICE to ours to protect our daughters and sons.

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  4. ask the labour party why they dont want a plebicite..After all they tell us that they know whats good for us (carbon tax,immigration for our CULTURAL ENRICHMENT LMAO LMAO, LMAO, lmao seriously people dont get bogged down with this pious bullshit Maintain focus, spend your time inundating your supposed representatives and tell them that we take back / withdraw our mandate for them to make any descisions on our behalf. Dont waste your time trying to persuade some muslim masquerading as a pious lefty.Their propaganda machine is and has been in full swing for years Anybody who proffeses sorrow or pity for muslims IS A MUSLIM you are been played by experts

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    • Geoff Gotts typical response from muslims YOUR A RACIST wow that means they consider themselves a race which means that as a race they no doubt have a country or countries? those countries must have some form of legal constitution and laws. therefore they must have some form governing body? That would be the documents drafted by the people as the laws they wish to live under as tested by their courts? The one this race constantly quotes from is called the KORAN….That must mean that this terrorism is NOT a RELIGIOUS crusade But a political agenda by one race to commit genocide against another..That would mean that we are not at war with somebody over their god but for our survival from these HOMICIDAL RACSIST GENOCIDAL MORONS. Make up your mind mussies WE HAVE.

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  5. Come on Waleed – Just answer the questions! And don’t shield behind the warm embrace of the MSM – nothing to be learned from their wilful ignorance. They (and you
    by default) have become a laughing stock in Australia because the Truth consistently evades you – despite all your academic qualifications and monetary backers.
    Remember, not everyone watches The Project – not everyone even watches television – but everyone lives,
    breathes and has their being in this wonderful country of ours and we are damned if our inheritance is going to wrested out of our hands by those who speak weasel words and have secret agendas of destruction. Support
    your country, Waleed, man up and stop taking us for complete

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  6. I’ve got a more practical question.
    As a member of the Islamic Council, did he vote for Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali to be the Mufti of Australia (Hilali being the guy who called Australian women uncovered bags of meat who were to blame for being raped).

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  7. Waleeds logic is the same as determining the Nazi SS in Poland in WWII exterminating Jews were generating unjustified hatred against the law-abiding Nazi culture which existed in the US at the same time which was providing political and resource support to the Nazi regime. It is a Kafkaesque logic which determines the law-abiding ranks who create the ‘few’ should not be held accountable for what their ideological constructs inform.

    You seriously could not work out yourself ISIS is up SC without a paddle and is trying to puff itself up like a bullfrog? But that is not the point what was the name of the organisation it split from before that, before that, before that ……. You really think ISIS is the only one informing hatred against the Islamic/.Muslim cultural codex based upon what it can and does inform? Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, Philippines, Thailand, Tunisia, Iran, …..and then there is the inconvenient evidence from history.

    ‘DIY’ terrorists are not a problem? Gad it points to the real problem the West faces the root cause of Muslim terror-genocide is right in our own streets.

    So what ISIS are not directing traffic the fact there is traffic there at all is the point. Do the victims care if they are a victim of an off the Quranic rack Muslim? Anyone who has read the Quran knows it is a DIY device which enables any Muslim to pick up a knife and put it into Other the terror-genocide construct is clear for all to see.

    It does not take a genius to understand of course ISIS would want to claim such acts for themselves to try and give an impression their reach is everywhere, so what does it diminish the acts themselves in anyway. You do not need to read their bulletin to understand such a simple tactic – IT IS EXPECTED -Gosh what a revelation

    On the other hand Western Governments want to divert attention from the fact ‘moderate’ law-abiding Muslims are the source of the ISIS management and perpetrators of crimes against humanity so they do not have to confront Waleed and his fellow law-abiding and tell them an inconvenient truth their cultural codex contains a genocide construct of Other and their Islamic/Muslim cultural development of Muslim infant-child-adolescent-adult is informing systemic terror-genocide against humanity generation after generation and must be removed from the public square so as not to inform in time any more.

    So what do these Governments do they blame ISIS as the source of terror rather than the actual source of its participants yes you guessed it the Muslim law-abiding families, communities, and institutions.

    The fact is ISIS did not have to tell us they wish to ‘split’ the world we already know that from the Quran, we already know that from the Islamic Party of Australia Hizb-ut Tahrir in their draft Islamic Constitution of Australia which “contains nothing whatsoever that is non Islamic, nor are they influenced by anything that is non-Islamic.”

    The fact is the so called DIY and acts of terror against Other not having anything to do with ISIS automatically generate hatred of a culture, and rightly so which systemically delivers terror against Other. Waleed determines ISIS is the only source of angst against the Muslim religion – Waleed this has been going on since the seventh century and not only in Syria and Iraq.

    We should not be angry about what is happening in the Indonesian Province of Ache right now against Other? It is an ISIS plot to get us angry – grow up face the truth Waleed you are an adherent of a cultural codex which clearly contains a terror-genocide construct of Other.

    I can understand why Waleed cognitively has to do this after each atrocity as the reality is complicity via adherence to the exact same cultural codex which enables such atrocities to increasingly occur. Frankly I have no sympathy for his machinations and only contempt for a system which allows such dangerous idiocy to pass as intelligent comment.

    There will always be the ‘good’ in any cultural behavoral variance it is what happens in time elsewhere in this cultural behavoral variance which is the point.

    “Communities (cultures) tend to be guided less than individuals by conscience and a sense of responsibility. How much misery does this fact cause mankind! It is the source of wars and every kind of oppression, which fill the earth with pain, sighs and bitterness.” (Albert Einstein, 1934)

    It is not the individual in a culture you have to worry about as there will always be the ‘moderate’ affable law-abiding you may converse with and who wear increasingly tattered ‘I love Other’ t-shirts after each atrocity it is the cultural intent which can be seen lying bloody in the streets.

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    • written words have no truth until spoken. And then, only believed
      when the actions match the words.

      We have heard a lot of politicians and MODERATE (lol) muslims claim the written word and so say that THEY are speaking the truth!!
      The juries verdict is returned ….Guilty of contempt of the people of Australia.

      Judgement is in there are no MODERATE MUSLIMS…condemned by their own mouths and proven by their own actions……expulsion…We the Australian people withdraw our mandate.

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  8. An open statement to all MODERATE muslims STOP IT no really STOP IT.
    You rush to the media and bleat and moan about how YOU feel marginalised and fearful
    really???fearful???? Stop it. What short memories you have. no wonder you keep trying to rewrite history when you cannot even remember that you appealed to us for protection
    and comfort for Water and bread and salt. You came to OUR tent and asked for safety.
    Then after accepting our water and food YOUR men and women started attacking and raping our children as we slept. YOUR men started shooting us in our cafe’s and homes, Your men started demanding changes to the way our tent was run…STOP not bleat to us your scared….TELL YOUR MEN to stop doing what they are doing because it is only after you crept into our tent and started to kill us that we knew you for what you are. The dog that barks at its protector and lets the lion go free .Here we call that hypocrisy …Bleat to your men not us that you feel marginalised and unhappy…..Why, you did it to yourselves when you used the Koran to lie to all Australians about your real intentions…You came to us as a lion hidden in the skins of a goat. then complain that you suddenly find lions in the enclosure?…..HYPOCRICY YOUR NAME IS ISLAM AND YOUR VOICE IS A MUSLIM.

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    • Beautifully said Geoff Gotts. Everyone should read this and it should be broadcast on The Project and the ABC. Totally agree with every word.

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  9. Bernard……A good student of history knows what the best defence is
    It appears that you have a minimum of 100 separate claims that you could bring against him.I find it strange that an avowed homosexual, is consorting with the muslim community to shut down free speech given the KORANS strictures on how to treat homosexuals. The biggest slap in the face the muslim community could get would be for all australains to vote for gay marriage. Poor boy seems to be confused with his choices in life?

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  10. Keep your web page going.It is necessary for free speech.
    How can we make submissions against Gary Burns to NSW Commission?

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  11. Bernard tell the powers that be….We the people withdraw our mandate. we support those who best represent the concerns of all Australians Not just a minority group.

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    • Geoff Gotts I have FOUND the solution people we have been attempting to move the politicans with rational debate and carefully constructed insults…WRONG approach….We have to change the name MUSLIM/….Yep we have to change it to ABBOTT….because there is nothing better to guarantee Malcom and the labour,greens independant x benches, join forces to throw them out.

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  12. Well said Christine Kent. I wont hold my breath though.

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  13. This is my response to Waheed Aly.

    OK, here’s a peace plan.

    I will personally declare peace on Islam in Australia when the mufti makes a public declaration that:

    1. All Moslems in Australia must observe Australian law.

    2. All able bodied Moslem men in Australia must work and contribute to the Australian economy.

    3. Moslems are required to tell the truth to both Moslems and non Moslems.

    4. There must be no hate speech within an Australian mosque.

    5. There must be no funding of terrorist activities, and that any Moslem caught channeling Australian dollars to any terrorist related activity will be handed over to the Australian legal system.

    6. Women have equal rights with men.

    7. Physical assault on women and girls is not condoned and any Moslem caught in any way physically harming a woman or girl, whether Moslem or not, will be handed over to the Australian legal system to be prosecuted as any non Moslem would be prosecuted for the same actions.

    I personally appoint Waheed Aly, the self appointed spokesperson for nice Moslems in Australia, to take this message to his mufti, and extract such a declaration from said mufti that we can trust to not be lies – remember moslems are allowed to lie to non-moslems so you are going to have to prove to us that he means what he says. Do you accept this commission, Waheed Aly? This is the first step in any peace process. Do you want peace? Will you do it?

    However, if Islam continues to declare war on me, I have no choice but to defend myself and the culture I hold dear. And I will.

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    • It is a sad fact of waleed aly’s life that through continually side-stepping the obvious facts surrounding isis, islam, sharia law etc etc people will get so pissed off that eventually channel 10 will give him his marching orders. He may then see the error of his ways and become a Christian.

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      • Channel 10, another dhimmi station, give him marching orders? Not likely. Dhimmis are like zombies – once they’ve succumbed, they want to make you one too.

      • Waleed is just another journalist. Don’t expect to much

    • Hey, Christine, did ya just see that pig fly past ya window….

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      • Listen John, if more people like Christine told it like it is and like it is going to be then maybe, just maybe the ignorant politicians will understand what it is like and what it going to be like if they do not with it and stop the rot.

      • No, Ron! You know why “ignorant politicians” won’t understand, no matter how many times people tell them?

        Because they’re ignorant!

    • There is a problem that Islam and Christianity share (understand I am no friend of Islam)That problem is being obedient to the law of the land when the law of the land contradicts Gods law. Same sex marriage may soon become law in this land. We christians will not recognise same sex marriage as legitimate because it violates Gods laws. How then can we christians call on Muslims to observe Australian law when we ourselves will not be observing Australian law that contradicts Gods law? Secondly, there are many calls on Muslims to integrate into Australian society-up till now I have held the same view. However, I have just realized that we christians are actually commanded to… live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear. 1 Peter 1:17. early christians were known as people haters because they refused to participate in the pagan festivals of their communities. This is an issue I think we need to consider in depth more. Our enemies will find and call out any contradictions in our position they find. I firmly believe Islam is a totalitarian ideology that calls on the submission of all to Allah and his prophet, by force if necessary. It is dangerous for Australia and could one day result in civil war. But, we need to be careful with our arguments. Calling Muslims to assimilate with Australia when we christians do not assimilate with what is commonly accepted in Australia because it violates our christian convictions is a contradiction. Just some food for thought-a discussion point.

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      • Render unto ceasar

      • As an evangelical Christian, I believe homosexual acts are sinful. From a Christian perspective, I would have difficulty solemnizing a homosexual wedding. However, I understand that Christianity is not the Law of the Land, and I have no more right to impose Christian standards on non-Christians than Muslims have to impose Sharia Law on non-Muslims. If the Government legalizes gay “marriage”, so be it. I will have to interact with “married” homosexual couples, just as I now interact with unmarried (defacto) couples. I will still practice my religion, including the belief that homosexual acts (and sexual acts outside of marriage) are sinful.

        Secondly, I live with the knowledge that I don’t completely belong here; I am a citizen of Heaven. However, whilst living here, I will be a good citizen, fulfilling the laws of the land and my social obligations to the greatest extent possible (without sinning against God).

      • Where is the dilemma? All civilised people understand that sometimes the law will clash with their ideology Christianity was just better at adjusting to it. No one is No lets stop this rubbish This is not a fight over your faith or their faith or who you do and don’t wont to sleep with..This is a fight about having a country where YOU STILL GET TO CHOOSE what you want to do. FREE CHOICE.

      • But this is not, and should not be argued as, a battle between Christianity and islam. It’s a battle between islam and democracy. Yes, most democracies are founded on Christian principles but it is the separation of church and state which has allowed democracy and individual freedoms to change and improve our societies.

      • I imagine that just like the Christian Bible, the Koran has many different translations and interpretations. He said that in one version but not another. It’s interpreted this way from one and not the other. Antiquated systems and values. We need a updated revised version. Just like everything “it” should be improved upon. Let’s take the horse and cart for example – good and bad.

    • Spot on Christine and lets see if Wally has the guts to go after that statement. However, as he is a self appointed academic who neither sews nor reaps don’t hold your breath.

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  14. Has he answered your three questions? ?? Am very interested in his responses. .

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    • Not yet – but I did only send them today!

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      • You could also ask him to discuss this statement:

        Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy), and while I was sleeping, the keys of the treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.” Bukhari (4.52.220)

      • This ia a copy of the letter I sent to the immigration minister in Australia –

        Hi Peter –

        We sent the letter below to Scott Buchholz –

        [ 1.A. ] Would you please advise what is your personal position relevant to Judeo-Christian

        civilization relative to the barbarity espoused in the Koran vis-à-vis Islamic / Koranic

        posits germane to ‘infidels’ [ or non believers ] in Koranic posits ?

        We will be contacting mass media also –

        Would you please also advise –

        [ 1.B ] How many muslims are in the 12,000 coming from Syria ?

        I am a sixth generation Australian – my genetic links [ second degree kinship links ] fought

        totalitarian regimes during the second world war – Islam is a totalitarian regime

        [ it is not just a religion ] – [ I majored in psychology at univ. – the faculty

        head asked me to do honours in philosophy ] – Islam is a full social spectrum

        totalitarian intolerant social dynamic that is anathema to western civilized

        social systems – We are now in a third world war [ which no one wants to say

        the absolute truth relative to ] and it is a global guerilla war – Please note

        that you, etc., are not an elected oligarchy – the collectivity of the demos

        of Australia control the political dynamic [ all collectivities throughout

        history determine historical events ] – We [ Australians ] are not afraid of

        these Islamic totalitarian dogs who are mere human dross and terrorist carrion

        that murder young female and male western individuals at a rock concert without

        compunction because of Islamic / Koranic totalitarian posits – genuine Australians

        do not want Islamic totalitarian dynamics manifesting in any form whatsoever in this

        country – Do not underestimate Australians – we have an egalitarian ethic [ unlike

        Islamic / Koranic totalitarian dynamics ] but we will not tolerate individuals who

        espouse a totalitarian state under the guise of a religion within our borders – the

        absolute truth is that we are in a global guerilla war with a totalitarian state that

        has inadvertently been allowed to establish itself within this country – it is a

        totalitarian cancer that Australians will eventually destroy like we did vis-à-vis

        the Gestapo in France during World War II – Genuine Australians [ allied with genuine

        civilized countries ] will eventually destroy the mindless, compunctionless

        Islamic / Koranic Gestapo-like totalitarian robots of I.S.I.S. who adhere

        to every mindless, bestial Koranic posit – This is World War III – but it

        is a different global conflict where armies do not confront each other on a

        field of battle or confront within a particular theatre of war but where hundreds

        of innocent quasi children in a bar in Bali or at a rock concert in Paris are

        disemboweled whilst enjoying the limited time they have in life [ or a mall in

        Nairobi Kenya or hotel in Mumbai or an embassy in Indonesia, Kenya etc., or a

        wide bodied commercial plane ] – all of which have sporadically occurred over

        the last quarter century of this global guerilla war – all of which were perpetrated

        by a quasi invisible clandestine guerilla army – all of these events have sporadically

        occurred where the state cannot protect these civil society individuals because of the

        very nature of the obfuscation of this guerilla army – civilization must destroy this

        totalitarian cancer [ of adherence to Islamic / Koranic posits ] emanating from within

        its own borders where this mindless human carrion are at this very moment planning

        another murderous quasi culturally genocidal [ relative to destroying the freedom

        of movement, etc., of the culture of western civil society ] attack upon western

        values and individuals – the quintessentially soft target of free western civil

        society – where if this mindless, bestial quasi robotic, unthinking adherence to

        every Koranic posit it is not destroyed then the very free western civil society

        which we treasure will no longer exist – if this is the case then this mindless

        human carrion will have won – even now they are winning – an individual said to me

        the other day – “…We have to avoid crowds…” – the magic dynamic of the collectivity

        of the crowds of the freedom of movement of civil western society in the market

        place, the concert, the sports stadium, etc., is already losing if individuals say

        this – Please answer questions 1.A. and 1.B. and 1.C. –

        [ 1.C. ] Please advise if you agree with that which Putin stated below relevant to Australia not Russia ?

        “In Russia , live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to
        live in Russia , to work and eat in Russia , it should speak Russian, and
        should respect the Russian laws.
        If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslims then we advise them
        to go to those places where that’s the state law.
        Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia , and we will
        not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their
        desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’.
        We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We had better learn
        from the suicides of America , England , Holland and France , if we are to
        survive as a nation.
        The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over
        Russia . The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack
        of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.
        When this honourable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should
        have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslim
        Minorities Are Not Russians.”

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