The extent of the failure…

The truth is that Man Haron Monis should have never been allowed to walk into the Lindt Cafe.

From SBS:

“ASIO received 18 complaints against Lindt Cafe gunman Man Haron Monis days before he took customers and staff hostage in central Sydney and decided he was not a threat, the inquest into the tragedy has been told.”

But it was not just an intelligence failure. The whole Lindt Cafe response was a farce as Paul Sheehan writes today. It was a medical failure. It was a police failure. It was a bureaucratic failure. He addresses all these issues in detail. This is what Paul Sheehan says about the medical response:

When the Lindt Cafe terrorism siege turned deadly on December 16 last year, emergency services had access to a hospital just 120 metres away. Sydney Hospital. The victims could have been wheeled up Martin Place and into the emergency ward in about 60 seconds. But, acting on preordained protocols, the ambulances were sent to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, 20 minutes away via heavy traffic.

Unfortunately, the government has already decided that everything is hunky-dory. This is from the combined federal and state report into the siege, finished back in January:

“Overall, the Review has found that the judgments made by government agencies were reasonable and that the information that should have been available to decision makers was available.”

Despite the fact that the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet has given everyone a thumbs up in relation to the Lindt Cafe, this same organisation also acknowledges that the situation is getting worse, and in every possible way. This quote is from a review into Australia’s counter-terrorism machinery, also compiled in January:

“All of the terrorism-related metrics are worsening: known numbers of foreign fighters, sympathisers and supporters, serious investigations. We are not ‘winning’ on any front.”

So there you have it. The government is doing a great job, but we’re still losing on every front.

Maybe this is why: the government is pumping millions into ‘deradicalisation‘ programs. Only 1 out of the 87 programs actually deals with radicalised Muslims. The rest promote Islam through a dangerous and costly focus on diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. OOOh this is so not good. There is a hypothesis that could be advanced here – a hypothesis that explains all the data and some rather stark WTC-7 effects. No one will like it. Just sayin.

    WTC-7 Effect in the official narrative documented on the BEEB for all time.
    BBC reports 911 WTC-7 collapse before it happens

    And then, there are the related anomalies in the facts of matter of the Lindt Seige which make the whole thing about as suspicious as all the morgue trucks that were sent to Tasmania before Port Arthur.

    Ergo, those who operated and scripted this event will have to rely heavily on their schmoscreen, the jubelo jubela jubelum machinery in the state and the good old kleptocracy drinking their own kool aid for public consumption.

    That is a weakness that can be exploited.

    You don’t actually have to take up position on the Grassy Knoll to talk about this type of thing in a way that will not spook the sheeple.

    A good way to comment on WTC7 Effect in events like the Lindt seige is to establish crisis actor fan websites. Crisis actors can be captured in their various appearances at events where the official conspiracy theory diverges from clear facts of matter that anyone can observe, facts that an inquiry (even a modest inquiry) will uncover.

    Crisis Actor fan websites can not only clearly show the same person appearing in many roles and events, it can capture a fan base for specific individuals through promos, comments, faves/raves and out takes and blooper reels if they come to hand. And there can be awards (fan voting) and silly contests like with the whole celebrity thing.

    This is a good way to help people with the effects of psychological warfare and black ops.

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  2. Clover Moore’s absurd view that the actions of Man Monis did not constitute a terrorist act appear to based upon a false premise that he acted alone, and that his motivations were purely criminal. It is true that Monis was a criminal because he was wanted in his native Iran for major crimes. It is greatly to Australia’s shame that we did not deport him to Iran to stand trial for his crimes. We should have done this, and this was our greatest error in this matter. However, Clover Moore has ignored the other facts that confirm his actions to be those of an Islamist terrorist. There was the obvious Islamic motivation as evidenced by Monis’ open display of the traditional muslim battle flag, the Shahada, during the siege. Then there is the matter of the gun that he used. The public record shows that Monis never owned a legal firearm. The shotgun that he used in the siege had never been registered and was therefore a black market firearm. As with the most recent Islamist terrorist attack in Sydney at Parramatta where other muslims supplied the muslim shooter with a black market illegal gun that had never been registered, other parties must have aided Monis in obtaining his illegal gun. Unlike the Parramatta case, the provider of the gun that Monis used has not as yet been found.

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