There’s Turkey, and then there’s turkeys

Merkel Erdogan

According to the Guardian, Turkey has criticised Australia at the UN, stating:

“Australia had to immediately cease transferring asylum seekers to third countries.”

According to al Jazeera, German Chancellor has offered to help fast-track its membership of the European Union if it ceases transferring asylum seekers to third countries:

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel has offered Turkey the prospect of support for faster progress on its bid to join the European Union in return for cooperation in stemming the flow of refugees and taking back those rejected by Europe.”

There’s Turkey. It’s hypocritical and deliberately so. It’s the country watching on while the Islamic State wreaks havoc and is using the chaos to bomb the Kurds.

And then there’s the bunch of turkeys running what used to be civilised Europe into the ground.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Turkey has a lot bigger fish to fry than Australia.

    In the Syrian War photo-op, Russia has handed Erdogan the frame. He has to pose with his frame in a stupid hat with an arrow pointing to him captioned ‘here is the bad guy’. In the background long lines of tankers from the oil fields near Raqqa crossing the border into Turkey with the Syrian oil.
    The Russian-American Agreement on Syria
    How Putin Made Russia’s Military into a Modern Lethal Fighting Force

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  2. Erdogan is a wicked dictator with the single aim of introducing SHARIA LAW into Turkey. He is loathed and despised by free-thinking Turks, who see through his power-grabbing ploys. He has disabled the military, judiciary, police and the media and filled them with his people. His manipulation of the so-called democratic vote in that benighted country was obvious but remained unstated, since he had muzzled the free press. Pity the Kurds and the Turkish people under his evil administration.

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  3. That snake Erdogan is facilitating Islamic State. Turkey has no grounds on which to dictate to us. Turkey should never have been admitted to the EU. Under Erdogan Turkey has become a two faced menace.

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