Gold Coast Australian Liberty Alliance speech

The Australian Liberty Alliance held its first Queensland meeting last night on the Gold Coast. The level of interest was so great that a larger venue had to be booked.

This is the speech that I gave.


Ladies and gentleman,

Australia is facing a crisis.

It is a crisis that threatens all of us right now. And it is a crisis that threatens our children most of all because they will have to live with the decisions we make today.

This crisis comes from Islamic ideology.

For far too long, our government has pretended that Islamic ideology is peaceful. Our political leaders have pretended that this ideology can be integrated safely into our society.

But they have been wrong.

Any student of history knows that this belief is wrong. Islam was founded by a man who brilliantly merged politics with religion and created an empire where the church was the state. In the process, an army was raised, wars were fought, and populations were enslaved, forcibly converted or executed.

This man was Mohammad and the Islamic religion teaches that he was perfect and that his example is to be followed. There should be no surprises, therefore, that the Islamic religion leads to violence. It idolises a warlord.

It should also come as no surprise that this religion advocates immigration into non-Islamic lands as a means of conquering them. The Islamic calendar itself is based on the first successful conquest undertaken by Islamic immigration: the conquest of Medina.

For much of the last three centuries, all of this has been forgotten.

Then September 11 happened.

Unfortunately, the Western world believed that September 11 was something new. But it was not. It was something old.

In fact, in the first battle of September 11 was in 1683. This was the first September 11.

On that first September 11, European forces defeated an invading Islamic army that had been besieging Vienna for two months. Those of you who know Europe will know that the city of Vienna is right in the middle of the continent. It is not an understatement to say that this victory saved Europe.

After this first battle of September 11, the Islamic threat to Europe receded due to the efforts of those who protected Western civilisation, until it was forgotten. But before this first battle of September 11, Europe was constantly threatened by Islam, just as it is today.

In fact, Vienna was under constant attack for 150 years prior to that first battle of September 11 in 1683.

The Battle of Lepanto occurred in 1571. It saved Europe from an Islamic fleet sent to invade Italy.

In 1453, the city of Constantinople fell. It has been the capital of the Byzantine Empire since Roman days. It finally succumbed after a 700 year fight against Islamic aggression. Now this empire and its culture is gone.

The Spanish also battled Islam for about 700 years. That’s how long it took to remove Islam after it arrived with the Caliph’s armies shortly after Mohammad’s death. The year that Columbus discovered America was also the year that Islam was eventually removed from Spain. Now it is walking in again via Europe’s open borders.

Mohammad died in the year 632. Within five years, Jerusalem had been captured and in the next century Islam had conquered the Persians, the Egyptians, all of North Africa, Spain and had even reached into the heart of France.

In 732, at a place called Tours in Northern France, this first Islamic invasion was finally stopped but as we can see through history, it was not the last.

We face another invasion today.

September 11 shows that we are once again under attack.

So does Bali. And Madrid. And London.

So do the terrorist atrocities on our home soil, in Melbourne, in Sydney’s Martin Place and at Parramatta.

And two attacks in Paris this year show that appeasing the enemy only makes things worse.

Yet our politicians, our government and our security organisations remain obstinately and wilfully determined to ignore the reality of this crisis and the threat that we face.

Let me give you three examples.

The first example is that of our Prime Minister.

Our Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has been talking a lot about Islam lately. And every time he does, he shows how ill-equipped and unprepared he is for the task at hand of protecting Australia and Australians.

In early October, Prime Minister Turnbull announced that he was going to ‘reset’ relations with the Islamic community. By the end of the day, a police worker lay dead outside Parramatta police station as a result of an attack launched from the Parramatta mosque.

Undeterred, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced a National Day of Unity in late October, where Australians were invited to welcome the Islamic community. The very next day, Hizb ut Tahrir held a conference attended by nearly 1000 people and announced that they rejected Australia, and rejected our values, our laws, our flag and our anthem.

Just so you know, this organisation, Hizb ut Tahrir, has been supported by almost every Islamic organisation or imam in Australia, including the Grand Mufti, Australia’s highest ranking Islamic figure.

The truth is that Hizb ut Tahrir is the political wing of an Islamic insurgency intent on overthrowing our system of government.

Then the Prime Minister flew to Europe and rejected calls for European nations to shut their borders to an Islamic invasion.

Within a couple of days, 130 people lay dead in Paris and hundreds more were wounded. These attacks were carried out by immigrants who lived in France, but who never became French.

And now, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants us to negotiate a political settlement in Syria. He thinks the Islamic State can be dealt with by nothing more than words.

As such, it is clear that the Prime Minister, installed by the majority of his Liberal party colleagues, has simply no idea about the nature of Islamic ideology or how we should confront its attacks on us.

The second example relates to government funding of Islam in this country. This is just a small example of how your taxes are spent:

  • The federal government has provided millions over the last five years to ‘deradicalisation’ programs. Only one out of 87 of these programs actually deals with radicalised individuals. The remainder actually promote Islam.

Some of these programs over the last 12 months are:

  • $120,000 has been provided for an Australian Rules Football competition open only to Islamic schools.
  • $114,820 has been provided to tackle violence between Islamic sects within the Islamic community.
  • $115,700 has been allocated to a program called People Against Violent Extremism. It tackles extremism by trying to ‘deradicalise’ those who oppose the construction of new mosques in their local community.
  • $56,500 was allocated to SalamCare. This group is led by a person who wrote Allahu Akbar on their Facebook page when the Islamic State announced that it had formed the caliphate and it campaigns against radicalisation by trying to stop people like the courageous Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, from coming to Australia.
  • Over $1 million has been allocated by the Attorney-General’s Department to pay for the legal fees of those facing terrorism charges or who are being questioned by ASIO.
  • Over $15 million was allocated to improve school security last year. Islamic schools made up the vast majority of schools to receive funding for this project.
  • $66,000 was provided by the Australian Federal Police to the Lebanese Muslim Association. This organisation has hosted a US-based imam who has stated:

“If we put a nationwide infrastructure in place and marshalled our resources, we’d take over this country in a very short time….What a great victory it will be for Islam to have this country in the fold and ranks of the Muslims.” 

  • Over $165 million was given to Islam-sympathetic groups by Centrelink to help resettle migrants in Australia in the last 12 months.
  • And the Queensland government is now funding mosque open days.

The list goes on. The Prime Minister doesn’t understand the threat. And our government uses our taxes to fund and promote Islam. This helps to explain why, despite the billions that we spend on this problem, it is only getting worse.

The third example is that of our Australian Army.

It is now removing a motto from the hat badges of its Christian chaplains because it has been deemed offensive to Muslims.

This motto is “In this sign conquer”.

The appeasement within the military comes just a few months after the appointment of the first imam in the Australian Defence Force, Sheikh Mohammadu Nawas Saleem.

Saleem is one of Australia’s most prominent imams. He is the treasurer of the Australian National Imams Council and works very closely with the Grand Mufti.

And Sheikh Saleem has called for Sharia law to implemented in Australia.

He has supported Hizb ut Tahrir publicly. This is the same Hizb ut Tahrir that says Muslims must not attend Anzac Day because it represents an attack on the caliphate. This is the same Hizb ut Tahrir that defends the concept of honour killings.

Sheikh Saleem has opposed military action against the Islamic State. And he has condemned laws that prohibit the advocation of terrorism on the basis that they limit the free speech of Islamic preachers.

And the Liberal government appointed this imam to the military. His job is to help increase recruitment from the Islamic community.

Just so you know, the Islamic community has more of its sons fighting for the Islamic State than for Australia.

All of these examples highlight how unprepared our political leaders, our government and our military is to deal with the threat of Islamic violence.

And if they won’t defend against Islamic violence, then we are also wide open for subversion in other ways: through the implementation of halal certification, through the acceptance of polygamy via Centrelink, through the indoctrination of our children in the national curriculum.

If our government cannot bring itself to understand the violence of Islam, it will never be able to defend itself against the non-violent but equally subversive political threat that Islam poses in a democracy.

But I have not come here today to tell you how bad things are.

You already know it. Australians everywhere already understand this.

What we desperately need is a solution and that is why I am here because the Australian Liberty Alliance is that solution.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will stand up to the threat of Islam and we will do this while Australia still has time to act. It is important to understand this. The problems in Australia are there, but they are not as great as those faced by Europe.

So we have a window of opportunity to act and for the future of our children, we must.

This is the Australian Liberty Alliance’s plan.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will stop Islamic immigration.

It will do this by imposing a moratorium on immigration from any countries that are members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation, with exceptions only for persecuted non-Muslims from those countries.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will axe the halal certification tax.

It will do this by scrapping all halal certification fees and forcing the Islamic community to pay for its own religious offices. That will kill the profit taking. And it will force producers to clearly label their products and explain to Australians that the food they buy – especially meat – has been produced as part of an Islamic animal sacrifice. This will kill demand and halal certification will simply disappear.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will reject any government support for Sharia law, in law and in practice.

That means there will be no more welfare for polygamous Islamic families, no segregation of women, no female genital mutilation and none of the other Islamic practices that are incompatible with Australian culture and society.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will put an end to the construction of dangerous new mosques and Islamic schools.

It will force Islamic organisations to sign up to a Charter of Muslim Understanding, which will require these organisations to reform Islam so that it no longer acts as a violent political ideology, if they wish to be classified as religious organisations. And the party will work with local governments to introduce proper and stringent risk assessments into the development planning process. This means that without reform of Islam, and I doubt that will ever happen, there will be no new mosques and existing mosques will face the prospect of being shut down.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will also address the threat of terrorism by addressing the problem: Islam.

Our intelligence and security agencies will be directed to gain a true understanding of Islam, rather than the politically-correct version that they pretend into existence today. These organisations will no longer be allowed to promote this religion or its ideas.

And the Australian Liberty Alliance will start using treachery laws against those who support the Islamic State and other Islamic terrorist groups against our own Defence Force.

All of these measures could be implemented today. And if they were, the problem we face would not grow and the serious troublemakers within the Islamic community would be neutralised, while the remainder of the Islamic community would soon get the message: get on board with Team Australia, or face the full force of the law. Most of them want to and we welcome that.

The situation within Australia is containable if we act today. If we wait until 2020 or 2025, it may well be too late.

Unfortunately, these decisions are not being taken because our current leaders do not understand the problem and they do not have the will to act. They are lethargic in the face of the enemy.

Australians deserve much better and that is what the Australian Liberty Alliance will provide: an energy to act, driven by a proud and uncompromising belief in our Western Christian civilisation.

Unlike the others, the Australian Liberty Alliance is proud that it is proud of Australia.

As a result, the Australian Liberty Alliance is not just addressing the big picture. Its policies, intent and resolve will also address the problems that Australians face in their local communities: like right here on the Gold Coast.

For instance, the Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate, has been quoted in Islamic webpages outlining a vision where entire suburbs convert to Islam in order to bring in Islamic tourists.

I say this: Tom Tate might as well strap a suicide vest to the Gold Coast’s tourism industry. I grew up in Southport. I love this city and I know why people come here. It is not because of Islam. Sharia tourism will kill the Gold Coast. These ideas must be stopped and as the Australian Liberty Alliance grows it will work with local Gold Coast residents to run strong campaigns for good local representatives to be elected to council so that they can fight this dangerous political correctness.

This is how we must protect ourselves from Islam: and not just Islam’s threat of violence, but the danger it also offers against our economic security and our social fabric.

Of course, the Australian Liberty Alliance is more than a party focused on Islam.

It is not a single issue party. It has a conservative philosophy and policies that will help Australians in other ways. Its vision is for a smaller, decentralised government that does not leave a legacy of debt for future generations.

It believes in reform of the tax system. At the moment debate is focused solely on new taxes. The Australian Liberty Alliance believes that it is more important to look at how current taxes are spent and how the grants system allows government funds to flow into projects that have no responsibility, accountability or oversight.

It will sell the SBS to the highest bidder and put a broom through the ABC.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will support natural families and reform welfare so that it is not used as a substitute for work, but so that it also provides Australian families with more choice and opportunity to spend time with their children raising them.

It will not waste billions trying to control the level of the oceans, yet the Australian Liberty Alliance’s environmental policies will have the exact same impact on the climate as those of other parties.

The Australian Liberty Alliance will address the flaws in our education system and refocus our schools so that they teach the basics exceptionally well and this will set the foundation for exceptional higher educational studies.

These are all ideas that the Australian Liberty Alliance will champion. And our political system needs debate about these ideas.

At the moment, the major parties have a monopoly on debate. They are the Coles and Woolworths of politics, screwing down on the voters. Their efforts and endeavours are not about providing customer service or better products. Instead, they focused solely on maintain their monopoly on power. We desperately need an Aldi to come and shake up the system.

That is what the Australian Liberty Alliance will do and by doing so, it will provide Australians with a brighter future.

That future starts at the next election. Between now and then I will be working night and day to campaign for the Australian Liberty Alliance and I hope you will join me in that campaign.

We need to build a strong team on the Gold Coast and across Queensland. This campaign will not be successful if it is a one man band. But it will succeed if we work as a team and the turn out tonight shows that we are well and truly on the way to building this team, this army of patriotic Australians. I look forward to growing that team on the Gold Coast from tonight.

I also thank you for coming tonight. I thank for you for already standing tall and fighting hard for Australia. And I thank you for your support of the Australian Liberty Alliance.

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Further details of upcoming Australian Liberty Alliance meetings in Queensland can be found here. Venues will be finalised shortly based on attendance numbers. Venue details will be emailed to all who register once they are confirmed.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Saying it as it is, unfortunately, does not always receive the support that the majority of Australians are calling for, due to the major parties and many of the screw balls now sitting in the current Senate.

    There is no doubt that the Australian Liberty Alliance will be set upon by the heavies in the major parties who will wish to see the ALA torn down through lies and mis-truths – and why would they do this? ‘Because they see that you are speaking the truth regarding the threats Australians see to their current way of life”

    I sincerely hope that you manage to receive the support deserved at the next election, especially, by winning enough seats to make a difference to where this countries is heading.

    Unfortunately,without that type of majority things will just stay as they are, with the power brokers calling the shots.

    Go for it, Australia and Australians have everything to gain.

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    • Curious, to understand your own concerns better, I would suggest you buy one of Robert Spencer’s books on Islam or visit – a now closed site to comments. There are many articles on that site, including a few of my own, that are now online at the Australian National Library archives that would assist you in understanding Islam better.

      But to give you a straightforward response to your question. The only Muslim you could trust at face value is a Muslim who has become publicly apostate – a non-believer!

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      • Sorry, that site should be;

      • Saying it as it is, unfortunately, does not always receive the support that the majority of Australians are calling for, due to the major parties and many of the screw balls now sitting in the current Senate.

        There is no doubt that the Australian Liberty Alliance will be set upon by the heavies in the major parties who will wish to see the ALA torn down through lies and mis-truths – and why would they do this? ‘Because they see that you are speaking the truth regarding the threats Australians see to their current way of life”

        I sincerely hope that you manage to receive the support deserved at the next election, especially, by winning enough seats to make a difference to where this countries is heading.

        Unfortunately,without that type of majority things will just stay as they are, with the power brokers calling the shots.

        Go for it, Australia and Australians have everything to gain.

  2. It is reassurimg to know that a force against Muslims in Australia is building strength. Unfortunately no one in the media has bothered to heed the history of Mahommad . We are led to believe it is an innocent religion!!

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  3. Bernie, I don’t care if you don’t put this up, but you have to be more attentive to your blog, otherwise frustrated people go elsewhere.

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  4. Well done Bernard. Succinct and to the point.

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  5. After reading this on the Pickering Post, I am resolved to join the ALA. At last, a political party I can vote for.
    I supported our elected PM Tony Abbot, but I will NEVER vote for Australia’s first Labor leader of a Liberal Coalition government.
    Bernard, your analysis is correct. Islam is the problem.
    Mary Help of Christians, pray for Australia.
    Men of Australia, MAN UP, get up off the couch, turn off the internet porn, and defend our country and our values. You don’t need to be rifle in hand to be a hero. Be MEN, take a stand,defend truth, rebuff the compromisers and accommodators (like Turnbull), rebuff the foul feminists. BE MEN, NOT BOYS.

    May God bless you Bernard and your stellar wife

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  6. Have you got candidates in Victoria?

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  7. What’s the possibility of charging most of these politicians for offences such as sponsoring Islamic terrorism once things get going?In addition the entire Australian media needs a shake down in the form of a royal commission.
    May I also suggest the real reason our government is recruiting so many unpatriotic misfits into the ranks of the ADF is to avoid a military coe later down the track when these left wing governments really ramp things up.

    Post a Reply
    • Chase. Ever since we signed onto the United Nations and its nation destroying policies of multiculturalism and human rights our politicians and pseudo-political human rights commissions have been undermining our Australian Constitution. For instance Section 116 states that there shall be no establishment of any religion. Now that has been interpreted to mean, “The erection and recognition of a State Church, or the concession of special favors and titles to one Church which are denied to others.”

      Note that the word Mosque does not appear in that definition and that special favors may be interpreted as meaning to provide funding to Islamic Mosques – currently considered by the ignorant to be representative of a Church – to combat ‘radicalization’ that is denied to other Churches.

      What the federal government is doing when they provide Mosques with tax payer money for ‘anti-radicalization exercises’ is contravening the law of the land – The Australian Constitution.

      Too, The Constitution only recognizes Federal and State governments. There is no recognition of Local Government that states and territories since 1902, have foisted onto their citizenry in direct contravention of the law of the land – The Australian Constitution. We have had two referendums on the inclusion of Local Government into the constitution, one in 1974 and the other in 1985. Both referendums were solidly defeated.

      Human Rights Commissions have no legality under our constitution, as there is no recognition of Human Rights as defined by the United Nations within any article of the Australian Constitution and nor for such inclusion, has a referendum been held for such adoption by the Australian public and so must be considered as an unlawful adaptation by politicians that is outside of the law of the land.

      But, many of those who now use these laws to subject those of us who choose to speak out as to what is now so obviously occurring throughout our country and to persecute us for having the temerity to do so, are generally not cognizant that they are acting illegally. To prove the act of treason, first there must be irrefutable recorded actions against those deemed to have committed such an act and then proof that the act was carried out in full knowledge by the actor, of what the act would achieve. However, it would certainly be to our advantage to advertise to those who hide behind those illegal laws that we have their measure and will use whatever actions they may take against us as intent to commit treachery.

      I hope the above is helpful to you.

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    • I would like to get meetings organised for the Lockyer Valley and Dalby early next year, are you in?

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  8. Well said, covers most policies and what it does cover I agree with the sentiments expressed. Will be at Townsville meeting with a friend provided I know where it is to be held, PM on 25th and I still do not know.

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