You win some, you lose some…

Not all of the reactions to my Federal Court victory over the Chief of Defence Force have been positive.

For instance, Ben Lee took time out of his busy schedule to message me on Facebook, stating:

You’re a f**king disgrace. You bring shame to the armed forces. You wouldn’t have a clue what it is to be a Christian, with all the vitriolic hate you spew forth. Too bad your campaign in Iraq didn’t end differently. The world doesn’t need people (I’m using that term very loosely here) like you.

I guess you win some and along the way you’ll lose some too.

Just out of interest, Ben Lee is not the only person who has claimed that I am hateful. Nor is he the only ‘anti-hate speech’ advocate who has wished death upon me. In fact, the two sentiments seem to be joined at the hip.

Have a great day Ben. Your hypocrisy has made mine.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Basically – Ben Lee is running a schtick that he copied from more prestigious groups whose self regard (and power) places them and their agendas above any criticism or debate from outsiders.

    Such groups routinely play the righteous indignation card upon anyone who acknowledges them with less than reverential piety.

    Ben sounds to me like a minion of the correctoid credo. Political correctness is a secular religion that has been concocted for the goyim. Even though Ben would not appear to have any winning numbers in the sufferring sweepstakes, he still subscribes to a secular religion with a clear victim hierarchy and a correctoid credo: racial correctness, Islamic correctness, BLT on a gay sesame street bun correctness, femtard correctness, climate change correctness, etc.

    The correctoid credo exists at a level above debate or disagreement. Those afflicted with it have zero tolerance for ‘haters’ who question or disagree with the credo or any subset of it.

    If he knows what’s good for him, Ben will roll it and look through it like a scope and see what he can see.

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  2. Message to Ben Lee: It is sympathisers and enablers like you that Australia does not need. A family member of mine went to a pharmacist in London to purchase medicine for a dying relative and being a visitor to that country was not aware that she went into a pharmacy owned and operated by muslims and was promptly told to leave and that they wouldn’t serve her kind there. This was certainly not done in any way that could be described as courteous and polite.
    If you want our wonderful country to go in the same direction then keep up with your vile comments. It would surprise me, going by your comment to Bernard, if you ever had the fortitude to serve and protect our country as many of us proudly have.
    Bernard, keep up the great work and know that there are plenty of proud Australians to back you up.

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  3. I heard once that the difference between a leftist and a conservative is simply time. Let’s hope that “Ben” wakes up to the truth one day and that we’re prepared to forgive him.

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  4. Well done Bernard, keep up the GOOD fight. There are many of us who have their head out of the sand and can see what is going on in our society. We stand with you

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  5. Wow….are they aware of how stupid it looks to use hate speech and threats to go after hate speech(alleged)!? LOL…..nothing more to add except….LOL !

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  6. Don’t worry, Bernard. Even those with personality disorders are allowed free speech.

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    • Ben Lee, there is a name to fear, the lefty git. Keep doing what you are doing Bernard. Lee wouldn’t know what a bible believing Christian is

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