I’d sack the ASIO Director General

The Director General of ASIO, Duncan Lewis, has the responsibility of protecting Australia from internal security threats to our Western democratic way of life.

And he thinks Islam is peaceful. In fact, he thinks it is so peaceful that he’s taken it upon himself get on the blower to a number of politicians and effectively order them to stop speaking about the peaceful nature of Islam, lest we face another terrorist attack.

As such, if I was the Attorney General, Duncan Lewis would be packing his desk today.

Unfortunately, Australia’s Attorney General, George Brandis, doesn’t have the intestinal fortitude to make this call.

He didn’t have the courage to repeal anti-free speech laws in this country and caved in on scrapping section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act to please the Islamic community.

And George Brandis has now clearly allowed Duncan Lewis to subvert democratic conventions, once again in order to please the Islamic community.

So the Attorney General can add another white feather to his cap of cowardice.

By the way, this undermining of our democratic conventions seems to be a theme of the current Turnbull government: the Chief of Navy’s Islamic Advisor has also been allowed to subvert the long-held rule that the Australian Defence Force remain out of domestic politics. However, we now know that the Australian Defence Force does have an official political view and it is this: the military believes that the Australian Liberty Alliance is an extreme, ill-informed fringe group that threatens community cohesion and that it was launched by a Dutch bully and bigot, Geert Wilders.

We know this because it was tweeted from an official Royal Australian Navy Twitter account and it remains there today, even after it has been brought to the attention of the Chief of Defence Force.

Mona Shindy

I guess you could say that this means the military has declared a political war on a registered political party in Australia. That’s not really a comforting thought for the future of democracy in this country, but it can hardly be surprising when the entire intelligence and security apparatus has gone into bat for a totalitarian theocratic ideology.

And make no mistake, Duncan Lewis has gone into bat for Islam.

This is what he said last week:

“I don’t buy the notion that the issue of Islamic extremism is in some way fostered or sponsored or supported by the Muslim religion. I don’t buy that at all. I think it’s blasphemous to the extent that I can comment on someone else’s religion.’’

Let’s get to the crux of the problem: Duncan Lewis is more concerned about ‘blaspheming’ Islam than he is about protecting Australians.

As a result, he’s not prepared to even analyse Islamic ideology. He just wants us all to respect it, even though he has no idea what it consists of. As he says, it’s not his religion.

There’s really only one way to deal with people like this.

You can’t educate them: they are too intellectual for that.

You can’t reason with them: they are too proud for that.

And you can’t communicate with them: they’ve already decided that you are part of the problem.

Basically, the only thing left that you can do is humiliate them.

And Duncan Lewis’ views should be ridiculed. They are lazy and devoid of all logic. They are so vacuous that they can hardly be parodied. They are so ridiculous, that ridiculous Hollywood films now appear almost as if they documenting today’s lunacy.

In the movie, Mars Attacks, audiences laughed at aliens killing all and sundry while declaring that they ‘come in peace’. Now Duncan Lewis is declaring that the foreigners come in peace. But no one’s laughing now.

The atrocities that are now being carried out on a daily basis across the Western world are clear proof that Duncan Lewis and his cohort of mindless pro-Islamic zombies are completely out of touch with reality.

But if one attack won’t wake them from their slumber, a million more won’t either.

So there’s no point asking them to consider this evidence. They’ve rejected it already. Instead, people like Duncan Lewis have an unshakeable faith in Islam, even though they cannot quote from the Koran.

And this shows the complete hypocrisy of the ‘they come in peace’ intellectual elite. If it was remotely true that Islam was peaceful, where is the scriptural analysis for this?

Why can’t Duncan Lewis give us any Koranic-based analysis to back up his belief that Islam is peaceful?

The answer is simple. He can’t.

He can’t do this for two reasons. Ordinary people already know what the primary reason is: Islam is not peaceful. Even if Duncan Lewis tried, he could not produce any argument, based on Islamic scripture, to reject jihad against the West.

The best he could do is present the case for when jihad is permissible and, in Islamic law, that power is one that lawyers would describe as ‘very broad’. And for every half-hearted, out of context quote he could muster to pretend that Islam is peaceful, he’d be trumped with a coherent Islamic justification for violence and a ‘moderate’ Grand Mufti who likes to visit clerics with a penchant for the odd sermon extolling the virtue of suicide attacks.

But there’s another reason why Duncan Lewis could not explain peaceful Islamic teaching, and this says more about him than Islam. Duncan Lewis can’t explain Islamic teaching because he has refused to learn it, understand it, or engage with it.

This should be of more concern for Australians. It shows the laziness of the analysis, assessment and advice that is being provided to our government. It highlights the emptiness of the rhetoric from the politically correct leadership we have today. And it demonstrates conclusively that while Islam is a threat to Australia, our nation has already been weakened from within.

Duncan Lewis represents all that is wrong with Australia’s response to Islam. He might like to think that Islam comes in peace, but he should not be so contemptuous of the resolve of the Australian Liberty Alliance. We are coming too. And while it might take a few elections before we can win government, people like Duncan Lewis should know that they will be removed when we do.

That’s a guarantee.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. He is obviously talking from a religious stance. He doesn’t want any religion degraded because that may somehow degrades his religion. It’s the same stance the pope took. When defending islamamic terrorists after the Charli Hebdo attacks. He said “free speech is a fundermental righ however there should be a limit of defending free speech to criticising the faiths”. Then said “If my good friend Dr Gasparri says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch,” while pretending to throw a punch in his direction. (nice going pope, what happened to that rubbish about turning the other cheek)
    The problem we have is all the religious people forget there are many atheists and whether they like it or not they have the same rights as the believers. They are entitled to live their lives without the interference of the notion of celestial dictatorship.
    The realism is there is most probably no God and no one should be ruled by the idea there is.
    There is an old saying “if you can believe in the unbelievable you can do the unthinkable”.

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  2. Thank you Bernard,
    I have studied your web site.
    I am certain your are on the right track.
    I feel since about the early 1970’s our political leaders seem to have been working on treason.
    Please count on my wife’s and my vote at the next Senate election.
    I live in Kedron. Can be active in letter drops etc.
    Thank you.

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  3. The idiocy of “Political correctness”.
    When truth is subdued then the country is in dire straights. this has been allowed to happen world wide. the US, Europe, England and now Australia, one cannot speak the truth in fear of being labelled a racist.

    I came to Australia 50 plus years ago and I was happy to be called a “New Australian” with whatever it entailed. I was very happy to contribute to Australia, embrace it’s values and live under the protection of it’s Laws. But then, Australia’s political system still had a spine.

    Political Correctness has killed COMMON SENSE and DECENCY.
    Even blind Freddy would know that Islam is akin to National Socialism, if not exceeding it in in practice. We all aware (or at least should be) the Islam’s stated aim is World domination. When one looks at Islamic countries and their failed systems, ask yourself, do you want to be part of this?

    As for Public servants voicing an opinion. Of course they can PRIVATELY, but they MAY NOT utter any political views in public. they are there to serve the Government.

    Only Private Persons and Politicians may utter political opinions out loud. I only wish that our Political Leaders would have more intestinal fortitude. This lack of conviction will ultimately be to the detriment of us, UNLESS good people like Bernard will be holding the reins of this Country, hopefully very soon.

    A politically incorrect MERRY CHRISTMAS

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  4. It seems Turnbull had a hand in this affair. Although he has denied it who believes a thing Turnbull says.

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  5. The ASIO DG needs to read Quran 5:51, 33:1, 8:12, 47:4 etc. etc. maybe then, oh maybe not.

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  6. First of all I would like to say a massive thank you to Debbie,Kirralie and Bernard for having the guts to tell and expose the truth about real Islam. Over the years I have noticed a strange scenario occur when it comes to many people defending and constantly apologizing for Islam. When ever their happens to be a situation any where in the world where a Muslim or some Muslims kill people, it seems that many people who has never studied Islamic doctrine or read the Koran the Sira or the Hadiths, seems to know that it is not Islam. My question is, how do they do that. If these people wish to defend and apologize for Islam, I would have thought it would be mandatory that they should know all about their product. Maybe they are just false and fraudulent by nature. Keep up the good work team, you are all truly inspirational.

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  7. “..I think it’s blasphemous to the extent that I can comment on someone else’s religion.” Director General of ASIO, Duncan Lewis

    Democracy cannot afford the return of ‘blasphemy’ within our Western Liberal public and private spheres as an excuse for ‘provocation’ of a culture’s terror-genocide against Other and as an excuse for the failure of our inept dangerous cultural gatekeepers for their failure to keep their citizens safe.

    Duncan Lewis and those who determine him an ‘expert’ had better pick up a history book, any history book very quickly an reflect upon what it actually means to unleash such a construct as ‘blasphemy’ as a normative ethical construct within any society.

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  8. Lewis with his fear of blaspheming Islam is going to give Australia a case of ‘Swedism’ down under.

    It’s worse than genital herpes.

    Swedism is hard to explain. It is more than just pathological altrusim. It is a form of Blue Pill political correctoid dementia. It is a bit like the fate of Minion Bob when the evil Dr Spectre squirted him with anti-gravity. Minion Bob went straight into orbit.

    Swedism is a lot like that and is best illustrated with real life examples of stuff no one could make up: snocmu.

    My favourite example of Swedism is the storm and fury hat ensued in the wake of the jihadi beheadings at a Swedish IKEA


    The political correctoids, libtards and cucks in Sweden went straight into orbit and jammed all frequencies against Islamophobics and racists and facists and closed border extremism . One correctoid even ventured that the frustrations of IKEA furniture assembly could easily provoke this type of response.

    There is no hope for these people. This is a type of malady that exists in the insect world where the neurotoxin of the parasite zombifies the host, where the anti-gravity spray of Dr Spectre sends a hapless minion straight into orbit.

    I confidently predict that ‘Lewisism’ will take its place with Swedism as an Alt Right term that describes what we are seeing in the controlled MSM in response to Islamic terrorist atrocities.

    The next time a jihadi joe does his allahu akhbar and goes off the dial with an atrocity on ordinary people going about their daily lives, the political correctoid industry will go into the full Code Blue pointy finger alert on all channels – forbidding the sheeple to think that Islam preaches violence against infidels, that Islamics enact terrorist atrocities and that Islamics are anything but happy, multicultural, democratically minded minions who just want to hold hands and be nice (and yada yada).

    The Alt Right will just say: “Oh poo. Blue Pill thy name is Lewis.” Off. Off. Off.

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    • Lynda, I note your black humor does not extend to those who are our allies in this fight against our two opponents – the collective Left and Islam – while we have both hands tied behind our backs because unconstitutional Human Rights Laws are in place to tie the hands of those who can realize the real agenda of nation destroying and so bring about the New World Order. Those allies are writers and journalists from print and broadcast media who are just as aware about what ails this country, but are loathe to ‘dip their toes in the water’ for fear of repercussions against them, like losing their positions for instance.

      I also note that while some of those ‘allies’ can go hard and fast against the politicians, they, for reasons best known to themselves, lack the same writers zeal for exposure and hard hitting when it comes to Islam, but will also ‘attack’ those Australians who through acts of public protest, which I may add, are gaining much publicity, are really doing their job for them and for the rest of us who still have yet to get the courage up to publicly speak out about our concerns for this country.

      May I direct you to an article on the ‘Cronulla Riot’ of 2005, which was written a decade ago by Keith Windshuttle, an article which is still very relevant for today, and to the foreword by Quadrant Online’s editor, Roger Franklin, who mentions the recent ‘halal free barbeque’ of a pig at a Cronulla park in order to commemorate the ‘riot’ and the first decade of public standing up to Islam as a piece of ‘ratbaggery’.

      What Franklin failed to appreciate, and if he did, acknowledge, is that without that ‘halal free barbeque’ the decade commemoration of the ‘Cronulla Riot’ of 2005 would have passed without so much as a mention in the public arena, and while Quadrant Online commemorated that event in their own way, the greatest public exposure to that event was via a small political party and the attention the barbeque attracted from the media which was very wide spread.

      So while Franklin can label those who organize events that reflect the public demeanour as ‘ratbaggery’ and his writings, which are very good, attract a small segment of readers, who has done more to get the public interest alive about an event that occurred a decade ago and that heralded Australian resistance to the colonization of our country?

      The above serves to highlight that even though there are many allies in this fight, not all see eye to eye with how things should be conducted in this so very unnecessary national security problem – a problem that has been brought to us by those whose self-interests far out-weighed the security of our country and the safety of its citizens – and who will resort to labelling and name calling in order to have things done their own way which is probably also a reflection of what has occurred in Sweden over so many decades.

      When one believes that they are absolutely right and close their minds to all available evidence to the contrary, then Swedism becomes the norm.

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      • The subject of the post to which I replied is Islamic correctoidism and the evidence of a very advanced case in the ADF.

        I cite Sweden as an example of where this is going because Sweden is now in the terminal stages of political correctoid policies and minion madness. In Sweden you have bishops (I use this term loosely) ordering crosses removed from Christian churches because such a symbol might offend the local ring of Muslim child traffickers. And in zonked out Sweden it would be unthinkable to give such offense.

        The Islamic invasion and the forced acceptance of beheadings at IKEA stores is a only a symptom of the terminal stage of gov’t policies that certainly do not originate with Islam. But it is a hell of a symptom.

        For a lot of people reading and commenting here, such a Red Pill realisation is really scary stuff. They will say things like “Now don’t think I am a racist, but I don’t think people who are against these jihadi beheadings are Islamophobics.”

        And that is good for them to take that breath of fresh air.

        When the ALA writes a post on how Oz came to be one of the most pussy-whipped nations on the planet, they will have to analyze the jiu jitsu and the whole shabgoy correctoid political elite class and their schmo screen.

        When they do, I will certainly write in.

        I would assume that everyone reading this blog is familiar with Barbara Lerner Spectre and her tell all vid that Sweden is a halal certified ZOG.

        For those chomping at the bit – here’s a great vid of Borat posing the question and applying the jiu jitsu to the karate master.

        Right now, the karate master’s response seems to be where the comment section is and I am OK with that.

  9. I would agree Mr Gaynor, who does this Duncan Lewis think he is? I certainly want my elected representative doing his job and representing me! If thst means calling out Radical Islamists for what they are so be it. We are led by such a mamby pamby lot now and are so left wing that we cannot or are not allowed to identify our enemy. My firm beliefis that ASIO is more committed to identifying those who attend reclaim Australia rallies, who write in to post coments on such sites as this or pickering post, Michael Smith.com etc. then identifying our nations true enemies and dealing with them. Do not be fooled by these losers! I know as a former Intelligence Officer you are more aware than most. As an example it was mot ASIO thst thwarted the planned attacks kn ADF members at Holsworthy Barracks in 2011, it was the NSW Police drug squad!!!! Following leads on those who turned out to be terrorists ( Islamist Terrorists) with links to Boko Haram. I would bet that Lewis was acting on instructions from the backstabbing appeaser Turnbull, because he lacks the fortitude to confront his detractors.

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  10. While you are on about it, how come Mona Shindy is permitted to make social media comments, identifying herself as an ADF member? Members of the the ADF are not permitted to make any kind of social media comments at all, good or bad especially having a social media profile that clearly identifies yourself as a member of the ADF. There is a Defence Instruction General to that point that deals with social media. Worth exploring Mr Gaynor.

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    • Yes, Mr Gaynor’s lengthy Federal Court case made it clear that an active, serving member of ADF should NOT be publicising their comments. What total hypocrisy from the CDF to persecute Mr Gaynor’s out-of-uniform actions, whilst permitting Ms Shindy’s in-uniform actions.

      I agree with Duncan Lewis that he does NOT need to study the koran, but I disagree with his policy and actions because HISTORY has alrady been screaming at us for 800 years. Islam is inevitably an internally divided religion until Sunnis or Shiites genocide their enemies who are also their closest allies. They’ve declared war on the whole world, and have already waged war on many civilisations. They’ve targeted religiously infantile Australians because so many Australians have become such apathetic polytheists that this nation is genuinely an easy target for Islam. Our government representatives are also notoriously corrupt for accepting bribery.


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  11. Not before I would have him charged with dereliction of duty for basing ASIO policy upon such a lie. “The time has come for us to be honest with ourselves and indeed each other.” – That we have morons running our security policy making process.

    Clearly social psychology and sociology research have found the ‘few’ have to derive their ethics-morals-values-beliefs-motivation and methodology from a cultural source they do not make it up themselves. For the following to be true

    “I don’t buy the notion that the issue of Islamic extremism is in some way fostered or sponsored or supported by the Muslim ­religion. I don’t buy that at all. I think it’s blasphemous to the extent that I can comment on someone else’s religion.’’

    This dangerous moron is enabling terror-genocide to escalate in our streets by taking such a view because it disconnects the cause of the Islamic/Muslim terror-genocide as a methodology clearly set out in Islamic religious text to be analogised into our streets from the religion itself it is absurd and dangerous. It disconnects the Religious determined nature of the God and religious beliefs which drive the terror-genocide from the very religious beliefs (construct of out-groups) which drive the terror-genocide. Who puts these morons in such positions.

    “For some people, religion strongly influences their worldviews. We propose that religious outgroups threaten the foundational beliefs of people with strong religious worldviews (RWVs) by endorsing alternative belief systems and that this threat contributes to religious prejudice. To examine these ideas, we developed a measure of RWV strength and assessed the role of RWV threat in religious prejudice. Across five studies, strength of RWV was related to religious prejudice, including derogation and denial of alternative religious viewpoints, as well as support for suppressing, avoiding, and even aggressing against religious outgroups. These responses were strongest toward religious outgroups whose worldviews were the most different, and therefore most threatening. Mediational analyses revealed that strong RWV people expressed heightened prejudice because of the worldview threat posed by religious outgroup members. These findings indicate that the avoidance and subjugation of religious outgroups can serve as a worldview protection strategy for some people.”
    A Religious Worldview: Protecting One’s Meaning System Through Religious Prejudice Joanna Goplen and E. Ashby Plant 2015 by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Inc

    “Without the ceaseless pulsating heartbeat of our categorization engine, we would understand nothing around us, could not reason in any form whatever, could not communicate to anyone else, and would have no basis on which to take any action.
    every culture constantly, although tacitly, reinforces the impression that words are simply automatic labels that come naturally to mind and that belong intrinsically to things and entities”
    SURFACES AND ESSENCES, ANALOGY AS THE FUEL AND FIRE OF THINKING, Douglass Hofstadter (American professor of cognitive science), Emmanuel Sander (French Psychologist-Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Educational Psychology), 2013

    You do not need the above to prove it just part of a mountain of research determining him an idiot it is commonsense it is the same as claiming the constructs of Other in Mein Kampf have no relationship to the bodies in the gas chambers and nor the ‘non radicalised’, ‘moderate’ ‘law-abiding’ families, communities and institutions who create and sustain the ‘few’ to systemically deliver terror-genocide to humanities streets.- that is the logic of this moron.

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  12. Bernie, with due respect, Duncan Lewis like yourself is a good man. I served with him in 6 RAR many years ago. I am sure that the Director of ASIO is just giving his opinion as result of his job

    I respect you and support some of what you are doing, but I did not serve with you. I would prefer you keep some matters closer to your chest.


    Peter Adamis

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    • Duncan Lewis may have been a great infantry officer but he is not fit for the job of ASIO DG. He has politicised this role, which now seems to be the habit of a good many infantry officers, and he is wholly unable to deal with the threat of Islam. He should go.

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      • Please make it so.
        Already my heart breaks for what has happened so far to my beautiful country. The country my forbears fought and died for.
        Every day I move further to the right. For good reason.
        Logic and common sense has been cast adrift in favour of tolerance and the stupid concept of political correctness.

      • As an ex Infantry Officer I disagree with your comments as it is only a few very senior Officers who have gone down that path. The truth is those that have are only feathering their nests for future employment opportunities as either Government appointed SES Officers or politicians.

        As an individual I fully support you and am disgusted in the way that you were treated and glad that you won your case. I want to know what the CDF is going to do about that Captain Mona Shiny who is using a Military social media site to spread her views on Islam? She needs to be given her marching orders.


      I don’t buy the notion that the issue of Islamic extremism is in some way fostered or sponsored or supported by the Muslim ­religion. I don’t buy that at all. I think it’s blasphemous to the extent that I can comment on someone else’s religion.’’


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    • Peter are you honestly suggesting that because you find Lewis a ‘good man’ that he can do no wrong? Are you not concerned that the current crop of our ‘authorities’ are all parroting the Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ mantra without any evidence at all to substantiate that view, just as Lewis is? If you served with Lewis within the military then you would also know that any war is based on solid intelligence gathering, intelligence that would provide the fact that since 9/11 there have been over 22,500 Islamic terrorist attacks worldwide. We even have 22 Muslim would be terrorists locked up in our jails. They are not Christians, Jews, Buddhists, but followers of Islam! Now if you can believe that Lewis is a ‘good man’ just doing his job while he completely ignores the intelligence that should be ringing his alarm bell and if acted upon, could even give us who consider ourselves as Australian a heads up with the emphasis on protecting us from the enemy who is even now planning his next attack, and maybe in a street near you, then you are just as ignorant to reality as Lewis is!

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    • With all due respect, Peter, Duncan Lewis may well be a good man as you say, and certainly his public record demonstrates that he is.

      But that is not the point.

      Unfortunately, Duncan Lewis has allowed himself to become embroiled in a political debate in which he had no place and should have kept himself well clear of. The fact that he didn’t, and entered into the political fray, indicates a very singular lack of judgment and very seriously calls into question his fitness for his role as head of ASIO.

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    • Peter,

      Duncan may be a good man but he is a public servant who is paid to make decisions to protect Australia and its assets. Duncan is not paid to ‘give his opinions’ when this opinions are based on ignorance. As Terry Prachett stated:

      “They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but its not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance”.

      And so Duncan has revealed himself to be.


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