Pro-Islamic, anti-Australian Liberty Alliance Navy Twitter account shut down

The Royal Australian Navy twitter account, @navyislamic, has disappeared.

One day, this official communication channel of the Australian Defence Force was tweeting anti-Australian Liberty Alliance statements to the world. And the next day, it was gone.

The Australian Defence Force is remaining resolutely silent about why this has occurred, so allow me to speculate wildly about the reasons for the mysterious removal of this account.

On 10 December 2015, the President of the Australian Liberty Alliance, Debbie Robinson, wrote to the Chief of Defence Force and reminded him of his own policies that require the military to remain out of domestic politics. She also required him to remove all statements from the Australian Defence Force about the Australian Liberty Alliance.

And, hey presto, the account was shut down.

As an Australian Liberty Alliance candidate, I think this is good news and on many fronts.

For a start, an ongoing diplomatic embarrassment for Australia has been removed. Our military has retracted its endorsement of the radical, left wing view of Mike Carlton that the most popular politician in The Netherlands, Geert Wilders, is a bully and a bigot.

Mona Shindy

However, regardless of the fact that this endorsement is gone, Australia owes Geert Wilders an apology for the Australian Defence Force’s public attack on him. After all, Wilders may well be the Dutch Prime Minister in the near future and Australia and The Netherlands worked closely together in Afghanistan.

Obviously, it’s a big win for the Australian Liberty Alliance in the politics of all of this. The Australian Defence Force has conceded defeat. It’s gone from boldly calling the party, the thousands of Australians who support it, and myself a fringe group threatening community cohesion to retracting its position and retreating in the face of principle to what can best be described as seething silence.

Yes, the Australian Defence Force has been put back in its box, much to its embarrassment, shame and annoyance.

It’s also a big win in the politics of this nation. We are a Western democracy. One of the conventions of Western democracies is that the military does not interfere in domestic politics. Unfortunately, and to the enduring shame of an organisation that so many Australians have proudly served, since 2013 the Australian Defence Force has contemptuously ignored this convention.

And here I must stress a point. I am not talking about the soldiers, sailors and airmen and women who go professionally about their business defending the nation. They do a great job and the last thing they want is to be embroiled in all of this. I know, because I have served with them and that is also what they are constantly telling me.

Instead, I am talking about the career officers in the hierarchy of a politicised organisation, positioning themselves for the next promotion. This hierarchy is politicised because it is politically correct. You cannot have the latter without the former.

This political correctness has resulted in unseemly uniformed participation in a protest against extant Commonwealth law. It has resulted in naval officers, in their capacity as Defence members, lobbying the government to fund mosques and imams. And it has led to political comment about registered political parties, elected members and government policy on official communication channels.

Worst of all, all of this has gone on unchallenged. Until, that is, the Australian Liberty Alliance confronted the Chief of Defence Force.

It really is an indictment of the military, the media and political establishment that the Australian Defence Force remained unchallenged on these issues for so long. All of these groups claim to protect Australia, its freedom and its institutions. And all of them turned a blind eye to a direct military attack on democratic conventions.

But the Australian Liberty Alliance did not and it has won a victory that all Australians will benefit from.

Finally, @navyislamic, is well, an endorsement of an Islamic Royal Australian Navy. At best, this communication channel can only be described as stupidly divisive. But now it is gone thanks to the Australian Liberty Alliance. There will be no Islamic navy on our watch.

The best part of all of this is that the Australian Liberty Alliance has not yet even contested its first election. This is just the start and you can expect more, much more, to come when the Australian Liberty Alliance is able to exert its influence in parliament.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Mr Gaynor, pls read today feb 26th Daily Telegraph comment from people. We need to rush and save Australia before will be sold. Many things must be done apart from halal and Islamic problem.

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  2. Bernard and ALA Members,
    I notice on ABC morning news this morning 06/01/16 that the reason was given that the navy Islamic twitter account was shut down due to the ADF not agreeing to the public offering military advice. Isn’t it a real shame that not even ABC Morning News can admit to the real reason that the Chief of Defence had the account shut down. The positive comments made on the program about Mona Shindy disgusted me. I think we all know who the real Extreme Ill Informed Fringe Group really is. Try and get it right next time ABC News and at least ask the opinion of more than one person on the show especially when that person was a fan of Mona Shindy.

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  3. Here is a vid of the Pro-ISIS Muslim demonstration in the Netherlands:

    This is the correct context of Geert Wilders opposition to Muslim immigration.

    “For decades the multi-cultural elite have suppressed dissent by denouncing as racists anyone who questioned their pro-Islam, pro-immigration dogma. But finally, after silently for years watching the immense damage done to our nation by the elite’s policies, the Dutch people have had enough.” Geert Wilders
    “How to Turn the Tide” ch 13; p 208

    Perhaps the ADF tweeters would like to defend Islamic statements of this nature at the expense of Australian speech on the subject of Islam and its immigration invasion (Al Hijra) of the West.

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  4. Malcolm Turnbull, Duncan Lewis et al. are either ignorant, running scared or contemptuous of Australian public opinion. Until they bone up on the threat to our democracy that failed multi-culturalisation has become, their utterances and posturings are meaningless drivel which the average Australian will simply ignore until the Day of Reckoning (no, not Judgement Day) – i.e. the next Election. David overcame Goliath – so be warned those who love themselves more than their country – you have been spotted and marked with an “f” at the Ballot Box!

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  5. Interesting article… At least that’s settled it then… BG, the ALA and its supporters are ‘a fringe group threatening social cohesion’ eh??.. Apparently there are no growing ‘social problems’ in such places as Britain, France, the Netherlands, etc.. It’s about time the ‘loony left’ acknowledged the reality for a change…

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  6. The navy by even allowing such a Muslim into the navy specifically to represent Muslim interests and then not reacting with public admonishment and discipline for entering the political arena is simply indicative of most if not all of our public institutions pretending they are defending their citizens yet placing the very reason for terror in our streets, adherents of the Muslim culture devotees of a terror-genocide construct of Other into key positions and as well advancing a lie the Muslim culture presents no danger to a Western Liberal Democracy despite daily evidence before us it clearly does.

    Unleashing employees of our Public institutions against those opposing the existence of a cultures terror-genocide construct, who by their actions are endangering not protecting fellow citizens even extends to the head of ASIO intent on silencing political dissent of our democratically elected representatives by claiming their views are blasphemy against a cultures beliefs and practices determining the Islamic/Culture now has to be beyond reproach, beyond critical reflection.

    The imposition of a blasphemy paradigm has been deemed necessary by the ASIO head because Duncan Lewis now clearly believes along with many others in our political elite to object to the Muslim culture informing terror-genocide in our streets is the cause of terror-genocide rather than the Islamic/Muslims categorisation of Other and the methodology Muslims utilise to deal with what Muslims determine as out-groups. The victims are to blame for the terror not the non-radicalised moderate, law abiding ‘many’who systemically create and sustain the ‘few’ who swing the sword or pull the trigger being of the same belief and ethical system Islam.

    In fact in my view the action of Duncan Lewis to intimidate our elected officials is more to do with a view blasphemy is being committed by Liberal members of Parliament against Malcolm Turnbull and our political elites policy and support of an Islamic/ Muslim terror-genocide construct of Other in our public institutions such as the security services and military.

    Clearly as we have seen in Pakistan accepting blasphemy, the forced imposition of silence on pain of criminal charges via legislation does not stop the Muslim culture perpetrating terror against Other in fact there is an argument which determines I believe rightly incorporating blasphemy as a normative ethic in any society actually underwrites such infamy with even the Pakistan police involved in killing Christians they believed rightly or wrongly coming out against Islam as an ideological construct.

    Blasphemy is as to a democratic state as antimatter is to matter as slavery is to freedom neither can exist for long without one or the other taking the space. In accepting blasphemy as an acceptable paradigm within a political space, the silencing of critical analysis of one entities affect upon the human condition immediately makes the same underlying principle applicable to other entities within the same system and I would argue sets a frame of mind which now has to guard against retribution for challenge in any sphere.

    This is why I believe Malcolm Turnbull and Duncan Lewis charged Liberal members with blasphemy against the Islamic/Muslim culture for in doing so they were demanding in essence silence regards their own failed policy as well because in pointing out the clear lie of the political elite the Muslim culture was not an inherent threat to humanity it determines the current policy and those champion and administering it as failing and dangerously so.

    Someone should ask Malcom Turnbull in question time in Parliament House “Given the views expressed by the head of ASIO Duncan Lewis on blasphemy does Malcolm Turnbull intend to introduce legislation to make blasphemy a crime in Australia as Islamic states have done elsewhere as in Pakistan and does he believe enforced silence will stop Muslim terror?”

    Duncan Lewis – Imagine for Yourself the Images a Society Has Informed or Will Inform when a Society Accepts Blasphemy as a Normative Paradigm Within its Midst.

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  7. That loony needs to be asked to resign her commission. Her position is now severely compromised and untenable.

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  8. “policies that require the military to remain out of domestic politics”… and yet this Shindy can twitter away to her islamic, anti Australian, hearts content??

    Haven’t Defence members been sacked before for dabbling in online politics?

    Why is this person still “representing” the Military?

    Apart from that, I take deep personal offense at this “@navyislamic” shit. Last time I looked, out Navy flew the Australian ensign, not some black rag with chicken scrawl on it.

    I wonder if Shindy has duel citizenship?

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  9. Dear Bernard,
    Thanks for sharing the above article with us. Such a backdown and the hypocrisy that is illustrated needs to be shared far and wide. Please continue to stand firm and love what you are defending.I commend to you, your family and supporters, the blessing of the Reason for the season.
    Kind regards,
    Robert Greggery.

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  10. Well done Debbie and the ALA. I find it deeply disturbing that you had to even do this. It really does go to show what a great job the Muslim PR are doing. They know how to play the game and should never be underestimated. They need to be challenged on every point as often as possible. Congratulations on making the politically correct navy look as foolish as they are.

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  11. Whilst this is a small victory (with great applause) the Australian Government needs to be CONSTANTLY reminded that in the case of the Australian Navy and all the other armed services, persons dressed outside of WHAT IS THE UNIFORM of AUSTRALIA do not represent AUSTRALIA or OUR CITIZENS or VALUES.

    When I first seen this Moslem woman wearing the scarf and in AUSTRALIAN NAVAL UNIFORM apart from going “WTF”, I did not see her as an Australian representing “AUSTRALIA” but what I hauntedly saw was a Moslem and not a person serving AUSTRALIA and HER CITIZENS !

    Just because you are a Moslem, it for the rest of us it doesn’t mean diddly squat and for the Government Organisations of any ilk to allow the values and culture of Australia to be overtaken by what somebody else misguidedly believes in, well Australian leaders need a good smack over the head with a huge dose of reality !

    The sooner the Australian Government “bans” or “un-recognises” Islam as a religion and recognises it for what it truly is, then all the issues facing the Islamisation of Australia will just disappear.

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  12. Thanks you to txt ALA for exposing the hypocrisy and insane pandering to a minority who are taught from the cradle to despise everything and everyone of a different belief.

    It is not enough to be I tilled with such hatred and bigotry, but to be taught that to be a ‘good Muslim, Allah requires you to convert or kill un-beleivers. To detest democracy and all the freedoms it brings, and then infiltrate the very organisations in place to protect such freedoms is simply insanity.

    Thank your efforts and highlighting the dangerous attitudes which so many chooses to ignore or accept.

    The people are now awake.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and bless you for keeping a watch on our freedoms.

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  1. The halal certified Australian Army - Bernard Gaynor - […] Captain Mona Shindy (of @navyislamic Twitter fame), the Chief of Navy (of fasting in solidarity with the Islamic community…

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