2016 starts with a bang!

Well, I guess it’s fair to say that 2016 has started with a bang.

In just the first week of the year, Conservative Australia has been able to (1) expose publicly the truth about one of the most undeserving finalists ever for the award of the Australian of the Year, and (2) shut down pro-Islamic propaganda within the Australian Defence Force. This comes after the Federal Court ruled in December against the Chief of Defence Force for his decision to sack me for my private political views.

Shindy McGregor

The ‘golden gals’ of the Defence Force have both come unstuck in the last week. Transgender officer, Cate McGregor, is unlikely to be awarded Australian of the Year for his abusive behaviour, while the Chief of Navy’s Islamic Advisor has been stopped from using Navy resources to promote pro-Islamic political views.

The first cab off the rank was the front page revelation in The Australian on 2 January that the Australian Defence Force was prepared to pay $25,000 for the unacceptable behaviour of transgender officer, Cate McGregor.

McGregor publicly abused my father. In just one example, McGregor tweeted the Chief of Defence Force in mid-2013 to claim that my father, who has served this nation for almost 40 years and deployed to East Timor and Afghanistan, has defective DNA. It was a surprising turn of words from a bloke who believes that he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.

But it’s not surprising that my father complained about McGregor. The Chief of Defence Force received McGregor’s tweets and promptly sacked me.

And then, after my father’s complaint was lodged, McGregor was ‘counselled’ and just as promptly promoted. This occurred even though the Defence investigation found that McGregor had engaged in unacceptable behaviour towards my father. This investigation also found that my father did not provoke this abuse, and nor did he respond.

And then my father was ridiculed and ostracised by the chain of command because he referred to McGregor as a man in his complaint about McGregor’s conduct.

Undeterred by the PC pressure, my father pursued his complaint, demanding to know why the disciplinary action against McGregor was weak, limp and flaccid. Taxpayers will be pleased to know that Defence now believes it is more efficient not to take disciplinary action against abusive behaviour like that displayed by McGregor and to instead offer large sums of money in order to buy silence.

I suppose the effectiveness of this tactic was on display on the front page of The Australian shortly after the offer arrived.

I also suppose that the chain of command should be given some sympathetic understanding for not using the disciplinary system against McGregor. Quite simply, it was too busy laying charges against me for my private political and religious beliefs. And they kept failing, which kept the chain of command busy finding new, agile and innovative ways of turfing me out of service. They were just a little too agile and innovative for the Federal Court, which is why it overturned the Chief of Defence Force’s action against me.

It’s also not surprising that my father referred to McGregor as a man.

These are the words spoken by McGregor, while in uniform, when he appeared on the ABC’s One Plus One program in late 2013:

“I don’t consider myself a woman.”

Then, just to clarify it further, McGregor said:

“I haven’t been gendered the way women who have lived their entire lives have been gendered.”

McGregor later told The Australian Women’s Weekly in January 2014 that he agrees he has male chromosomes and he isn’t a woman, but just lives as one (whatever that means). He also went on to state that he will not change his birth certificate because his parents gave birth to a little boy. In what must also be a first in the proud history of the Australian Defence Force, a photo of McGregor in uniform also appeared right next to a paragraph respectfully explaining that if McGregor ever gets a vagina, it won’t be self-lubricating, but that at least he may one day be able to sit down to use the toilet.

McGregor - Women's Weekly

An excerpt from the profile run by the Australian Women’s Weekly on Cate McGregor in January 2014.

And then it was reported in the Herald Sun, specifically after McGregor clarified a story about Defence funded sex-change operations (whatever they are), that he had not had any sex change surgery. That story came out late in 2015.

If McGregor doesn’t think he’s a woman, then it seems a little strange that Defence has ordered my father to pretend that he is. And all credit to my father for enduring ignominy and persecution in silence for over two years because he refused to participate in a lie.

I have written extensively about this farcical situation many times previously. And it is farcical from top to bottom, not least of all for the fact that McGregor is now one of eight people in the running to be named Australian of the Year.

In normal circumstances, the revelations about McGregor would probably mean that his chance of being named Australian of the Year sits somewhere between Buckleys and none. And let’s all pray that this is the case. The last thing Australia needs right now is an Australian of the Year who is also unapologetically pushing the barrow for Islam, as McGregor did in this article just a few days ago.

However, we don’t live in normal times, hence the fact that McGregor was nominated in the first place.

In fact, there can be little doubt that the Australian of the Year award is being used to promote a farcical and hypocritical political agenda.

McGregor is the Queenslander of the Year. Former Chief of Army, David Morrison, is the Australian Capital Territory winner. And former Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Liz Broderick, won out in New South Wales.

All of them are closely connected in this farce.

Morrison is there because he gave a speech in which he claimed that the standard you walk past is the standard you accept. McGregor is there because he wrote that speech. And Broderick is there because she worked closely with both to improve ‘respect’ for ‘females’ in Defence (I use the word female in its inclusive-of-males sense).

In other words, the former Chief of Army gained accolades for ‘respecting women’ by reading the words of a person who thinks that men can be just as female as the ladies. He then talked tough about ruthlessly ridding the Army of abusers, only to do nothing about the abuser who was standing right next to him – McGregor – who, shortly after writing that speech, decided to abuse my father. And all of this occurred under the watchful eye of the Sex Discrimination Commissioner.

Not even George Orwell could make this stuff up.

In the other news of interest, it has been widely publicised over the last few days that Captain Mona Shindy has been counselled and the @navyislamic twitter account has been shut down.

Captain Shindy decided that it would be a good idea to retweet abuse of the next-probable Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Geert Wilders; attack the Australian Liberty Alliance; go to town on former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott; and claim that a mufti who condemns the phrase Merry Christmas always speaks wisdom. And she did all of this from an official Royal Australian Navy Twitter account.

I am proud that the Australian Liberty Alliance has defended Australia from a politicised military. Defence Minister Marise Payne cannot say the same thing. She has allowed Defence resources to be used against the Australian Liberty Alliance and Tony Abbott. It is disgraceful.

There is much more to come in this story and Defence’s response will ensure that.

It won’t give a straight story about what happened and it is defending Shindy’s sinking ship. It refuses to admit that she did any wrong, even as it is running from the Twitter account she operated. It’s hypocritical and I mean every word I spoke to Channel 7 on this issue: if I had been a Muslim, I probably would have been promoted.

But it’s clear that in this battle, the Australian Liberty Alliance has blasted a significant victory over the politicised and pro-Islamic Defence Force hierarchy. Stay tuned for more to come.

Tweet anti-ALA

Captain Shindy’s statement about the Australian Liberty Alliance and Geert Wilders. Defence has shut down this account but it still refuses to accept that Shindy did anything wrong. This story is not over yet.


The views expressed in this post are my personal political views and are made in response to political activity (which includes politically correct activity) within the Australian Defence Force that has been reported been reported publicly and is now part of public debate. I make these comments as the Australian Liberty Alliance Senate candidate for Queensland so that all Queensland voters can understand my views and make an informed choice when they vote at the next election.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Good story Bernard, its open my eyes to serious issues in the defence forces I had never realised.
    One can understand and as a good human to be compassionate to all peoples. However the evolution of the Homosexual, lesbian and trans-gender over the past 25 years has been brutal on public debate.
    The fact that a notorious convicted child molester and paedophile (Denis Ferguson) attended the Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney 2011 and was filmed by channel ten in the marshalling area suggesting that the gay community had no problem with inter acting with a notorious child molester.

    One can speculate that there is a connection between gays and child molesting.
    As for this ‘PEST’…. Nobody likes Gary Burns.

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  2. Well done, Bernard.
    Wonderful to see your sense of humour thriving despite the nonsense going on.
    It’ll stand you in good stead in the election campaign.
    All the best for 2016.

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  3. Seems that Cate Macgregor cannot keep her/ his high heeled shoes out of her/ his mouth. Not satisfied with being reprimanded after the episode with Mr Gaynor shoots his/ her mouth of about the winner, the former boss, Gen Morrison. Maybe macgregor had his knickers in a knott because he wrote the speech that Morrison has made his name on: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australian-of-the-year-catherine-mcgregor-says-david-morrison-choice-was-weak-20160127-gmf5g2.html

    There seems to be lne set of rules in the ADF for Macgregor and Shindy and another set for the rest of the ADF.

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  4. Damn appalling when this constitutes a Nomination for Australian of the Year Award. This doesn’t even constitute being a news story especially with its comments on the Gaynors who have served our country heroically and with passion and patriotism.
    Australians of the Year should be for hero’s or people making tremendous medical breakthroughs etc. Not someone you is confused on whether they are male or female when they are clearly male as stated on birth certificate and register.
    Come on Australia, Backs those who deserve this nomination.
    Next, does anyone know if ADF pay for treatment for these gender reassignments or such. I do know that DVA fund things like cosmetic surgery for certain ex-members while others injured in service are lied to and shunned by the DVA. Just a thought.

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    • Well its now post Australia Day and I can say that I find it disgusting that Morrison was given Australian of the Year and MacGregor was Qld Aussie of the Year. I am now well and truly embarrassed to be a Queenslander. Wonder if these winners (used loosely) were a political motivated offering. There were many many better suited nominees to choose from.

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  5. Well done, Bernard. And your Dad. Truth prevails and Perseverance wins the day.

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    • the date 24/may/2013 should be 24/may/2008.

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  6. As soon as the ALA looks like it might have many followers, and looks like it might win seats in the Senate, the media and all the current political parties are going to go for the jugular and attempt to tear ALA to shreds. They will all label ALA an extremist, right-wing party and do what they did to One Nation and Pauline Hanson. The advantage that ALA has, compared to One Nation is this: ALA took time to get organised and registered as a political party (obviously aware of the mistakes made by One Nation), and has Senate candidates who are smarter, more aware and more politically astute than Pauline Hanson and One Nation were. I live in NSW, so my vote will go to the ALA senate candidate here, Kirralee Smith and I am informing my family and friends, attempting to convince them to do the same.

    As an ex-member of the Navy, with a son and a daughter and son-in-law who are ex-army, I am glad there is someone who is standing up for what the Australian military used to be like. Keep up the good work, Bernard. You are appreciated by me and, I guarantee many other military and ex-military people.

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  7. I remember thinking when the former Army Chief made his ‘fierce’ speech (media description, not mine), that if all the soldiers who disagreed with him left the Army, that we wouldn’t have an Army left.

    Fortunately, soldiers can see through BS as well or better than anyone and put the defence of our nation above taking his rant seriously.

    As long as we have well trained ‘Diggers’, our Army will survive. Thanks for your service.

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  8. Very Stalinist tendencies among our ruling elites. Whoever or whatever opposes them is branded an ‘extremist’ or ‘fringe group’. This is the way the status quo operates both here and in Europe. Once a ‘globalist’ ‘centre-right’, ‘social-democrat’, ‘socialist’ or ‘centre left’ party is threatened with defeat at an election, its opponent is branded as ‘far right’ ‘far-left’ , ‘radical’ or ‘extremist’, just look at the national front in France.
    This branding is the safety valve of those in power today. The aim of this, in my view, is to scare the voters by convincing them to vote for the ‘lesser evil’ or the ‘devil they know’. The same thing happens when anyone even dares question the absurd levels of political correctness prevalent in our society, almost immediately they are labelled as ‘abnormal’ or ‘extremist’. So much for democracy and free speech. I can already see the media portraying the ALA as a ‘far-right’ party.

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  9. The Weekend Australian “exclusive” article (jan-2-3) – splashed across the front page and followed on Page 6
    – referred to in this post by Bernard, has opened a Pandora’s box for the ADF, McGregor and
    all the people complicit in this scandalous matter.

    It appeared the story was meant to build up McGregor
    and tear down the two Gaynors – Senior and Junior. It
    actually did quite the opposite, since the facts showed inconvertibly that the ADF had behaved dishonourably to both their Army Officers in supporting a vindictive and vituperative person in his quest to be seen and treated as something he believed in but did not allow others the benefit of dissent.

    Further to transgenderism, I wrote the following letter to The Australian immediately after reading the story. Needless to say it did not get published. Here it is FYI.

    Transgenderism was originally designated as “Gender Disorder” until a few years ago when the definition was changed (by the American Psychiatric Association which compiled the DSM V) to “Gender Dysphoria”.
    They did this for various reasons, too many to examine here. One might, charitably, say they were pressured into this change by the PC establishment

    Whilst the word “disorder” is generally accepted and understood by us all to mean exactly what it says, “dysphoria” means “confusion”.

    Hence, by insisting that everyone accepts
    transgenderism without question means that we are actively promoting mandatory confusion. No winners here.

    To say something is, when it obviously is not, is the beginning of group-think insanity and completely unhelpful to those who suffer from this disorder.
    (And suffer they do!) That the ADF is stirring this pot is scary, to say the least.

    A complete overhaul of the ADF is required vis a vis their HR policies. We are all heartily sick of them behaving like wusses instead of doing the job the country pays them for. As for the Islamic Navy Advisor, that position is a waste of space and should be deleted as quickly as they deleted the Twitter Account.

    Get real ADF and leave Bernard Gaynor and his Dad alone. You are fortunate they have not decided to sue
    the pants off you! I personally would throw the book at you! Shame on you – all who initiated and contrived to support these disgraceful deeds! Very un-Australian indeed!

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  10. My father fought on the Kokoda Track along with many others to ensure Australia’s future was a free one. He sure as hell could never have imagined that oddities and peculiar people would misuse that freedom. I am ashamed at the way Australia is heading and very worried for my grand children.

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    • He is not in the ADF anymore Bernard got chucked out of the ADF some time ago

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      • Doug Steley does not appear to know that the Federal Court on 4 Dec 2015 (Buchanan J) overturned the CDF’s dismissal of Bernard, meaning that Bernard has NEVER been “chucked out of the ADF”.
        You need to get out a bit more, Dougy – you really should try to keep up with the news.

      • Yes apparently the Cowards in the ADF Command centre have rolled over for the Muslims ,and Bernard Spoke up for his country and was sacked , Seems typical Smells Halal to me !

    • i have much respect for what your father and many others did for this country, and i bet they were all glad that in combat, they didnt need to check who in their own ranks was looking at them from behind!

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  11. Unreal what`s this idiot doing in our Defence force ?

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    • You are quite obviously referring to “Captain Mona Shindy, and i really don’t have an answer to your question, as valid as it is.

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    • That’s a very childish and cowardice thing to say to a man that is held in High Esteem ,unlike the poor simple fool Mo-hammud guess your all upset the truth is coming out hey ,Hammy Copy and Pasted the Koran from the Jewish Talmud ,

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