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The ABC has not one news report on its website about the scandal of Captain Mona Shindy’s offensive, pro-Islamic and political Twitter account.

This account was shut down after it criticised the next likely Prime Minister of The Netherlands, Geert Wilders, the Australian Liberty Alliance and former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Mona Shindy

In stark contrast, the ABC has numerous reports dedicated to the story that the Western Australian Nationals planned to hold a political fundraiser at HMAS Stirling:

  • A story ran on Thursday stating that the event was deemed inappropriate due to the requirement for the military to remain politically impartial.
  • A second story was posted on Friday, again highlighting that Defence members and politicians alike had a requirement to ensure the military remained apolitical.
  • ABC’s flagship morning news program, AM, also ran a lengthy 5 minute story on the issue on Friday, focused on the fact that this event risked the Navy becoming a ‘political football’.

The ABC was the first media outlet I notified after the Islamic Advisor’s Twitter account was shutdown.

It has since been covered by numerous blogs and the following outlets, among many others:

One could be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that the ABC’s reporting of political activity within the Navy has not been politically impartial either.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. In the onset of ethnopolitics, it is inevitable that people will realize that the ethnic group which owns the controlled MSM in Europe is the same ethnic group that owns the controlled MSM in Oz.

    The ethnic agenda that censors the ‘downside’ of the Islamic invasion in Europe and the Islamification in Europe is the same ethnic agenda that exercises the same censorship here.

    Like the co-ordinated assaults and mass rapes on European women across the continent: Cologne, Hamburg, Helsinki, Paris, Salzburg, Zurich and others.

    To site one example only. On New Year’s Eve in the city of Bielefeld, an organised mob of 500 Islamic men crashed a German club and attacked women and caused a riot.

    Nothing of this is going to be reported in Australia by the controlled MSM.

    “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia (1917) were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ETHNIC hatred they tortured and killed millions (Solzhenitsyn estimates upwards of 50 million White Russian people) without a shred of remorse. It can not be overstated that the Bolshevik Revolution caused the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that the world remains ignorant of and uncaring this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the ETHNIC descendants of those perpetrators.”
    Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. Two Hundred Years Together. Now mandatory reading in all Russian public schools.

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  2. This case demonstrates beyond doubt the political left wing bias of the ABC. It is high time that taxpayer funding of the ABC stops.

    I note also on Michael Smith News that the RAN is sending officers on a Koran memorization competition in Saudi Arabia. This is outrageous! What business is it of the ADF to be promoting the Koran and Islam and how are they being allowed to get away with it?! Meanwhile terrorists are daily committing atrocities in the name of the same religion that the ADF is promoting within its ranks!! Taxpayers should be furious that their money is being spent in this way instead of on defending the values and freedoms of this nation that have been hard won, just as we rightly expect the ADF to do!

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  3. ABC = Australia’s Biased Communication network.

    My formal complaints to the ABC have progressed to ACMA due breeches of their Code of Practice, followed by written excuses which further breeched their Code of Practice. e.g. Having informed me that ABC is NOT supposed to represent any political bias in reference to one matter, they subsequently excused themselves on another matter by saying that they represent “the scientific consensus”, which is by definition a political position.

    My analysis of ABC CoP showed that various points contradict each other anyway.

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  4. What Terence did not tell us is that Michael Smith News breaks the news that the RAN is sending a Muslim member of the RAN to Saudi Arabia – at the taxpayers expense – to enter a Koran Memorisation Contest!!!!!!
    This was, according to the post (check It for yourselves!) enthusiastically endorsed by Shindy, who cannot enter into it herself because she is not a
    BLOKE (although I suppose under the new rules of engagement for “diversity” this could be redressed!).
    Resignations please – now – of all of the scheming, traitorous lot of them. A pox on all their houses!
    The ALA is looking better and brighter by the second!

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  5. Aunty Oz has not one news report on Capt Shindy’s promotion of Islam on a Navy Twitter account? Gee that’s really hard to believe.

    Aunty is usually so vigilant when it comes to any meddling of religion in the official agencies of the government.

    If Capt Santa Pio was promoting teachings of the Roman Catholic Church on a Navay Twitter account, Aunty Oz would be running the story 24/7 for a week and maybe two weeks if they could manage it.

    Not much gets past Aunty Oz – except the now endemic ‘migrant’ rape crisis in Europe it would seem.

    Sweden is completely farooked. Lots of new Orc rulz and regs for European women since the invasion of Europe. Sweden is now the rape capitol of Europe. The Netherlands is now under complete assault for Sharia Law.
    Pro ISIS Demonstration in the Netherlands

    Oh. Aunty Oz didn’t cover that either?

    Maybe the Eye of Sauron is off its sweep or something. Aunty Oz had better twiddle the thingy up in the dish and point it at another satellite or I sear I won’t write in and nominate Aunty for the Curried Turd at the annual TV ‘night of nights’.

    For news coverage I am going to nominate the now famous Hungarian truck driver and his dash cam.
    Here’s our man the Hungarian truckie driving the guantlet of the Calais On Ramp to the Chunnel. Yes. He’s viral.

    Europe had better pray that the Hun is soon at the gate.

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  6. Michael Smith News has an item about the Navy on his blog today – should be mandatory reading that exposes the Islamic leaning that now has the Navy it its clutches.

    The ABC has become a fifth column supporting the Australian government’s move to one world corporate government under a form of National/Communist Socialism. Anyone who believes that the coup against Abbott was due to the ego of Turnbull had better familiarize themselves with Turnbull’s past to realize his ultimate ambition. And those who still deny that this subversion of the West is actually occurring would be well advised to look up the North American Law Center’s website, more specifically, Stephen Pidgeon, and learn what is now occurring within the United States and the West in general.

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  7. We are standing with you Bernie & the ALA.
    People of Australia need to wake up & see what is happening in Europe & America.
    Keep up the good fight.

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    • Bernie,
      Thank you for your update on party activity and revelations regarding the insidious problem we face with those spawning the barbaric ideology of Islam in our midst. It has no place here in this country. I congratulate you on your campaigning to date. Keep up the good work.
      Please accept my modest gratuity in assistance and appreciation.
      Best regards,

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