Defence Minister Marise Payne has a funny idea of political impartiality

Defence Minister Marise Payne on the proposed Western Australian National’s fundraiser at HMAS Stirling:

“Defence facilities should not be used for political fundraising purposes and it is regrettable that the original invitation was issued.”

Defence Minister Marise Payne on Captain Mona Shindy and her official Royal Australian Navy Twitter account that attacked the Australian Liberty Alliance and Tony Abbott:

Defence Minister Marise Payne said Captain Shindy was “an outstanding Australian” who had served the country “with ­distinction”.

Ms Payne said the navy continued to develop an “effective and engaging” social media strategy and Defence was committed to increasing cultural diversity among serving members to better reflect Australian society.

The Defence Minister has asked that we judge her on her performance and not her gender. She’s making that job easy.

Marise Payne performance

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I have always voted Liberal/National, but sorry, these parties now only appear to appease the Muslim voters… I will now vote for anyone or party who/that will make Muslims intergrate within the Australian community, rein in the Halal Certification extortion, stop the hate preaching within Mosques, stop the ridiculous funding to Muslim controlled countries and start to look at, and listen, to the needs of the majority of the constituents (ordinary Australians). It seems that only the ALA Party and One Australia Party are promising these changes.

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  2. The Australian Navy will only succeed in promoting Islam through “an effective and engaging social media strategy” as long as the controlled MSM remains censored on the subject of Islam.

    The censorship will have to become even tighter because events because the nation of Poland has risen against Islam.

    Here is the blowback (only 4 months ago) at the Legia Warsaw vs Zaglebie Lublin footbal match on the ominous date of Sept 11 – and I am not talking about 2001.

    Then there was the march of upward of +100,000 in Warsaw Nov 11 2015
    The March of Independence 2015 / Poland Rises Against Islam.

    Shades of Sept 11 1683
    Husaria to Vienna

    England, Germany, France, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Romania are all going to get this. Not even the resources of Aunty Oz will prevent Australia from finding out about this.

    Promoting Islam through an effective and engaging social media strategy – pffft.

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  3. Here is the type of multicultural diversity al hijra has brought to Europe.

    The police are outnumbered and restrained by the government/s from any effective response. The level of assault upon the European population calls for a military response but the armed forces would seem to be otherwise engaged working on their social media response.

    And, of course, these mass assaults are censored in the controlled MSM both in Europe and Oz.
    Muslim ‘Army’ refugees fighting on the streets of Europe.

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  4. If the Defence Minister wishes to be judged on her performance, then she should DO SOMETHING, instead of making inane comments about the bleeding obvious!
    Suggestion to the Defence Minister: Initiate a Royal Commission immediately to examine the ADF in all its aspects, particularly incorporating the unlawful shenanigans detailed in this blog. Or is that beyond the gender judgement job description?

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  5. Where have our leaders gone ? What are the Liberal Party doing ? They send our ADF to the Middle East to protect Australia, then import the people of Muslim Cult to our shores in record numbers.. It seems they have betrayed the Australian People and our ADF.

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  6. Well Marise, going on your ‘performance’ so far that has demonstrated a lack of patriotism when it comes down to doing what is right for the security of this country, I would call you an abject failure!

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  7. The Aust Defence Force is a servant department of the people of Australia. It must remain apolitical. Shame on Captain Shindy & could someone please explain how a person in the defence force can be awarded for Telstra businesswoman of the year who knows nothing about running a business? How can a captain of a ship have the entrepreneurial abilities of a business innovator ????.cant understand that one.

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  8. Marise Payne, I cannot recall anyone judging Shindy on her gender, I can recall Shindy using an official Navy Twitter account to post her personal political views, and being judged for that and rightly so, if Shindy wants to be a politician she needs to resign from the Navy first. Steve Roddick

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    • This typifies why I have cancelled my Liberal Party membership and joined The ALA!

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      • Thank you Mark.

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