DEFGLIS, you’re next

After the spectacular failure of the politicised and pro-Islamic Twitter account, @navyislamic, the Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service (DEFGLIS) must be treading warily.

Because it is next.

And when this political domino eventually falls, as it surely must if Defence is to have any credibility to its claim that it even pretends to remain politically impartial, the reverberations will be much larger.

DEFGLIS claims that it is apolitical. It’s a funny claim from an organisation that busies itself by campaigning for homosexual marriage and the removal of rights and funding from private schools.

DEFGLIS also likes to give the appearance that it is part of the Australian Defence Force. And it has been allowed to spread its tentacles deep inside Defence which, being led by a homophobic hierarchy, has been too afraid of the rainbow backlash to resist it.

But DEFGLIS is not part of the Australian Defence Force.

It is nothing more than a private lobby group of homosexuals who blatantly, offensively and inappropriately use their connection with the Australian Defence Force to promote their political agendas.

Here are some facts of which you should be aware:

  • DEFGLIS has lobbied federal parliament to increase anti-free speech laws and remove rights and funding from religious organisations including private schools.
  • DEFGLIS has been allowed to assist in the policy development of the Australian Defence Force.
  • DEFGLIS has promoted a report that stated the number of Anglo-Australian males in the military was undesirable, as well as the military’s focus on physical courage.
  • Defence sponsored DEFGLIS to the tune of over $7,000 in late 2015.
Sponsorship DEFGLIS

Defence paid over $7,000 to DEFGLIS in late 2015, including a $5,000 sponsorship payment.


DEFGLIS issued orders to Defence personnel participating in the 2013 Mardi Gras.

  • Defence has admitted that the Mardi Gras is a political event and that its participation means it is now viewed as supporting politically polarising issues.
QA report political activity

A Defence report into participation in the 2013 Mardi Gras found that the ADF was now seen as being involved in politically polarising issues. Defence participates in the Mardi Gras due to lobbying from DEFGLIS.

  • Defence has allowed the DEFGLIS chairman to provide media statements and media advice over how it should respond to the privately-expressed conservative political beliefs of Defence personnel.
  • Defence allows DEFGLIS to use Defence IT networks for its activities.
  • Defence has spent tens of thousands sending DEFGLIS members on international visits to promote transgenderism in the military.

And right now the DEFGLIS website provides direction to Defence personnel about locations, timings and uniform standards for the 2016 Mardi Gras – a protest against extant Commonwealth laws on marriage and family.

DEFGLIS uniform

This image is taken from the DEFGLIS website. DEFGLIS is coordinating the Defence ‘contingent’ at the 2016 Mardi Gras. Its website details uniforms, timings and locations for Defence personnel. All Defence members participating at the Mardi Gras must register on the DEFGLIS website.

If the Richter Scale reads ‘inappropriate’ for the Chief of Navy’s Islamic Advisor’s use of an official Twitter account to attack the Australian Liberty Alliance and Tony Abbott, then this situation is off the chart. DEFGLIS is not Tweeting about Tony Abbott. It is organising official Defence participation in a protest that portrays Tony Abbott in this fashion:

Tony Abbott Mardi Gras

The Mardi Gras regularly attacks Tony Abbott and any other politician that supports the concept of the natural family and marriage.

You may like to also consider this.

DEFGLIS is an organisation that has to impose a ‘yellow card’ and a ‘red card’ rule in its behaviour standards in order to prevent what it describes as ‘predatory behaviour’ at DEFGLIS events. It also warns its members to be cautious taking photographs during DEFGLIS activities, lest they cause ‘damage to reputation’.

And in addition to the political activity above, DEFGLIS is also heavily involved in promoting itself to officer cadets and midshipman at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

This is not an organisation that should be given command of Defence personnel, or permitted to use Defence as a tool for political activity. And it is now running on borrowed time.

As I said, DEFGLIS is next and the unlawful, hypocritical and political patronage it has received from certain high-ranking military officers is about to backfire on both them and this political lobby group.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. What is disgusting is the PM going to the M/G yesterday just to get the publicity. How much did this non essential outing cost the tax payer for the extra security and so forth that would have been needed? Turnball is turning out to be just like Rudd, a selfie and media junkie. We need people like the ALA candidates in government who are more interested in the values and needs of the people and not of themselves. The big party candidates are too self absorbed and think of nothing but their popularity and bank balance.

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  2. Slightly OT – if anyone would like to see the Safe Schools – ‘All of Us’ unit guide, together with a very handy summary, go here:

    Please inform as many people as possible. While the program is up for review, there’s still a lot to be done before it’s either ditched or re-written. The plain fact is that many schools (over 500 now) will keep exposing kids to this material and communistic indoctrination until something firm is done by the government.

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    • “Thrice the brindl’d cat hath mewed. Thrice and once the hedge pig whined. Harpier cries: ‘Tis time. Tis time”.

      The ‘All of Us’ unit guide is now abroad.

      This is psychological warfare for mass populations targeted on children. It is still social engineering 101. But it is very bad.

      They even state the goal of the programme: ‘to reduce heteronormativity’.

      Both Nanny Oz and the Gaystapo take as given that the majority of people (the overwhelming majority actually) whether they are genetically XX or genetically XY want to model that range and set of behaviours in a given society which traditionally and culturally are the gender heritage of the female and the male. Whatever society you are looking at: boys will want to be boys and girls will want to be girls in terms of these behaviours. This is what has stood the test of time in terms of the male/female bond and marriage and children and the pillars of human identity: traditions of the sacred (religious belief/practice), race, ethnic and cultural heritage, family and geneology.

      Thus social engineering witchcraft has been enlisted by Nanny Oz to concoct a term to name/blame/shame the majority of people with the intent of making them think they have a mental illness. Exactly like this:

      All: “Double, double, toil and trouble
      Fire burn and cauldron bubble”

      Third Witch: “Scale of dragon, tooth of wolf
      Witches’ mummy, maw and gulf
      Of the ravin’d salt sea shark
      Root of hemlock digg’d i’the dark
      Liver of blaspheming Jew
      Gall of goat and slips of yew
      Silver’d i the moon’s eclipse…

      Secon Witch: “Cool it with a baboon’s blood
      Then the charm is firm and good”
      Macbeth Act 1; scene 1

      Enter Heteronormativity. An 8 syllable monstrousity has emerged from the cauldron and now stalks the target population. The magical intent here is to shame the target and make it think it has a mental illness if it meets the criteria for the commons sense of how ordinary people think and feel.

      The fact that Nanny Oz, Aunty Oz and Nana Oz have to rely on secrecy from parents, secret pledges and secret alliances etc is a clear sign that what is being done to the children in these programmes will not stand the light of fair scrutiny, free speech and fair criticism from interested parties ie parents.

      The fact that the Gaystapo uses children who especially struggle to understand their sexuality and how to individually express their gender as the schmoscreen for this wickedness makes it “a charm of powerful trouble
      Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. “

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  3. Tax payers money used to support DEFGLIS, that is disgraceful, if the minister doesn’t fix this sort of waste they should be terminated.

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  4. Looks like Australian of the Year has become even more politicized under the Turnbull gov’t.

    Political Correctoid, Gen Morrison is on point with the NWO Agenda: DEFGLIS dictate for the armed forces, Aus republic here we come, etc . I am sure Aunty Oz will be promoting these and similar carbon emissions from the AOTY over the coming year.

    Libtards and Cucks on all ‘sides’ of politics will need to revisit Oz greenhouse gas quotas allowed by the NWO.

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  5. Who is responsible for allowing our rightly revered Defence Force to become the plaything of the self appointed cultural revolutionaries and political elites? Why is it that our Defence force is allowed in uniform to participate in a parade that denigrates the Christian faith; which the ADF down through the ages until the recent past, has based its ethos on? By the way, the ADF acting on the Christian ethos it is based on has distiniguished itself on operations above all other armies in its compassion and efficiency to win hearts and minds. It’s ethos was not based on God denying secular humanist dogma that our mainstream media and politicians of both main parties are now falling over themselves to provide in their lust to look “progressive” and with the times. Who is responsible for all this? Both main political parties neither of which have any understanding of the historical basis of our Defence force, who has to date sacrificially shown real compassion and real firmness in the face of our nation’s enemies. By the way, if you are like me, and want to write to the Minister of Defence to protest all this, prepare to be disappointed. Standing for this will not win them votes so the reply you will get as I did, was a polite brush off really telling me to go away and not bother them any more. I am so saddened by the crass misuse of a fine Defence Force, that I have decided neither Coalition or Labor are worth a vote if you want to see our Defence Force protected from the depredations of secular humanists who care way more for their ideology than ensuring the protectors of our nation remain our APOLITICAL defenders and servants. We need our Defence Force to protect and watch over us. Making it a cultural revolutionary’s plaything only means some of us will be way less equal than others when it comes to certain future government’s decision on who is and who isn’t worth defending. All common sense but few of our political elites have the common sense to see this it seems. Time to find a political party with sense and reality who knows what a Defence Force in a democratic society is actually supposed to be. No-one in the mainstream I can assure you.

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  6. I guess you missed reading the Honours List…

    Warrant Officer Stuart Ronald O’BRIEN, NSW

    For meritorious service as a Maritime Logistics Personnel Sailor in the field of personnel services and as the founder of the Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service. Warrant Officer O’Brien as the Senior Personnel Manager at HMAS Kuttabul has positively impacted the lives and welfare of over five thousand Australian Defence Force personnel and their families. As founder and chairperson of the Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service, Warrant Officer O’Brien has equally enhanced the lives and careers of these members and their families and helped foster a culture of inclusion and respect within Defence. His professionalism and leadership are in the finest traditions of the Royal Australian Navy and the Australian Defence Force.

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    • And I guess you miss the points being made here because of your own belief that a person’s sexual orientation should be publicly known and promoted?

      You also miss or choose to miss, the point that when individuals are singled out because of their sexual orientation, race, gender or whatever is the current flavor of the month for promotional causes, that it divides those from the rest of society or groups that they may happen to be members of and grants them special status because of it.

      Their special status then becomes a cause celebre that is promoted as ‘diversity’ and ‘strength in diversity’ when any clear thinker can realize that it is unity not diversity that strengthens and that diversity only drives a wedge between those who are of a special status and those who are not!

      Those who put up with this nonsense, this stupidity, that is used politically to undermine societal standards of decency, cohesion, public behaviour and patriotism, are then singled themselves for ‘re-education’ or worse, to the new standards because they dare to speak out concerning this decent into libertinism and a collective decadence that has not seen the light of day since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah!

      And what beggars belief is that you call yourself enlightened!

      You disgust me, because you can see this happening but go along with it because your are either a coward who chooses to do nothing or you are a part of the problem that needs to be dealt with!

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  7. Bernie you need to check out Michael Smith News for Sunday, January 24 and the article concerning the ADF and Muslim servicemen and women and the requirement of Muslims to overthrow the government of the country they serve if the government is non-Sharia.

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  8. What does the ADF have to say for itself by supporting DEFGLIS? How can it claim to be a non political organization? It seems rather that the ADF is bent on promoting a left wing ideological agenda. Taxpayers should be furious. It is high time for an independent investigation of the ADF to clean out this corruption and stop the misuse of taxpayers’ money for political activities.

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  9. Reminds me of my first undergraduate orientation day at UTS (Sydney). We were almost tackled by student groups selling homosexuality and drugs. That was disturbing, but DEFGLIS actions are horrifying, so ADF/politician support is a living nightmare.

    God gave Noah the sign of the rainbow to say He would never again destroy the earth with a global flood as punishment for humanity’s debaucherous wickedness. That was BEFORE he destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah for the same wickedness. Like Abraham in Sodom, I can only plead with my fellow Australians to repent and be saved. God can NOT be pleased to see his glorious sign of the rainbow stamped into the mud with such blatant arrogance.

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  10. Thank you for keeping us informed. What’s next, a pink uniform for the navy, army and airforce and a special rainbow coloured one for the SAS?

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  11. The reality is, ADF is actually at war with mainstream society. It has become a matter of “accept the new orthodox (gay) view … or be steamrolled”. DEFGLIS is the means to an end. The overtness of such a group highlights how brazen things have become. But really is moonbeam stuff alright. Not surprising is that homosexual advocates will never ever discuss how incredibly high incidents of sexually transmitted diseases amongst their community, especially male homosexuals. One in 9 Australian homosexual males (ie 12%) have HIV. Most have HPV, along with disturbingly high rates of gonorrhoea, anal cancers, and so on. But mum’s the word.

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  12. DEFGLIS has promoted a report that stated the number of Anglo-Australian males in the military was undesirable, as well as the military’s focus on physical courage. So the military is now what to be defined on what the ideals of pansies and effeminate gays aswell as estrogen fuelled females I suppose, what a great defence force we are going to have, there are plenty of masculine gay men out there I am that would disagree with this ridiculous comment. So we hand in our war chest and trade it for roses and sun flowers yeah that’s gonna work. Fed up with the social morons in our impotent society which appears hell bent on self destruction. I wonder how the 300 would have fared with these ideals facing the Persians.

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  13. Any ADF personnel who choose to partake in an event such as the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras should do so in whatever garb/ dress they wish OTHER THAN THAT OF OUR ARMED SERVICES !!!!!!!!!.
    It is disgraceful and outrageous that the inclusion of service personnel in uniform is condoned by the ADF. This is divisive and and an affront to the non political policy of membership in our armed services. Absolute disgrace .

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  14. Marise Payne is Turnbull’s pick and reflects his own perverse and progressive political views. I think we can all assume that Payne will be far worse in her role as Defence Minister than even Stephen Smith was. She supports homosexual marriage and I have no doubt would support the marching of Defence Force personnel at the homosexual mardi gras. She will further erode, if given the opportunity, any cohesiveness still left within the Defence Forces.

    If the above assessment is not bad enough, what really grates with me is the fact that Defence is the most difficult of portfolios to manage because those who are elevated to be the Minister of Defence lack the basic understanding of what it is to be a ‘warrior’ and the prerequisites needed to be of the warrior class, which is a particular mindset that is not evident within the general population.

    What it is that makes a good soldier will also make a good cop! And on that score, we can be sure that DEFGLIS will do everything within its power to undermine that mindset!

    Whole books have been written on the subject of the military man, but the importance and the relevance to national security that the portfolio of Defence should obviously be seen as, is now treated by politicians as just another job to cut their political teeth on, and to ‘test the waters’ as to how far their progressive leanings will be implemented to suit their personal political agendas.

    Marise Payne is no warrior, nor is she a logical and practical thinker, but a progressive thinker whose own emotive thinking will over-ride those issues that need practical and common sense outcomes as they present themselves. DEFGLIS will be supported by her. I hope you have taken that on board Bernie, and good luck and God Speed with this your next expose of everything that is so rotten within Defence.

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  15. DEFGLIS is engaging in psychological warfare on the ADF. This is straight up Marxist/Leninist subversion along the lines of the Long March through the Institutions.

    I thought the ADF was training an elite warrior class of Australians to understand this type of thing.

    For those who are having trouble with the schmo screen around Agenda driven issues like gay marriage and men who just want to live as teen-age girls or labradoodles or whatever – this project is about screwing around with the basics of human identity for the objective of social destruction.

    Listen to Yuri Bezmenov. Ideological subversion of Western nations was his job. He was trained by the KGB.
    Yuri Bezmeov: KGB Psychological Warfare and Subversion Strategy Part 1
    Full Metal Jacket “You had best unf*ck yourself”

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  16. The can of worms has been opened and they are particularly nasty, vicious and poisonous snakes that are sliding out.

    None of these unlawful outrages could have been initiated without absolute and explicit compliance from people in the ADF at the top of the pile.

    It is not for Bernard Gaynor – despite his courageous stand against ongoing injustice – to stand alone against these contraventions. It requires a ROYAL COMMISSION and someone (or people) in Government to demand one. Now.

    Australians – we have been had – big time – by charlatans and rogues. Time to throw them out on the scrap heap and get our ADF up to scratch. Yes, a Royal Commission is the only answer.

    The ALA is becoming more and more the only solution to many of our ills, because the in-house doctor (i.e. the Coalition Government) closed the surgery long ago!
    And Australia’s sickness is becoming terminal.

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    • DEFGLIS has promoted a report that stated the number of Anglo-Australian males in the military was undesirable, as well as the military’s focus on physical courage. So the military is now what to be defined on what the ideals of pansies and effeminate gays aswell as estrogen fuelled females I suppose, what a great defence force we are going to have, there are plenty of masculine gay men out there I am that would disagree with this ridiculous comment. So we hand in our war chest and trade it for roses and sun flowers yeah that’s gonna work. Fed up with the social morons in our impotent society which appears hell bent on self destruction. I wonder how the 300 would have fared with these ideals facing the Persians.

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    • I totally agree with your sentiments.
      And as you say it should not be Bernard Gaynor’s burden to push this particular wheelbarrow.
      BUT unfortunately he and the ALA are the only ones with the intestinal fortitude to face up to the realities of life in Australia presently.
      And face the infiltration of all of these minority groups who at every turn seek to impose their particular agendas on to the Australian way of life.
      I know where my vote is going.

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  17. There is a great, big fire burning in the Australian Defence Force. It will be weakened by all these issues that should not even need to be discussed, or be a part of the Defence Force in any way. What sort of soldiers are we training?

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  18. Thank you for that information Bernard. Had no idea this was happening.
    Mary McGinnis

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