AFIC is just the tip of the iceberg

Finally, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils (AFIC) is facing serious scrutiny.

It could soon lose its status as a charity as the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profit Commission (ACNC) investigates ‘inappropriate use of funds’ at AFIC. And that should be simply the start of matters.

The charities watchdog will investigate reports that AFIC funds have been used for private purposes, including legal fees and overseas trips. As part of the investigation, the ACNC will also look into how AFIC operates its halal certification operations. Hallelujah I say.

This investigation is long overdue. And it is by no means the only investigation required. In fact, it is just the tip of the iceberg.

There has been an ongoing culture of financial irregularity and non-compliance within the Islamic community stretching back many years. Here are just some examples (and I went into much further detail in my submission to the Senate inquiry into halal certification):

  • In September 1982, the Royal Commission into the Australian Meat Industry found AFIC had poor financial and administrative performance.
  • In September 2005, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that SICHMA was involved in a legal case regarding allegedly unapproved loans of over $1 million to charities.
  • In July 2006, SBS reported that AFIC had its assets frozen due to its inability to produce evidence that its board was properly elected.
  • In March 2010, the West Australian reported that two administrators of the Islamic College of Australia were found guilty of fraud involving millions of dollars.
  • In July 2012, The Australian reported that Melk Fahd Islamic school had been ordered to pay back over $9 million in public funding because it had been diverted to AFIC.
  • In December 2012, The Australian reported that senior members on the AFIC board had been suspended while an auditor investigated the alleged loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • In January 2014, Fairfax media reported that a number of Islamic charities, community organisations and individuals had been warned to stop sending funds to Syria through the channels they had been using.
  • In September 2014, The Australian reported that a money transfer company was suspended after allegedly funding Islamic State terrorists.
  • In April 2015, The Australian reported that the al-Furqan Islamic Centre, which a number of terrorism suspects have been linked to, was under investigation for alleged tax, social security and financial fraud.
  • In July 2015, the ABC reported that members of an Islamic charity based in Australia were arrested in Lebanon for allegedly raising funds for the Islamic State.

This all follows the news that the largest Islamic School in Australia, the Malek Fahd Islamic College, faces closure. Essentially, the allegation is that this school has been operating as a cash cow for AFIC and that government funds meant for students have ended up lining the pockets of senior Islamic figures in this country. Some of these figures have linked-up with Wahhabist extremists to create a global halal empire. These same figures have criticised the sentences handed down to convicted terrorists.

It’s a big story considering the big dollars involved. The Malek Fahd Islamic College was given a cool $115,620,887 by the federal government between 2005 and 2013. Actually, Australian taxpayers forked out for that.

And that is just one Islamic school operated by AFIC.

As I also wrote in my detailed submission to the Senate inquiry into halal certification, there is a ‘perfect storm’ for terrorism funding within the Islamic community.

This perfect storm is a result of:

  • The requirement for Muslims to pay annual tithes under Islamic law, which may be used for armed jihad.
  • The legality under Islamic Sharia law of armed jihad against non-Muslims.
  • The evidence that large numbers of Muslims in Australia are prepared to support the Islamic State, including by direct participation as jihadis.
  • The equivocal condemnation of terrorism by senior Islamic figures and Islamic organisations in this country.
  • The evidence that the Islamic State and other terrorist groups have secured significant funding or support from Islamic charities in other nations.
  • The evidence that members of an Australian charity have provided financial support to the Islamic State.
  • The evidence that the Islamic State also secures funding from organised crime, with some links to Australia.
  • The ongoing and controversial history of financial and regulatory compliance within Australia’s Islamic community.
  • The evidence that organised criminal groups in Australia have significant Muslim membership and, in some cases, have been linked to those fighting for the Islamic State.
  • The evidence that even Western governments have been unable to prevent funding and weapons sent to Syria to support anti-Islamic State/al Qaeda organisations from falling into the hands of the terrorist groups.

You can read the lengthy evidence of this perfect storm that I presented to the Senate inquiry into halal certification here.

It’s time for a wide-ranging and forensic inquiry into the Islamic community and its compliance with financial regulations. And it’s also time for AUSTRAC and the Australian Crime Commission to get involved.

Furthermore, given the well-known public information about this scandal, it’s also time to recognise that Australia’s political leadership have failed to act, and failed to protect ordinary Australians from a clear and present danger.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. According to Nanny Oz you have to be a Muslim or a preferred skin tone (black-brown) to qualify as a refugee under the Refugee Convention and thus be eligible for an Australian Protection Visa.

    Spare a thought for Eddie and Audrey Vermaak, Zimbabwean farmers, who fled for their lives to their family in Westerna Australia. The landgrab of the Zimbabwean gov’t and their white ethnic cleansing policy is a well documented fact in both the UK and Australia.

    Yet they do not qualify as refugees.

    If they were to convert to Islam they might have a chance.

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  2. The controlled MSM is n’sync with the Islamification Agenda. The yada yada on all channels works assiduously for perception a management in all the areas where the Australian population is being targeted with psychological warfare and ideological subversion: multiculturalism, diversity, the change/guilt industries: stolen generations, marriage equality, white privilege, refugee crisis and lest we forget the civic religion of the West: holocaustianity.

    The MSM is always to the fore in presenting governments (like that of Assad) targeted for ‘wmd’ and ‘regime change’ in the ZOG wars as evil hitlers who are bombing, gassing, ethno-cleansing their own populations.

    In Syria, now that many villages have been liberated from IS and ‘moderate terrorists’ – insugencies fighting against Assad and the Syrian national army – the real story is starting to emerge.
    Syria: The untold story of the seige of two small Shia villages – and how the world turned a blind eye. (Obviously didn’t fit the ‘regime change’ narrative and the Agenda’s need for refugee crisis as the gift that keeps on giving)

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  3. Feb 13 is the anniversary of the Allied firebombing of Dresden Germany. Every year the city of Dresden commemorates this event and the German deaths. It is what little that they can do against hatespeech laws in Germany where “truth is no defense”.

    But only patriotic Germans are subject to hatespeech laws.

    On Feb 13, The Tribe is out celebrating the Dresden hellstorm and Communist victory at the annual commemoration with hatespeech and flags: Alles Gute Kommt von Oben (all good from heaven comes).

    So here’s one for The Tribe for Feb 13, for Dresden and the German nation
    Dieudonne Defies Holocaust Religion

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  4. Muslim Madness.


    Berlin senate plans to house 10,000 Muslim invaders in Berlin luxury hotels at a cost of at least 600 million euros -..while homeless Germans sleep in the streets.

    The senate has requested a contract with Grand City Hotels to lease out 22 hotels to house migrants in the city. The idea of renting out hotels in Berlin is not without precedent.

    The 182 room Best Western “President” hotel has been completely rented out to migrants to the tune of 150,000 euros a month. This figure excludes even what are considered “incidental” expenses meaning the actual figure could be even higher per month.
    At least 80,000 migrants have come to Berlin since the migrant crisis started last year.

    Sweden :

    Luxury accommodations for migrants have already been provided in Sweden, as Breitbart reported back in November when Swedish government agencies took luxury cruise ships, ski resorts and hotels for housing migrants.

    In 2011, it was estimated that 34,000 Swedes were homeless each night.

    Canada :

    PM Justin Trudeau, will use Canadian military bases to house and provided all services to 50,000 Muslim invaders every year.

    In 2005, it was estimated over 200,000 Canadians were homeless about 30,000 per night.
    The number would be much greater now.

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  5. Bernie.. im not sure where you got your monetary figures from .. possibly from Robert .. but have to advise you are way off the mark.
    Between 2005 – 2013 the value was 168,000,000.00
    On top of this is a further $16,000,000.00 …as the Commonwealth was paying the MFIS a GST component ..but with the school being a charity. . They are GST EXCEMPT… And as such … MFIS KEFT THIS EXTRA MONEYS. This is all evidence as part and parcel of our court cases. This ssuspension of fund’s is a result of our court action.

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    • Hi Marella – these figures are the Commonwealth recurrent funding and do not include other amounts or grants from state or commonwealth departments. This figure comes from the judgement in relation to one of the Hoxton Park matters.

      I would like to thank you for your courage and determination in this fight. You have done a great job for the residents of Hoxton Park. Bernie.

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  6. Good work once again Bernie, it would be interesting to know if any theres any connection with the Gülen charter schools which are operating in the US and any of the moslim schools operating here.

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  7. Good stuff Bernie!

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