The Chief of Army goes ‘on the record’ over hat badges and halal

The Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, has responded to the revelation that the Australian Army has signed off on a requirement for halal rations. You can read his full response here.

He’s also re-raised the issue of the hat badge worn by Australian Army chaplains. We’ll start with that thorny problem first.

The good news is that the hat badge will not be changing (at the moment), although the Chief of Army has left the door open for a change in the future.

However, the Chief of Army should be praised for his current stance. Whether or not he would have eventually made a different decision if this story was not publicised by the media, we’ll never know. But at the end of the day, a change was planned, then the Chief of Army stepped in and now it’s going nowhere.

Of course, in between the Australian public made its unhappiness about this planned change well known. Even I was surprised by the strength of the backlash after it was announced that the word ‘conquer’ would be removed and that the hat badge would be changed in order to prevent offence to Islam.

As I said in December, this whole episode shows that when ordinary Australians do stand tall and fight hard, good things happen.

However, it seems strange that the Chief of Army is upset at the media’s coverage of this story. While some outlets are still reporting that the hat badge is changing (and this is incorrect), the Chief of Army should really be focusing on Defence’s own PR problem in relation to the hat badges, and not the media’s subsequent reporting of this issue.

That’s because Defence told the media in November 2015 that the hat badges were changing ‘to better reflect the diversity of religion throughout the Australian Army’. That’s why there were stories like this:

One can only imagine that this statement was released because someone, somewhere, had decided that the hat badge was changing.

Defence’s statement also made it clear that the final ‘new motto’ had not yet been finalised.

I’m surmising here, but it would probably have been something pathetically bland like, ‘Together Many Are One’, although ‘Peace Out, Dude!’ could have been an outside chance. And it’s altogether possible that ‘Allahu Akbar’ was on the cards.

Anyway, the Chief of Army has a serious problem and it appears that he is blaming everyone else.

Either ADF PR believes that it can go about acting on a frolic of its own and making decisions about hat badges without consulting the boss. Or a decision was taken to change the hat badge by someone with enough authority to give the green light to the media team to confirm it.

Regardless, instead of pointing fingers at media outlets who have just reported the information provided by Defence, it would be better if heads rolled in the Army over this bungle.

Speaking of heads rolling, now it’s time to turn to the unfortunate issue of the Australian Army’s new requirement for Sharia compliant food.

The bad news is that the Chief of Army made it crystal clear in his statement that this was happening. He did not deny it at all.

He did kinda sorta hinted that it might not be happening as much. But he also kinda sorta hinted that it may happen much more. We just don’t know.

What we do know is that he specifically said that it is incorrect to state that ‘one third’ of rations will be halal, even though one third of ration configurations will be halal. He further failed to specify what proportion would be Sharia compliant and sacrificed to a god that Australians reject but the Islamic State accepts.

Instead, he stated that the proportion would vary based on demographic and operating requirements.

Considering that Australia’s favourite halal certifier made it well known on Channel 7 yesterday that it would be ‘offensive’ to eat non-halal products, like pork, in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Army may well have determined that all rations used by Australia’s soldiers there must be halal.

Who knows? In this politically-correct world I would not be surprised if that was the case. We bend over here, so why would we give any impression that we have any cultural pride over there?

After all, in 2008 I was ordered by the US Army not to say ‘Merry Christmas’ because it upset some atheist in San Francisco (I think). It was an ‘order’ that I subsequently forgot to follow almost immediately.

Well, actually, it was immediately. But that’s another whole story.

The Chief of Army’s statement on the halal rations is not really very satisfactory. On the surface, it looks like it’s designed to calm the anger by giving the impression that things aren’t as bad as they seem.

But it failed at this dismally by admitting up front that halal rations are coming.

And then it failed again by leaving open the possibility that they are coming in a bigger way than we might have first thought.

However, if it is true that only a few rations will be halal, then the Chief of Army has another issue to face up to.

And that’s the fact that the previous ration plans avoided ‘menu fatigue’ by having eight options, seven of which could be described as standard. There was one vegetarian menu that usually went to the last soldier to get to the stores point. That’s how we ensured diversity waaaay back in 2007/08.

This ration plan avoids ‘menu fatigue’ by including four halal, two kosher and two vegetarian options and reducing the number of standard menus to four as well. So unless soldiers are given halal rations, this ration plan is only going to increase ‘menu fatigue’.

As the Chief of Army said in his statement, eating the same rations day after day can be demoralising. So we should expect to see another ‘On the Record’ intervention from him on this issue in the very near future. Because he’s just backed a plan that will reduce ration choices for standard Aussie Diggers who want to eat standard Aussie ration packs.

As such, some soldiers might describe this plan as a self-licking ice-cream. It looks good but is of no use to anyone.

Others would say that the Chief of Army’s statement is just another example that they’re being treated like mushrooms: fed BS and kept in the dark.

And in the usual fashion of Aussie Diggers, they will no doubt show their appreciation of diversity by using other colourful language to describe this situation as well. As is the usual case with the language of diversity, these statements really are not fit to print. They probably won’t be halal either.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. The halalcertified / kosher defense and police forces in Germany are squarely in the spotlight of the AltRight websites and blogs this week.

    Germany [and by this I mean the ethnic Germans ] it should be recalled is a prostrate nation.

    The rights of freedom of association and freedom of speech for German citizens are all suspended by the Merkel gov’t. They are lectured by the haji invasion over their ‘racisim’, neo-nazism, intolerance, nationalism etc. They are told by their gov’t that Germany does not belong to Germans. In the hatespeech/hatefact shoah trials – the truth is no defense. Lawyers defending those accused of hatespeech that is hateful to the Jews and their governing shabgoy politial elite are thrown into jail for mounting a defense for the accused before the German courts. All very grim.

    Then the haji invasion. Forget the forlorn Syrian mother and her traumatised children who are the poster family for the ‘refugee crisis’ on the controlled msm in Australia. Over 90% of population transfer into Europe is male, of military age and come from Iraq, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia, Yemen, Sudan, Ethiopia and yes Syria. They have mobile phones, they are well dressed, they are aggressive toward any form of European border patrol and German citizens in the towns where they are billeted. Their gangs immediately begin to hunt and harass German females (no kidding) and in interviews they often refer to their bank accounts. Not exactly your huddled masses yearning to be free.

    That is the backstory.

    Then comes the realstory. Fair German maiden in distress Bibi Wilhailm (aged 16 yrs) decides to talk frankly to the world about the effect of the invasion on Germany and its unique effect on her personal life and on German girls. She pleads with the global village to understand what is really going on here. She uploads her video to Facebook.
    Ihr macht Deutschland kaput. (The are killing Germany: English subtitles)

    In 20 mins she completely undoes all the controlled msm BS and PC admonitions of the shabgoy gatekeepers to Germans – don’t go out at night, your schoolchildren have to work in the migrant centres, German families have to take in migrants, women esp to avoid train stations, swimming pools and all the rest of their koshercrapola.

    So now the bagel has landed. The gefilte fish has hit the fan. “To your tents O Israel”

    The FBirgun swings into action. Ko[sher]mander Zuck immediately censored, banned and removed the offending video as “hatespeech”. Then the arrogant prick cancelled young Bibi’s Facebook account and banned her from ever, ever, ever having an FB account. [ Deo Gratias ]

    As usual Jewish Canadian researcher Henry Makow, author of The Illuminati: the Cult that Hijacked the World” has called it.
    Time to boycott Facebook – Feb 29, 2016

    Please stick it to Kamander Zuck and help make young Bibi’s video viral.

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  2. The defence force should have talked to Senator Cory Bernardi about the findings of the Food Certifications Inquiry into Halal before paying for this rort. I am trying to buy non-halal from supermarkets after looking up products from Halal Choices website. It is frightening how many products are halal certified, what a deception on the Australian people.

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  3. You mention in passing once that 1/3 of the rations will be kosher and vegetarian – much more restrictive diets than a lot of halal stuff, yet apparently it is the halal portion you’re most concerned about?

    Do you actually have any ability at all to sort wheat from chaff, Bernard, or is it completely obscured by your rather obvious devoutly religious bigotry?

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    • Get a life, Mike, or get some facts! The halal “stuff” as you call it is dedicated to the Islamic god and prayers, etc. are said over it by their priest person called an imam. Can’t say what happens to the “kosher” “stuff”, but the vegetarian “stuff” is just that – food from vegetables and maybe with some dairy
      content if the person is not “vegan”. Look it up, Mike, if you are not sure
      what vegan means. As for religious bigotry, your rudeness and ignorance more
      than make up for Bernard’s supposed shortcomings!

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  4. why do we try and why did a fathers die for our country to be taken over and for our rights to be laugh at thanks for nothing

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    • Well said Teena, I for two am getting totally sick and tired of the Movement into our country that are trying to divide us all.
      My Grandfather took MG Rounds in France during WW1 and I served 21 1/2 yrs. We are a nation that has It’s OWN laws, Rules and Regulations and we certainly do not want any more, especially, like the mutilation of you babies genitalia or Stoning to death. They want that then stay over there.
      As far as the Military goes it has started to go backwards when they started to let in people that would not follow the rules and regulations. How the hell is MILK not HALA it is not touched by human hands and these stupid people that pay money to the Islamic thieves to be able to sell is nothing short of bloody minded stupidity and receiving under false pretence.

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  5. I was highly offended when it was pointed out to me that Vegemite has Al Hal certification. I wrote to Kraft who make is product, and is marketed as being Australian, that I will mo longer buy it, if it has a Religious Tax on it, and I have not bought it since!!

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    • Me either John, I will not consume any food from a company that has sent ransom money to Islamic organisations.

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      • Three 333s is an Aussie family company that market all their products without halal certification. I buy all their products including their Mighty Mite which is a good substitute for Vegemite and has the advantage of being way less salty.

  6. And while I am on the subject of the Victim Schtick, granted – since the ZOG wars referenced above, the Muslims have claims. But they are not cooking with gas.
    Shoahnanas le clip

    There are better ways for Western nations to repair the evil of the ZOG wars than to accept seed populations of unassimilables and Islamification.

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  7. Our powers that be have very short memories…how many coalition soldiers died or were maimed due to insider attacks? As for the ration fiasco, the mainstream Australian Defence members are highly offended by being forced into accepting and conforming to an ideal that goes against everything that they have sworn their allegiance to…it goes against every one of their moral and ethical standards which they have sworn to uphold.

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  8. The steak and potatoes here is: “diversity of religion throughout the Australian army”.

    That is the Agenda being dictated for Australia behind the schmo-screen and then put into operation throughout the Long March Through the Institutions.

    Hat badges are a mere reflection of the Agenda. Islamification is the instrument being worked against the majority Australian demographic. These would be the non-hyphenated Australians. They are not composed of X – Australians. They are just Australians. And this is a very cohesive demographic.

    Never mind that Islam is neither diverse, nor tolerant nor mulitcultural. It has one law, it does not tolerate other laws and while Muslims comprise many races and ethnicities they are bound by one Islamic culture and its law: Sharia. And it has wiles of longstanding use.

    For example when Dar al Islam penetrates a Dar al Harb, the way forward for Dar al Islam is conciliatory, liberal, nicey-nicey, go along to get along and they have learned how to do a pretty good Victim Schtick. When they have the numbers – different story. And they very easily acquire the numbers over a few generations when a Dar al Harb (that would be us) is subsidizing Farook and the 4 wives. In two generations, the Dar al Harb looks back and realises it is farooked.

    I don’t think Muslims are bright enough collectively to come up with this policy on their own. They copied it. But the point is – it has worked in many nations (most of them a lot older than Australia).

    The promotion of Islamificaton is an Agenda of Australia’s ruling (and hostile) political elite to break down the homogeneity of the Australian demographic, silence its political voice and expression and relegate it to an acceptable position – Dhimmitude.

    All of this would be bad enough if not for the events unfolding in the larger political theatre.
    General Wesley Clark : Wars were planned – 7 countries in 5 years. These would be the ZOG wars

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  10. Does this mean that the whole contents of the ration pack are/would be ‘Halal’ compliant. The condensed milk, the chewing gum, the muesli bars etc.

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    • Well the beef has to have been slaughtered while still alive or it is forbidden. So it was either “Reversible stunned” as required by law or was slaughtered in an exempt abattoir where they do not have to stun the animal prior to cutting it’s throat. As for the rest of the pack, it can not contain any product that has had non halal components added to it during production. So the whole pack has to be certified. This begs the question, is Defence being charged the flat certification fee of $3,000 per annum or a fee based on the number of packs procured that require a “Halal” compliance sticker. I know where I am putting my money on that bet.

      Evil is the only thing I know of that requires suffering and pain in order to thrive and Halal slaughter provides that in spades.
      Most people miss this one important point, they ritually cut the throats of animals and humans whilst alive and then remove the head while yelling praise to their so called god. Yet no politician will state this publically for fear of offending them.

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  11. My, how times have changed.

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an Australian and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.

    But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an Australian, and nothing but an Australian…

    There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an Australian, but something else also, isn’t an Australian at all.

    We have room for but one flag, the Australian flag….

    We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the Australian people.’
    Edmund Barton 1907

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    • Becomes an Australian and assimilates himself to us.
      I will first point out that this is sexist, in that it speaks of himself, and forgets all the females!!!
      Second – if this is true, why do we have Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Greek etc restaurants? Why did they not assimilate himself to us, and all eat meat and three vegies???

      What is an Australian??

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      • The Greeks , The Italians , The Vietnamese refugees , The English, French , US citizens , New Zealanders and other commers who call this country home now – meshed their gears in with what already existed for the most part ( sometimes with a bit of a grind ) but mostly they retained what they wanted to and took up new things from what already existed. Their religious beliefs were and are mostly tolerated by what already existed. In the big scheme of things – what already existed has been improved upon by the presence of these people and the inclusion of their beliefs and cultures. The same cannot be said of those who now wish to introduce their belief systems and cultures in a way that radically changes what now exists and effectively will not rest until their beliefs and cultural practices replace entirely that which currently exists. See my friend – this will not be tolerated, and if those who wish to attempt to do so continue any further with their folly, a great number of now sleeping or lazy people will rise up with great effect to deflate their balloon and possibly remove the deflated refuse entirely so that it might not threaten to become inflated once again.

      • Don’t be obtuse Richard. This is not about meat and three veg or falafel with humus. This is about different sources and principles of law, including customary law, heritage and tradition.

        An Australian is someone whose alleigance is to the Commonwealth of Australia as a heritage and a system of laws based in the Australian Constitution and its principles.

        The Mabo decision did not rule on Sovereignty and the High Court handed down that inigenous customary law was also recognized as a source of law in Australia for those of inigenous heritage.

        Sharia is another law and its source and principles of law are in conflict with Australian principles of law.

      • What is a chinese?? What is an indian??? What is a Briton…What a stupid question …
        So now we define our identity by the foods we eat or don’t eat.
        That’s like calling people who hate muslim’s raciest.
        Maybe we should call ourselves OHHHHH nasi goring? meat pie? spaghetti?
        If you even have to ask the question as to what constitutes your identity
        then you are under the age of thirty and a victim of the educational brainwashing called school. And now any children you may have are or will be groomed to accept paedophilia as just another expression of gender identification. Oh and in case you think I am being sexist WOMEN have been and are guilty of the crime of paedophilia I used the nonspecific reference paedophilia so that you would see that I was been all inclusive.

  12. We are either AUSTRALIAN or NOT AUSTRALIAN! Grooming “Diversity” in our fighting Defence Forces is a dangerous and short-sighted move and one that will win NO VOTES and promote NO CONFIDENCE in our ability to defend our country and its citizens. The ADF needs a complete overhaul, from the top (most definitely) to the bottom. Any slackers, traitors
    or devious plotters must be shown the door – preferably with the aid of a boot! There can be no room for cutsie political correctness when two thirds of the world is now reeling under Islamic domination and the rest (particularly Europe and North America) will soon feel the scourge of that sword! Wake up, Australians, and say NO MORE! The ALA is about
    our only beacon of hope right now. All the rest of the political parties are appeasers and cowardly in the extreme and are not worth the spit from my mouth! The Defence Minister should be ashamed of herself (is she actually real?!) as should the Turnbull Government for allowing this fiasco to play out to the Second Act. Close the Play, bring down the Curtain and lets get real about Defence. Otherwise we shall perish. Heed the warning, people, or be doomed!

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    • Is the defence force now succuming to Islam that their personel now have to eat halal slaughtered alive animals?. Is ISIS paying Angus Campbell under the table to promate Halal & taking the historic badge of the “Chappy” out of the defence force?.Soon we will be flying the ISIS flag from Parliament House the way the Government ,polititions & defence force have bent over backwards to appease the muslims but not the Australian people The NZACS would be turning in their graves if they could see how weak the Australian population is & how little they care about this land….OH, Is that politically correct??????

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      • I do not think Australia is weak. I think Australians are otherwise engaged kept busy, busy, busy on all fronts by treacherous, shabgoy political elites.

        This is a uniform policy for all Western nations – ‘Western’ being the approved codeword for former Christian nations which wore insignia like: ‘in this sign conquer’.

        Note – the government sent out search parties to bring in Muslim populations but the second part is equally important. “We made it hard for Britons to find work.”

        In Australia, this second prong of the policy is in full swing The list of orc rules, compliances, infringements, bye-laws, offenses, penalities grows longer every day. The self-employed spend more time navigating their compliances than they do earning a living. The GST Act 1999 is very treacherous …
        The above references the GST Act 1999 ( section 165.55) wherein the Commissioner may treat an event that happened as not having actually happened and treat a particular event that did not actually happen as having happened and , if appropriate , treat the event as havng happened at a particular time…

        Navigating through the (time/expense/penalities) of their financial obligations with laws like the GST Act certainly does not give the self employed time to organise against Islamifiction.

        When the Australians figure this out – we will stand against both Islamification and the multiplication of orc rules and its evil twin PC compliance.

    • Hundreds of thousands of Australians agree with you, it is the AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE FORCE, not to be diminished by Islams demands.

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  13. ‘As Chief of the Army said in his statement, eating the same rations day after day is demoralising….’

    Not if you’re hungry! When I was in the army all I had to choose from were combat rations, A,B or C!

    But of course the Chief would say that wouldn’t he, especially as his meals are combat ration free!

    Keep up the pressure – they’re beginning to crack!

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  14. To hell with kumbaya hat badges for Australians that are Dar al Harb compliant. That goes double for any hat badge that is dictated for the Dhimmies by Muslim sensitivities and pressure.

    ‘In this sign conquer’ (in hoc signo vinces) is part of the glorious history of the victories of cross of the Lord Jesus Christ and His social kingship.

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  15. Keep up the good fight and thank you for your hard work of exposing this divisiveness within the military. I find this absolutely abhorrent that our arm personnel are being exposed to this and it is like a slap in the face and appeasing the enemy.

    I believe that having any Moslems in our police and armed forces is a dangerous choice and having the enemy within, will only destroy and sabotage Australia’s culture and security. I am truly concerned with the direction our country is heading and thank God for ALA for fighting the good fight for all Australians. I am from Western Australia and will be voting for ALA in the up and coming elections and am helping with actively spreading the word about ALA and the great policies that ALA have.

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    • I’ll make myself clear and state that I reject ALL gods, however I do respect the right of others to believe in sky fairies and hobbits if they wish so long as they don’t hurt anyone because of it. I have to take issue with your statement that “a god that Australians reject but the Islamic State accepts”. Now 2.2% of Australians are Muslim and I’m pretty sure that they don’t reject that god so you’ve got a sweeping and misleading statement there. It also implies that Australians embrace some other god. Now in the 2011 census 22% declared they have no religion and around another 9% left it blank. So plenty of room there for Australians who don’t accept any god. I also take issue with your implication that any Muslim is a supporter of ISIS. I served in the 70s alongside Malaysian Muslims in their country and a number of Muslim countries continue to be our allies as well as members of our own defence force so clearly that is not the case. As for Halal food, who cares? I’m sure it would taste better than the rubbish they gave us in the 70s – luncheon meat type II, pork and beans etc – stuff even a gallon of hot sauce wouldn’t make palatable. I can eat Halal but some Muslims can’t eat non-Halal, so no real sacrifice for me there. I realise you want to get elected but how about you lay off scapegoating an easily identified minority to help you do that.

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      • You forgot one moot point about Halal Certification and Muslims. Muslims by the rules of their Quran can simply say BISMILLAH over anything (food) and it becomes HALAL AND ACCEPTABLE, and that is the rule by the Prophet himself who ordered it be so. BUT, Halal Certification which is a fraud posed upon the Australian Peoples at 3 billion dollars a year on every item in your grocery trolley which is Tax Free and by Islams own Media is used to build Islamic Schools, Mosques and one third for Jihad towards their word Caliphate, and that is straight from the horses mouth and can be verified. OVER 3 TRILLION WORLD WIDE YEARLY TAX FREE. So enjoy your next bite it costs us all dearly and is nothing more than an Extortion on the Australian People. Oh, and yes all I have stated can be checked by you, yourself and anyone else quite easily.

    • I wonder if the chief ever studied military history?

      The English empire started a mutiny because it didn’t listen to its soldiers
      and supplied ammunition wrapped in pig greased cartridges.

      What happens when you don’t listen to your soldiers who insist on the right to eat

      Find out July 2016

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