In 52 days we choose…

Over the next 52 days, Australia will decide its future.

In one corner sits Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten and the Greens. If they get their way, Australia’s future will consist of restrictions on free speech, ‘lessons’ on the transgender agenda in schools, taxpayer-funded Islamic rituals and homosexual marriage.

There will be increased pressure to up the number of refugees arriving in Australia every year and Islam will gain further concessions. In fact, some Liberal candidates have even used the marriage debate to call for the recognition of all religious marriages – and that includes Sharia law marriage.

And if you think that this is just fear-mongering, think again. Even the Australian Financial Review carried an article this week explaining how the Turnbull government’s budget made changes to accommodate Sharia law.

There will also be more debt.

Canberra has blown more than $326 billion over the last decade and there is not a single nation-building program to show for it. There’s no Snowy Mountain scheme. Just a mountain of IOUs.

But there is a circus of self-interest. We are now facing our sixth prime minister in six years. Furthermore, no one can guarantee that the Prime Minister on July 3 will still be there three years later. The political ‘industry’ is filled with self-promoters pursuing self-promotion. They don’t join a party for principle: they join because it represents a career path to the top job.

That is the broad agenda of those in the political establishment. And one does not need to look very far to see how closely aligned the entire political establishment has become.

Just a few days ago it was announced that Lyn Hatfield-Dodds has been appointed as a Deputy Secretary in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Hatfield-Dodds will be Malcolm Turnbull’s chief social policy advisor. Her background: Greens candidate.

There is no longer any philosophical difference between Turnbull on the ‘right’ and the Greens on the ‘left’. They are all playing in the same orchestra. The squabbling is merely over who holds the conductor’s baton. That’s why the Liberals are considering preferencing the Greens at the election and why they teamed up to change Senate voting laws. It’s all about self-interest.

Perhaps the best example of this self-interest comes from Australia’s Assistant Multicultural Minister, Craig Laundy. Earlier this year he stated that Australians were ‘wrong’ about Islam, even though polling shows only 16% of us believe Islam is good for this nation. Laundy then went on to ‘talk up’ Islam. However, all he was doing was talking up his own election: Laundy has more Muslim voters in his electorate than any other Liberal MP.

No wonder so many Australians have turned off politics.

I’m proud that I don’t sit in that corner of politics. I stand in the other corner with the Australian Liberty Alliance. We are the underdogs. We are under-funded. And I won’t promise that we have all the answers on every issue either.

But we stand for ideals that are worth fighting for.

Australia. Freedom. Family.

We will not compromise our principles and voters know exactly what we believe. They can freely choose to vote for us or not. Regardless, we will not abandon our beliefs simply to improve our standing in the polls.

I will also acknowledge that we are not there alone in that corner either. There are a small number of others (Cory Bernardi springs to mind). This is important to understand and recognise.

The election of Australian Liberty Alliance candidates to the Senate will be the best thing that ever happened for true conservatives in the Liberal Party. It will give them room to move and political clout. Unfortunately, unless this happens, Turnbull will destroy the last vestiges of conservatism in the Liberals. That would be disastrous for Australia.

Australian culture, built on the best values of Western civilisation, would be subservient to minorities promoting everything that the West has stood against.

Australian freedom, won in hard fought battle, would be cast aside so as not to offend those who hate our values, history and beliefs.

Australian families, the core of our nation, would simply become cogs in an unholy god called the economy directed to fund socialist pipe dreams.

In 52 days, Australians will vote for the corner they choose. My grandfather said to me as a child that people get the politicians they deserve. Whether we deserve politicians who will put Australia, freedom and families first again will come down to the choice we make on July 2.


I will hold public meetings with Kirralie Smith this week:

  • 7pm, Wednesday 11 May: Coolangatta-Tweed Heads Golf Club – register here.
  • 2pm, Saturday 14 May: Jimboomba Community Centre – register here.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard – does ALA have voting advice for those in electorates where ALA is not represented?

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  2. Does ALA sell any stickers…bumper stickers or any other stickers? I would like one or two to put on my handbag and other stuff.

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  3. Where can I get pamphlets with the Malcolm turnbull and greens and that “you are coming after their seats” Bernie? That would really appeal to the voters. Also I would like to use excerpts from this story when I speak to people, you always seem to word the issues so well.

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  4. Every week it seems the “liberals” under Turnbull do something that indicates they are now just liberals in name only without any principles and only interested in the pursuit and maintenance of power at any cost. A lot of Australians, including myself are appalled by what is happening to the liberals and the total lack of choice in this federal election for any main political party that has similar views and concerns to mine. Thank god the ALA has arrived, while I don’t expect miracles at this election, at least there is someone new in the game that supports my views and will I hope in time, dominate the political field.

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