First campaign ad: putting free speech front and centre

On July 2, Australians will have a choice: either keep the status quo, or vote for change so that our freedoms and way of life are protected.

As the Australian Liberty Alliance’s lead Senate candidate in Queensland, I am proud to stand for the latter. I always will.

That’s why I’m not afraid to confront any threats to our democracy, whether they be from violence, or from those who use ‘moderate’ means to destroy our freedom.

I am pleased to share with you the first advertisement of our campaign highlighting both of these threats.

Help us to restore freedom of speech in Australia from Australian Liberty Alliance on Vimeo.

You’re the first Australians to see this advertisement. We now need to get it on television, and social media to the many millions of Australians who are hoping for leadership, and change.

Please share this video on your Facebook page.

And please consider donating today, so that we can advertise it widely. Click here to help by donating to the Australian Liberty Alliance.

This next election will be crucial for our future, our children and for the heritage handed to us by those who have built and defended this nation.

I know there is an army of Australians willing to defend this heritage. Now is the time we need to reach out to them. And with your help, we will.

Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor
Lead Senate Candidate – Queensland
Australian Liberty Alliance

PS – The Board has endorsed Alan Biggs and Chelle Dobson as the second and third Senate candidates for Queensland. Matt Darragh and Shaun Spain have also been endorsed for the lower house seats of Griffith and Forde.

This follows announcements of Daniel Jones (Senate – Victoria), Angry Anderson (Senate – New South Wales) and Ron Pike (seat of Farrer – New South Wales). There is no doubt that our team is building for the election on July 2. Stay tuned for further announcements.


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. I had always hoped a party like ALA would arrive – a party that can distinguish between racism and religion, particularly Islam. You have my vote, but let’s get a few more candidates on the ground especially in Victoria.

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  2. I would focus on the restrictions to freedom of speech firstly and then The malevolent attack on conservative values we are now facing, not to mention how we are being lead down the garden path by some people who do not truly comprehend the value our nations past, that created our freedoms I proudly had so much faith in, being eroded by some derelict fantasy land mob of filthy grubs that have no foundations worth jack that could ever build a truly healthy prosperous democratic nation on and then add the bit about your point that you have put on this TV advertisement in a way that is more appealing to a broader scope of people who are of a conservative nature, as this is the people one needs to attract to get traction and then move towards building faith in your concerns for the nation.

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  3. Bernard, first, it is great to see that RAS badge on your lapel, something that our friend David Morrison cannot wear. I have many friends who have the same thoughts and aspirations as you and we have often F/B each other with much the same ideas that you have but we have been leaderless and rudderless. That means there are a lot of frustraited and angry ex-servicemen and women out there just waiting to have their voicees heard.
    Please let us know if there any practical things that we can do in order to support you. I for one am not all that flush with money but would be willing to do other things of assistance to you. I have been made TPI since my service in Malaya but I can use my computer.
    All the very best in your upcoming venture Bernard, may you have every success, I know that you appeal to a great many people already.
    Kind regards
    Rusty Fraser

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  4. It is not only free speech that is threatened, but our Christianity and Australian way of life.

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  5. Bravo, Bernard,
    I have joined ALA as a paid up member plus a cash donation.
    I have also put my hand up to distribute leaflets, provide transport, hand out ‘how-to-vote’ forms on polling day and any other help I can give candidates.
    Both the Liberal and Labour governments have eroded the values that made this country great and we need a third large party to challenge and beat them at the polls.

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