Happy #IDAHOT Day

Yesterday we saw the true face of bullying.

And today it’s going to be covered with a rainbow, given a hashtag and labelled ‘progress’.

The Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, refused to stand next to one of his own candidates. His crime: supporting natural marriage.

The opposition leader, Bill Shorten, ridiculed as ‘knuckle draggers’ those who acknowledge the reality that heterosexual relationships are different than homosexual ones.

It speaks volumes about the contempt these two men have for ordinary Australians as they campaign for our votes.

And now Brisbane’s Liberal Lord Mayor is pushing through a motion supporting homosexual ‘marriage’, even though there’s no such thing. In fact, he’s going further than that: he’s also asked for the government to recognise all relationships between ‘consenting adults’ as ‘marriage’.

I guess that clears up the whole debate about multiple relationships. According to the Brisbane Lord Mayor, polygamy is in. Let’s all add a P to that alphabet soup.

Just keep ‘N’ out. It stands for normal by the way.

Brisbane’s Lord Mayor is doing this even though Brisbane residents voted for him to run the council. You know, rates and rubbish. He has no mandate to meddle in marriage. And as one wag has quipped, you can’t have gay ‘marriage’ without first having a ‘mandate’.

It’s worthwhile pausing for a moment to consider the reality of what the Liberal Lord Mayor of Brisbane is demanding. In its very essence, he’s demanding nothing less than a government register of who sleeps with whom. It highlights the totalitarian nature of this whole agenda: big government, big brother and big bureaucracy with complete oversight of the bedroom.

At the end of the day, marriage equality will replace mum and dad with a committee in Canberra.

It’s all because supposedly brilliant minds can’t comprehend two simple facts. Heterosexual relationships can create life. In contrast, homosexual relationships only lead to a dead end. There’s all the difference in the world between those positions.

That’s why, in an effort to replicate the life-giving nature of the creative power of sexual activity between a man and a woman, homosexuals who claim they ‘deserve’ a child need to get out plastic cups, test-tubes and surrogate ‘breeders’; often destitute women in third world countries.

Where’s the love in that?

And to the children that ensue, the message same-sex throuples give is clear: my relationship with my (current) sexual partner/s is more important than your relationship with your actual biological parents.

These children are created to be orphans and then thrust into a world where the adult’s personal sexual gratification is prioritised over the child’s right to be raised by its real mum and dad.

And today we celebrate this bullying with the gobbledegook, #IDAHOT. It means International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Activists are now raising flags, screaming through loudspeakers and hounding us online that we’re bullies if we don’t sign up to their crazy ideas. I guess in a world where words have become meaningless it is completely unsurprising that they can now mean the exact opposite of reality.

Nothing highlights the truth about homosexual and transgender bullying with more clarity than the unsafe ‘Safe Schools’ program.

Just consider the brazen nature of this program for a second.

It comes from an academic institution staffed by academics who write things like this:

“How different, then, is that gentle, tentative sexuality between parent and child from the love of a paedophile and his or her lover? That kind of love, warmth, support and nurture is an important part of the paedophilic relationship.”

Also consider this.

Activists who push this program aren’t teaching their children. They’re indoctrinating other people’s children and poisoning their minds against reality and morality.

Activists who push this program aren’t doing it at schools they have established, built or run. They’re doing it at other people’s schools.

The activists who push this program are nothing more than parasites, focused, always, on other people’s kids. That’s what this is all about: usurping our parental rights and replacing them with their demands.

I’d like an international day against that kind of bullying please.

But no. Instead, we have to face a barrage of propaganda supporting the idea that marriage and gender is as meaningless as whatever sex Bruce Jenner claims to be today.

This whole debate is as thoughtless as it is thuggish.

There has been no thought given to the children now caught up in legal nightmares as homosexual couples tired of parental experimentation with other people’s children separate.

But efforts have been made to make Christian belief about morality illegal, using anti-free speech laws as a battering ram to silence all dissent.

And in this imposed silence, ‘mistakes’ are covered up.

Like Mark Newton and Peter Truong. They were promoted as the face of happy homosexuality. They even complained that they were victimised because people were suspicious they may be paedophiles. And now both are spending decades in jail for their depraved acts.

Promoting them was a mistake, but promoted they were.

Like Matthew Hynd. Over 140,000 Australians signed a Change.Org petition in 2014 to support this man and his gay ‘lover’. Articles were written about how homosexual ‘marriage’ would have protected them from Australia’s ‘unjust’ migration laws. Even Australian Marriage Equality got on board, using them to campaign for changes to marriage laws.


Australian Marriage Equality issued a press release supporting convicted child pornographer, Matthew Hynd, in January 2014.

But it was simply a scam.

Hynd was on the run from the United States for child pornography offences. He fled in 2010 before duping 140,000 Australians with his rainbow tea fundraisers promoted during Mardi Gras season. Now he’s behind bars too.

This promotion was a mistake as well.

An embarrassing one.

Here is Matthew Hynd photographed with the wife of the Brisbane Lord Mayor. Hynd was on the run when this was taken. That’s really embarrassing.

It should make the Brisbane Lord Mayor pause before he pushes ahead with his inane #IDAHOT motion promoting meaningless marriage. But it won’t.

He, along with Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull, have hitched their wagon to marriage equality. And what that really means is that they believe a publicly-committed relationship between a mother and a father for life is as valuable as anything and everything else. Or, in the words of wisdom that even children understand, when everything is special, nothing is.

They’re wrong. The truth is that while those who support normal marriage stand for something strong and solid, the Turnbulls and Shortens of this world have no standards at all. And when you have no standards at all, bullying is acceptable.

That’s what #IDAHOT Day is all about.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Safe Skoolz is the gift that will keep on giving. Massive resources are coming to hand.

    U of North Carolina now issues a ‘microaggressions’ guide to incoming students. Words like: husband, wife, merry Christmas [in fact any Christian reference is thought to diminish other faiths and ‘spiritualities’] – all are offensive. Any comment to a ‘womyn in leadership’ which is not on point is a ‘microagression’.

    Then there is now ‘Diversity’ week which is antire week devoted to Gaystapo and LBTGQ… indoctrination in the UK skoolz.

    The only solution to this is the clean sweep.

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  2. German MP demonstrates that the goal of the Gaystapo and Gender Alphabet insugency is to make social life and discourse impossible.

    German MP spends 72 seconds addressing ‘Ladies and Gentlemen followed by 60 other genders which demand recognition.

    Hail Brexit

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  3. With Ramadan upon us, the Ssvoir Faire could have confidently predicted a jihadist outrage and another Allahu Akhbar event with with a lot of people dead.

    But the Political Correctoids running the blue pill ju ju for The Agenda in the controlled ((( msm ))) again are hoist on their own libtard.

    The conflict within the approved victim hierarchy has interrupted our regularly scheduled programming. And the approved take in the prolefeed is shifting around as it seeks to find a foothold in the narrative collapse in the wake of the Orlando Massacre. (Cue – better get Walid over there and onto this Australia.

    Here are the takes so far:

    Flip – The Allahu Akbar Event which unfolded at a gay nightclub during Latino Gay Pride week-end has nothing to do with Islam – the religion of peace and tolerance which respects the LBGT community. Haters who say otherwise are Islamophobic and Homophobic fascists and haters. Predictably this did not fly.

    Flop – Then the AAE was a Homophobic Terror Attack by a native New Yorker (who just happens to be the Muslim son of Afghan migrants). Omar, was a closet gay with sexual issues. He bad strict religious parents (very bad) who do not understand how supportive of the gay lifestyle is the true religion of peace. Poor Omar was repulsed by the sight of gay men kissing in the street. (We are talking about New York here and this is like a 24/7/365 occurrence on any street on any day). But Omar was offended by this and went lone nut.

    Flap – The AAE was motivated by the Christian Right GOP say the ACLU Lawyers speaking for the <2% – massively overly represented in the controlled ((( msm ))).
    http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/aclu-lawyers-blame-christian-right-gop-for-orlando-terrorist-attack/article/2593679 And so: Flap, Flap, Flap.

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  4. Like other ((( Western ))) nations, Canada is owned by its central bank: the BoC, a private ethno/financial interest and money trust.

    The Owners are running the same Agenda in Canada that they are running in Oz. By judicial ruling, their Gaystapo and LBGTQforce has now added a new brigade to its Long March through the institutions. The Owners have jerked to the chain of Canada’s Supreme Court to get on page with The Agenda. They have just ruled that some sex acts with animals are legal.


    Our furrie friends, their sex predators and human furries now officially take their place in the approved Victim Hierarchy of entitlements.

    I confidently predict the new Furrie Brigade is going to be very OFFENDED when their target – some pet store (which will be owned by Christians) proves reluctant to sell sex toys for the guy who has married his horse or whatever.

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  5. Thanks for speaking it how it is and saying intelligibly what we are all thinking. So totally and utterly over this TRASH being shoved down ours and our children’s throats, ie safe schools coalition says on its webpage: “how did your school “CELEBRATE” idahot?if it looks anything like the Mardi gra then it sure as hell shouldn’t be celebrated in schools.
    Where is people’s choice? this is so typical of the lgbt lobby, there is NO choice, you MUST celebrate with me or suffer the consequences, which IS bullying!!!
    NO YOU DO NOT have the right to teach MY children about YOUR lifestyle!!!
    Have YOUR OWN choice of lifestyle behind YOUR OWN closed doors but don’t expect us and our children to follow you into the bedroom!!
    And someone please tell me when they will drop the “I” off their chosen acronym! Of everyone I have ever met who was an “I”, it was linked also with inborn complex disabilities. Maybe this is not always the case, but I would say is often so. Do such intersex individuals and their families value their life experiences being linked to the lgbt lobby. It makes a mockery of the suffering such individuals often endure in their health and life, as a result of often very severe disabilities.

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  6. Country Women’s Association of Victoria supports gay marriage as of yesterday.
    When combined with anti-discrimination law, free lawyers for gays to sue christian adoption agencies and this outcome of this case means the Country Women’s Association says the gay men should have the first pick of all children up for foster care and adoption.


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  7. The Gaystopo and LBGTQforce has commenced its Long March through the collective Australian colon. They are the laxative from hell.

    If they succeed, the popular revulsion will be so extreme that the Great Bagel will have the full leverage it needs for a judo throw and the introduction of Sharia Law.

    They are already running the juju for it on all channels of their controlled msm – it’s in all the prolefeed and all the yada yada. The satanism of the ET is full of it. And their stupid pagents, contests and celebrity gagas are fully loaded with Gay Agenda grandstanding.

    In the Culture Wars, the Great Bagel utilises the model of problem –> reaction —> [their] solution to run their laxative from hell through the collective colon with a view to instilling Sharia respect among the post Christian kaffirs/goyim on all cultural fronts: entertainment, sport, media, academy, schools.

    This is social engineering on a national scale.

    Australia must resist this.

    The brimstone balls (pure sulfur) found abundantly throughout the physical remains of ‘the Cities of the Plain’ documented in Genesis still burns very hot.

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  8. When I point out the things like Bernard Gaynor has pointed out here, a lot of people just do not believe it’s in fact true.
    They have no idea that people like Turnbull and Shorten truly totally support such grubby nonsense.
    They are evil deranged people that intent is to sow the seeds to turn everything upside down of what this great nation once stood for and now we are set to become a dumping ground for such filth by voting for the degenerates leading the two major political party’s.
    It’s just unbelievable, there is no way I could vote for what they are pushing.
    It’s the last time I will ever vote for that bunch of creeps, that’s for sure.
    I support Bernard Gaynor and the nation that I am proud of.

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  9. Stay tuned for what the Catholic League calls more “contrived victimhood exercises”. The Religious and Civil Rights org keeps a running tab on these media events.

    The latest is the homophobic decision by the Archdiocese of Louisville Kentucky to deny poor Bourke and De Leon their choice of headstone in the Catholic cemetery.

    The couple had opted for a headstone displaying the image of two entwined wedding rings united with an image of the Supreme Court of the United States. Nothing says R.I.P. like the SCOTUS.

    This is serious prime time greivance territory. Naturally Bourke and De Leon will be holding a press conference and related events for the daily prolefeed. It will be good for the yada yada on all channels. http://www.catholicleague.org/gay-couples-cemetery-headstone-nixed/

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  10. When will this frenzy of sycophantic fawning for the unnatural stop?

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  11. Yep, suddenly IDAHOT day, invented by a group of LGBTIQ activist groups ten years ago has been taken up with gusto by just about every public agency to be promoted in the workplace. I had to look twice at the acronym hashtag thinking at first it was IDIOY Day.

    Remember how sodomy became decriminalized around the world as an expression of the sentiment popularized by Papa Trudeau with the saying “There no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”. How things have changed where now, as Bernard points out, the LGBTIQ lobby insist that it does, especially in the bedrooms of LGBTIQ folk whose bedroom activities hold nothing in which the state has an interest to protect.

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    • IDAHOT: I did a hogshead of twaddle.

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  12. Well Bernard, I followed your case right through the harassment you received from the Army – and I couldn’t believe in you more. I am a Qld Firefighter who is about to retire (01 November) and I can’t believe the rubbish that is coming through our organisation about IDAHOT day. If we say anything against this rubbish, we could get severely penalised – or even sacked. I, for one, am sick to death of all this crap about the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia – what a crock !! Also, I don’t want this wonderful nation of ours falling into the hands of Islam. I can’t believe how a supposedly-intelligent woman like Angela Merkel could get sucked in so easily – Muslims belong in Muslim countries, not Australia. Keep up the great fight – you definitely have my vote in the Senate.

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    • I can almost guarantee you that a look into the computers of most of these heterosexual apologists for ‘gay marriage’will find you a hoard of homosexual porn,it’s really that simple.

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  13. This is the best and most deservedly, unapologetically, hard hitting piece on the subject ever written, don’t ever go soft – keep writing such strongly worded opinions – because no one working in the conservative sphere has the guts to, probably because they don’t really believe in truth and morality, so we need more people like you to speak up bravely.

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  14. My contention always: marriage is about sex (stuff that can in principle produce a zygote); homosexual people do not engage in sex…they do other than sex using their sexual equipment: the idea is at best risible.

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  15. I like to think of myself as a fairly average Aussie citizen, other than the fact I spent 20 years of my life in the Australian Army. I’ve always voted liberal/National as they always seemed to go for things which effected me positively. This year is different. All parties are anti what I’ve always believed in….until, the masked man on a white horse appeared…Yep….The ALA ! Thank goodness…as they are saying all the things I believe to be just. Our Army is nothing like the one I served in. We always had a few gays, but if they left you alone, you did the same…Now they are parading in Gay Mardigras …Once all our enemies were treated with suspicion… these days they’re encouraged to join us.. we even provide acceptable food for them. We’re being led by people who don’t have a clue how we think. Is it not strange that any ex or current Military folk I speak to, think the same as I do. Welcome to the Australian Liberty Alliance

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  16. Bernard. Thank you for standing up for good Australian people. I never thought I would live to see the day when people like our Premier in Victoria would stoop to calling parents Hateful and bigoted just for objecting to having their children taught lies about their gender.
    Have you ever noticed when you try to tell the truth these people become angry and spiteful in their responses.
    Best of luck with the election, always in our prayers.

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    • Bernard to the point and true as usual. I ask though where will the parents who support this rubbish go when their children come home and demand that their parents separate and marry gay people so that the other kids will stop bullying them for having a mother AND father. When you pass legislation to force people to behave in a certain way, you have gone beyond politics and into the realm of social engineering. When you force people to behave in a certain way the inevitable backlash is brutal long and horrifying as the littered graveyards of history will tell you. Tell me please what happened to the emperor who demanded that his horse be made a senator?. Just one example of an attempt to socially engineer an outcome contrary to the wishes and expressed opinions of the majority. I might not be an endorsed candidate in this election But I will fight for your election to express the opinions of the silenced majority.

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