We must stop the Greens

The Greens want Australia to take in 50,000 refugees each year.

If they get their way, Australia will receive 250,000 refugees in just five years. Plus some.

That’s because the Greens also want to change family migration immigration streams to ‘prioritise’ reunions. That’ll mean you can double the 250,000. Australia would be facing half a million refugees by 2021 in the Greens’ fantasy world.

Unfortunately, the Greens will get their way, eventually, if things don’t change. There is one simple reason for this: the major parties are filled with spineless publicity seekers who don’t know how to say no.

Anyone who thinks the Labor Party will say no to the Greens has rocks in their head. The Labor Party has responded to the Greens’ policy position like the way Chamberlain responded to Hitler: with appeasement.

Bill Shorten has said no to the Greens by promising Australians that Labor will double Australia’s refugee intake to 27,000 per year.

And anyone who thinks that the Great Waffler will keep strong on refugees has rocks in their heads too. Turnbull’s Liberals are a far cry from previous versions of this party. Those who are inside the Liberals fighting for Australia are outnumbered and face an uncertain future: how long before they are an outcast remnant of the new blue Labor Party?

The truth is that Malcolm Turnbull will be advised on social policy after the election by a former Greens Senate candidate. He’s already purged conservatives while promoting apologists for Islam like Craig Laundy. Now the Liberals are even considering preferencing the Greens after becoming trading partner across the floor of parliament, as shown by the deal to change Senate voting laws on the eve of the election.

There will be Greens in the Senate after the election and Malcolm Turnbull will be wheeling and dealing with them. Unfortunately, Malcolm Turnbull simply cannot be trusted to put Australia’s interests before his political dealings with the Greens.

That is why it is so important that strong Australian Liberty Alliance senators are elected to the Senate. It is what our second campaign video is all about: stopping the Greens and their crazy ideas before they cost Australia more than it can afford.

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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Malcolm Turnbull’s mentality and aspirations are Green. He is a Green masquerading as a Liberal.

    Malcolm’s great legislative effort is the Water Act 2007. This is an entirely Green oriented law that has decimated rural economies and employment.

    He also introduced the squiggly light bulbs to replace the incandescent. That was a flop !

    And shame on the cowards in the Liberal ranks who put him in !

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    • Mr Malcolm ‘the green smoothy’ Turnbull is a Goldman-Sachs bankster and pointman who needs a political party to work The NWO Agenda. Whatever party he gets himself into will merely be his vehicle.

      If we saw his true colours we would see that he is far to the Left of what the Greens are willing to say they stand for. Turnbull is a lot smarter than that.

      One thing I will say for the Greens, they will tell you where they stand on the whack-o end of the political spectrum with the entire raft of New World Order Agenda policies. They will tell you straight-up in their White Priviledge Education classes and Sensitivity Training Exercises that only bigots, 1488 haters and Islamophobes oppose female genital mutilation, sex slavery and food taxes on infidels as prescribed by Sharia Law.

      Where does that get them?

      What White Australian says to his or her friends over brunch: “You know we should definitely get female genital mutilation on Medicare just like abortion”.

      Shorten is corrupt. He is a documented serial liar and Union headkicker. But with Shorten, at least you know you have your typical Union corruption with interest. Frankly, he is an Orc.

      But Turnbull is a Nazgul and a Servant of the Great Eye. He answers to Sauron.

      People should oppose Shorten and try to limit his michief. But the attitude to Turnbull should be: “You shall not pass!!!”

      I have just seen his how to vote card preferencing the Greens above every party which has authentic conservative positions and policies on the ballot.

      The ALA should preference the LNP last, even though most people (I am sure) like Barnaby and esp. his handling of the Pistol and Boo international bio-hazard incident.

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  2. The major parties are filled with political correctoids, drones and alien entities who hew to the Party Line (insert name the party) and that party’s service to The Agenda.

    Everyone who can put on a tinfoil hat must surely realise by now that the globalist political elite serve an Agenda. Hereafter: The Agenda – currently being downloaded by diktat to all political party organisations in the Western world.

    Great Oz might remain concealed behind the Curtain (actually it is a schmoscreen) pulling the levers and operating the light flashes / thunder claps and voice over – BUT – the Mask of Great Oz speaks with one voice in all Western nations through the mouthpieces of the political organisations.

    The major political parties all have their own piece of The Agenda across a range of issues. And they are all on script and on point with the assigned piece they have to push on the population.

    Even without a Toto to draw back the SchmoScreen and elicit the thundering voice of ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!’ – we know The Agenda because all the major Parties in every Western nation are pushing the same set of Agreed Upon policies. Together they comprise a totality.

    For the Co-Incidence Theorists and Blue Pillers who have trouble with this – such a factoid by its very nature is evidence of central planning, organisation and co-ordination at an international level. It does not just happen that all major political parties in every Western nation agree upon the benefits of a sociopathology, like Islamification, for example.

    But there are plenty of other other Agreed Upon sociopathologies in The Agenda. The hatred of the natural order especially in the area of sex and gender, the hatred of free speech and freedom of association, the determination to create policies against the non union workers, the self employed, the primary producers who are attempting to produce GMO free, non-toxic agrigulture, the determination to off-shore manufacturing jobs and make difficult (read impossible the creation of a manufacturing base), the determination to destroy the national fishing industry and make scarce the wildcaught product for the common man’s table, the commitment resettle hordes of culturally unassimilables who have demonstrated their opposition to immigration laws, the persecution of freedom in health choices and natural therapies, the determination to have mandatory vaccination. And so on.

    If it has to do with national identity, traditional gender, heritage, freedom, health, fiscal responsibility, laws against predations of banksterism, self-sufficiency in work, food, shelter, clothing, water, air and education – The Agenda will have correctoids in all major parties banging away at some or all aspects of what the majority of any Western population would regard as common sense or commwealth or common interest.

    This is where a party like the Greens renders its service. They are so extreme in their embrace of so many of The Agenda’s sociopathologies – they can make the sociopaths of the major parties appear normal or even moderate.

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  3. A lot of Australians are fed up with the major parties as you undoubtedly know however, I do not believe that the establishment of further minor parties is the answer. These voters basically want the same changes but, because there are so many minor parties all promising the same or near same policies, it is creating confusion. In fact, it damn near comes down to who looks good or more honest on the election posters. Most Australians know they do not want to vote Labor, Liberal or Greens, but by splitting votes to the other minor parties, I believe the minor parties will waste votes between themselves, possibly giving preferences to other political parties not wanted by the majority of voters. The general Australian public has had enough. Couple this with the Australians who are seeking direction through political representation (possibly due to a lack of knowledge about the parties) and I believe that the swing voter will play an important role in the coming election. Let’s face it, a substantial amount of swing voters simply vote for one major party or the other because they get hacked off with the previous government’s term in office and become hostile towards that party. A lot of minority parties are putting forward very similar policies for the coming election. Why aren’t you and these other parties harnessing the distrust expressed by the voters to form ONE PARTY, combining all your policies which I believe would enable you to become a formidable force at the next election?

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  4. I wish you well. I hope you are elected and a Green is displaced from parliament at the same time. The Greens would restrict the right of Christians to act on their beliefs, by taking away the exemptions of churches and church schools from employing people like practicing homosexuals who break Christian laws and beliefs.

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