Stooping to new lows…

They are graphic images of surrender.


Even submission.



And they are a clear snap shot of our own future in Australia if we do not take action.

Members of the British Army’s 4th Infantry Brigade recently attended a mosque.

To pray.

By doing so, they attempted to show that they and the Islamic community were one.

They failed.

All they showed was that they accepted that the Islamic community is now number one in Great Britain.

By the way, this same Islamic community has more of its sons fighting for the Islamic State than the British Army. It is a community at war against everything Great Britain stood for.

The mosque these officers attended is the Zakaria mosque. It is in Savile Town, Dewsbury. And its history is a sad litany of the failure of multiculturalism.

The leader of the 2005 London bombings hailed from Dewsbury. The Islamic imam believed to have inspired those attacks preached at the Zakaria Mosque.

Ten years later, Britain’s youngest suicide bomber left Dewsbury on his journey to Iraq and the Islamic State. He killed 11 people earlier this year. He ‘worshipped’ at Dewsbury’s Zakaria Mosque.

Others from this ‘peaceful’ congregation have also signed up and enlisted to fight for the Islamic State.

An Islamic school, run by the Zakaria Mosque, refused to allow inspectors to speak with staff or students late last year. Students have been handed pamphlets telling them it is forbidden to adopt ‘British’ customs.

And yet the British Army went along and prayed at the Zakaria mosque. What an insult to Drummer Lee Rigby and his family. Rigby was hacked to death by an Islamic State sympathiser while leaving his barracks only three years ago.

By way of interest, the multicultural town that the Zakaria mosque is part of is not multicultural at all. Over 98% of residents are ‘Asian’. According to the last British census, there are only 14 white Britons left living in the town…

This shows the truth about ‘multiculturalism’. It will simply replace our Western, Christian civilisation with barbarity.

We should heed the message sent by the British Army here in Australia. Political correctness is wrong. It will destroy our culture.

It is time to stand up and defend what has been handed to us before it is too late. Before our Australian Defence Forces plumbs these lows. And we do not have much time.

Already the Australian War Memorial has opened Anzac Hall to Islamic ritual dinners. Meanwhile, its Director, Brendan Nelson, has pushed to have the Christian reference to God removed from the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Now we have special Islamic uniforms for Naval personnel who have demanded, in their official capacity, for the government to fund imams and mosques.

And Defence personnel have been encouraged to attend Koran recitation contests in Saudi Arabia.

Australia is not far behind Great Britain. We cannot allow it to catch up over the next three years…


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. One way to stop Islam is to provide an alternative religion for Muslims to adapt. Today many educated Muslims want to leave Islam but are afraid that they will be killed by their fellow religionists. By adapting the Sanatana way of life they can overcome their dilemma as by adapting the Sanatana way of life they need not change their name, diet, customs or undergo purification ceremonies; or say prayer in an alien language or visit places of worship; all these which attract the attention of their neighbours.

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  2. All the crap in the world about historical events will never justify, the idiot
    beheaders, rapists, bombers of this lunatic cult and their trainers, mullas,
    These maniacs are doing their disgusting work NOW, TODAY even as I write.
    Forget the past and stop apologising for their behaviour Today, before
    it’s too late. See video below and consider what’s history or CURRENT.

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  3. Pinochet took the job of protecting Chile from the Marxist and Communist threat —- and that was after family, relations and friends openly questioned junior military officers about the threat of the Allende govt upon Chile. However the Schneider military doctrine in Chile at the time was to not get involved in political matters. Over 20yrs[one generation] Pinochet protected Chile and only killed around 2400 Marxist ‘freedom fighters’ of a population of around 15 million to restore order — that’s not bad going. At the same time he ALSO introduced free market economics — beating Reagan, Thatcher and Douglas[nz] in doing so. He also maintained all the private and public institutions in Chile, albeit the unions and universities were the main focus of his operations — and eventually, and to a far lessor degree the Catholic Church also — but over their opposition to his practises; torture and killing ect — the Catholics were over 80% in Chile at the time — that was to be expected.

    The point is — suspension of democracy for military rule can work under modern militaries.

    Now watch 200 members of Britain First on YouTube marching the streets of England carrying their national flag, yes, carrying their national flag, but under the protection of 200 police officers because of the muslim threat to them — and read about the raping of 1300 female children — and then ask yourself if the British Army and police really mean that much at all within the UK.

    I don’t advocate for the suspension of democracy in Australia or anywhere else — but in the UK and places like Cologne ect — then well read junior military officers are probably questioning their obligations.

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  4. I am having a look this am at Monash University’s National Centre for Asian Studies.

    It looks like the Long March Through the Institutions has set up a number of bases in the Academy to resource the subversion of traditional Australian heritage and way of life. They will certainly be banging away on the: ‘we are a nation of migrants’ meme with special attention to shoehorning a Blue Pill version of Muslim law and social doctrine into the cultural estate of Australia: media, museums, schools, the Academy and the Arts.

    The National Centre regards the meritless film: The Water Diviner as a “pilgrimage” and “one of Australia’s most enduring foundational narratives”.

    The historical truth regarding the Ottoman Empire and the Ataturk Revolution in Turkey which sprang out of its fall records the first genocide of the twentieth century: the Armenian Genocide (a Christian genocide as the highways of the crosses clearly show).
    “Jews Plotted the Armenian Genocide” – by Brother Nathaniel Kapner
    Here is one of the scenes Russell missed on his ‘pilgrimage’

    The long rap sheet of the Ottoman Empire in its aggressions against Europe, its invasions, slavery industry (esp White slavery) etc is (of course) censored from Australian education. Australian children are not allowed to know about Nova Roma and Justinian Law, the fall of the nations of that empire of the Christian East to the sword of Islam and the war of the Reconquista in the West.

    The pure Cultural Marxism coming out of the National Centre for Australian Studies is probably already being taught in the schools near you.

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  5. Over 1,400 British, non-muslim children were raped, trafficked and brutalised in Rotherham alone. Muslim grooming/rape gangs which networked throughout the North were massively enabled by social workers, civil authorities, schools, hospitals/clinics who did not respond to complaints, notifications and behaviours that should have raised a host of red flags.

    The police are the worst – they stood down in the face of these crimes perpetrated on children and the community at large for over ten years. Now this traitor class and its organisation is patrolling against ‘Islamophobia’.

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  6. Don’t forget the muslim child grooming gangs that have blighted Dewsbury.Disgraceful.

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  7. Good luck to all Australian Liberty Alliance Candidates in the upcoming Election on Saturday 2 nd July, 2016

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  8. Hi Bernard, I think you may have a typo in the above. I was originally from fairly close to the Dewsbury area and have family, friends & ex colleagues still living around there. However although there is a huge Muslim population there are far, far, more than 14 whites living there. I would say at least 1400, total population is I believe around 60,000..

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  9. Britain does not bow to Islam. Not now. Not ever. There is no shame low enough for these British kafirs disgracing themselves in the mosque with their asses in the air

    What does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he lose his own soul? But for Islam? For some barbarian law these kafirs renounce the Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour and King of men and their birthright for Allah “the best deceiver” according to the Quran.

    In Britain, the fire rises. The real national anthems given below are a clear warning to Islam that the looming conflict is not going to go their way. Their Ottoman Caliphate was defeated by Britain in WW I and they can count on tasting it again.
    Welsh National Anthem
    Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau is the national anthem of the native Britons – Cymry, now called Wales.
    Yr gwyr yn yrbyn y byd. Cyrmu am byth!
    English National Anthem: “Jerusalem” sung at Old Trafford
    Rugby League World Cup Final 2013
    Scottish National Anthem – Flower of Scotland / Flur na h’Alba
    For those who hate “the wee bit hill and glen” of Scotland’s heart: you are warned.
    Australian National Anthem sung at the national country music muster.
    The free man on the land vs the rights of the landed elite – it’s all there.
    Still the best national anthem in the world
    No wonder the political correctoids had to replace it.

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  10. I just voiced my disgust directly to Michelle Rowland and Bill Shorten in response to Bernie’s tweet about ALP open letter to muslims but even though they say they put people first I very much doubt they will listen. Too busy listening to their own voices and dreaming of their bank balance to really care what the people want. Why do these politicians not see what is going on at these rallies where muslim protesters are allowing their children to hold up placards stating that unbelievers and those who denounce the prphet should be beheaded. Are they wearing blinkers or just pitch black glasses? Please ALA, make a difference for our kids and grand kids. It’s a hard fight but we as a nation must not give in.

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  11. What you are doing takes guts. Keep up the good work Bernie

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  12. Thank you Bernard for posting this. I am Dutch/Indonesian and if I wanted to live in an Islamic country, I wouldn’t be here!! I was born in Bundaberg(first generation)and so proud to be an Australian. It is so sad to see the present Australians not stand united because they think that it is being prejudiced against Muslims! Wake-up and smell the roses Aussies – their values and beliefs are soo totally different from Western views!!! They are not like Italians, Chinese, British etc… think about it – how many interracial marriages will you find between a non-Muslim and a Muslim??!!

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    • correct sandra, and if a muslim female marries a nonmuslim , then she is entitled to be killed by her family – illegalise the fascist cult of death

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  13. ‘ By doing this they attempted to show thet they and the islamic cmmunity were one’ do you ever see the islamic community going to other churches ,putting themselves out to show they are intergraiting? you won’t because they have no intention of assimilating into our culture ,they are slowly and insidiously changing our’s,we are becoming more acceptable of their religion to appease them ,the more they grow in number the more we will hear demands for sharia law ,no country can function with two opposing sets of laws,we must learn our lessons from England and Europe .

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    • This should be simple and obvious.

      If you move to a new ciuntry embrace its values and way of life and laws and teach the same to your children.

      It’s up to the guests to make every effort to discard values and customs that are antithetic to their new siciety.

      The GUEST changes to fit in not the host.

      And the wider community would respond positively instead of being cornered into violent response.

      Multiculturalism means a second language, funny aunties and restaurants. It has nothing to do with special treatment.

      Finally, politicians and media complicit in allowing criminality from this invasion must bear criminal negligence for their decisions.

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    • Islam talks about Jihad or struggle which is violent more than non violent.
      We have a struggle of our own when the rooster lets the fox into the hen house.
      Who is this Pope and what does he think he is doing?
      Pope John Paul the first had a short life when he discovered the meaning of being the head of the Christian Community world wide. If the result was to act as the current Pope, he surely had died being unable to cope with the moral dilemma.

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  14. We MUST NOT let this happen in AUSTRALIA!

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  15. YOU’RE SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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