Research highlights adverse impact of Islamic immigration

Research released this week by Dr Frank Salter highlights the dangerous impact of Islamic immigration in Australia.

Dr Salter’s full report can be found here.

I issued this press release a short time ago.


29 JUNE 2016


Academic research and analysis by Dr Frank Salter released this week vindicates the Australian Liberty Alliance’s policy to halt Islamic immigration.

Dr Salter’s analysis of the social impact of mosques in Australian neighbourhoods finds that qualitative and quantitative data prove conclusively that mosques undermine social cohesiveness in Australia and lead to a rise in conflict and criminality.

Of great concern, the research found that Muslims were five times more likely to fight for the Islamic State than join the Australian Defence Force. The report stated:

“…it appears that about five times the number of Australian Muslims have shown loyalty to Islamist military organisations, including known terrorist formations at war with Australia, than to the Australian nation.”

The report also found that the Islamic community had unemployment rates double that of average Australians and that older Muslims were between two and three times more likely to require welfare support for a disability.

Muslims were also over-represented in jails. In New South Wales and Victoria, Muslims comprised about 9% of inmates although they only made up about 3% of the total population.

These statistics are alarming. Successive Australian governments have failed to address the reality of Islamic immigration, resulting in a loss of social cohesion and government trust. During this election campaign, neither major party has outlined any plan to adequately deal with the proven links between Islamic immigration and adverse social impacts on Australian society.

Islamic immigration does not just lead to terrorism and violence. It comes with increased rates of criminality while the taxpayer is forced to subsidise a community that is widely viewed to have a detrimental impact on this nation.

Islamic immigration must be halted immediately if Australia is to rectify this situation. That is what the Australian Liberty Alliance will do.

The Australian Liberty Alliance also supports the key recommendation of Dr Salter’s research to empower local governments to reject mosque applications on the basis that they are likely to result in:

“…sharply lower community cohesion, trust and sense of public┬ásafety, together with higher crime and unemployment.”

Bernard Gaynor
Lead Senate candidate – Queensland
Australian Liberty Alliance

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Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Muslim immigration provides a platform for off-the-dial novus ordo religions to issue more kumbaya and ‘we all worship the same god’ halal gruel to the Muslims and the sheeple in their official PR.

    Here’s the Episcopal Vicar for Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations in Melboure (a novus ordo Catholic), the Very Reverend Denis Stanley offerring his homage

    On the occaision of Eid al-Fitr the VR tells greets the Muslim community and says in his PR statement for the Archdiocesce that “the Prophet Muhammad was also sent as an instrument of God’s mercy”. (Probably went to a novus ordo Catholic school so his ignorance of history is understandable. But his rejection of what the Church teaches about Islam is tragic)

    The greeting also contains ingratiating kaffir references to ‘sacred’ month of Ramadan, ‘holy’ Qu’ran – etc. What is it with these official foot kissing statements to the Muslims. Is it obligatory or something for the kaffirs to always preface reference to Muslim holidays and objects with words like ‘holy’, ‘sacred’ etc? What is the deal here? OK so their fast is ‘holy’ to them. Is it ‘holy’ to the Catholic Archdioscese of Melbourne? Is it ‘holy’ to the secular sheeple of the Melbourne?

    It is worth noting here that up until the Vatican II Council the Church has always and everywhere taught historically that Islam is a dark, repugnant and warlike idolatry. The real documents, and histories of the Church are replete with phrases like: ‘darkness of Islam’. The real-deal Catholic prayers petition for the deliverance of Muslims from this scourge.

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  2. How’d that campaign go for ya? Looks like the other racist mob beat you to the punch there Bernie boy.

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  3. The political elites of the ((( Western ))) nations favour Islamic immigration into populations and nations which have a large or dominant European demographic or a demographic of European heritage.

    It is OK for China to be Han Chinese and Russia to be Russian. But it is not OK for Germany to be German. In fact, their political elites are now telling them there is no such thing as Germany. The Swedes get the same crap – there is no such thing as Swedish culture.

    This political correctoid hate speech is coming here. But first the political elites have to establish a large Muslim population base. Which is why the Dept of Immigration is being enabled by overlords to shoehorn the Muslim population into Australia on bogey visas.

    Looks like the boat arrivals were just the schmoscreen to make Australians think demographic replacement in Australia was being sorted out. It isn’t.

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  4. Actually I’m glad very few Muslims join the ADF, the fewer the better in my book. The more there are the more ADF members would be having to watch their backs. Those that are in the ADF just use it as a vehicle to promote stealth jihad a la ‘captain’ shindy.

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