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I am pleased to present a guest post today from young conservative, Eric Gotts.


Last Thursday we took a little step closer to Sharia law in Australia.

Criticising the ‘religion of peace’ or its advocates in the Australian Capital Territory is now punishable by a criminal conviction and a fine of up to $7500.

It should come as no surprise that the new law was introduced by the Greens’ Shane Rattenbury. The twist is that it was supported by both Labor and the Liberals who couldn’t move fast enough to criminalise those with the wrong opinions.

Rattenbury said, “the display of hatred, intolerance and offensive behaviour towards Muslims was one of the biggest intolerance issues in Australia today”. This is his way of justifying legislation that makes thought criminals of his political and ideological opponents.

The rationale for this draconian new law was a study by the University of South Australia. It found that 10% of Australians are ‘highly Islamophobic’. This means they hold ‘negative and hostile attitudes towards Islam and Muslims’.

Of course, anyone who has had a close look at Islam will fall into this category. If you believe, as many Australians do, that you should be able to criticise backwards and primitive beliefs, then consider moving from the ACT to someplace else.

Changes to the Discrimination Act now make it illegal to vilify someone on the basis of disability, religion, race, sexuality, gender identity and AID/HIV status.

Definitions for vilification have now been extended to social media posts, actions in the workplace and even wearing clothes, signs or flags that would incite hatred, contempt, ridicule or revulsion.

Which leaves us to wonder just who gets to determine what material qualifies under this definition. And that is the point of all of this isn’t it? The ‘Left’ determines how this law is applied.

Critics of Islam must now be silent while attacks on the Catholic Church are commonplace. Conservatives are banned off social media while the progressives monopolise public debate. Just how long will it take before someone takes offence at the Australian Flag for ‘inciting hatred’?

This move comes on the heels of a national election that saw the election of four One Nation senators and a strong swing away from the major parties. The writing is on the wall for the totalitarians in the federal parliament. So it seems that they’re trying to cement their authority in the states.

It’s shameful for a law like this to be passed but it’s what we’ve come to expect from the Greens and Labor. However, it’s beyond shameful for the Liberals to pass laws bullying people from voicing their opinions and which seeks to destroy political discourse before it starts.

Is this what Malcolm has made of his party?

Somewhere George Orwell is rolling in his grave.

Author: Eric Gotts

Eric Gotts describes himself as a secular conservative with a small libertarian lean. As a younger conservative he has seen first hand the effects ‘social justice’, ‘political correctness’ and the loss of critical thinking is having on the youth of today. He is committed to defending the foundational values of Judaism, Christianity and Humanism upon which the Western world was built. Eric has a background with the Royal Australian Air Force in aircraft maintenance and has worked on airframes all over the country. He is an avid reader of history and economics, especially the works of Thomas Sowell.

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  1. Australians need to be more careful about who they vote for at elections!

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  2. Suppression of unhyphenated Australians is the name of the game here.
    Thought Control in the UK: Britain’s State Sponsored Intimidation of Whites (the native demographics)

    Muslim rape gangs roam freely across the North and children are being opening trafficked

    To combat this social catastrophe, the Home Office is taking robust steps to implement a ‘Hate Crime Action Plan’. There will be increased sentences for talking about the Muslim takeover online and in social media. Cowed Whites who talk about this in a way (that would be any way) so as to give offense to Muslims will be dealt with under the new Action Plan.

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  3. What about the so called peace loving Muslims that rape our women, want to marry 6 year old girls and carry signs that say behead the infidels? Bomb and kill innocent people. Will the RATTENBURY law apply to them also and stop them from doing the same to the people of this country and those who deserve to be here? Send all illegal people in Australia Home. They don’t deserve to live in this country. Will you keep them under control Rattenbury? Not on your nelly you wont you short sighted blind ….. Cant you learn from history? I hope Canberra’s voters dump you and repeal your stupid law. I agree with Ian Felton whole heatedly his comments appear at the top of the page.

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  4. The ACT government needs to be dissolved, what a waste of tax payers money.

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  5. I totally agree with Ian Felton. A spot on analysis.

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  6. This is the beginning of turning Australia into a Muslim country. The process for the restructuring of the western democracy in Australia is really a simple one for the Muslims. Their patient charisma, their ability to rapidly increase their numbers, their invincible dedication to a book called the Quran and the inability to stand up to terrorism every time there is an ISIS attack. The Chinese are going to have to work hard to stop them. The Anglo/Judeo-Christian heritage of Australia is already long forgotten. It will now be a battle between the Chinese and the Muslims as to who wins the coveted prize – Australia.

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  7. I understand these laws will apply for Christians as well?

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  8. Will this apply to Muslims with “behead infidels” signage.

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    • These laws only apply to those that the anti-discrimination boards want to target.

      So, in short, no.

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      • Well I think thats what inflames me the most about this crap put forward by the Greens. It works only one way and I believe it is designed to stop us from voicing our opinions and objections so that the Muslim creep can continue aided and abet by the Greens.
        Shame Rattenbury, shame

  9. Only a matter of time until we all have to bow down to the socialist left! This ACT law is just the start that shows islam is weaselling its way into our mainstream politics. That’s unless we actually start fighting back with our voices and our votes. Bernie and a great many ALA members are doing just that but to make a real impact we need more and more Aussies to jump on board and help the fight. People, for the sake of future generations start or keep spreading the ALA word and name.
    In my personal opinion we as a whole are the only party that WILL NOT go back on our principles or kowtow to lefty Malcolm or islam or any other green or lefty group. We are a passionate bunch and I know there are many thousands more who think along our lines and there are those that will start to realise what is right and what is wrong when the pro islam policies and legislation continue rolling in. Islam is an ideology of stealth.
    Those who state that Islam is the religion of peace are deluded and blind to what is happening in the world today. Islam translated is ” Submit or submission”. Well guess what? I refuse entirely to SUBMIT in any way shape or form to islam or the Australian Politicians who are trying to introduce laws to not only tolerate but to embrace islam.
    We will not go away, we will not back down. We will fight for the rights of all future generations of Aussies and we will work bloody hard to ensure that Anglo/Judeo-Christian and any other immigrants (no matter where they are from) that assimilate and intergrate and embrace Australian way of life and western traditional principles do not become the minority to islam in Australia.

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  10. Back to the Future. The more things change – etc. Remember the Mujahadeen back in the 80’s when they imposed strict Sharia Law in Afghanistan.

    The Religion of Tolerance used to execute the ‘thought criminals’ in the old stadia on Sunday for the edification of the Believers. They were flogged forth from the caves / jails after the prayer sirens went off and marched out to the old soccer stadia to die for Dar al Islam. Obviously no tv in those places. They didn’t have yada yada shows like ‘The Talk’, ‘The Drum’, ‘Q and A’ etc to keep them on track with the Mujahadeen version of PC.

    I am sure this was covered even in the Ausitralian Luegenpresse.

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  11. Are we going to called racist now speaking our minds, where did this half wit came from? Look at the rest of the world keep these animals out and our freedom to think and say what we think.

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  12. One of the First Victims in the fall of Democracy, is the Loss of Freedom of Speech, this can be bought about by two means, one through Government Sanction, and the other through Public Alienation. At the moment in Australia, we are witnessing first hand, a monumental move to curtail Australia’s rights of Freedom of Speech, it’s happening right before your eyes, and you are either naive to its occurrence, or you are part of its occurrence. Part of Democracy in Australia has always recognized the rights of Lobby groups, the rights of the minority to petition the Government for the change of laws, to change laws to recognize their specific needs. Many minority groups have been successful in their endeavours, then again many groups demands upon the Governments laws, actually involve participation by debate through the General Public, as their demands impact on all Australians, ie Same sex Marriage, Gay rights etc, some of these demands go further than what is expected, and becomes a way of indoctrination of the General Public, to their personal beliefs, therein lies the problem, when minority groups expect the whole population to accept their way of life and beliefs.
    Racism has always been a word thrown around Australian vocabulary for many decades now, following the second World War we saw an influx of emigrants from many Countries, and more so after the death of the White Australia Policy. Australia has been host to many Nations, Italians, Greeks, Chinese, Vietnamese and others, there were problems initially with assimilation and Integration, not by these immigrants believe it or not, but by us Australians, it appeared an Alien environment to us, unsustainable, yet these people quietly moved into society and built and enriched the Australian culture over the years. These people, of all races embraced Australia, they bought no baggage, they had no aspirations to change Australia, and they integrated and assimilated.
    Politicians loved this era, the whole of Australia became harmoniously in tune, images came to their mind of The Make Love not War period, images of a Multicultural society, all sitting around a Sunday Barby, arms entwined and singing with Gusto, Kumbaya My Lord. Then the bubble burst, when the first of the Illegal Boats hit Australian shores, Multiculturalism went out the window, as the first Refugee stepped ashore.
    Politicians saw the escalating furore over National Security, Border Control and the Refugee dilemma, igniting divisive unrest throughout Australia, different States saw the rise of those for and against the Muslims, Rallies for both sides emerged as well as the beginnings of new Political Parties in Australia. The revolving door of both the Labor and Liberal/Coalition Parties were frustrating the general population, as was the debacle of changing Prime Ministers.
    Now to the present day, we find Australia with a new form of refugee, a different Refugee than those we accepted back in 1954, when we signed into the United Nations Refugee programme. Today we have Refugees who have no intention of Assimilation or Integration, today we have Muslims who carry the baggage of the Islamic Ideology, the book of War, the Quran in one hand and a mindset of Subjugation through Subversion, an Ideology that goes against Australia’s Cultural Beliefs and Heritage, an Ideology that infects every country it infiltrates, it’s all laid out in their Book of War, infiltrate by any means and don’t liaise with the infidel, don’t believe me?, then read their book, or google the subject.
    Now what has all this to do with Freedom of Speech?, Islam has been in Australia for a long time, The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils was set up way back in the 1950s, their movements and voice was quietly unheard of over the years, now the Islamic voice is being heard, Politicians and the Leftists or more to the point, the Bleeding Hearts, to keep Political peace, coined the word Islam phobia, a word designed to suppress the general population from exhibiting Racism or Anti Muslim sentiments, in other words, a Political means of suppressing the Australian voice, no longer is there mutual debate or dialogue on the issue, the subject is cut and dry and closed by the Government, hence the rise of factions in the community both for and against the Islamic invasion.
    Not only is it the Politicians or the Radical Islamic groups that is closing down the Voices of Australian’s, it’s also the media, whether the newspapers or the Television, they are biased and follow the leanings of the Politicians, they will not report peaceful rallies or want to engage in Harmonious debates, The newspapers are selective in reporting as is the TV, they are not interested in peaceful dialogue, that doesn’t sell, sensationalism is what sells the media, either newspapers or TV.
    Your opinions and voice is being censored via the Political department and the media.
    Freedom of Speech, when lost, signals the demise of one of Australian’s intrinsic rights.

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  13. Islam phobia is not a word to be ashamed of; being Islam phobic is a badge of Honour in Australia. It denotes Loyalty to Australia and all it represents; it’s Culture, Beliefs and Life style.
    Those proud enough to be labelled an Islam phobic, demonstrate their aversion and Disgust with a Perverted Ideology that has infiltrated the Australian mentality by Subversive means, an Ideology, not a Religion.
    It is time all Australia stood together in unity
    Be proud and unite as Islamophobes .
    If you oppose my right to be an Islamophobe then you are discriminating against my personal beliefs.

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  14. Integration is a two way street, at least it was once, when one of the Party refuses to integrate it becomes a different story, when one of the party uses a perverted Ideology as a Religion to subvert society then it is not integration, when the Quran prohibits integration with Infidels, then the terminology of integration goes out the window, and is replaced with the words Invasion for Subversive means. I find the Ideology of Islam repulsive and a crime against Humanity, I will continue to fight to eradicate the germ of Islam, and all its carriers from Australia’s shores, I will not be silenced by this Government, I do not believe in inviting the enemy into my backyard, I will not even try to Integrate with Satan, I will not turn the other cheek to Islamic violence in our country, while the Government hides under the beliefs of misguided refugees, I will fight against the building of Mosques in Australia, places of spreading the evil beliefs that are written in the Handbook of War, their Quran, I will oppose the establishment of teaching universities and schools who advocate the tenets of Satan. I will not stand next to Itslam without feeling disgust. I will not stand beside any Politician who supports the works of Satan, and if you are a naive Islam loving bleeding Heart, with misplaced empathy to this Disease, don’t stand beside Me, for on the day of reckoning, no Muslim will stand up for you, And neither will I

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    • We should not lay down and be trampled on by this inadequate and irresponsible government. The enemy within.

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    • Its time the people started charging politicians with treason against the people. The evidence of islam worldwide is overwhelming. Time to hold them accountable and get rid of political correctness

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    • Is it also illegal for Muslims to vilify Christians and Jews. If not, I think that we have a case to defy this stupidity and have a very good precedent on which to argue the case.

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      • John, I was going to ask about that, too. If the moslems are allowed to get away with it, it takes it into discriminatory areas and we would have a good chance of fighting it, and winning…I hope!

      • As John Wharton said above,I agree…

    • Ian, I am completely with you on this. If only ALL Aussies felt like this, we would not have a problem. The trouble is that many have their heads in the sand.They are becoming aware that it CAN happen here but do not want to know about it! I love my country passionately, our beliefs, our cock-eyed sense of humour which only Aussies understand, our slang, our culture, our freedom of speech , our way of dressing, our tolerance, our kindness in times of trouble. etc.We have to stop the Islamisation of Australia but how? when you have idiots ( and I don’t use that word lightly) running the country. Obviously they have never read the Koran.

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  15. • Our country has opened the doors to multiculturalism through the good old Aussie spirit of a fair go, open arms to refugees, acceptance of peoples of all walks of life irrespective of language, race, colour or creed’ This has now begun the demise of Australia as we know it.
    • It is now time for all Australians to stand up and be counted to oppose all political parties that support and encourage the integration of those peoples who come to our country under the banner of refugee when in actual fact they are fleeing their countries due to internal political disruption and ongoing civil wars that are partly funded by the major Western powers.
    • We are now subjected through our open immigration laws to peoples entering our country and carrying the baggage of their past and after assimilation blatantly abuse our concept of democracy of the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion and the freedom of life.
    • We have people in Australia who have been accepted into our country who blatantly assert that Sharia law is above Australian law , these people are allowed to move freely in Australia expounding this view and exhorting others to reject Australian laws and subversively undermine the laws as we in Australia know and accept.
    • Through our waning and lazed supervision of our concept of refugee and immigrant we have now through many successive governments been blindly led into the acceptance of the word multiculturalism at the expense of Australian beliefs and ideologies.
    • I believe in the following.
    • Immediate withdrawal from the United Nations
    • Indefinite embargo on the acceptance of Refugees who are of the Islamic persuasion.
    • The immediate halving of all overseas aid, National disasters exempt.
    • Implementation of Military Service of Two year’s tenure for all those leaving High School and moving into the Welfare queue. Immediate removal from all Federal, State and Local Government offices, those members who are in breach of the requirements as laid down in the Australian Constitution.
    • Immediate banning of all Islamic Headwear in Australia.
    • Immediate closure of all Islamic Schools, Mosques and Places of learning. The property and assets to be appropriated to the Government.
    • Immediate removal of the requirement for all Australian foodstuffs to be Halal certified.
    • Immediate removal of the 457 Visa programme.
    • Immediate adoption of a National Zero Policy in regards to Non Residents criminal activities.
    • Non Residents convicted in any Australian Federal court be deported immediately having served their term of imprisonment, where holding dual citizenship, also implementation of a policy of No Court of Appeal or access to Australian Free Legal Aid.
    • Notwithstanding the above, the immediate families of convicted non residents to be deported immediately where holding dual citizenship.
    • All Politicians relinquish all rights to the Government Gold parliamentary privileges after retirement,
    Free Travel, and all allowances that reflect on their previous employment.
    • The Parliamentary term be for the full term and the nominated Leader, Prime Minister, be retained for the full tenure, with no prerogative of the standing Party to change Leadership.
    • Medicare is retained in its present form but open for further analysis at a later date.
    • Immediate overhaul of the Taxation payments of Australian businesses, with overseas shareholders, investors and Directors.
    • The immediate upgrading of the Australian Defence Force to five times its present status.
    • Immediate negotiations with Russia in regards to Bi-lateral trade and Global security.
    • The immediate investigation of the plight of Australia’s rural industries in regards to drought relief, sustainability and production.
    • The immediate cessation of sales of any Australian land to overseas investors, further prohibiting the investment of any overseas country into Australia’s Natural resources and minerals.
    The immediate appropriation of all Australia’s natural resources and minerals, currently operated and owned by single Australian entities, back to the Government, to be managed by the Government of Australia.
    The immediate closure and non recognition of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils.
    I will stand under the Flag of a Christian Religion, and oppose the Islamification of Australia

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    • I can’t travel home from work anymore without being afraid of Sudanese youths. I also lost my job a year ago for attending a Reclaim Australia really.

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      • Did you not attend work? and that is why you were sacked ? or was it for attending the rally in your own time?if in your own time ,couldn’t you take the matter to court? as what you do in your own time is your business and has nothing to do with others ,political or otherwise.

    • I agree with you at least the multicultural people who came to Australia from 1950s to 200 joined in with Australian customs and lifestyle now we don’t know what we are getting and the sad thing is that our leaders can’t see the forest for the trees they are only lining their own pockets. Australia is about to find out what living in Paris,London and the rest of Europe is all about. ..

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    • Behind you 100% but would add the immediate withdrawal of the tpp.

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    • Please see the above

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    • A great statement, Ian. I think the majority of Aussies feel like you do. Something has to be done because other states will follow Canberra’s lead. We can’t have that.

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    • You are not on your own, ahuge % of Australians support this.

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    • This is just bull s*** did the JUDAS TURNBULL get the peoples opinion on it no well look out for I will speak my piece and I don’t care.

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    • how can it be possible for western people to have a tolerance for people who have no tolerance and indeed preach intolerance against western people. in the most part Australians are welcoming people that have held out the welcome mat. But the western world is being invaded by those hat would have us comply or be elimated.

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    • A comprehensive post Ian certainly worthy of the read. I want to know which title does Islam fall under in this new Law… It is an ideology…well isn’t it, not a religion? I don’t see ideology listed as a no no…well not this week anyway! The Parties should be ashamed of themselves anyway. It has taken lots of outcry from one group to bring on this Law! Until then no one up there cared about the disabled & some other groups listed enough to instigate a Law…..What is this telling us do you think? Lets keep our ears open for the sexuality & gender identity charges. So, I will follow that with interest. I will also expect anti Australian speeches & declarations, talk of the infidels, challenges to our culture, law and the terrorising claims to behead, stone, burn & kill in any manner possible, etc etc, to cease….! This should employ a few I would think. What are they thinking… much money, down how many avenues, is all of this costing the Australian taxpayer? More jails too!

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    • Multiculturism has proved to be the source of most of our all our racial and social problems here in the UK. Allowing sharia law will be the first step in totally losing your national identity. Be warned!

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