A message from the Queenslander of the Year

Shortly after the election, I was privileged to receive a message from Catherine McGregor, the Queenslander of the Year:

Thanks for all your abuse. I have waited to have the last laugh. Call em he and it to your hearts content Bernie and your dwindling little band of apostles. But what a humiliating defeat. Despite all the talk all the abuse and all the flying around in the spitfire you failed. As we discussed way back in the day is not surprising-you are bred to fail. How will you make a living now champ? The blog is in free fall. The Army won’t cop your nonsense. The crowd has moved on from your political freak show while my life continues to thrive. You lost the election and you lost the debate about trans too. I was on Bolt last night babe. The Vietnam Veterans refused to endorse your campaign against me. They showed me your email. We has a good laugh. Game over. Apart from you and a telephone booth booth minority most decent people have no problem using my female name and pronouns. You are really a joke Bernice. Try to be a man for a change and get gainful employment to feed your family without this unedifying begging online. My tip is you will yet again rat on this party and move on. Your egomaniacal sense that you have a destiny in parliament will drive you on. But like Daddy you just aren’t up to it. Hugs sweetie. No hard feelings. xxxx Catherine

I’m sure you’re as terrifically thrilled as I am at the quality of our current representative who was beaten to the throne only by David Morrison…



Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Bernard, the letter from Charlie the man, is one illuminatingly spiteful, bullying stream of incompetent yet mediocre projected left logical fallacy.

    QUOTE: “thanks for the abuse.” And there follows endless ad hominem abuse.

    “you are bred to fail” – perhaps a man who believes he is a women due to clothes, the state enforced use of pronouns and surgery, may be found to be rather wanting and problematic in exactly that very area. Sadly, basic biology states that genetics maketh the man and the woman no matter how much you deny the, wait for it, science.

    “The crowd has moved on” – Literal appeal to the crowd, numbers, the mob and the group. Well, if the crowd has moved on, I guess that settles any question for all time then. Is that how Einstein, Planck and Newton did their best work, noting if the crowd had moved on? Er, no.

    Though one IS reminded of Gustave Le Bon’s great empirical work ‘The Crowd’, on the mob-mentality nature of crowds and the left’s love of favored group tyranny over individual liberty in general, as well as Ann Coulter’s book Demonic, how the [left] liberal mob is endangering America.

    “freak show” – Ad hominem again. Riiight. Not big on self-reflection, are you. Hell, I can’t blame you when one’s reflection is so un-selfy. Using state power to mainstream the delusional mental-illness of fabricating genders that have never existed, don’t exist and will never exist is well, while entirely GENETICALLY male despite wearing a dress and make-up, rather defines freaky.

    “…you lost the debate about trans too.” False claim, false finality claim. FACTS do not lose debates. Debaters do. Australia is dominated by leftist media. So alleged debates tend to be total control-freak moderated frauds entirely on their terms. And what’s there to debate exactly? There is no such thing as the neologism of transgender. It’s all made-up.

    Guess what? As the great Ben Shapiro has said, FACTS do not care about your feelings.
    “I was on Bolt last night babe.” Non-sequitur. Really? And you assumed what position? Sadly, Andrew Bolt often has incompetent left liars and assorted creeps, bores and weirdos on his show.

    “The Vietnam Veterans refused to endorse your campaign against me.” Appeal to random authority. Amazingly, even Vietnam Veterans can have a political agenda, even a bad one and can even be, wait for it, wrong.

    “They showed me your email. We has a good laugh. Game over.” Irrelevant straw men and false conclusion from a series of bogus premises.

    “Apart from you and a telephone booth minority” – argument from numbers reducto ad absurdum. There are more of us and less of you and therefore we win, is not an empirical argument but the mathematics of the lynch mob.

    “…most decent people” – Ad Populum. Description of Appeal to Popularity. The Appeal to Popularity has the following form: Most people approve of X (have favorable emotions towards X). Therefore X is true.

    “…have no problem using my female name and pronouns.” Claim without evidence. My wife is a very decent Japanese woman as per usual, and she has plenty of problems calling a man a woman, even in a fabulous gown. At last count, the number of freshly coined pronouns for the endless manufactured LGBTQWERTY menagerie was seemingly inexhaustible, so the problem is one shared by everyone.

    “You are really a joke Bernice.” Ironic ad hominem of a female name by a man in a dress who demands to be called by a female name under threat of legal action using corrupted state power. Actually, I’ll wager, hilarious jokes about men in dresses are more popular than say jokes about men serving in violent war zones.

    “Try to be a man for a change” – Multilayered ironic ad hominem and straw man projection. Ironically, you have tried to be a woman for a change and you have completely failed. So, a man who is trying to convince Bernard, an actual man who does not have to “try and be a man”, that they are indeed a woman because they decided to “change” into a woman. Just like that. I plan to eventually change trans into an attack helicopter because I identify as one.

    “…and get gainful employment to feed your family without this unedifying begging online.” – Arrogant yet crude feigned concern for Bernard’s wife and children in order to insult their father, who has been deliberately beggared by the same leftist parasites using tax-payer funded government institutions to corrupt the law toward activist agendas, and who have gained absurd awards that regularly come with tax-payer funded benefits. Nice. Stay classy, Charlie, as they say.

    Curiously, Charlie Sheen has a lighter female touch than you do.

    “My tip is you will yet again rat on this party and move on.” – So you still have your tip then? Good for you. Ironically, the Liberal Party are simply stellar at ratting on their own base and Australian’s in general.

    “Your egomaniacal sense that you have a destiny in parliament will drive you on.” – Perhaps the most ironic projection of all. You seem quite narcissistic, emotional and frankly, plain nuts.

    “But like Daddy you just aren’t up to it.” – Ah, another subtle ad hominem straw man taunt. You really are a sophisticated dame. Er, no. Mike Tyson is a more sophisticated and convincing female than you are.

    And I’m sensing some unresolved parental issues projection here too. Ah, all is revealed. Now I get the whole men in dresses thang. So failed as a boy now you’re coming back as Norma Desmond.

    “Hugs sweetie. No hard feelings. xxxx Catherine” – And finally, a disingenuous bitchy drag queen sign off straight from Central Casting. Well, one can honestly say that Charlie is the man.

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  2. Wow! Are we back in primary school Mz Na Na na_na Na you-cant-catch-me McGregor?. Yet we wonder why the Uni students act as they do when these people are today’s role models. Sadly this is a reflection of the general contempt all our politicians and officials treat we the people with these days. Nasty immature vindictive behaviour – just like the Uni students comments above although I think the student is a paid shill of the NWO.
    Why? Because his comments are exactly in line with the UN retohric especially the remark about the oldies holding us back and the sooner they die the better (not his direct quote).
    This is the propoganda being taught to our kids at schools and uni’s world wide through UN policies of Agenda 21/30. Eugenics ie population control.

    The view is that once you hit 45-60yrs old medical treatment shall only be “maintenance”. Prevention/treatment is reserved for the younger ages. Once your 70 that’s it, your times up, you are now officially a burden on society as you cannot work anymore. Life saving or prolonging life treatment past this age is not warranted or desired by our powers that be. Only the elect live long lives. If you have an elderly parent that needs hospital treatment these days you, your family and the sick person may be given a lecture by the surgeon or doctor along the lines of ” Well if something does go wrong in surgery wouldn’t it be better to just go gracefully, after all youve had a long run and surely that would be better than possibly enduring months of physiotherapy or more medication and being a burden on your family”. That is policy now. Make it clear to them you want everything done to save and prolong life if that is your wish. Watch carefully all treatment given, especially watch how long they are on “Nil by Mouth” and if your normally level headed parent or partner starts begging you not to leave them in the hospital you had better take heed and get them out asap or you might find them “gone” the next time you visit. I could be wrong but I also believe Medicare no longer pays the hospital if you have to return within 28 days of release due to complications. If the hospital won’t get paid do you think you will be a priority for treatment?

    Talk of a demise pill and family “end of life partys” where the family says goodbye then hands granny her pill at the end of the night discussed at the UN. Obama care has End of life planning once you hit 70. The young are being brainwashed to believe the elderly are no longer useful, are a burden on medical and welfare systems and that they are being selfish wanting to stay alive..Sorry for the off topic but people need to be aware of this.

    Maybe Mz McGregor is upset that the hospital that started sex change Ops in America no longer does them as they now say that this is a mental illness not a gender issue.Long term follow up with patients revealed extremely high levels of suicide, regret, revision of surgery and major depression leading to and beyond the 10 yr mark post surgery and further study of their patients showed almost all cases were caused by the particular type of nurture they received when young – Nature was not the cause.
    They now offer psychiatric help instead of sex change operations, however you rarely hear it mentioned..Just like the school “bullying” ie screw kids up sexually campaign that was waged.The statics show that by late adolescence/ early adulthood almost all kids with confused gender identity choose to live in their correct biological gender without any problems at all. Tomboys and sissygirls remember…? Yet we were still Boys & Girls..99.9% of us got over it. It’s called normal growing up and should not be classed as anything else.

    Bernard YOU are more a man than many I know but Mz McGregor is in No man’s Land. By her own admission has never been one just as s-he can never be a biological woman.

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  3. those who condemn sodomy and its spin offs such as the rest of the LGBT mob will suffer persecution for what they say and the persecutions will go on for some time yet as the barriers against the sodomites and LGBT gets lowered further to the point where we think they can’t go any lower. the sodomites have made tremendous advances in the last 20 years. the speed of it all has gob smacked the sodomites themselves and the LGBT too. however, He who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah won’t sit idle for ever in the Heavens and one day He will arise, shake Himself and pour out wrath upon the heads of those transgressing the everlasting Laws. be patient, judgment is coming. I want to be hear to witness the demise of those who shake their fist at the Most High. the Judge of the whole earth will have the last say.

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  4. Nasty but accurate comments from Cate Mcgregor.

    Time both of you moved on, the fight is done, winners and losers clear to see.

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  5. Is this true I can’t believe it.
    Dear Malcolm is truly joy full and triumphant, sadly people who take pleasure in such a letter as he did here towards Bernard Gaynor, clearly should never be in a position of any authority over any person, be it in even in a chook raffle.

    When one delves into why we lost 41 people of they who served the ADF this year so far to suicide, not to mention all the others the years before, I think our old mate Malcolm could maybe stand up and be a true man and give his vast expert opinion so as to enlighten all to his grave concerns as to what he did to truly work help such people in the ADF.

    A person in a position like Malcolm should be way above making such remarks on people who served in our ADF.
    Such a person should at all times be loving and kind to all who served in the ADF and never go out of his way to taunt or deride them at all, as such nonsense is just criminally insane.

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  6. Diversity & inclusion is here and not going anywhere. I’m 23, a straight male. A grad at a global investment bank – I don’t see no one in my workplace, university or in my community speaking like this about members of the LGBTQI community

    I’m excited for what my generation holds. I know it will be far more bold than the generation of old, narrow minded, poor people who have written crap comments above. When your generation finally clears out the place will be a much more accepting place – the olden days are overrrrr and no one young cares anymore!

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    • As you stated, the younger generation might make it a more accepting place for some but that doesn’t mean it will be a better place for all. We all have the ability to accept anything but some of us have made the informed decision that some minorities, some beliefs and some lifestyle choices are definitely not the method to cure the worlds ills and only add to the problems in society. Some of the younger generation seems only to be interested in me me me and stuff everyone and everything else that is destroying our civilisation globally, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from some universities that are openly pushing and indoctrinating the lefty agenda to the poor fools who don’t use the grey matter or the ability to research and make decisions for themselves. This pathetic person who wrote that to Bernie has shown that they certainly don’t deserve the prestigious title of QoTY let alone having their grubby little name, whatever it may be, scrawled on a lavatory wall. The lgbti community are not special, they do not deserve to be treated as special just as every other Aussie doesn’t expect to be, but, when that community are hell bent on forcing their faux specialness on to the rest of Australians, condoned by the government who cater to their every whim, that is what causes the divide and is not fair on the rest of the population. Take the 18c laws, it is unlawful for Australians to say something that might hurt someone in a minority groups feelings but the minorities are allowed to victimise and vilify the majority with no legal recourse available. I can tell you that it happens everyday and where is the fairness in that, take the vile comments spewed forth from mcgregor to Bernie as an example. While these minorities expect this special treatment there will never be social cohesion. And for your information, I have a daughter around your age and it is clear from her and her friends that many of the younger generation do care about what is being discussed and the state of decline in society that some are embracing. They happen to respect the older generation, the generation who fought the wars to keep this country civilised and free, the generations that built the infrastructure that Australia stands firmly on, the generation that formed the constitution that the few are trying desperately to change and the generations who are now suffering political correctness gone very wrong. So please DO NOT lump all the younger generation into your way of thinking. I say, Thank God for them.

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  7. Isn’t it shocking to see what sort of hatred people are capable of after they maneuver themselves into the victim seat. Enough of this progressive cry-bullying

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  8. “Birds of a feather” I reckon…. Morrison seems pretty effeminate to me.

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  9. Bernie in my view that woman is a total half wit. You could get the impression that she sunk a skinful before she wrote that. She is not a critic – she is a mindless knocker of anything she disagrees with.

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  10. Well he obviously has the bitchy trait!

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  11. If you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig.

    Group Captain Malcolm McGregor should realise that a bit of lippy and a dress does not make you a woman.

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  12. Absolutely appalling vicious attack by someone who is obviously mentally ill. The Mayo Clinic in America and many other hospitals in America have ceased the re- assignment operation as they fear this is a mental illness. Malcolm has not had the re-assignment operation, maybe because he fears pain and suffering. He is therefore in Queensland still classified as a man by legislation. He legally should never have been awarded the Queenslander of the Year. It will be a sad day for Australia if this is the caliber of soldiers that will defend this country in the event of an attack on home soil.

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  13. Keep up the good Fight Bernard these misguided and paid for by Islam people will lose we must stay strong in what we believe and we must get back the Aussie Spirit pre war years.

    That people gave their lives for, Because this vermon is set to destroy us and just like how the Americans deceived the people of Hiroshima before the Fat Lady Sang and detroyed them all.

    This is happening in Australia under the guise of a Peacefull people and lies and deceiving the most elect, and isnt it just crazy in the Bible it says exact words “In the last days even the very Elect Will Be Deceived” is this being play out through out the world right now the very Elect our Governments are not being Deceived they are Deceived by the Culture of the History of our World.

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  14. This very sad email from one who holds a senior position of responsibility & seniority is a disgrace. How can the general public be expected to hold one in any firm of esteem???
    Bernard Gaynor has defended the very foundations of this great & wonderful nation which has allowed the said ‘Catherine’ to even perform the deeds done. Full support for Bernard Gaynor.

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  15. Those four photos at the top of this article are the disgusting face of pure evil..absolute trash. Don’t ever give up the fight against this trans-trash. I always thought the lowest form of life was the ‘presstitutes’ in the main stream media…but ‘tranny trash mouth’ has taken the title.

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    • hear hear Mick, Well said

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  16. I like you Bernie, but I can’t subscribe to not allowing all variations of gender. That especially includes transgender and same sex marriage etc. But what I do dislike is these people from these groups with an axe to grind, who are determined to take their inseecurities out on those they see as their enemies and especially in such an undignified and childish manner. It makes them very very ugly and nasty and actually dangerous and distorted. The email to you is full of that ugliness and venom.

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  17. This is the behaviour and language of a senior Australian military leader. Seriously? Must not be too difficult to graduate from Duntroon these days.

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    • This McGregor person is NOT typical of men I served with 30+ years ago.

      It shows how Queenslanders of the Year are picked by politicians these days.

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      • 30 years ago you wouldn’t have seen these queer bastards in the forces, most of the good soldiers got out before this gay and lesbian shit became almost compulsory.

    • I’ve said for several years that we need a Stalinesque Purge of our senior level Officers to get rid of the filth who have risen to the top, and are now rotting the entire military structure from that position.
      Let the purge begin…

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  18. If anyone needs some luck , it is you . Sanctimonious cow. No class, just arse dear. Your life is thriving, maybe for now, but you have not and never could have the class of Carlotta,nor the looks. It takes personality to be a Queen. It is my opinion that you only make it to Queer status. Then you have the audacity to try to savage and belittle another, open season on you, Titled “Australian of the year”, how much did you have to put out to get that?. Stuck in no where land of gender, it must be a constant reminder of what you were in life, every time you take a pee. wishful thinking will not suffice, Nature has given you a good dose of karma.

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    • Australian Poster Of The Year

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  19. OMG, Not only ugly on the outside but even uglier on the outside. What a horrible person.

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  20. Thank God they are a minority , given sympathy votes that no one says anything about due to “Political Correctness” ……..let her have her , or his time in the sun , real goodness shall prevail

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  21. So a low level of professionalism, dependent of course on what profession you are in. If this is the language accepted to qualify for Queenslander of the Year then I fear for any awards in Australia, which has also been shown to be fascicle anyway with a troop of moslems being rolled out for every award going. This unlabelled ex-army bag of bile needs to be bitched slapped back into it’s place and I feel, in time, Bernard will achieve this. Go Bernard Gaynor and the ALA.

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  22. Nasty piece of work, but not surprising. The conflict in one’s sole when you can’t work out if you’re Arthur or Martha will inevitably be projected on others.

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  23. Nothing says Oz senior military quite like bitchy and vindictive. What ails the QoTY? Has she got her tighties in a waddy? His lipstick and eyeliner wrong shade for the uniform maybe? Or is it a bout with the manflu on roids that has prompted the QoTY to hit the keyboard with this missive.

    As for electoral defeat – crescit sub pondere virtus. There will be another election.

    As for the QoTY – the Overton Window has shifted.

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  24. Major Gaynor
    Your unedifying comments to and about Group Captain McGregor AM do no justice to Australian Liberty Alliance. As a member and very modest contributor I find them distasteful. Stop It! Get Over It! Get Working to Get Elected next Election!

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    • There is something to this point although I didn’t read this post as being a petty personal obsession with this individual, nor those concerning the serial pest who keeps bringing complaints against Bernard to the NSW authorities. The ongoing context is that the full force of the state, and now NGO groups (such as those which decide AoY and QPoY), is aligned with forces which are destructive to the ongoing future of functional society. Bernard, who sticks his neck out, is one who is experiencing the resultant dysfunction already. So I read these articles as prophecy, because such attention will become the norm, and like all such individuals that can give the appearance of non-conformity.

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    • He/she is . just sour grapes because he/she fancied he/she was a shoe-in for AOY considering it was a Caitlin Woman of the Year in America .He/she feels robbed of her moment..very undeserving of any award except an award for no class

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      • No – it’s just “he”.
        It doesn’t matter how much lippy he applies to his pouting lips, how many skirts he has to swish about in and how many crocodile=skin handbags he collects – he’s still a bloke.
        And always will be.
        The chromosomes do not lie.

    • Colin, for some reason I can’t help thinking of McGregor as Group Captain Norma Desmond.

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  25. What an ugly excuse of a human being both inside and out.

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  26. says the man in a dress and makeup. QPoY !! how embarrassing. Keep the good fight going , we will win in the end.

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    • Can anyone be serious enough to take any notice of a bloke wearing a dress and some lippy, pretending to be a contender for AOY?

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  27. That is just childish and unprofessional. But after seeing McGregor’s undignified reaction when Morrison got Australian of the Year I’m hardly surprised by this.

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  28. He does “Bitch” well.

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  29. Catherine, huh!
    Well, the ‘CAT’ part is certainly right! Not sure what you do with the ‘herine’ though… maybe add a w – ‘her wine’!

    Wearing all her/his insecurities on her/his sleeve. Unbelieveable!

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    • I think it’s pronounced “Cat Urine”…

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  30. That message alone should strip him of the QPoY award.

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    • The ‘we all had to laugh’ comment repeated is an indication of an attempt to claim the support of invisible others. Most people have left primary school and this kind of comment back there.

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    • Confucius say:
      Advice from a bloke named Kate with a penis and XY chromosomes who wears dress,
      does not have legs to stand upon.

      Mohammad says:
      The response to any advice from a bloke named Kate with a penis and XY chromosomes who wears dress,
      will come by way of the roof of a tall building.

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