Funding terrorism is child’s play

Twenty-seven million dollars.

That’s a fair whack of cash.

And the authorities are now scrambling to work out exactly how much of that stash has been ‘donated’ to the Islamic State, via a government-funded Islamic childcare network.

Play School Day Care

Play School Family Day Care is at the centre of a $27 million terrorism scam.

But it does seem probable that your tax dollars have ended up in the hands of ‘holy warriors’ from the religion of peace. Even the ABC is admitting Australian taxpayers could now be, albeit unwittingly, one of the largest funders of the enemy that we are at war with.

If you are a stay-at-home mum reading this and feel discriminated against by the government’s childcare system that hands out to the Islamic State but not to you, please feel free to let rip in the comments below.

Unfortunately, this little farce only gets worse.

For a start, the childcare network at the centre of this little fraud was reportedly established by ‘Sheikh’ Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir, when he was previously known as Mostafa Mohamad. The good sheikh is Australia’s highest ranked terrorist. In 2013 he traded in his job caring for tots for the odd selfie in a machine gun nest in Syria.

Sheikh Sulayman

‘Sheikh’ Sulayman reportedly founded the Islamic child care network that sent up to $27 million to fund terrorism.

So it’s only taken three years for the authorities to catch on to this massive scam.

Then there’s Hussain Dandachi. Last week he was arrested for his part in this fraud.

Dandachi’s in the childcare business as well. And he must be doing a pretty good job at it because the bureaucracy let him keep his ‘Absolutely-Safe-To-Work-With-Children’ license even though he was arrested in April for threatening to behead shoppers with a metre long sword at the Campbelltown Mall.

Unlike Man Haron Monis, Dandachi was not let loose via slack bail laws to terrorise an unsuspecting public. Instead, he was shirt-fronted with the full force of the law, convicted, placed on a 12 month good behaviour bond and then let loose on us again.

And this occurred even though he was pulled from a plane last year and had his passport cancelled after it was suspected that he wanted to join the jihad.

Obviously we have not learnt any lessons from the Lindt Café terrorist attack.

Just to cap off the Dandachi story, I should point out that The Australian ran an article in May 2015 as part of a series rambling on about how Muslims were under siege from generous taxpayers. It carried the headline: Meet the Dandachis, a modern Australian success story.

Gina Rushton was the proud author of this article and she spent some time talking up the Dandachi family as the model example of integration. She had this to say:

The eldest child, Syham, 30, now works as a schoolteacher, Nour, 26, is a mother of two, Hussain, 25, is employed as a waterproofer, Heba, 20, is a student journalist and 17-year-old Nadine is completing her HSC year.

That was a year ago.

Now the ABC is reporting this:

The AFP uncovered the network after Dandachi, a 26-year-old waterproofing contractor, was stopped from boarding an international flight from Sydney late last year and his passport was cancelled.

I think this little ‘success story’ needs retelling, Gina.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end here.

Another member of this innovative crew, Ali Assad, was also arrested last week for his part in sending up to $27 million to the Islamic State. And he’s already on bail.

Given the way things are going, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the local Lakemba scimitar store put in a reference for him and a whinge to the judge about how he was needed to keep the business booming.

But please don’t worry. Assad’s had his passport seized, so now we can breathe freely: he won’t be able to travel overseas and kill other people.

It seems that when Assad isn’t scamming the taxpayer to donate funds to the Islamic State, he acts as the secretary for the Dar al Quran wa Sunnah Islamic Charity. It hit the headlines in July last year because the Lebanese government arrested an Australian involved with it.

His crime: recruiting and fundraising for the Islamic State.

Now there’s a pretty blunt pattern forming in all of this. Fortunately, our politicians, our government and our agencies are largely attuned to blocking out blunt patterns and looking for highly-nuanced multicultural sensitivities. It means that we can all be confident that there will be no knee-jerk reaction. Or even any reaction at all.

On the brighter side of all of this, it certainly seems like there has never been a more exciting time to be alive….

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. What I would like to know is –
    WHY ARE WE SENDING OUR GUYS to fight and possibly get killed in their land. And STOPPING THEM FROM GOING BACK?
    wouldn’t it make more sense to let them get out of the country THEN CANCEL THEIR PASSPORTS SO THEY CAN’T COME BACK?
    It would save Australian taxpayers millions of dollars in saved Welfare payments and Legal fees for their representation in a Court where a Judge will let them out on the streets again anyway.
    And when they want to be reunited with their families send the families TO THEM.

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    • I want to see this story on the Project!! But I bet they wouldn’t do it even if it was offered to them

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  2. ALA membership fees paid, BG. Keep it up.

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  3. It is well known by those who work in the childcare industry that the way child care funding is administered is a joke behind-the-scenes the left-hand does not know what the right hand is doing.
    We can never understand why the government insists on families child care benefits being paid to the child care centre, In many cases child care centres either over or under claim because they are assuming that the information provided by parents and the provider is correct the amount for both the centre and the government department involved in correcting these payments is amazing and must be costing a fortune, The system largely depends upon both the parents and the child care providers being honest at best and not intentionaly dishonest at worst , The government will tell you of the checks put in place to ensure fraud is not occurring what they don’t tell you is that they are at toothless Tiger when it comes to reclaiming any monies incorrectly paid, their biggest threat is that they will remove funding ability from the service provider and take legal action to reclaim the money through the courts can it really be believed that people such as these are concerned about this kind of threat . Child care benefits claimed by parents should be paid to the parents upon proof of the child Attending in a service the parent should be responsible for ensuring the childcare fees are paid to the centre if this were to happen each individual would be responsible for their own clams if parents did not pay the centre childcare would be suspended or compliance costs would be removed saving the government hundreds and thousands of dollars. Fraud would still occur but on a very small scale.

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  4. More greens in parliament = more money muslins rip us off simple

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  5. Bernard, it is simple, we have failed to purge the Marxists from our education system, we have failed to change the school curriculum and we have failed to sack leftists from high posts. In the latter case many should be in trial for sedition. The overall result is the above rats have smelt weakness and have gone in for the kill. Most bureaucrats now are products of a corrupted Marxist education curriculum, the older ones are probably too lazy to bother and are only content to let sleeping dogs lie and cash out their super. We need to accept the harsh reality that the brainwashed generation has come of age and they are no match for the above sewer rats. The only solution is a mass purge of the bureaucracy and a new school curriculum. Watch the current mob of bureaucrats frantically search for a band-aid solution that will require the least amount of work. Ideally the current scandal, in a normal society, would have triggered a mass crack down including arrests and immediate deportations.

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  6. I’m at a total loss on reading this…Is our government completely STUPID…, CORRUPT to the point of selling Australia down the gurgler….or just so GREEDY for both POWER and MONEY that they don’t give a shit if their own Grandchildren will grow up under sharia law

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  7. Oh I forgot to mention…Heads will roll with the census debacle. The media gone into a frenzy over that stuff up…Not much media hollering and screaming over this issue..The media silence is defining…Why aren’t heads rolling over this??? Where is Malcom spitting chips??? Where is anyone condemning this debacle????
    Why did it take this long to uncover?? Dozens of unanswered questions and not a hacker in sight… rofl…Our government is pathetic.. Notice lately how Malcolm stammers and stumbles when interviewed??? He has lost the plot..He is acting like a defeatist PM…

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    • Nothing this religion of peace does. I’m also not surprised what our elected MP’s do or don’t do. Australians don’t want any of this and it’s being forced on us. A minority runs the show. The majority have been dictated to. We were a democratic beautiful free island home. What have they done? What are we leaving our children and grandchildren our future looks very grim. Even laws are being brought in to silence us We’re eating tortured food or imported rubbish. Even our cleaning products and toilet paper is halal. McDonald’s cooks the bacon in the microwave so as to not contaminate the grill. The PM gives dinners for hate preachers and all china cutlery crystal linen everything is brand new and paid for by taxpayers so as not to offend the Muslims and daring to insult them with anything contaminated by the infidel. Why are they allowed to cross safe boarders to illegally enter Australia as refugees when they’ve paid smugglers thousands. They don’t work won’t assimilate threaten us assault us hate us. If the places they are fleeing is so bad why do they want to bring and force that evil on us? No more Muslims deport the radicals and criminals stop halal and keep the boarders closed. Give Australia back to all the hardworking and the families of veterans who fought and died for our freedom including our indigenous family. They won’t ever assimilate we don’t want to end up like Britain and Europe

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  8. Why r we allowing this?

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  9. We, the ordinary PEOPLE, have been saying this has been happening for a long time now and the govt. just does not listen to us, the ordinary PEOPLE. Dare I hazzard a guess as to why not. Could it be greed and money and some power game? How could you be so blind to what us, the ordinary PEOPLE, can see. When the truth gets out you pollies will be sorry.

    Great that this child care centre has finally been exposed. We, those ordinary PEOPLE, are not surprised. Govt. needs to double, triple and quadruple check ALL and ANY mohamed run schools, child care centres, sharia bloody banks, bookshops, shops, halal, and ANYTHING in and around Lakemba, Guilford and ALL those arab enclaves.

    This needs to be done NOW and not when it is too late.

    This is such a big mistake by govt. (who don’t even warrant a capital g). HUGE !!!!!

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    • Wouldn’t it save us a fortune not to allow moslims into the country in the first place and expel the ones living here.. Sharia is totally incompatible with our laws..Why are we continually trying to fit a square block into a round hole????
      Problem with people is that one election they vote LNP, Labor or Greens Next election the mix them up voting Greens labor LNP. When are we going to realize that these political parties NEVER ever change…Never… so why vote for them… I am miffed….

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