A confession, O ye Thought Police

I have a confession to make.

I have been incited to hate persons on the grounds of their homosexuality.

Worse, I have also been incited to have serious contempt for, or to severely ridicule, persons who have characteristics of homosexuality.

It’s alright. Please calm down. This doesn’t mean that I actually hate homosexual persons. I’m just saying that I have been incited to do so.

I know. I know. This is very serious. In fact, it is unlawful in New South Wales to incite hatred for a person on the grounds of homosexuality, or to incite serious contempt or severe ridicule of such persons.

Anyone who does this can face a fine of up to $100,000.

So let’s look at the culprits. After all, it is okey-dokey to be incited to such feelings in New South Wales. It’s just that you are a target for the Thought Police if you incite such feelings in others.

And here I am, confessing that I indeed am one of the others; an incitee, not an inciter.

Please look kindly on me, O ye Thought Police. I am opening the door and letting you in on the secrets of those who incite such feelings in me.

Culprit One: Homosexuality itself

Well, that’s let the cat out of the bag.

I am saying, loud and clear, that homosexuality itself incites feelings of revulsion.

It’s pretty clear why homosexuality does this. It is a perversion of natural sexual behaviour which exists, primarily, for the procreation of children. Further, it perverts the natural human attraction for the opposite sex which flowers in life-long monogamous relationships known as marriage. And it all occurs within the framework of sex and attraction, which produces probably the greatest and strongest emotions any person can experience. You do not need to have a doctorate in behavioural sciences to know this – you simply have to have lived to puberty.

At this point, it is worth noting that there is a natural order or morality to sexual behaviour. One does not need to be Einstein to work this out.

Sexual behaviour that complies with the natural order is behaviour that is open to the ends of sex (procreation), and that also occurs within an institution that allows children to be raised in the best circumstances possible (marriage).

As such, it is clear that the power of ordered sexual behaviour is very great. It is the power to create life. Accordingly, it follows that disordered sexual behaviour is very serious in its nature and its consequences. It leads to the physical and emotional harm of those involved (or betrayed), as well as the children that are conceived as a result of this behaviour.

Let’s look at some examples of disordered sexual behaviour.

Sex can be with the wrong people. Adultery is an example.

Sex can be outside its legitimate institution. Fornication is an example.

Sex can be done the wrong way, frustrating its purpose. The use of contraception is an example.

Sex can be forced without consent. Rape and sexual abuse of minors are examples.

Homosexual behaviour is conducted between the wrong people, it is performed outside the institution of marriage and, by its very nature, it frustrates the purpose of sexual activity. That is why it perverts the natural order or morality of sexual behaviour.

Those who pretend that the primary purpose of sexual activity is pleasure have no understanding of the natural order of things and this leads to unnatural behaviour. To say that sex is primarily about pleasure is akin to saying that the primary purpose of eating is to gratify the taste buds.

This is simply not the case. Eating maintains health. Sex ensures another generation.

Marriage is the thing that ensures the future generation is raised in the best way possible.

The pleasurable side of both activities provides a natural inclination to do these things. It is nature’s way of ensuring that the vital things in life are actually done. But when pleasure is prioritised, bad things happen.

People get fat and unwell when they eat too much.

And people get sick and unwell when they cannot control their sexual behaviour. More importantly, children are disadvantaged by inappropriate sexual behaviour as well. They are left without a united mother and father.

It is important to note that in both cases, the ‘unwell’ also results in mental and emotional instabilities.

So let’s look at homosexual behaviour itself.

In its mechanics, to put it politely, homosexual behaviour is like putting nature’s square peg into nature’s round hole. It simply is not what nature intended. The very fact that one has to describe this behaviour so abstractly highlights the inherent revulsion that is part of the nature of homosexual behaviour.

It is also a perversion of the natural order of human attraction. Same-sex relationships, by their very nature, lack the complementarity of the sexes. In fact, sex is the only thing where nature intended the input of both sexes. However, same-sex relationships provide just one. They are ‘sexist’ against the natural order. That is far more serious than having a ‘sexist’ company board.

It seems that many people in same-sex relationships attempt to deal with this gender vacuum by over-compensating in their own behaviour. Lesbians certainly appear far more likely to adopt ‘male’ traits and characteristics than other women, while many homosexuals walk, talk and act in an effeminate fashion.

In a nutshell, you have men rebelling against the natural order of men to be men and attempting to be women, and vice versa. I hate to point out the obvious, but it is this that incites feelings of hatred, serious contempt and severe ridicule of people on the grounds of homosexuality. It is so contrary to basic human nature that it causes a reaction.

Other incitement towards negative views of homosexuality come from its consequences. And, well, these consequences are not pretty. So a negative reaction should not be unexpected.

The consequences of homosexual behaviour are physical, as well and mental and emotional.

Physically, homosexuals suffer.

The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention states that homosexuals are more severely affected by HIV than any other group in America. One in six men who engages in homosexual behaviour will be diagnosed with HIV.

The Victorian Aids Council states that 80% of all new HIV diagnoses in Australia are men who engage in homosexual behaviour.

And the Kirby Institute has stated that in places like inner Sydney there is an epidemic of syphilis in homosexual men.

Mentally, homosexuals suffer too.

Beyond Blue states that homosexuals are twice as likely to suffer from depression than heterosexuals.

In today’s politically-correct environment, it’s fashionable to make claims that people like me are responsible for the suffering endured by homosexuals. Somehow it is as if I inflicted them with HIV by forcing them to abandon all reason and self-control and engage in sexual activity with multiple partners who, in some cases, they know to be HIV positive.

Here’s a more likely and plausible theory: these sufferings are an effect of homosexual behaviour itself. I know it’s a modern day heresy and it’s hard to understand for people who have been taught that everything is always someone else’s fault. However, upon a modest investigation, this wild theory does appear to hold weight, whereas blaming others does not.

Regardless, the suffering exists. And in many people, it incites negative feelings about homosexuality, although it tends to incite me towards a feeling of pity. I really do feel sorry for those who endure them and I hope that they can become free of them.

No doubt, those who logically understand cause and effect might come to the conclusion that freedom from these sufferings cannot be found if people are encouraged to continue engaging in the behaviour that causes them.

So Thought Police, there is culprit one: homosexuality. Please act now before I am incited any more. Who knows what might happen if you don’t. I may even rush out and write another article defending marriage.

Culprit Two: Homosexual culture

Apparently, homosexual ‘culture’ is on display at the Mardi Gras and other ‘pride’ events. And it is clothed in a rainbow – a symbol that holds deep religious meaning. No doubt, this arrogant act of pride incites strong feelings in many people.

The behaviour on display at this event includes nudity, lewd sexual behaviour, crass commentary, cross-dressing nuns and the promotion of unbridled lust without boundary, interspersed with the occasional group of school-children.

If there is anything likely to provoke contempt, it is to describe such behaviour as ‘culture’. This behaviour incites serious contempt because it is seriously contemptible. That’s all there is to it.

It is also accompanied by commentary that such behaviour is good and worthy of celebration. However, there is nothing so likely to incite ridicule than an attempt to portray immoral behaviour as moral.

I rest my case.

I suggest that the Thought Police test it by running repeats of SBS’s coverage of the Mardi Gras at local pubs on a Saturday night instead of the footy. Or maybe they could even include promotion of homosexuality in the footy. I have no doubt that they will find incitement of hatred, ridicule and contempt if they do this.

If they really want to test the limits of how high these feeling can be incited, the Thought Police might like to throw in calls by prominent homosexual activists to lower the age of consent, the Safe Schools curriculum, transgender stories for pre-school kids and David Morrison’s support of Defence participation in the parade along Oxford Street.

I’m just throwing this out there, but I believe that incitement may reach nuclear levels when groups like the Sydney Beat Project or Sydney Gay and Leather Pride Association are thrown in. The former wants to decriminalise sex in public and aims to stop police prosecution of homosexuals who engage in acts of public indecency. The latter displayed information on their webpage about the colour-code people should wear to demonstrate their interest in pederasty until this webpage called them out on it.

Culprit Three: The NSW Anti-Discrimination Board

This one is a doozy. The guys who police the law prohibiting incitement of hatred, serious contempt or severe ridicule of the characteristics of homosexuality make me absolutely livid.

They absolutely do.

From their perspective, I kind of get why this may be hard to fathom. After all, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board is biased towards homosexuality. It has marched in the Mardi Gras. And it does regularly meet with the Sydney Beat Project.

Consequently, it is probably immune to the natural revulsion that most people experience when confronted with the ugly reality of homosexual activity or the promotion of ‘queer culture’.

So I’d guess that it’s probably not apparent to the Thought Police at the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board that their actions incite serious levels of hatred within me for anything that promotes homosexuality.

That’s the charitable view.

The more realistic view is that these guys know exactly what they’re doing and simply get their jollies off by being absolute bastards.

They ignore tribunal decisions that they have no jurisdiction.

They fail to comply with the law to provide me information and updates.

They refuse to provide any details of their ‘investigations’.

They won’t even tell me why they have refused some complaints against me, leaving me completely in the dark about what they consider to be ‘lawful’.

And they accept complaints from a self-described serial litigant who has:

  • threatened to chop my ‘balls’ off
  • has conspired to seize my house and assets, and
  • has contacted Islamic organisations in order to provide them my address.

And to rub salt into the wounds, they send these complaints off to the Tribunal and fail to include my evidence on these points, stating that it is of ‘limited relevance’.

Thought Police, I hand over to you the Thought Police. You deserve to be ridiculed. You are worthy of the deepest contempt. And you incite me to hatred for your totalitarian oppression and evil protection of homosexuality.

Every. Single. Day.

Catholic teaching is the real target

Of course, I have very little confidence that the Thought Police will do anything to stop homosexual behaviour, homosexual culture, or the totalitarian defence of it by the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board from inciting hatred, serious contempt or severe ridicule of persons with homosexual characteristics.

That’s because this law is not about stopping any of this at all. Further, you can’t stop something inherently ugly from being ugly.

These laws are simply there to oppress anyone who defends right order and reason against the perversion that is homosexual behaviour.

If you want proof, just look at how the extreme hatred, serious contempt and severe ridicule on display within the homosexual community itself is ignored. I mean, the homosexual community even put up a Facebook page with a cross through Garry Burn’s head a few years back and then let rip. Burns admits that ‘Gay Inc’, as he describes it with passion, hates his guts.

Look at the insults on Twitter sent to transgender warrior, Cate McGregor, when he dared to oppose ‘Safe Schools’.

Look at the hatred on display against Dulce and Gabbana when they dared to oppose homosexual marriage.

The homosexual community is a hotbed of internal loathing and hatred. No one should be surprised by this. The entire rainbow brigade runs on distorted, self-obsessed emotion. There is not an ounce of logic to support the argument that there is anything good about homosexual behaviour.

If you want more proof, look at how serial complainants target people like me instead of actual threats to the lives of homosexuals, like anyone who promotes Sharia law. Look at how the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board carries on as if it has jurisdiction to scrutinize anyone in the entire world, yet deftly avoids using this immense to power to investigate the Islamic State. Or, indeed, any other Islamic state. Instead, it contents itself with oppressing a conservative internet blogger in Brisbane.

There are immense double-standards here.

Contemptible double-standards. Double-standards that should be seriously ridiculed. Double standards that warrant hatred.

So let’s test them.

The homosexual community and the Thought Police are not focused on Islam, which would see them killed. They are focused on the Catholic Church, which offers them hope.

And as I admit today that I have been incited, I also admit this: I accept the teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. It is outlined below.

Please note that it states homosexual acts are acts of great depravity and contrary to the natural law. It states that under no circumstances can they be approved. It states that the inclination itself is objectively disordered. And it allows that some discrimination against homosexuals is justified.

When I write to oppose homosexual behaviour, I do so guided by this teaching.

Please note that it also states that homosexual persons face a trial and that they must be accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity.

I accept homosexual people with respect. They, like me, are not perfect. They, like me, are called to become perfect, like the God who made us.

I especially have respect for those who fight their inclinations to reach that perfection. These are real men of courage.

However, it should be noted that you show no respect to someone if you remain silent while they demean themselves. It is impossible to show true respect to homosexuals if you partake in the culturally-wide delusion that homosexuality is good. It is impossible to be respectful of the arrogant and prideful promotion of gravely depraved behaviour.

I also have compassion for people who engage in homosexual behaviour. They face, as I wrote earlier, serious health consequences. I can show these people no compassion if I partake in the culturally-wide delusion that there are no consequences to homosexuality. Instead, I would be assisting in the affliction of these consequences.

So Thought Police and serial complainants: what will you put on trial? The real cause of incitement of hatred, serious contempt or severe ridicule? Or your real target: the Catholic Church, its teaching and anyone who dares to defend it?

Over to you…

Chastity and homosexuality

2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity tradition has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered.”142 They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. This is the best article ever written on the subject of free speech and the perversion that is homosexuality. This is the article that no officially approved conservative commentator has the guts to write, because they just want the Murdoch money without the hard work that goes with defending genuine principles, and actually being a frontline foot soldier in a genuine culture war.

    This article is also why I am a loyal follower and defender of Bernard Gaynor. Why I have contributed regularly to his legal defence fund, and why my support of the ALA is largely driven by personal respect for and trust in Bernard Gaynor. I know he means what he says and will not sell out or back down. There is no one like him in politics or media.

    This article, and others he has written, are literally like seeing my lifelong thoughts in print, verbatim.

    The more the thought police harass and try to intimidate him, the more he stands and fights, and doubles down on saying the very things that make them prosecute him in the first place. I mean this article is a full frontal F you with both middle fingers extended one inch from the faces of all your persecutors in NSW. If there is one article that a lawyer would advise you never to write it is this one, yet that is why I admire you so much, because that is exactly the article you have written!

    This article unashamedly “exposes” the normal feelings that all non feminized proud honest heterosexuals have! Yet to publicly state them is illegal!

    That’s the real crime against human rights – the dehumanizing tyranny against the mainstream middle ground, with rights to full and frank expression only allowed for approved minority groups

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  2. Hi Bernard,
    I agree with some, but not all of your comments. I am in awe of your boldness of speech. Its a refreshing change from the all-pervasive Hollywood/ABC monotony on this issue.
    I would like to point out something:
    When feminist activists make aggressive or ridiculous claims, we do not blame all women, or even women generally, because we know that only a minority of women believe in feminism.
    Similarly, only a minority of gay blokes are involved in, or agree with this radical politics that has maliciously attacked you.
    I think the enemy of our society here is a relatively small group of activists who presently have too much power and public funding, are obsessed with identity politics, and want to force their views on everyone, and prevent any others.

    all the best

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  3. Well written Bernie. I am just appalled and sickened by the data that you have linked to, I didn’t realise the figures were that high for gays with HIV. And now they want to indoctrinate our kids and grandkids with their filth. No bloody way. Also it doesn’t surprise me in the least bit that even the LGBTI community don’t want Mcgregor as a spokes person.
    Next, I would like to put out word that I am wanting to know which schools in Qld are going to be teaching this so called Safe Schools filth. If any reader hears from a friend or a family member that it has been introduced into a Qld school near them or at a school your child or grandchild attends then I want to know. I am prepared to stand up and explain to the parents at these selected schools just how disgusting this social engineering program is. And that is what it is. It has nothing to do with bullying, it is to indoctrinate our kids into the belief that LGBTI and every other letter in the alphabet soup is the norm and that it is a normal everyday occurrence for a person to go and get gender reassignment. Well guess what? It isn’t. The parents at these schools need to be informed diplomatically but to the point about what this Unsafe Schools indoctrination program is discussing with YOUR kids. The parents I have spoken to so far have not had enough informed knowledge or information (due to the program co-ordinators and government hiding the data) to be concerned about this program, But, once informed 99.9% I have spoken to have been appalled. there has even been talk of home schooling to avoid this very horrible program. So if you know or hear, Bernie knows how to get hold of me and I will bring this horrible horrible program to the forefront at those schools so it can then be the parents decision whether they want their children involved in this brain washing procedure. And as stated, if the Government are keeping the program and the schools that will be teaching the program a dirty little secret then it certainly cannot be good. You can help fight the fight. Any little bit of support helps Bernie and the ALA (along with all Australians) to combat these issues and help to inform the community of the issues that so many of us can see are leading to the degradation of our beautiful country. Thanks everyone

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  4. I liked the opening sentence Bernard: “It is a perversion of natural sexual behaviour”. It is the behaviours which are the result of choice even if the same sex attraction/inclination is, as I incline towards, a result of reversed polarity in the brain with which the individual has to live with even though it was nothing to do with any choice they made.

    But so too do heterosexuals when it comes to behaviours. Thus the ideal behaviour, in the West anyway, is for males to mate for life to one partner even if their biological nature would lead them to seek multiple partners.

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  5. The works of Satan ‘the Slanderer’ will work against that of why Christ Jesus came, so we would have life more abundantly and it’s this, that has to do with the gift of being in the Grace of our Lord and Saviour.

    People under the power of Sin, truly lack any strength and virtues that the Holy Sprit can only give one.

    History proves what happens to nations that pamper to temptation of mans Sin nature, nowadays we can see such pandering everywhere, it’s pushed just like a mongrel bastard drug dealer would do.

    The Devil sure is a tempter and such comes across as a nice and all round good intentions type, but people who don’t comprehend such works can’t see through such lies and it’s distortions, this worker of temptation corrupts ones Soul and leads people to become something deranged and sick, they can’t come to the Light for they are just so frail, that they prefer the darkness, because they lack virtue to do so.

    A true Christian on the other hand is not really bothered with being called names or such taunts, because they can deal with such, because they do comprehend who and what they are truly dealing with, not to mention such also value another persons concern for ones wellbeing and dignity.

    So we come into the present day of a deluded ego driven self righteous people who truly think they are progressive and they dismiss Christianity as just irrelevant, because they truly lack comprehension of who Jesus Christ truly is.
    The wagers of Sin is death, so the Christian can not just stand by idle, because he does not reject that he is his brothers keeper, as one possessed by good old Satan can’t see this, because such is like one that’s on drugs and as such will only try to attack much like a Hog and tear one apart and trod on any pearls of wisdom offered.

    Our Governments are now liken to drunken degenerates, welcoming Sin and corruption, who are supporting a wicked the works of an evil generation.

    30 years ago non of this Political Correct Nazi type of filth pushing people around like they do, would not get a foot in the door and all this PC rubbish is due to constant brainwashing over the years by atheist morons who work to try enslave us.
    Thank God for Holy Moses, the people of God are not to be come slaves to the works of man.

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  6. Dear God
    Voters of QLD- Wake up!! we need Bernard in the Senate.

    Have shared this article Bernard.
    Brillantly written. Thank You.

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  7. I agree entirely with you Bernard. Keep up the fight& you are in my prayers.

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    • You are entitled to your point of view. Same as everyone is.
      I don’t force my view on you and would appreciate the same response in return.
      Jesus tallied about doing unto others as you would have done unto you!!
      How about bring a real Christian and go feed some homeless people, and leave my community alone

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      • Hi Alain – unless you can point out how you have been dragged before a Tribunal for your views, I suggest you get some proper perspective. No one here is ‘forcing’ any views on you.

        Rather, it is you who has come to this website and seem to be arguing that myself and other people commenting here should cease do to so. That pretty much sounds like you are attempting to force your views on others.

        Just saying…

      • Alain, Jesus said do you love me ? go feed my sheep ?
        He was giving the very tools for strengthening ones life, due to the salvation message of Christian true understanding of what this Charity entails.
        Jesus never said go feed some homeless or to just disregard a community.
        The message is about driving out demons, make straight the path for it’s a narrow one that leads to Salvation, it’s one in hope that a Christian leads for all.


  1. Stirring the pot... - Bernard Gaynor - […] it did not like my piece the other day confessing to the Thought Police that I have been incited.…

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