He led the Mardi Gras and now wants compulsory sadomasochistic lessons for school kids

In 2011, UK ‘Gay Rights’ activist, Peter Tatchell, was invited to Australia to lead the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

That’s how much respect the rainbow brigade has for him. And it should come as no surprise, given what he wants taught to school children.

This is from an article Tatchell wrote last week:

Give Kids All the Facts

Sex education ought to tell the whole truth about every kind of sex and relationship – including sexual practices that some people find distasteful, such as anal intercourse and sadomasochism.

It is absolutely disgusting.

Even worse, he went to claim that it is as important for children to confronted with this as it is for them to learn mathematics…


Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Well its no surprise, I can tell you they are already being taught all that and more in highschool in NSW under the guise of PDHPE.

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  2. Hi Bernard, Just tell Tatchell “He’s Dreamin’…. !!

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  3. These vile people that want to corrupt the minds of our children should be locked up permanently. It’s up to the Parents to inform the kids about these things if and when they start to ask questions about sex, not some perverted freak that wants to thrust his way of life on everyone else.

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  4. Every one here needs too take a look at history things that wernt acceptable 30, 40 ,50 ago was considered sick discussing and perverted and illegal to do now it’s the norm ,every thing we find sickening now will be acceptable in 30 your give or take

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    • Only if the socialist lefties have a say. Those of us with morals, decency and values will fight tooth and nail to stop this crap becoming the “norm”.

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  5. Twisted indoctrination of paedophiliac practices.Sex is instinctive. Why inculcate this acts on young kids’ minds? This is sickening. He shouldn’t be here in Oz…

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  6. This man is beyond sick. I don’t care what age he deems appropriate, this kind of filth should not even be spoken about to students, let alone an actual class that teaches about it.

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  7. If he thinks that “not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful”

    Why should he be allowed into any country and why isn’t he in jail for advocating paedophillia!

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    • Spot on Irish….inculcation of children seems to be in demand by these despots lately…A character assessment of this lot would come up with a big question mark.

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  8. Just where does this lunatic think it will benefit children? He is obviously not using him brains it must come from his perverted opinion of sexual hangups this type of education is a Parental responsibility period.not some outsider to guide our children on sexuality, he can rack off!!

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    • I believe they are closet pedophiles wanting to indoctrinate children into perversion, salivating & dreaming, no normal adult wants to socialize children. It’s obvious they need close scrutiny and have screws loose upstairs. Sick perverts stick to your own homosexual groups get away from our hetro families & children weirdos.

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  9. Lets go all the way ,,whips,,Chains, Rooster Feathers,,,,,Who thinks this stuff up????

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  10. If people are “born that way” then they shouldn’t need to be taught it.
    Indoctrinating children with this should be considered criminal.

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    • Born like it is the new pedophile lie, it used to always be claimed they were victims as a child now they are on the homosexual band wagon looking for rights also. Murders & rapists could make equal irrelevant claims of genetic predisposition. We all have animal urges of one kind or another, civilized people choose decency & truth.

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  11. For the sake of society for the sake of children this proposal must be defeated.

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    • What do you have against educating kids about the real world

      The clear stipulation is that this be AGE APPROPRIATE ( But Bernard left that out of course )

      Kids see all manner of things on the internet now, they discuss these things at school and online.

      Why do you feel they should not be given good sound advice about what is safe and what is obviously unsafe ?

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      • The fact that Doug obviously thinks it is ‘age appropriate’ for year 12 students to study sodomy in all its explicit detail says everything about his character.

      • Kids should be watched on the internet at all times . Safeguards can limit what your child sees . Not all adults believe me are into this kids of sex . I find it repulsive that sex of any kid is taught to children . I believe only a parent should inform their children about sex and it should be up to them what is appropriate .

      • The real world contains many things lots of adults don’t want exposure to. Rape murder bondage. The internet isn’t open slather to many kids as their parents care. If you have children I pitty them as only a pervert would want them exposed to this filth & claim it to be education. Pedophilia is also part of the real world let’s teach them all about that type of sex while you are at it, no doubt you would like to. Defending the indefensible proves you are a bird of the feather. Sickness breeds sickness. Foul creatures of zero morals you repulse and decent person.

      • Are you insane? Children should be able to be children. When they are older there’s enough time for them to learn about anal intercourse which is unclean and dangerous anyway and sado-machoistic sex. Which is not normal as well. The need to hurt or subjugate or to be hurt or subjugated in sex is NOT normal. Children have no need to know these things. Why? They should be concentrating on their alphabet and tables, playing and sport, laughing and being children. How dare this man and you deign to tell parents what’s good for their children. Exposing children to this crap is against the law and adults teaching children this or anything about sex are called pedophiles.

      • If I find that my grandchildren are exposed to this garbage, there will be hell to pay. You, Doug Steley are a MAGGOTT.

    • Do not let this piece of garbage into Australia.

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    • The bastard is nothing but a groomer. Having filth like this around is rehensible.

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