Fairies lead to nightmares

It just never ends.

South Australia’s Flinders University has been experimenting with five year old children and transgender fairy tales. Children were read ‘bed-time’ stories about how ‘mum’ ‘became’ ‘dad’.

Then they were tucked in to bed and left to their nightmares. When they woke, they found that the research team was advising the South Australian government that schools should now have gender-neutral toilets.

From Ten News:

Flinders University researchers have called for gender-neutral toilets to be rolled out in all South Australia state schools to support an inclusive culture of gender diversity.

The recommendation comes as part of a study that also saw year one students, aged five and six, be read stories introducing transgender issues, including a ‘mummy transitioning into a daddy’ (and vice versa), sexual reassignment surgery and cross-dressing.

Some students reported confusion understanding the narratives, and researchers admitted the topics were difficult to grasp for some children, but comprehension levels increased as the trial progressed.

Researchers recommended ‘transgender’ reading material be made available to young children as early as preschool, as part of a bid to “create inclusive whole school cultures.”

Gender-neutral toilets were also recommended, with schools urged to redesign bathroom facilities in upgraded or newly built education sites.

This rubbish isn’t just destroying minds and bodies. It’s costing the government an arm and a leg as well. Oh well, at least a disabled economy can get a diversity tick…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. An ‘inclusive, wholeschool culture’ as defined by Gaystapo and Nanny Oz is an abomination. Children are entitled to their privacy and to their innocence. Once they grow up and have psycho-sexual maturity – they have the rest of their lives to be boring, adult, jaded and informed about gender choices.

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  2. Where are the teachers ? Are they refusing to comply with this sick curriculum ? So many of our young teachers are being conditioned in universities long before they reach the classrooms. Our institutes of higher learning have been infected by the extreme left and the academics have warped the minds of our young.

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  3. School is not to teach children about sex at all! Why don’t they teach the children how to read and write. Our literacy levels have never been so low! The government should be ashamed to allow this crap into the corriculum!

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  4. They are sick people sexualising young children and grooming them for God knows what…

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  5. The so called “experts” should be horse whipped and put into an insane asylum They are confusing young, innocent minds.

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    • Totally agree. They are all perverted.

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  6. At the moment, I’m disgusted beyond anything,how could such predatory and harmful
    Opinions be part of the school curriculum, more confusion, more lies,wrong leave
    Children alone, stop this rubbish!???

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    • I agree this is so crazy our children do not need all this rubbish, i say leave them alone, I would say to parents if they try any of this nonsense in your school withdraw your children from the school and to the children just walk out and refuse to put up with such nonsense.

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