Garry Burns: Anjem Choudary’s anti-discrimination dhimmi

We all know that Garry Burns is a goose. But let’s just explore how delusional this loser is.

In January 2014, there was an image going around making fun of Anjem Choudary. You can see it below.

Anjem Choudary

I retweeted this ‘disrespectful’ image of Anjem Choudary in 2014.

I retweeted it with great delight because, well, it was Anjem Choudary. For those who may not know, Mr Choudary has long been the face of Islam in the UK. In fact, so much so, that he’s just been convicted for supporting the Islamic State and now faces up to ten years in jail. It should be longer.

Anyway, good ol’ Gazza got on his anti-discrimination high horse (it’s actually not very high) and huffed and puffed. He wrote on his webpage the following:

Bernard Gaynor has reached the lowest of lows showing a disgraceful depiction of a Muslim man with makeup.

Out of respect I will not show the image in focus

“ Mr.Gaynor this image is unlawful because it breaches anti-vilification provisions of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 as it ridicules Muslims”.

Australian Muslims, please take legal action against Bernard William Gaynor.

Bernard Gaynor published this on his Twitter.

And Gazza put this image up instead. Very respectful.

Respectful Anjem Choudary

Garry Burns displayed this ‘respectful’ image of Anjem Choudary on his webpage in January 2014. He called on Muslims to take action against me.

He also put a link to the whole thing on his Facebook page. You can see a screenshot below.

FB Choudary

Garry Burns’ Facebook post defending Anjem Choudary in January 2014.

Anyway, for some reason Garry Burns has taken the webpage down. I can’t think why.

But let it always be remembered: Garry Burns has defended a guy that supports the Islamic State – an LGBT free zone with extreme prejudice. And he’s made it clear that anti-discrimination laws should be used to protect Islamic extremists from hurt or ridicule. That’s a pretty good reason why they should be scrapped entirely.

But it is politically-correct tolerance in action for you. And credit to Garry as well. He’s so committed to his stupidity that he’s even prepared to lay down his life for it. What a goose.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Garry Burns should convert to the religion, to find out how homosexual Muslim people are treated in Arab countries, so he can get a real feel and concept on what Sharee law would be like in Australia if it takes over. I believe it rains lolly pops and jellybeans all colours of the rainbow. In fact the NSW Discrimination Board could a company him down the street with banners. Tell everyone he meets how he is a gay Muslim and prowd. I am quiet sure they would welcome his input.

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  2. The best way to describe Gary Burns is ‘BEDWETTER’.
    This guy (or whatever it is) is a bankrupt and a loser. Why do we even bother to mention or even think about it – beats me – unless we are trying to express and understand the garbage that slithers at our feet?

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  3. Bernard, I prayerfully support you and commend you on your stance but, please don’t call anyone a loser or a goose, etc on such a public forum. Jesus says we should call no one a fool. As a Christian you must always be Christ-like.

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    • I think this is more a case of stating a fact rather than name calling. Even Christians have the right and the freedom to name call. There is nothing actually offensive with the words loser or goose so I personally think Bernie has shown great self control to not use worse vocabulary against this grub considering what this “grub” has said and done to Bernie.

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  4. Multiculturism is obviously not going to be harmonious and the signs are obvious.
    It’s only going to end in tears.

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  5. Well any one who support that Islamic criminal anjjem deserves to also be placed in jail . I think Garry my need to see a doctor as it looks like he is missing a few screws

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  6. Anjem is going to do a lot of work in prison. No doubt he will be preaching and converting the most dangerous individuals to the most dangerous ideology. Tommy Robinson has talked about this epidemic of radicalism in the UK prison system.

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    • Well they are allowed copies of the Koran in prison and probably also the Sunna, so they already have with them the terrorists’ handbook, complete with motivations and methods, telling them who to hate and and subjugate and how to do it most effectively.

      Allowing convicted terrorists or sympathisers to study these books in prison, when they are the very publications that got them there, is crazy!

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  7. Garry Burns is inciting violence against you too. He needs to be taken to task for his vilification and absolute viciousness. A very ugly human being.

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