A do nothing government

Malcolm Turnbull has opposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act to restore free speech. His argument: free speech is not a priority.

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

In an interview on Fairfax radio on Friday Mr Turnbull did not rule out making any changes to Section 18c, but said the government was focussed on the economy. 

“It’s not a priority for us,” he said when asked whether he would change the law. “We have a very extensive legislative program on the policies we took to the election.

Priorities are important. It’s true that immigration must be completely overhauled to protect our culture. It’s true that the economy is about to fall off the credit rating cliff due to soaring debt. It’s true that our policing agencies need to be re-aligned to meet community expectations that they will put us ahead of terrorists.

All these things are important. Maybe even more important that amending the Racial Discrimination Act. But Turnbull isn’t doing any of these things and he’s running from free speech as well.

Since he back-stabbed his way into office, Malcolm has been in a muddle. He leads a do-nothing government everywhere except when it comes to the ABC. When they speak, he jumps. Hence it took less than a day for 4 Corners to get a royal commission. Meanwhile, Australians want their free speech back. It’s like the ABC were elected on 2 July…

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Father’s Day becomes Hismas at the ABC gift shop along with the associated propaganda on ABC programs. More undermining of the family structure!

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  2. You summed Turnbull up quickly and accurately Bernard.

    His mental ability is limited to his ego.

    He is a fraud!

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  3. It comes down to what is pushed as the New World Order, they look to have an agenda founded on Political Correctness, they idolise this nonsense and because of such strong delusions they clasp at such shallow works of degenerate brainwashed simple minded depravity.

    The Serpent in the Garden values are on par with such PC worshiping people and it was this works of man that led to the destruction of the Hebrews true Religion, that claim is Israel “The Servants of God” and “The People of God” are Jewish Tribes.
    They turned there back on God the Father, just as we are being led nowadays by such Satanic people who push the works of man barrow.

    The undermining has noting to do with the Jews “people of God” at all, the Hebrews in the State of Israel are under 10% and as for the State that is claiming to be Jewish, this is just nonsense as under about only 10 % support the Jewish Law let alone the God of Israel.
    So it can not be Israel under the true Jews understanding, as the Orthodox are the true Jews still awaiting the true Israel and this State is under the same pox driven Godless ill conceived type of mongrel type, that we are sadly dealing with all over the world.
    Radical Zionism has nothing to do with God and is not supported by the true Jews.

    One day all will comprehend that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Saviour of all and there is no true hope outside of that truly worth jack.

    The PC mob don’t resist evil and that’s a fact that sticks out like dogs balls, they create problems due to there delusions, as they are shallow minded as they are just short sighted little smug dictator type grubs who love nothing better than pushing others around like a spoilt snotty nose brat.

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  4. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being Islamophobic. I fear them for they will kill me also, as well as you. They are not a benign people towards us, they want to displace, then replace us, by any means to hand when they are sufficiently numerous.

    Deport them all, along with their Jew enablers who want them here to exterminate us.

    To wit.

    “We recognise that our ongoing harmonious acceptance into the Australian community depends on forging bonds with the increasing numbers of non Jewish Australians who might be our theological opponents or even our enemies.”

    Peta Jones Pellach wrote this in 2006. Highly esteemed in the Jewish community here, and now works in Israel, no doubt as her reward for undermining Australia. There is only one possible explanation; she’s advising fellow Jews to get chummy with Muslims for protection, for when the Anglo Australian finally grasps the depth of betrayal wrought on them by the Jews.

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  5. One of the First Victims in the fall of Democracy, is the Loss of Freedom of Speech, this can be bought about by two means, one through Government Sanction, and the other through Public Alienation. At the moment in Australia, we are witnessing first hand, a monumental move to curtail Australia’s rights of Freedom of Speech, it’s happening right before your eyes, and you are either naive to its occurrence, or you are part of its occurrence. Part of Democracy in Australia has always recognized the rights of Lobby groups, the rights of the minority to petition the Government for the change of laws, to change laws to recognize their specific needs. Many minority groups have been successful in their endeavours, then again many groups demands upon the Governments laws, actually involve participation by debate through the General Public, as their demands impact on all Australians, ie Same sex Marriage, Gay rights etc, some of these demands go further than what is expected, and becomes a way of indoctrination of the General Public, to their personal beliefs, therein lies the problem, when minority groups expect the whole population to accept their way of life and beliefs.
    Racism has always been a word thrown around Australian vocabulary for many decades now, following the second World War we saw an influx of emigrants from many Countries, and more so after the death of the White Australia Policy. Australia has been host to many Nations, Italians, Greeks, Chinese, Vietnamese and others, there were problems initially with assimilation and Integration, not by these immigrants believe it or not, but by us Australians, it appeared an Alien environment to us, unsustainable, yet these people quietly moved into society and built and enriched the Australian culture over the years. These people, of all races embraced Australia, they bought no baggage, they had no aspirations to change Australia, and they integrated and assimilated.
    Politicians loved this era, the whole of Australia became harmoniously in tune, images came to their mind of The Make Love not War period, images of a Multicultural society, all sitting around a Sunday Barby, arms entwined and singing with Gusto, Kumbaya My Lord. Then the bubble burst, when the first of the Illegal Boats hit Australian shores, Multiculturalism went out the window, as the first Refugee stepped ashore.
    Politicians saw the escalating furore over National Security, Border Control and the Refugee dilemma, igniting divisive unrest throughout Australia, different States saw the rise of those for and against the Muslims, Rallies for both sides emerged as well as the beginnings of new Political Parties in Australia. The revolving door of both the Labor and Liberal/Coalition Parties were frustrating the general population, as was the debacle of changing Prime Ministers.
    Now to the present day, we find Australia with a new form of refugee, a different Refugee than those we accepted back in 1954, when we signed into the United Nations Refugee programme. Today we have Refugees who have no intention of Assimilation or Integration, today we have Muslims who carry the baggage of the Islamic Ideology, the book of War, the Quran in one hand and a mindset of Subjugation through Subversion, an Ideology that goes against Australia’s Cultural Beliefs and Heritage, an Ideology that infects every country it infiltrates, it’s all laid out in their Book of War, infiltrate by any means and don’t liaise with the infidel, don’t believe me?, then read their book, or google the subject.
    Now what has all this to do with Freedom of Speech?, Islam has been in Australia for a long time, The Australian Federation of Islamic Councils was set up way back in the 1950s, their movements and voice was quietly unheard of over the years, now the Islamic voice is being heard, Politicians and the Leftists or more to the point, the Bleeding Hearts, to keep Political peace, coined the word Islam phobia, a word designed to suppress the general population from exhibiting Racism or Anti Muslim sentiments, in other words, a Political means of suppressing the Australian voice, no longer is there mutual debate or dialogue on the issue, the subject is cut and dry and closed by the Government, hence the rise of factions in the community both for and against the Islamic invasion.
    Not only is it the Politicians or the Radical Islamic groups that is closing down the Voices of Australian’s, it’s also the media, whether the newspapers or the Television, they are biased and follow the leanings of the Politicians, they will not report peaceful rallies or want to engage in Harmonious debates, The newspapers are selective in reporting as is the TV, they are not interested in peaceful dialogue, that doesn’t sell, sensationalism is what sells the media, either newspapers or TV.
    Your opinions and voice is being censored via the Political department and the media.
    Freedom of Speech, when lost, signals the demise of one of Australian’s intrinsic rights.

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