GetUp! and Soros

2,500 documents have been leaked exposing George Soros’ networks promoting left-wing causes across the world. Australia is not immune. And funding has poured in to advocate for open borders and Islamic immigration.

Jennifer Oriel covers the scandal in today’s Australian:

The files show Soros has established a transnational network that pressures governments to adopt high immigration targets and porous border policies that could pose a challenge to legitimate state sovereignty. His Open Society Foundations target individuals who criticise ­Islamism and seek to influence the outcome of national elections by undermining Right-leaning politicians. The Australian arm of the Soros network is GetUp!…


…Soros-affiliated organisations follow a well-worn political and rhetorical strategy updated for the digital age. Like the socialists and communists of old, they attack liberal democracy by delegitimising the classically liberal values of ­individualism, free speech, logical argument and public reason. They attack democratic states by advocating a porous border policy, ­reframing illegal immigrants as refugees and degrading critics of totalitarian tendencies such as ­Islamism in orchestrated campaigns of PC censorship. Documents uncovered by Soros leaks reveal a pattern of funding for programs that prosecute porous borders, mass immigration into the Wes­t nations from Islamist regions, and overt campaigns against dissenters. OSF has provided several million to the Centre for American Progress, whose programs ­include the explicit targeting of free­thinkers critical of Islamism. A recent program grant described a strategy to target six critics of ­Islamism and the “right-wing media” in an “audit of Islamophobic activities”.

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Lynda, Soros has a lot of “Useful Idiots” , to help him do his dirty work.
    FYI, Google “Beware the Useful Idiots” up, for an insight into how this all works. JB

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  2. “Documents uncovered by Soros leaks reveal a pattern of funding for programs that PROSECUTE porous borders, mass immigration into the Wes­t nations from Islamist regions, and overt campaigns against dissenters” I think the author meant “promote” not “prosecute” which means almost the opposite.

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  3. Soros is presently busy with the Islamic invasion of Europe and its Islamification. Yet he still finds time for Australia. How does he fit it all in?

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    • … he has minions throughout the world doing his dirty work … he just pays them and pulls the strings!

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  4. Mr Gaynor spoke mainly about public concern over Islamic immigration. There is certainly a world-wide movement gaining political momentum on this issue and the current Labor and liberal parties are certain to join in moving against any viable threat to their comfortable duopoly, as they have with ruthless efficiency in the past.

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  5. Sarah Hanson-Young is affiliated with George Soros and GetUp. Last year she flew to Europe to receive an award from his organization. This woman should be charged with treason. If this was 1945 she would be…..

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    • Get lost should be the real name for them.

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    • … I totally agree. … trouble is, a good number of our politicians and msm journos need to be added to the list … Shorten was a founding member of GETUP.

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  6. George Soros is the most criminal man on the planet..pure evil.

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