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Legal update

In the next few weeks I will be in court again.

As you may have read, the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board has referred seven more complaints from Garry Burns to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. One of these ‘complaints’ was that I incited hatred by linking to an Andrew Bolt article on marriage. Other complaints are that I have ‘victimised’ Garry by writing about his complaints and raising funds to defend myself from them! I now face the prospect of seven fines of up to $100,000 each.

The first case conference for these matters has been set down for 7 September, 2016.

At the same time, I am fighting in the NSW Court of Appeal to defend our victory that there was no jurisdiction for the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board to accept complaints against non-NSW residents. Garry Burns has appealed this decision. My legal team was in court last week and this matter will next be heard on 31 August, 2016 at a directions hearing. We will also be arguing that the court order that all complaints against me be dismissed and that Garry Burns be restrained from lodging additional complaints.

These matters have been very expensive already and I have incurred over $20,000 in expenses over the past few weeks. Now I must ask for your support again. As I have previously mentioned, in these battles the bullets are money. I am running out of bullets with some big battles ahead. In fact, I am almost entirely out of ammunition altogether

Queenslander of the Year’s attack on donations

Shortly after the election, the Queenslander of the Year and transgender activist, Cate McGregor, wrote to me:

Try to be a man for a change and get gainful employment to feed your family without this unedifying begging online.

It is true that I feed my family via donations through my website. I have done so since 2013. For that, I thank the many thousands who read my articles, support the campaigns that I have run and who have donated.

But these donations have done so much more than feed my family and that is why they are attacked. They have won an important and landmark case in the Federal Court protecting free speech against attacks from the Chief of Defence Force. They have defended his appeal to that decision (the result has not yet been handed down). And they have funded the legal defence of free speech against attack from the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and its serial complainant.

Importantly, these legal battles have set the scene for a constitutional challenge to knock out anti-free speech laws altogether. I will take that fight on if I can continue. In fact, it will be quicker to challenge these laws in the courts than to wait for our dithering political class to act.

These donations have also allowed me to break numerous stories defending conservative Australian values. For instance, Australians would not be aware that Defence was now purchasing halal ration packs without my website. Nor would Captain Mona Shindy have had her Twitter account shut down without the pressure we were able to place on Defence.

If it takes begging to be able to do these things, then so be it. I can tell you that I do not like asking for financial support. It is embarrassing and if I could fight on without doing so, then I would. On the flipside, relying on donations has given me an understanding of the importance of teamwork and the fact that these battles cannot be fought alone. We are all in this together, each doing his part.

These fights cannot be ignored. We have seen what results if they are. Tess Corbett is now facing a contempt application from Garry Burns because she did not fight the initial complaints against her in the Tribunal. This Victorian grandmother who survives on a pension, in a worst case scenario, could be imprisoned. If we can secure victory in my case, Tess will be saved as well.

That’s why these fights should be embraced. They give us all an opportunity to defend our values and ourselves. Most importantly, they give us opportunities for victory. I understand that both the state of New South Wales and the Commonwealth are now intervening in these matters. This is welcome news.

However, I need to keep fighting so that they have a case to intervene in

Please help – donate $1 per week today

As such, I ask for your support once again so that I can continue to write, feed my family and pay my growing legal bills. Please consider especially small, regular commitments:


Family Values Action Account (used to cover legal fees):

  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c: 39 446 4501

Gaynor Family Support A/c (used to fund my website and the Gaynor family)

  • BSB: 084 134
  • A/c: 84 082 9276

Cheque/Money Order:

  • PO Box 766, Park Ridge, Qld 4125

Just $1 a week from everyone who receives this email will enable that.

Just $2 a week will enable us to go on the front foot. It will enable the commencement of legal action against the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and its officers for their conduct.

At the end of the day, this will be the most important action of all. We need to go on the attack. Unless those who use their positions of authority to harass, oppress and intimidate are properly scrutinised and held accountable for their actions, this kind of abuse will continue. And it will continue against others who may not have support from so many Australians.

At the moment, people within positions like the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board believe that they will never be scrutinised. They believe that they can do no wrong. Furthermore, they also believe that there is no one out there with the courage to challenge them.

With support, I will do just that

Other news

I have recently been able to obtain an office via the generosity of a supporter. This has not only made my wife, Elle, extremely happy as she does not need to put up with me all day, but it has also opened new opportunities.

I have had great difficulty managing all the emails and messages that I receive. I especially have not been able to thank all those who have donated. I now have a small team of volunteers assisting me in this regard. Hopefully this is just the first step in a much bigger project: building a full-time campaign team ready to support the army of Australians looking for leadership and who want to see political correctness banished and our Western Christian values protected.

I have also returned to regular writing. It was difficult to manage while I was campaigning as a Senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance. There is certainly no shortage of issues to write about and I missed it. It seems from the fact that more than 50,000 visitors have returned to this site in August that Australians have missed it too.

Thank you once again for your support.

Kind regards,

Bernard Gaynor

If you wish to receive my email updates, please use the sign up form to the right (computers) or below (mobiles).

Author: Bernard Gaynor

Bernard Gaynor is a married father of nine children. He has a background in military intelligence, Arabic language and culture and is an outspoken advocate of conservative and family values.

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  1. Thank you for your sacrifice i donated and will again if needed

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  2. Keep going! You have more support than you realize..need to find a way to break their fear of breaking political correctness. ..break the lethargy . This I believe will give you great returns. May wads of money come your way for the campaign that is extremely important (ESSENTIAL) in the reinstatement of our slowly eroded DEMOCRACY. KEEP GOING PLEASE.

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  3. Thank you Bernard for the important work you are doing to protect good Australian families.
    We are sending you a cheque tomorrow.
    Remember, all will be well.
    Kel and Jen

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